Saturday, 23 January 2010

Anouck Andre: Marco Sfogli's shred this

Yeaha... not one but two girls in the competition!

Anouck tells me this is a PRS Mc Carty, with real F holes.

Anouck Andre - Shred This Too - Marco Sfogli's

Paul Gilbert, Bruce Bouillet: The Ballad Of The Last Lions

No embed :( The Ballad Of The Last Lions /Paul Gilbert

Raffaele Cadeddu: Marco Sfogli's shred this too.. and how it is played!

Raffaele Cadeddu is new to me.. but his attention to detail is to be admired as not only does he provide a solo for the competition, but he also provides a breakdown of the solo as a series of video lessons!

Raffaele Cadeddu: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

News: urban dictionary shreds

Thanks to Ed Degenaro for reminding the many hours of fun that can be had by visiting here are some Shred related descriptors... but there are some off the hook terms that will have you rolling around the floor in the agony of ecstasy!

A person who is severly addicted to shred guitar playing, either by playing themselves or listening to.
Dude, Im such a shredaholic that I'll start going through withdrawls if I don't hear some good guitar playing soon!

A headache that comes from listening to to much Metal.
"Dude I've been listening to so much metal today,I cant take anymore. I have a Shredache"

A word used to describe extremely fast guitar playing.
Wow! That solo was Shredalicious!

A measure of how easy it is to shred on one's guitar, or how well suited a guitar is for shredding.
"My Ibanez S7420 has amazing shredability."

"You won't get much shredability with that banjo."

"Just because you have EMGS doesn't mean your guitar has good shredability."

if you need to start anywhere here's some more simple ones for you.

Luka Baule: win a guitar

Six entries so far... lots of time as my buddy Lee is accepting entries until end of the day on 30th April 2010!
To find out more about the competition:

Win a guitar competition entry - Luka Baule

David McDaniel: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

David McDaniel is based in the USA. Some interesting phrasing on this one.

David McDaniel's Marco Sfogli "Shred this too!" entry

Adam Ironside: GAS attack... guitar nerd heaven.

Apologies for the audio compression from the camera's mic. It makes the tone sound more compressed and gainy than it actually is, should've mic'ed up the cab!

Here is a full tour, with audio examples, of my pedalboard, rack setup and amp for the beginning of 2010. I have a few things I wouldn't mind getting over the next few months but those are only minor components. Let me know what you think and if you have any questions then ask away.

Sorry for anyone who is not a gear nerd, this is going to be really boring!

Gear Tour Part 1

Gear Tour Part 2

Samuel Montano: shred this... you can't keep a good backing track down.

Samuel Montano, aka Jado, delivers a great solo over this backing track. Remember the backing track is still available and I'm still publishing video responses if you would like to have a crack at it. Details of the backing track etc are here: note there have been over 2005 downloads of this one already!

Truth in Shred not Shred This take by Jadon

Dimitar Nalbantov: playing new track live.

Playing my new song which will be included in my next album,
I hope you will enjoy it!

Best Regards,

A new Song from my next project - album

Andy Wood: PT 100 CAA @ NAMM 2010 Suhr Booth

Andy Wood (Part 1) on PT 100 CAA @ NAMM 2010 Suhr Booth

Andy Wood (Part 2) on PT 100 CAA @ NAMM 2010 Suhr Booth

Andy Wood (Part 3) on PT 100 CAA @ NAMM 2010 Suhr Booth

Alessio Forlani: Gianna Nannini Tribute band

Scandalo (Concerto 2009 Fortezza Siena) Bomba all'Hotel, Gianna Nannini Tribute band

Kendra Villiger: tribute to Paul Gilbert

Kendra Villiger:
I dont know all of this song yet...but i love it so far...
Sorry for the TERRIBLE video quality and sound quality...
Many mistakes as well...

Kendra Villiger playing The Echo Song by Paul Gilbert

Karolina Sustova: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Really great to have the first female entry and an excellent solo too. Thanks to Karolina Sustova for finding the time for her very busy schedule to record this solo... Czech's can be proud!

19 years old Karolina Sustova from the Czech Republic enters the Shred This Too contest.

Karolina Sustova - Shred This Too

Robert Marcello: Boss ME-25

Boss ME-25 Multi FX guitar pedal played by Robert Marcello, NAMM 2010

Dimitar Nalbantov: another demo track

Dimitar Nalbantov posted another new track:

Ruggero Robin: Giant Steps

Classic track played by a classic player... so glad to have discovered Ruggero Robin at Frankfurt Musikmesse... will be trying to get there again this year... having failed to get to NAMM.. you guys need so more cool guitar videos yes?

Recording Guitar Solo Giant Steps
Ruggero Robin Guitar
Marco Carlesso Drums

Giant Steps Solo Guitar Ruggero Robin.wmv

Paul Antonio Ortiz: another chimpspanner in the works

Monkeys and chimps have a lot in common not least their love of chunky guitar! So it's no surprise that I'm recommending this for that metal core / technical metal sound... subliminal message follows: "BUY THE CD"


Daniele Gottardo: "Fightman" by "Casiopea"

Gennnk & Friends "Fightman" by "Casiopea" - International cover

Derek Taylor: pyscho from texas, found!

I've been searching for the illusive Derek Taylor for a number of months. This guy is known for his killer chops, had he been in the first wave of shredders along with Yngwie, Vinnie et al.. he'd still be a household name today... this guy is a monster player. I tracked him down to facebook... so please subscribe and say hello: plus here some demo tracks from the band STARA ZAGORA:


Derek Taylor: Guitarist, Mixing & Mastering EngineerOminous Guitarists from the Unknown

Contempt: Tell me about MILO STUDIO and where you are located?

MILO STUDIO is THE premiere mixing & mastering studio in Dallas, Texas.

MILO stands for: Media. Input. Lift-Off...

How it works:

Artists will generally record at another studio with an engineer/producer of their choosing. (or in some cases, self-produce in their own home studio…)

After I receive the tracks from their sessions, the MILO process begins:

First, comes Editing... (in the case that I am double-booked; these duties go to my mix assistant)

Next, progressive and creative techniques are applied to achieve the utmost in dynamic / artistic / hi-fidelity translation of the artist's work.

And finally, all mixes are extensively AB-ed against a backdrop of contemporary state of the art recordings and final EQ and limiting is applied to bring material to a modern competitive level.

For more info on services and booking, please visit

Contempt: What projects are you particularly proud of?

Although my mainstay is rock, I maintain a robust mixing schedule, working with artists spanning the genre spectrum.

Some artists of note include:

Mid America: a cool indy-neo-jazz-prog-rock trio from Oklahoma

Wonderfool: a mesmerizing retro meets the space age project from the distant future.

The Burden Brothers: legendary Dallas rockers with former members from The Toadies and Reverend Horton Heat.

Space Cadet: a wicked Denton-based melodic rock-pop-punk band.

The Feds: a locomotive of rock aimed at your skull.

Advent: another slamming hard rock band from Denton.

Fishing For Comets: smooth, moody acoustic folk-pop, like a massage to the soul.

You can check out some of the work I've done with these bands at my website.

Contempt: You are well known by guitar enthusiasts as a 'shredder' and even released several CD's on Mike Varney’s infamous Shrapnel label, Tell me about your transition to where you’re at right now as a guitarist.

As far as the world of guitar is concerned, my status could best be described as AWOL!!! For the past year and a half, I have taken a much needed break from playing, singing and songwriting.

With mixing, I have achieved a level of artistic satisfaction and professional success that has eluded me for years as a 'performing' artist.

That being said, I'm certain that in time, I will climb back onto the beast! On a side note, if any spastic twitch wrists out there are dying to know the secrets of my legato technique, I have several instructional cd-rom's/dvd's available at

Contempt: Tell me about the band Stara Zagora and is the CD still available?

Ray Riendeau and I met on a Rob Halford songwriting session in Phoenix in 1999. We found that we had complimentary musical styles and penned a couple tunes outside of the sessions.

The result was cosmic. I returned to Texas and enlisted the help of good friends and talented musical visionaries: Toby Lawhon and Bryan Geddie. We continued to create a body of tunes that eventually became Stara Zagora. In August of 2000, we reached #1 on which attracted the attention of Geffen. We quickly put together a live ensemble and played showcases for Geffen in Dallas and L.A.

After about a year of negotiations, Geffen ultimately passed. We decided to finish the record ourselves. I bought a new studio rig and we got to work. About halfway through the process I developed some health complications that prevented the completion of the record. I used the next year and a half to really dive into mixing as an art and a science. During this time, I polished many of my skills and started to build my initial base of mixing clients. By 2004, my health had improved, and we finished the Stara Zagora record. We gigged and shopped our record to labels until September of that year, when I met with more health complications. At that point

I decided to focus on my studio work. The CD is not currently available, but we are working to get it distributed online.

Contempt: What does being a self proclaimed 'insectivore enthusiast' entail?

It is just a silly joke on my website. There is no truth to it at all.

Honestly, I could give two fucks about anteaters.

Contempt: What is your favorite Contempt design and why?

Bombs. That shirt kicks ass. It's got bombs on it. And it says CONTEMPT!!!

Needless to say, in the conservative atmosphere of Dallas, I get more than a few 'double-takes' when I wear that shirt!!!

I really dig the El Violencia line as well -but feel that I’m not tough enough to pull off some of those shirts! I'm too much of sensitive pussy-artist type!!!

Dennis de Bruijn: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

An excellent solo from Dennis de Bruijn! Thata's 175 entries so far! View all the entries

Scali - Marco Sfogli - Shred This Too contest entry

plus another song posted last week.

Scali - Marco Sfogli - Shred This Too contest entry

Kostas Alexakis: Alex K is class

Joe Satriani - If I Could Fly Cover

Yngwie Malmsteen-Seventh Sign Solo by ALex K

metro plexi

Paul Gilbert, TJ Helmerich: circa 1995

Not sure if these have been posted before, but always worth another look.

Paul Gilbert and the World Time Card 1

Paul Gilbert and the World Time Card 2

Paul Gilbert and TJ Helmerich @ NAMM 1995

Temur Kvitelashvili: calm down my heart

Temur Kvitelashvili - Calm Down My Heart

John Petrucci: made me quit guitar!

Fretterverse says:
In 1992 I quit playing guitar. I was so frustrated with my playing and not being able to pull off what I wanted to play that I thought it better to just hang it up for good and find another hobby. Anything had to be better than picking up the guitar for five minutes, being thoroughly disgusted, and putting it back in the closet. There is a whole world of things to do out there, so why continue to bang my head against the wall when I could be doing something more fun? For a long time I blamed Dream Theater’s guitarist John Petrucci for making me quit.
full story

Alex Skolnick: trio tour dates

ALEX SKOLNICK TRIO, the experimental band led by TESTAMENT/ex-SAVATAGE guitarist Alex Skolnick, will support the Mexican acoustic rock duo RODRIGO Y GABRIELA on the following dates:

Feb. 28 - 9:30 Club - Washington, DC
Mar. 01 - 9:30 Club - Washington, DC
Mar. 02 - Byham Theater - Pittsburgh, PA
Mar. 05 - Phoenix Concert Theater - Toronto, ON
Mar. 06 - Royal Oak Music Theatre - Royal Oak, MI
Mar. 07 - Brown Theatre - Louisville, KY
Mar. 09 - The Pageant - St. Louis, MO
Mar. 10 - Madison Theatre - Cincinnati, OH
Mar. 12 - Ryman Auditorium - Nashville, TN
Mar. 13 - Center Stage Theatre - Atlanta, GA
Mar. 15 - Orange Peel - Asheville, NC
Mar. 16 - North Charleston PAC - North Charleston, SC
Mar. 18 - House Of Blues - Lake Buena Vista, FL
Mar. 20 - The Fillmore - Miami Beach, FL
Mar. 21 - The Ritz - Tampa, FL

Mattias IA Eklundh: Freak Kitchen tour dates

2010-01-29Arvika, SwedenTiki-room
2010-01-30Uppsala, SwedenKrom
2010-02-06Gießen, GermanyHessenhalle
2010-02-08Paris, FranceLa Maroquinerie
2010-02-09Tourcoing, FranceLe Grand Mix
2010-02-10Strasbourg, SwedenLa Laiterie
2010-02-11Lyon, FranceNinkaso Kao
2010-02-12Marseille, FranceEspace Julien
2010-02-13Montpellier, FranceRockstore
2010-02-14Bordeaux, FranceThéatre Barbey
2010-02-26Linköping, SwedenKonsert & Kongress
2010-02-27Gävle, SwedenClub Monster
2010-03-06Madrid, SpainRitmo y Compás
2010-03-24-27Frankfurt, GermanyFrankfurt Musik Messe
Freak Guitar Laney Clinics
2010-04-02Moscow, Russia
Freak Guitar Clinic
2010-04-09Gothenburg, SwedenBrewhouse
2010-04-10Hamburg, GermanyCrossroads-Hamburg
Robert Johnson Guitar Award
2010-07-19GermanyGuitar Fight Club
2010-07-20Nantes, FranceHellfest
2010-08-28Wiltshire, UKMonkeyfest 2010

Gus Drax, Bob Katsionis: new cd details

Gus Drax has posted two songs — "Kiss Of Life" and "In Loving Memory" — from his upcoming solo album, "In Search Of Perfection". The CD will feature guest appearances by keyboardist/guitarist Bob Katsionis and Steve Smyth.

"In Search Of Perfection" track listing:

01. Kiss Of Life
02. The End Of Innocence
03. Cerebral Chaos
04. In Loving Memory
05. Hourglass
06. 1000 Nights
07. In Presense Of The Dead
08. Abnormal Sequence
09. Vitality (bonus track)

Philippe Thomas: where did I put that guitar... it's behind you!!

A slightly different way to play guitar 1

A slightly different way to play guitar 2

A slightly different way to play guitar 3

Zack Kim: take five... shaken not stirred

Take Five


Mr. Brightside

and Bach to the future...

Invention no.4

Sonny Lombardozzi, David Shankle: sonny's NAMM gallery

NAMM 2010 photos

Rob Balducci, Carl Roa: live gig

Jan 30 2010
DJ Riders
Oceanside, New York

Matthew Mills: The Neoclassical Journey

Matthew Mills The Neoclassical Journey
The new album from Matthew Mills The Neoclassical Journey will be released digitally first and a disc version will follow soon after. Great attention was placed on the melodies and composing of the material on the album as well as pushing the boundries of guitar technique and still satisfying the fans of Matthew Mills Neoclassical Rock Guitar part 2 and Matthew Mills Neoclassical Spirit. Guest solos from Joe Stump and David Shankle will be on the new album as well. A sequel to Arpeggio Travel part 2 will appear on the The new album called Arpeggio Travel part 3 it will be the final Arpeggio Travel in the series and maybe the most insane!


Ioannis Anastassakis,Theodore Kalantzakos: greek guitar power

Greek Guitar Power 1-day Festival at Xalkida

Wild Rose Angel Productions

When: 07 February 2011

"THE VOCAL LAB " Studio Fonitikis Texnis & Mousiko Ergastiri
Leof. Xaina & Κonstantinidi Emoriko kentro Neapolis 2os orofos

Greek Guitar Power 1-day Festival at Xalkida - February 7 at Vocal Lab Seminars by Ioannis Anastassakis "Success Mechanisms in Music" & "Contemporary Electric Guitar Technique" Seminar by Theodore Kalantzakos "Improvisation Concepts" & "Modern String Skiping" TOTAL COST for ALL seminars : 10 Euros!!!!

Toshi Iseda, Nuno Bettencourt, Richie Kotzen: namm photo album

Toshi Iseda posted some cool NAMM photos:

News: insane guitar, phrasing 101

This master class will outline the following:
-Why you absolutely NEED to be aware of phrasing
-Repetition and creating memorable phrases
-The role of breath in creating effective phrases
-Implementation strategies for improving phrasing and musicality

Ethan Brosh: Angels of Babylon

Ethan Brosh is now the lead guitar player in Angels of Babylon they also have a facebook group
The new album is available

The band features an all star line up with:
Rhino - Drums
David Fefolt - Vocals
Ethan Brosh - Guitar
David Ellefson - Bass

Great singing, drumming, bass and guitar playing... sounds good to me.

Pete Pachio: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

More awesome playing for the solo competition! I'm beginning to wonder how many notes have been entered for this competition already... well here's a few thousand more, all tastefully arranged. Enjoy!

Pete Pachio- "Shred This Too" with Marco Sfogli; Contest Entry

Sam Vallen, Asher Vallen: quantum chemistry

Obviously a lot of strong bonds and quantum chemistry between these two high valence shredding brothers

We're looking to start a band!

If you like this song and play some sort of instrument we may want, as well as living in the general area (Gold Coast/ Brisbane), message me!

Sam: Ibanez 7321 w/Dimarzio Blaze II, Morley Bad Horsie, Boss DD6, Engl Powerball into an Engl VT412 Pro cabinet.
Asher: Schecter "emo-7", Peavey XXX into a Marshall 1960AV cabinet.

Sam & Asher Vallen - La Purple Peacock

Kirill Konyaev: tribute to Marco Sfogli

Hi guys ! My name is Kirill , i'm 16.
I decided to learn this song after watching Marco's video from clinic.
I learned this song by ears and eyes using Marco's video from clinic.
Backingtrack is maden by me.

Enjoy !
Excuse me, Marco for little miskates :D
I'm only 16 :)

Marco Sfogli - Remarcoble (cover)

Ernie Pena: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Ernie Pena is from San Antonio, United States and has but together a great solo, some nice splashes of Wah, but not too much and a cool mid section. Enjoy.

Ernie Pena - Marco Sfogli's Shred This Too Competition

Sloth Chubsteen: silent noise competition

It's still raining... you have a choice... build an ark or enter a guitar competition... "simples"... enter a guitar competition and hope the sun comes out!

This is my entry for silent noise competition! Thanks Stick and almighty Monkey Lord for a great drum track and contest. Thanks for watching!

silent noise competition entry - sloth

Jon Starcevich: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Another cool solo posted... and another new player... tons of rippage... enjoy

Jon Starcevich-Shred This Too

Plus a demo track posted some months ago in more crunchy metal mode...

Untitled demo

Sloth Chubsteen: yann armellino contest entry

With the rain still falling... time to enter another competition.

Thanks Yann Armellino and The Musical Contest for an awesome backing track and contest! This is my somewhat sloppy entry into the contest. Thanks for watching!

yann armellino contest entry

News: guitar lessons 365

This lesson is part one of our lesson series concentrating on advanced legato techniques. A FREE PDF TAB download for this lesson is available from the main site at While you are there check out all the other FREE video guitar lessons for players of all levels updated daily. Your support at the main site is what will enable me to continue these FREE daily lessons. THANKS!!

Sloth Chubsteen: win a guitar entry!

Some nice melodic soloing from my old "burned out golfer" buddy... I understand its' actually been raining a lot at his desert hide out... so he might be changing his name to "flooded out golfer..."

Thank you Lee Peterson for a cool backing track and an opportunity to win a guitar! This is my entry into the competition. I tried to keep it melodic and messed with some video effects for the first time.. Thanks for watching!

Check out my good buddy Thomas Suter
for cool sweeping and melodic tapping. His playing is phenomenal.

Win a guitar entry- Sloth

Jonas Hörnqvist: Ruined Souls appearence

Jonas Hörnqvist just recorded a guest solo for swedish metal band Ruined Souls and their upcoming CD "My dying day". The CD will be released the 26th of April through Suicide records.
Jonas solo:

Reece Fullwood: Eumeria official video

This band sound world class and top notch! Not surprising given the quality of the players: Bobby Williamson and the stunning Reece Fullwood.

Music video "Rebel Mind" from Eumeria. Directed by Stacy Davidson. Bobby Williamson: Keyboards, Jonny Tatum: Vocals, Reece Fullwood: Guitars, Shawn Kascak: Bass Guitars, Adam Sagan: Drums. Feat. members of Outworld.

Rebel Mind (Eumeria)