Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Renat Bikchurin: Scherzo Bach for acoustic!

Scherzo Bach. Arranged for guitar by me. Renat Bikchurin

Derryl Gabel: new instructional DVD and quality web cam lessons

Derryl Gabel says:
Hi, just wanted to let you know that I am working on a new instructional DVD for you. The title as of now is "Super Sonic Sweeping". In this DVD I will be sharing with you new and exciting ways to use economy and sweep picking ideas with sequencing scales, hybrids, triads, and arpeggios. I will also cover ways to practice these to help you infuse them into your playing and glide effortlessly all over the neck.

If you are interested in a video lesson covering a particular idea let me know. The lesson will be down-loadable along with the backing track and transcription file. Click here for an example and a sneak peak of the new DVD

Derryl Gabel: "Super Sonic Sweeping" ( PDF transcription file )

For those of you out there that would like a one on one personalized web cam guitar lesson I am excepting more students at this time. My rate is $20 a half hour. Besides the web cam lesson you will get the backing track (if applicable) and transcription file of the material covered. Are you struggling with your practice routine? Does it seem that you are in a rut and aren't progressing? Allow me to be your Guitar Trainer and Coach!

Anyone interested in buying my Visions and Dreams CD please buy it here. If you buy it anywhere else I don't receive anything. I can even sign it if you like. MP3 downloads are also available including backing tracks. Just got the the "Merch" page of my site to order.

Just lowered the prices on my DVDs and Guitar Technique Book for a limited time. Offer ends March 1st, 2010.

I want to thank everyone who participated in submitting a review / testimony about my products. I am very grateful and inspired by all of your comments. If you would like to read what others have posted just go to the DVDs or Reviews page of my site.

Some cool options:

The Ultimate Fusion 8 Pack DVD Set with Guitar Book
Visions And Dreams CD
Visions And Dreams MP3 Album
Visions And Dreams Backing Tracks MP3 Album
Giant Steps CD
Backing Tracks mp3s and Band In A Box files
Cool Legato Phases Instructional DVD
Cool Legato Phases Part 2 Instructional DVD
Pentatonic Passages Instructional DVD
Outside Secrets Instructional DVD
Outside Secrets Part 2 Instructional DVD
Creative Tapping Techniques Instructional DVD
Creative Tapping Techniques Instructional Blu-ray
Chordal Mysteries Revealed Instructional DVD
Visions And Dreams DVD with transcritptions
The Derryl Gabel Guitar Technique Book (PDF and PowerTab)
Webcam Personal Guitar Lesson(Price Per 30 Minutes)
Five Minute Guitar DL video with full transcriptions and backing tracks
One Hour Guitar DVD with full transcriptions and backing tracks
Guitar Sound Settings

Ilan Ashkenazi: long time no see...

It's been a while... Ilan Ashkenazi with a new hair cut, but still shredding the guitar!

Melodic Guitar

News: google rolling out a 1Gigabit high-speed broadband network

We're planning to build experimental ultra high-speed broadband networks in a small number of trial locations across the United States to make the Internet better and faster. Check out this short video to learn more, or visit

Google's experimental fiber network

News: truth in shredding passes 700,000 views!


Total 700,138
Average Per Day 1,117
Average Visit Length 1:53
Last Hour 49
Today 1,068
This Week 7,819


Total 1,129,278
Average Per Day 1,691
Average Per Visit 1.5
Last Hour 88
Today 1,710
This Week 11,839

Yvi Wylde: new CD

Yvi Wylde:
I just wanted to let you know, that my band GEE's new album "Fame" will be released in March this year. There will be 13 songs on it, from rock to pop, and of course, the guitar is the main instrument.

So if you like rock and pop music and the 80s, check out my new video. I play the song "Fame" from the upcoming album. If you like it, you can preorder the CD by sending an e-mail to or just by sending me a message here on youtube. You'll get the special preorder price for my myspace friends, only 13 Euro for international buyers. You can also find more songs on

He's The One / She's The One (Shallalala) solo - GEE-

Yvi plays one song from the upcoming album of her band GEE "Fame".

You can already preorder it for an extra preorder price:
- 8 Euro + 2 Euro shipping for German customers
- 8 Euro + 5 Euro shipping for international customers.

Just send an e-mail to

Fame -Yvi Wylde Promo Video

Thorsten Praest: fusion trio GUT at Musikmesse 2010 gig planned

Thorsten Praest says:
I'll play with my fusion trio GUT at Musikmesse 2010 on March 24th...concert will start around 11:30 am. Greetings, Thorsten

Slimer: gets a new fan!

I have my first fan! Good luck judging all those entries
skip to 2:50 to see the moment!

Valentine's Day

as well as guitar... there is soccer... which will win?

soccer hat trick- 9 year old Slimer

Richie Kotzen: 3 times in one night! Fender G DEC 3 shoot out

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Google Buzz

News: shred this... so close to picking the winner I can almost taste it!

Yes... it's been tough going. I really have to thank the guys for all their hard work... and it can't be too long now before we have our winner:

Marco Sfogli:
Rick Graham:
Tom Quayle:
Magnus Olsson:
Chris Brooks: 

Rest assured you'll hear the news as soon as I can post it and the associated winners video!

Marco Sfogli's shred this too!! COMPETITION!!! CLOSED: but we are still accepting videos!

Richie Kotzen: proof that you can't have too much Richie!

Yes more coolness!

Guitar One lessons.mpg

Richie Kotzen: Mr Big, was Richie a better singer than Eric?

Richie's first month on tour with Mr. Big... I actually think Richie Kotzen is a much better singer than Eric... who is much too stereotypical... now you get your chance to compare... answers in response please.

30 Days in the Hole Seoul, Korea (Jan 20, 2000)

Lars Eric Mattsson: Tango the new CD


Released 19 March 2010

Genre - Melodic Progressive Metal
LMC282 EAN 6419922002827

Mattsson is a name that has become synonymous with melodic progressive metal fused with symphonic, neo-classical and ethnic touches. This direction is continued and taken to a higher level for “Tango”, the fifth album to be released under the Mattsson banner.

Led by guitarist/composer Lars Eric Mattsson, “Tango” sees the collaboration between Mattsson and vocalist Adrienn Antal who first paired up on 2008’s “Dreamchild” release build upon its predecessors impressive foundations for this overall heavier release. Yet “Tango” is arguably more accessible for the first time listener with tracks such as “Believe”, “I’ll Find Another Way” and the title track epitomising this commercial aspect. To add another voice to the album Mattsson has called upon Status Minor vocalist Markku Kuikka who darker style contrasts nicely with Antal’s.

“Tango” is 11 tracks clocking in at close to 73 minutes of some of the heaviest riffs and most complex musical passages to date from Lars, yet within the musical virtuosity there is a common theme of melody with the albums lyrical inspiration coming from everyday life and the state of the world.

The song “The Grand Escape” is e a mini rock-opera of sorts as it holds a complete story with sections that could be split into separate songs. Lars rates this track as “The best piece of music I have recorded, and it’s certainly different from anything I have ever done before in terms of structure”. Mattsson also finds time for a little humour in the likes of the title track which takes a metal take on the “Tango” theme with the final product being an eminently commercial and catchy tune with an almost Abba like feel, whilst this humour again crops up on the smoky blues of “Slave To The Road”.

The initial recording for the album began in June 2009, although “Slave To The Road” originates from 2003 originally intended to be on the Mattsson album “Power Games”. Recording of the album continued into January 2010 taking place in 3 different studios in Finland and Hungary before Mattsson set about the final mix and mastering.

TRACK LISTING1. Never Stand Down.
2. Believe.
3. Tango.
4. The Grand Escape.
5. I’ll Find Another Way.
6. Shadows.
7. The Scream of My Soul.
8. The Fire is Burning.
9. Chain Me.
10. Tour De Force.
11. Slave to the Road.

Adrienn Antal – Lead and backing vocals on ”Never Stand Down”, ”Believe”, ”Tango”, ”The Grand Escape”, ”I’ll Find Another Way”, ”The Scream of My Soul”, ”Chain Me”.
Markku Kuikka –
 Lead and backing vocals on ”Believe”, ”The Grand Escape”, ”Shadows”, ”Slave to the Road”.
Lars Eric Mattsson –
 Guitars, bass, keyboards, sitar, lead and backing vocals on ”The Fire is Burning” and ”The Grand Escape”.
Eddie Sledgehammer –
 Drums and percussion.
The Astral Strings and Woodwinds

Produced and mixed by Lars Eric Mattsson 2009-2010.


News: truth in shredding nearing 700,000 views... could you win a prize?

699,901 views... you know the deal... get a screen grap of the 700,000 views, submit you news... "Hey Mr Truth in Shredding!" I have the 700,000 views screen grab!!! ... I send a prize... I seem to recall last time it was 3 people had 700,000 views!

Remember no more no less. May be once you have that screen grab you could do a CTRL and F5 together... that way you'll bump the number past 700,000!

Tristan Klein: Greg Koch,Craig Erickson feature on new CD

TRISTAN KLEIN"Universal Mojo"

 11 Brilliant Instrumental Guitar Grooves (GYR067)

"Universal Mojo", the latest brilliant new studio disc by this phenomenal instrumental guitarist from France, features 11 tracks (60 minutes) of remarkable, superb, world-class, inventive, blues-based heavy guitar riffage that sets new standards for truly outstanding "Total Guitar" music. An incredible bluesy heavy guitar journey featuring Special Guests Greg Koch, Craig Erickson & Jean Michel Kajdan.Tristan Klein is an amazing, gifted axemaster whose exceptional, sophisticated guitar playing is on par with the best guitarists in the world. Klein dominates the new "Guitar Hero" throne with endless style and class fused with impeccable technique and strong, outstanding compositional skills. The man is an intelligent and talented guitarist who has a lot to say on the instrument and one who is on top of the evolutionary scale for guitar players. Tristan Klein speaks many languages on the guitar and one thing is for certain: his instrumental musical message is world-wide and universal as he communicates through his incredible, dynamic "six-string mojo", hence the title "Universal Mojo". Tune in and learn the true meaning of REAL guitar music that is both timeless and remarkable.
It takes a lot to move us @ the Grooveyard these daze and Tristan Klein is one of the best guitarists we have heard in a long time. Instrumental guitar music has become extremely jaded through the years, however this amazing, young, talented player has taken a fresh, exciting new approach that is light years ahead of the norm. There is a new guitar hero in town and his name is Tristan Klein. Listen to his incredible riffage and you'll become a believer that there still is hope for REAL guitar music. "Universal Mojo" is a well-crafted, focused, supreme instrumental heavy guitar tour de force and definitely Tristan Kein's finest musical hour. As an added bonus, "Universal Mojo" features three awesome "Special Guest" axemasters in the form of Greg Koch, Craig Erickson & Jean Michel Kajdan. All three incredible players and down to earth "good musical brothers" who dig in deep on this amazing riffage and play their asses off with Brother Klein on the "Universal Mojo" six-string boogie train. Also of special note: Ty Tabor (King's X) mastered "Universal Mojo" for a serious "sonic delivery" factor that lends itself to this amazing disc. The year is 2010 and Real instrumental guitar music lives @ the Grooveyard in the form of Tristan Klein and "Universal Mojo". Prepare to the True meaning of "Outstanding Total Guitar Music" and learn that unbelievably killer, tasteful shred ain't dead through Tristan Klein's universal guitar language.
The Tristan Klein: "Universal Mojo" disc is an outstanding display of top-shelf guitar musicality that is Highly recommended to fans of MICHAEL LANDAU, STEVE LUKATHER, SCOTT HENDERSON, JEFF BECK, JOE SATRIANI, GREG KOCH, ERIC JOHNSON, ANDY TIMMONS, RICHIE KOTZEN, ROBBEN FORD, CRAIG ERICKSON, THOMAS BLUG, PLANKTON and all other world-class axemasters who speak the same "Universal Mojo". Serious guitar freaks world-wide need to tune into this essential Grooveyard-approved slice of blues-based heavy guitar perfection.

::T R A C K S::
1. ALLIGATOR (sample clip)
DARK SIDE (sample clip)
MOJO (sample clip)
SOLID GROUND (sample clip)


Ivan Mihaljevic: competition

MASTER2010 the first on-line competition guitarist in Croatia organized by the portal MIXER.HR. The aim is to attract more musicians to demonstrate their skills playing the guitar, and just the internet as a medium allows adequate presentation, communication and access to a targeted audience.

In such a world level competition is not a novelty to attract the attention of musicians and the media, and one of the most famous and best-organized the Guitar Idol (UK). To log in to the competition there is no limit. MASTER2010 competition is open to all ages and levels of guitar. Just record a video clip is the minimum length of 60 seconds, where you can see and hear who you know, put it on YouTube is a short biography to send a link to the portal MIXER.HR address

Receipt of application ranges 15.02.2010. And runs until 15.03.2010. All received papers will be presented and placed in a special section on the portal and the portal will enable visitors to see and hear all the guitar players and on-line vote for their favourites.

In addition to the voting public, a special jury composed of people from the music industry will give their opinion on incoming applications and joint forces will decide which three finalists will present a live audience at the final concert, accompanied by a 'house' band TheSideEffects John Mihaljevic, who is also the author of music for MASTER jingle

Prvo hrvatsko online natjecanje gitarista -

Mika Birta: for Hungarians only

Not strictly true... some great music with the words in Hungarian.


Daniele Penco: jams over an old friend.... remember shred this?

Daniele Penco for "Truth In Shredding: Shred This Competition" (contest closed)

Cyril Achard: new CD


Released 19 March 2010
Genre - Guitar Instrumental
Cat:LMC281 EAN6419922002810

French guitarist Cyril Achard is back in an aggressive power trio format for “Violencia”, an album which boasts just one guitar with no overdubs working with a grooving rhythm section.
“Violencia” signals Achard’s intention to produce driving rock once again some seven years away from the scene. During the time away Cyril has been working in a jazz format building up a strong following around the world with his jazz trio who released the acclaimed “Trace” CD/DVD dual pack on Lion Music in 2007.
Reuniting with Cyril once again to form his backing band are the highly esteemed musicians - bassist Franck Hermanny and drummer Eric Lebailly. Best known for being members of France’s biggest metal band - Adagio, the rhythm section also have previous recording history with Achard on the “...In Inconstancia Constans” release (2001 Lion Music).
“Violencia” marks Achard’s most metal and aggressive of all his electric guitar releases to date. The style of the album could be viewed as a cross between Steve Lukather-ish instrumentals whilst the driving power of album comes as an influence from Metallica, which, whilst not in the same musical ballpark, the metal legends raw power provided Achard with the inspiration to make more powerful tunes again, “St Hetfield” is such a nod to this.
Generally “Violencia” can be considered a simple, straight rock instrumental CD. Achard comments, “In the past people only talked about the complexity of my compositions with no mention of my melodies and song writing and I guess I was thinking I hadn’t finished the job of what songs are about. So “Violencia” is out to show that I can compose 4 minute tunes with definite intros, verses, choruses and solo sections woven into instrumental frameworks”.
“Violencia” proves itself to be an accessible instrumental offering with Achard’s best playing to date in a rock setting.
1. Brutalize.
2. Saint Hetfield.
3. All Or Nothing.
4. It's A Gloomy Day.
5. Violencia.
6. Sweet And Furious.
7. Strong Hearted.
8. I Don't Believe.
Cyril Achard - Guitar.
Eric Lebailly - Drums.
Franck Hermany - Bass.
Produced by Cyril Achard and Deven Prod.

Vincenzo Grieco: skype lessons for Italian players

Vincenzo Grieco:
Questo è una demo di una lezione su skype.Per info contattatemi via mail a : o su

Lezione Demo su Skype 1/5 by Vincenzo Grieco

Jeff Kollman: cosmosquad at baked potato

hindenberg - COSMOSQUAD 10/30/2009

Chris Brooks: gives you the keys to Kryptica

I get asked about this song often, so let's get started with the attention grabber in the intro which uses the whole tone scale, executed with hammer ons and pull offs. If you'd like me to offer tips on your own attempt, feel free to add a video response and I will comment.

This year I will be offering a range of free and subscriber-based lesson content, so if you have lesson requests, please let me know.

Kryptica from "The Master Plan" can be sourced from or iTunes.

Chris Brooks Guitar lesson - Kryptica part 1

Pebber Brown: the colour of chromatics

How to practice: Chromatic Scales

Chromatic Concepts 1

Adam Ironside: DirtBox Competition Win A Valvette Custom Drive- first entry!!

DirtBox Competition - Win A Valvette Custom Drive

Prize – A Brand New Valvette Custom Drive! Spanking new, entirely hand-made boutique overdrive pedal courtesy of Johan Maertens of Valvette. Check out the DirtBox Review HERE and head to the Valvette Site for more information.
What Do I Need To Do? – Download the backing track and shoot a one take video (no overdubbing) and then post it as a response to the original contest video.
How Will I Be Judged? – As stated in the video I want you to play a solo in YOUR typical style. You will be rewarded for having good technique, but more important is how musical your solo is. Originality will also be a key factor.
Upon initially watching your video I will write down a basic score for you. When the competition ends I will re-visit your video several times to calculate a more appropriate and in-depth score. Laurie Monk (of Truth In Shredding) will be doing a similar thing and we will pick our favourites. After that we will pass the videos over to Johan Maertens (of Valvette) and the three of us will then negotiate an overall winner..
RULES – Please read and adhere to the rules very carefully. The competition closes at 12 O Clock midday (UK / GMT time) on the 31st March 2010. Entries submitted AFTER this deadline will not be entered into the competition.
- You must subscribe to my youtube channel ( By subscribing to my youtube page you are helping to support me and boost my online presence. If I am more well known on the youtube community it means I can run more great competitions like this. It also means that YOU will be the first to find out about new competitions or uploads via youtube.
You may enter several times. (Try to be reasonable, but I have no problem with you uploading three different takes)
- Once you have posted your video as a response to the original please do not remove or edit that video. Doing so will cause me confusion. If you decide you do not like that take do not worry, you can still upload a few more.
- This is a worldwide contest, BUT PLEASE READ THE DISCLAIMER BELOW.
DISCLAIMER - I will personally pay to ship the pedal anywhere in the world, however, if your country charges import tax or customs duty it is YOUR RESPONSIBILLITY to pay these charges. Myself, Laurie Monk, and Johan Maertens of Valvette will not be responsible for extra charges incurred by your country or government. If you are concerned about any of this please e-mail me via the contact page. T
he prize cannot be changed and no cash alternative will be offered.  
Judges decision are final!

Find out more:

and the first response!

Mark McGuigan - Valvette Custom Drive Competition