Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Antoine Prost: alternate picking lesson

Antoine Prost - alternate picking lesson

News: I missed get tickets for tat free rage against the machine show!

Rage Against The Machine reached the Christmas No. 1 spot thanks to those that bought the single and now the massive 'Thank you' gig that was promised is finally here!

On Sunday 6th June, Finsbury Park will host the victory party to end all victory parties!

The victory marks a stunning upset against the heavily favoured X Factor single. Following the massive Facebook campaign to make the 1992 track top the Christmas charts, RATM will play a free concert in celebration of this incredible triumph.

You spread the word, you swayed the outcome, you made music history!

Now let's celebrate!

News: Activision shuts down guitar hero development studios..

Activision has closed the doors of Guitar Hero publisher RedOctane and  Underground Development with a loss of jobs in excess of 30-40 people.  Is the way of the guitar hero on the wane?  full details

Guthrie Govan: Young Punx rehearse

Kudos to Mark McGuigan... my Guthrie video radar is a little warped at this time...

The Young Punx rehearse the track "Like Dat" from their album Mashpop and Punkstep in January 2010. All instruments performed live. Count Bass D's vocals added after as he was in a different country that day. Guthrie Govan on guitar. Filming and editing by James Cumpsty. iTunes :http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/simp...http://www.theyoungpunx.com

The Young Punx rehearse "Like Dat" Live

Sungha Jung: 100 million views and counting

Guitar prodigy Jung Sung-ha has topped 100 million in the number of total views of his video clips on YouTube for the first time among Koreans, Yonhap News reported.

The renowned 14-year-old ``fingerstyle'' guitarist uploaded his first video clip in September 2006, and since then has posted a total of 240 videos on the video-sharing Web site.
full story

Werner Lammerhirt) Samba an einem ruhigen Sonntag - Sungha Jung

The facts
Channel Views:6,385,460
Total Upload Views:111,373,092
Joined:08 September 2006
Last Sign In:6 hours ago

Petr Susta: shred this too... still bringing those solos

Another great solo... we are near the end now... but you can't keep a great backing trackdown!

Petr Susta - no entry version - "Shred This Too"

Jordan Rudess: Florida on my mind

The musical genius that is Jordan Rudess... enjoy

Florida improv

Yngwie Malmsteen: Madison live in Japan... is this Yngwie?

Goran Edman... great singer... this is the man back in 1987 allegedly with Yngwie Malmsteen.

Recorded Live in Tokyo, Japan on March 24th 1987 at the " Nippon Seinenkan Hall "


1. Oh rendez-vous
2. Carry on
3. Mental masturbation
4. Run boy
5. Turn me loose
6. Guitar solo - part I
7. Guitar solo - part II
8. Drama
9. Pictures return / Shine
10. Give it back
11. Diamond mistress - part I
12. Diamond mistress - part II
13. Hotel party
14. The look in your eyes - part I
15. The look in your eyes - part II
16. World wide man - part I
17. World wide man - part II
18. We want more !
19. The Tale

Thanks "evilryu0" for the links!!!!!!!!!!!

Madison - Picture Return - Shine (Live In Japan 1987)

David Wallimann: COMPETITION... sneak in and win!

ONLY 4 days left and just two entries... surely time to sneak in and grab the prize!

The winner will receive brand new picks from the creator of V-Pick himself!

How to not get an endorsement contest: win 5 small pointed V-Picks! (ends February the 28th)

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How to NOT get an endorsement - Win 5 V-Picks CONTEST!

Tom Quayle, Rick Graham: demo the toad works pedals at NAMM

http://www.premierguitar.com PG's Rebecca Dirks is On Location in Anaheim, CA, for the 2010 NAMM Show where she visits the ToadWorks USA Effects booth. In this segment, we get to see and hear from two of their newest pedals -- the PipeLine Harmonic Vibrato/Tremolo pedal and the Fat City Dual Overdrive.

Amplitude modulation, otherwise known as tremolo, is arguably the first 'overt' guitar effect. Amplifiers with built-in tremolo began appearing by the late 40's, and became standard equipment by the late 50's. The first major style of music to adopt tremolo as it's own was surf music - groups like the Del-Tones, the Ventures and the Chantays combined tremolo with reverb to create the definitive surf guitar sound.

In 1961, the Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company released a complex variation on the tremolo effect known commonly as harmonic vibrato. While not technically vibrato (frequency modulation), this new take on tremolo created an effect vaguely reminiscent of a rotating speaker. Due to it's complexity and cost, this form of tremolo was short lived, and no adequate substitute existed - until now.

ToadWorks Fat City is a Professional Series effect pedal consisting of two unique overdrive circuits, as well as an independently switchable boost. The overdrive has been designed to emulate classic tube amplifier sounds, and each overdrive circuit can be engaged separately or in combination, thus creating the unique "Fat City" sound.

The clean boost is re-routable via a mini toggle switch located directly above the boost pot. This allows you to place the boost in front of, or after the overdrive circuits, and it's all True Bypass.

For more NAMM 2010 coverage or to view our competely FREE digital edition of Premier Guitar magazine, be sure to visithttp://www.premierguitar.com

NAMM '10 - ToadWorks Effects - PipeLine Tremolo & Fat City Dual Overdrive Demos

Dimitar Nalbantov: wild flowers femo

Dimitar Nalbantov "Wild Flowers" from the new coming album.

Yngwie Malmsteen: details the new Seymour Duncan

Yngwie J. Malmsteen interview - Seymour Duncan

News: Steinberger The Guitar Show

Mullets galore.. but cool playing too... is it me but the Steinberger is a genuine iconic guitar?

Steinberger The Guitar Show

Kiko Loureiro: Creative Fusion Guitar DVD

Kiko Loureiro's two-DVD set, "Creative Fusion: Beyond Power Chords & Pentatonics", can be viewed below. The set contains over two hours of lessons in which he shows rock players how to incorporate fusion elements into their playing and helps them expand their guitar vocabury by understanding new concepts.

Kiko Loureiro on his Creative Fusion Guitar DVD with Rock House

Hedras Ramos: bossa shred

You know I have listened to a lot of players over the years... the ones who impress me the most are the ones who change and grow... they are not the same year to year... you know I feel that Hedras Ramos falls in to this category along with the precocious talent of Jack Gardiner.

Hey guys this a jam over a tune called Gypsy Sunset
My playing is kind of busy but I hope you don't mind.

Hedras Ramos - Bossa Shred

Volker Scheidt: slow and beautiful #2

Volker Scheidt
Electric guitar school Freiburg / Germany
Modern electric guitar teaching

This is Part 2 of my slow and beautiful series:
Here i'm playing with my Ibanez Blue Floral Pattern Guitar a very simple melody...
This was actually the only take after i found the melody..
After the fast shredding i was ready to go back to the super slow melodic stuff:)

watch out for some new videos coming soon.....
Hopefully..... I'm still recording:)

Please subscribe to support melodic guitar music..

Here are more informations about the Blue floral pattern guitar:
It has a very smooth sound and i use it often with my flowerpower jem for the super slow guitar playing:)
Those guitars are so beautiful :)
I can't describe it HaHa

God bless you


Slow and beautiful Part.2 A tribute to the Ibanez Blue Floral Pattern Guitar

News: shred this main video altered... do we have a winner?

Added a few little notes to the video and a special comment at the end....

Marco Sfogli's shred this too!! COMPETITION!!! CLOSED: but we are still accepting videos!

Marco De Cave: got the blues

marco de cave blues competition.wmv

News: Is it worth spending time on tagging blog posts?

techguy from Las Vegas, NV asks: "In a blog, is it worth spending time creating tags and categories for SEO purposes?"

Is it worth spending time on tagging blog posts?

Jake Reichbart: Through the fire solo jazz

Chaka Khan - Through the fire, Solo Jazz Guitar - Jake Reichbart

Yvi Wylde: tribute to Joe Satriani

Yvi Wylde back again this time with a hot tribute to Joe Satriani

Satch Boogie

News: shred academy 1631591 hits since 12-02-2006

Exclusive FREE guitar lessons, tools, DVDs, downloads + more!

Virtually everything you see on this site is unique, exclusively provided to Shred Academy by some of the world's top guitarists, so you won't find the 'same old' stuff here. We provide guitar lessons, DVDs, software, interviews, artist info, audio & video entertainment, tools, a forum, and much more! http://www.shredacademy.com/

Shred Academy Intro

Tom Quayle: tq105.. my shred this job is done... over to Marco and I can get a little funky

Tom Quayle says:

Here's an improv on my beautiful Suhr over a funk backing track I composed for a recent project.

The changes are:-

Dm7, Abdim, Gm7, C7sus4 followed by,

F/A, Abm7, Gm7, C7sus4,

Hope you enjoy!

be sure to check out:-


Funk Changes Improvisation

Nahuel Schiumarini: feeling blue.. and you?

Blues contest

bluesjamtracks Emotive Ballad Jam

Rob Chappers: Barnes and Mullins announce the launch of the ML1

Barnes & Mullins announces that 'You Tube' guitar is available to pre-order
Barnes & Mullins has announced that the Chapman Guitar’s Monkey Lord 1 (CGML1), first announced in MI Pro in September 09, is now officially available to pre-order.
The supplier claims the the Monkey Lord 1 guitar is the world’s first 'new media driven' MI design project and the instrument has undergone three prototyping stages – all played out to the world via You Tube.


News: guitar nation pricing details

This year we are organising a new event called "Guitar Nation" - taking the hugely successful master classes and seminars from the 2009 London International Music Show and hosting a range of new exciting sessions at Olympia on the 8th and 9th May.
The idea of "Guitar Nation 2010" is to get you closer to the music and its industry than you could ever dream about. The festival offers a unique opportunity to meet the people that really drive the business and with key players from across the globe, you can network, learn, debate and take part in this ground breaking event.  The World’s guitar experts and guitar gods descend on London for an event never seen before…. Serious about music – You have to be at Guitar Nation 2010!

For the full line-up, opening times and venue details visit this link www.guitarnation2010.com 

A summary of the three ticket types is shown below:

Advance on-line prices - sales start on Friday 26th February:

General one day ticket £80 (laminated pass, access to: full seminar program, ICMP Knowledge Bank, music lessons, signing area & goodie bag)

VIP one day ticket £150 (laminated pass, access to: full seminar program, ICMP Knowledge Bank, music lessons, signing area, VIP lounge & free refreshments, meeting conference musicians/speakers, reserved seats in all seminar rooms & goodie bag)

Student one day ticket £70 (laminated pass, access to: full seminar program, ICMP Knowledge Bank, music lessons, signing area)

Bryan Aspey: transcription of hot licks coming soon

Transcriptions of my licks & lesson material in the works...
More info coming soon...
Follow me on Twitter http://twitter.com/bryanaspey and Facebook http://facebook.com/bryanaspey and stay tuned!

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