Sunday, 31 January 2010

Oscar Morales: another shred this too from Peru!

Nearing the close of the contest! This last minute entry from Oscar Morales in Peru!

Oscar says:
Hi, this is my entry for the contest. Hope you enjoy it as much as i did recording it.

I posted a bit late, but never it's to late :D!

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\m/ Stay Heavy \m/

Shred this TOO!!!

George Marios: shredding the hell out of shred this too. love this take!

Tom Quayle says: Here's George's take on the Shred This Too backing track. Awesome playing!! Sorry for the crap video quality and h
ysterical laughter at the end - when George and I get together it's hard to take anything seriously!

For those interested George is playing his G&L into a Yamaha 01x into Amplitube 2 through an Impulse Response.

I love this guys playing, energy and enthusiasm... way to go George!!

George Marios - Shred This Too!!

Sascha Scharnowski: more fluid soloing for shred this too!

Marco Sfogli's Shred This Too - Sascha Scharnowski

Martin Miller: second take fusion shred this too!

Martin Millersays:
Better late then never:

My entry for the super cool Shred This Too competition. I was so scared to even enter seeing all the amazing players taking part. This is an honor to be amongst you guys!

I'm in a super stressful phase right now, so all I could do was get 3 quick takes and submit the best. The result is far from perfect (well, it's completely improv) , but I think you guys will still enjoy. I had a blast recording this and learned a bunch.

Big thanks to Laurie, Marco, Rick, Tom, Chris and Magnus for giving us this opportunity! You guys are the best!

More lovely playing... really glad to see videos from player like Martin Wichmann... this competition rocks... not sure how we pick the winner though :D

Martin 'Wischi' Wichmann (Miller) - Shred This Too entry (improv 2nd take)

Giorgio Rovati: Marco Sfogli's shred this too... er two!

Rock shred improvisation-Marco Sfogli's Shred This Too-Giorgio Rovati

Eric Johnson: Cliffs of Dover Live NAMM

Eric Johnson Cliffs of Dover Live @ Fender NAMM 2009

Jan Hoeglund: shred this too, lefty les paul style!

Marco Sfogli's Shred This Too Entry - JH

Mark Day: Suhr sounds good to me shred this too!

Here is my take on The Shred This Too YouTube competition.
Using my Suhr Modern and my AxeFx Ultra.


Shred This Too Mark Day

Dennis de Bruijn: shred this too when 1 is not enough!

Scali - Marco Sfogli - Shred This Too contest entry - Take 2

Stefan Artwin,Derek Sherinian: relocator featuring Derek Sherinian is avaialble now

Stefan Artwin: guitars, programming
Michael Pruchnicki: bass, fretless bass
Frank Tinge: drums, percussion
Bartek Strycharski: electric violin

Special guest:
Derek Sherinian: all keyboards

CD or mp3 order

News: gear monsters rss aggregator

Thread: Another Website Like GuitarWorld Blips - GEAR-MONSTERS

Hey boys and girls, a buddy and I put together an aggregator site like GuitarWorld Blips. (not as big of course - YET), but it works pretty much the same as blips.

The website is It requires a valid RSS feed to your site. It is dofollow which helps your link building plus brings more traffic to your guitar/gear blog site.

If you are interested in link building and brining in more traffic to your website, simply visit the site and click "Submit Feed". See you there!

Fabrizio Chiruzzi: infusion now on youtube!

Riccardo Dalli Cardillo: Pianoforte elettrico Rhodes, piano, synth, arrangiamenti.
Giuseppe Arnetta: Batteria e percussioni.
Antonio Di Martino: Basso elettrico.
Fabrizio Chiruzzi: Chitarra elettrica.
Sergio Munafò: Chitarra elettrica.
Cristiano Nasta: Produzione, registrazione, missaggio, editing e mastering.
Monica Salamone: Riprese video.

I'm hoping there's more to come.


Vincenzo Cavallo: very classy Italian shred this too!

Clasy tones, classy technique... Italy has some amazing players, this is a new one to me.

Vincenzo Cavallo for Marco Sfogli's shred this too COMPETITION

Felipe Munoz: chordal and crazy interval shred this too

I liked this one a lot... some nice ideas, just not expecting that clean sound from a Jackson... enjoy.

Felipe Munoz- Marco Sfogli's "shred this too" competition entry

Todd Simpson: Mr Fretlight shred this too

Marco Sfogli's shred this too!! COMPETITION!!! - Techniques With

Chuck Dietz: one million crazy guitar solo person shreds this too

Chuck Dietz Shred This Too Contest Entry

Chuck Dietz is new to me but not to YouTube, this video has 1,024,063 views!!!

Crazy Guitar Solo

Donato Begotti:Brutus Live - Suono Crunch

Donato Begotti - Brutus Live - Suono Crunch

Alex Berserker: Jean Fontanille Contest

Alex Berserker - Jean Fontanille Contest

Pit Kordus: even with a seven year break you can shred this too!

Marco Sfogli,s Guitar Competition
I posted my entry two hours ago,just want me to say that i had a musikal-break for about 7 years.. this should not affekt in any way the judges... i did my best for now...

Shred this too - Pit Kordus

Jonathan Graham: shred this too in black and white

Jonathan Graham Shred This too!! Imrov Entry

Luca Dall'Oro: more hot Shred this Too... Italian style!

Shred this too.wmv

Dragianni: squeezes in to Shred This Too!

Cheers Dragianni... I agree with the comment "Wow and I thought that you were gonna miss this competition :) I was worried."

Dragianni - Shred this too.mp4

Benedetto Pomante: super cool guess the tune shred this too!

Benedetto Pomante "Marco Sfogli's Shred This Too Competition"

Francesco Paolo Scurti: lefty shred this too!

Francesco Paolo Scurti - Marco Sfogli's Shred This Too Competition

Bugs Benjie: Samoa enters shred this too

benjie jam.MOD

Vince Chavez: more cool shred this too!

Shred This.wmv

Dragan Pavlovic: shred this too Serbia style!

Dragan Pavlovic - Shred This Too! entry

Bryan Arzaga: Les Paul shred this

we jammin LOL

Rokas Jackūnas: Jean Fontainille contest

RJ - JeanFontainille contest entry

Raphael Fraser: man I still got the blues....

Here's a blues dat I wrote. It's all ... it's about trains, and love, and bad heartbreak stuff ... kind of* ;-)

Truthfully it's just an excuse to do a lot of playing over a C minor blues :-p

Ibanez S470 with DiMarzio PAF Pro and Breed into Digitech Bad Monkey into Garageband running impulse responses of a Fender Bassman.

Train Blues (C minor blues-fest)

Angel Ruiz: Jean Fontanille contest

Jean Fontanille contest Ángel Ruiz entry

Matthias Wurm: on Mozart Piano Sonata #11 on you rock guitar controller.

Matthias Wurm playing Mozart Piano Sonata #11 in A on a lightning fast You Rock Guitar using USB/MIDI. Fast, flawless performance using Apple's Garage Band. Then he flies downstairs and rocks out on Guitar Hero.

You Rock Guitar with Matthias Wurm playing Mozart MIDI style

Antoine Prost: lights, camera, action...

Antoine Prost - test cam

Dave Martone: Rehearsals with Daniel Adair

Dave Martone: Rehearsals with Daniel Adair