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Adam Ironside: reviews Alan Williamson's Across Angry Skies

A couple of people asked me what I think about various CDs and what kind of music I am listening to at the moment, so I thought I would start up a little mini-review thing, basically just recommending music that I like. I hope you enjoy!


PS - No infringement on copyright is intentional, I am simply genuinely trying to promote the artist here, who deserves greater recognition.

Alan Williamson - Across Angry Skies (Mini-Review)

My view:
Totally agree that is a great album... every time it comes on the mp3 player... you are reminded of the musical quality. Put this one on your buy list!

Chris Brooks: bedroom eyes rhythm playing

HD test - Bedroom Eyes (Yngwie) rhythm

Miki Sugimoto: is Jikki S Mickeyfield

Japanese Guitar Girl 2009 - Jikki S. Mickeyfield

Japanese Guitar Girl

Beat It Guitar Solo - Jikki

Neil Schon: NAMM interview

Neil Schon Interview with - NAMM 2010

Yngwie Malmsteen: donates custom pickups to auction for Earthquake relief

On January 18, 2010, guitar icon Yngwie Malmsteen visited the Seymour Duncan factory and wound his first ever electric guitar pickups: a set of three true single coil pickups for Stratocaster. This week, we will put the pickups up for auction on eBay with the proceeds going to benefit Haitian Earthquake Relief. The auction ends on Feb. 7, 2010.

Yngwie Malmsteen Visits Duncan and Winds Pickups

pARTyzanT: pencil tapping guitar!

pARTyzant & Miki (13 years old son of pARTyzant ) plays original piece of music "ACOUSTIC FREEDOM" .

Acoustic Freedom - guitar & pencils

Marius Pop: guitar at warp speeds!

Marius Pop's Shred this too entry now has 3500 views! Here's Marius demonstrates Yngwie Malmsteen -Trilogy at three speeds... fast, faster and then WTF!

Yngwie Malmsteen -Trilogy - 220, 260, 300 Bpm played by Marius Pop

Adam Hughes Henry: I love the English cricket team so much I entered a solo for the shred this too competition!

Thanks Adam... you are a true star! Just off to have a cup of tea to get over the shock! A reciprocal arrangement... apparently I love the Aussie cricket team just as much as the Jazz Butcher loves our English boys! Some super not fusion licks, particularly in the trail out solo... enjoy!

Guitar solo for Laurie_0001.wmv

Romy Salvador Sidin: Malaysia digging shred this too!

Romy Salvador Sidin is from Malaysia. In this solo he's got some cool phrasing and a great rock tone... enjoy!

Romy Salvador Sidin says
Here's my take for ' Marco Sfogli's Shred This Too' contest. The Backing Track was really cool and fun to jam with.

In the name of shred, Thanks to Laurie Monk & his JR and the rest of the judges to make this possible. Being a part of this shredding community is really awesome!

And thanks to Marco Sfogli for his music and endless inspirations!

Peace & respects - bujangkesindap

Marco Sfogli's - Shred This Too - Entry By bujangkesindap

Chema Herrero: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Nice slow section and high note density on the trail out solo from the Spanish born Chema Herrero... enjoy

Chema Herrero - Shred This Too

Tenyu Nakamura: bluesy Japanese shred this too

Lovely bluesy feeling to this solo, check out the slow section... really great!!!

Marco Sfogli's shred this too!! COMPETITION!!!

Derek Furr: do the funky on Marco's shred this too!

How do you pick a winner!?!?! super cool slow section!

Shred This Too Competition - Derek Furr

James Plasencia: moved by Damjan Pejcinoski... I'll shred this too!

James Plasencia
My vote goes to the amazing Dmajan Pejcinoski. I loved this backing track so much i just had to take a stab at it.

James Plasencia - "shred this too"

Jacqueline Mannering: shred this views go ballistic 2!

Absolutely fascinating the growth of video views on YouTube... I thought I would check back to see how the view rate was going. [Note when we judge the videos the viewing rate will not factor] It is incredible the amount of views a video can get in just a few days.

Here are the figures
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