Friday, 19 February 2010

John 5: bet you can't play this... he's right I can't...

Betcha Can't Play This with John 5

Rob Chappers: it never rains but it pours...

Change within Monkey Lord

Adam Ironside: fretless on the cheap

A clever idea from Adam Ironside. So many times fretless can sound just plain wrong, but I think Adam does a great job with his home grown guitar.

Adam Ironside says:
Hey guys, been making this old guitar into a fretless the past few days. It has turned out pretty good for a first time I reckon?

What do you think? And does anyone know any good resources for fretless instructional material?

Marco De Cave: quantic guitar incredible improvisations

Marco De Cave is working on a book on Quantic guitar. But check out this guys incredible ideas in this new video.

marco de cave quantic guitar video examples.wmv

Chris Broderick: Di Marzio interview

Chris Broderick and James LoMenzo demonstrate 'Washington Is Next', talk about making the End Game album and their DiMarzio pickups. They also break down the solo in "Head Crusher".


News: rizmum a new guitar blog site

A new guitar blog featuring lots of Asian guitar players! Check it out.

Andy James: Extreme Metal Arpeggio DVD

This brand new DVD from the popular METAL EDGE range by Andy James includes killer metal licks for major, minor and diminished arpeggios along with sweep picking arpeggios, string skipping, combination sweep and skipping, and even 3 octave tapping arpeggios, from the basic mechanics to full shred!

Metal Edge: Extreme Metal Arpeggios -

buy or view Andy James other DVD's

Plus the recent Extreme Metal Soloing Volume 3 I just got my copy of this... this guy surely is the future of metal guitar!

Metal Edge: Extreme Metal Soloing Volume 3 -

Lucky Singh: Win a copy of "7"

Win a copy of "7" !

The Mystique of "7" Episode 7 of 13 - "Mystic 7"

Last week's episode was about the 7th track (Mystic "7") and we are giving away a copy of the album "7" to 7 Lucky prize draw winners. All you need to do is count how many times you hear the number "7" throughout the episode and email us at with your answer. All correct entries will then be picked at random and revealed in the final episode.

Freak Show Excess - Steve Vai - Guitar and Bass Cover

Jean Fontanille: unknown parameter tour

Master Class de groupe "Tous en scene" Tours

Date:Thursday, 25 February 2010
Time: 14:00 - 17:00
Location: "Tous en scene" Tours

Marc Guillermont: trio


Milan Polak: not giving money for a CD you download is stealing

Some time ago I talked to a fan and she said, "I really love your music, I downloaded all your CD's". I was stunned by the way she said it like as if it was the most natural thing in the world. I told her, "Thank you for stealing my money" and she replied, "I'm not STEALING any money from you, I'm just not GIVING you any!" - and there we have the problem:

People obviously have a wrong comprehension. They don't seem to take into consideration that making a CD costs money. Apart from the fact that I - as most of us - have to pay my rent, electricity, etc., recording a CD also costs money. As much as I love my work but someone has to pay for the studio (which can be up to 1.000 dollars/DAY!), the musicians, the producer, the engineer, the mixing, the mastering, the photographer, the artwork, etc. All these people obviously do not work for free.

I mean you wouldn't go to the supermarket and just take whatever you want without paying or get a hair cut or go to a restaurant for dinner without paying. In all these cases it's understood that one has to pay but when it comes to music people have this distorted way of thinking that music is a free product for everyone.

It is kind of saddening when I read a CD review where someone says, "Yeah, Milan's songs are great but the production is a bit weak." I mean, I too would like to have the sound of the new Nickelback album but productions like these cost up to 2 million dollars. Unfortunately, my record company doesn't give me a budget for a production like this and you know why? Because they don't sell enough of my CD's. Now one could say, "Well right but obviously Milan is not as famous as those bands"... True BUT when I compare the amount of fan mail I get with my sales it doesn't take the genius of Einstein to see that something's not matching...

At this point I am writing my new CD and I am planning to do everything myself. Not because I am an egomaniac but because I just don't want to spend all the money I spent in the past when the sales don't even recoup my expenses.

I hear so many people complain about the bad quality of music you get to hear on radio or TV today but let me tell you something: it might just as well be YOUR fault! Let me try to explain: a band like AC/DC or Van Halen or Kiss or Iron Maiden (and the list goes on forever) took several albums to develop and grow. Maybe they changed their sound or song writing a bit, maybe they took several years to finish a record (just think of Metallica's famous black album). All this is not possible for a new band anymore and that's why there's hardly any new great bands emerging nowadays. Record companies just do not have the budgets anymore. While established bands already have made enough money in the past to survive, an upcoming band is almost certainly doomed to perish.

If you like any of those great old bands then make sure to catch them when they come to play near you, might as well be the last time you get a chance to see a great live band as music in this form is definitely a dying art thanks to the illegal file sharing problem.

Thank you for having taken the time to read this. Hopefully it has helped to give you a better insight on what's going on behind the scenes of making a CD and why SELLING CD's is so important.

All the best,
Milan Polak

Charles Shaughnessy: chopstix jam session III

(LIVE) Charlie Shaughnessy & co. - Smooth Improv at CHOPSTIX 2/17/2010

(LIVE) Charlie Shaughnessy & co. - Free Improv at CHOPSTIX 2/17/2010

Északi Szabolcs: shading the blue

background improv.3.pentaton Északi Szabolcs

James Ungson: tribute to Paul Gilbert

Six Billion People (Cover) - Paul Gilbert

Milan Polak: Descending picking run covering the whole fretboard

Milan Polak Lick #13 - Descending picking run covering the whole fretboard

Frank Gambale, Alain Caron: atural Selection

Frank Gambale (guitar); Alain Caron (bass); Otmaro Ruiz (piano).

With pianist Otmaro Ruiz, a master improviser and Alain Caron, one-of-a-kind bassist, these three sound like ten. There are beautiful, subtle ballads to Brazillian influenced tracks and Gambale once again rewrites some Jazz standards with his melodies. A great artist in a very mature place in his career. Outstanding!

SKU SKU24541
Track 1 Teaser
Track 2 Smog Eyes
Track 3 Tones For Chick's Bones
Track 4 In From Somewhere
Track 5 Gioia
Track 6 Good Morning Sunshine
Track 7 Samba Di Somewhere
Track 8 Natural Selection
Track 9 Gambashwari


Wayne Krantz: how to improvise book... surely a must to expand your playing?

Wayne Krantz

What is this book? It could be: "A discipline; a long-term method of mastering the guitar", However: 'a discipline' implies something ritualistic; uncreative 'long-term' implies that nothing can be accomplished in the short-term. For something to inspire it needs to give some degree of consistent gratification from the start 'method' implies a closed system: dead, sterile 'mastering' implies finality. There is no end to the development of a musician with an active imagination 'the guitar' glorifies an object. The instrument itself is of passing importance. What we do with it is the thing of meaning music is a thing of meaning.

This book is an improviser's Operating System. Its basic premise is that pattern playing can ultimately limit the growth of one's skills as a creative improviser. Since most of us rely heavily on patterns to find notes, alternative means of finding notes must be used to overcome our pattern dependency.......WK.

Wayne Krantz: David Binney with Wayne Krantz

David Binney: Aliso /with Wayne Krantz

David Binney (alto saxophonist-composer); Wayne Krantz (Guitar); Jacob Sacks (pianist ); Eivind Opsvik(bassist); Dan Weiss(drummer)


For his fourth Criss Cross leader date, alto saxophonist-composer David Binney convenes his primary New York working quartet of the 2000s (pianist Jacob Sacks, bassist Eivind Opsvik, and drummer Dan Weiss), adds to the mix guitar hero Wayne Krantz, with whom he works frequently in an electronica-oriented group, and augments the proceedings with several appearances by British pianist-composer John Escreet, a frequent partner in recent years. The leader plays with deep emotion and the concision of an old master; it's as strong a date as any in Binney's now sizable discography.

This is a hot record , much expected from a musician like David Binney. Everyone is rocking it out , especially John Coltrane’s “Africa” receives an intense quintet treatment from skronk-rich Krantz tour de force that builds the energy to requisite levels for the penultimate fanfare. Binney remarks: “I wanted to stretch out on an open, vamping Coltrane energy tune.”

Krantz plays with similar energy on the title track and set opener, named for the street on which Binney grew up in Carpenteria, California , he follows Binney, who projects an outcat tonality on a torrential solo, with a melodic turn that has an almost acoustic feel.

Soren Andersen: getting into the groove

Soren Andersen recording a guitarsolo

Yngwie Malmsteen: Live Brazil 1998

Yngwie Malmsteen - Live At Brazil 1998

Guitar Solo (Trilogy Suit, Red House, Badinere Et Battle)
Yngwie Malmsteen - Guitar Solo Live At Brazil

Adrian English: s u p e r - 7 - s h r e d d e r ... 7 minutes of shredding!

The "mad scientist of shred guitar" ADRIAN ENGLISH has released a new seven-minute instrumental song 'G-Theory'. This is a prelude to an upcoming release from English set for May via Shredguy Records. The single song is now available on .

English's last album of "shred-guitar madness" was called A.D.D. and released in 2009 by Shredguy Records. According to a press release, "English brings something new in the realm of virtuoso guitar. No wigs, no spandex, no imitating, POSERS BEWARE!"

Joe Satriani: win an ibanez guitar!

get your colouring pencils out ;)  download:

Design Joe's guitar scheme and win an Ibanez guitar!
Artwork and File Requirements:
- Final files should be delivered in one of the following formats: pdf, jpg, psd, tiff, eps, or ai
- Fonts they should be flattened or converted to outlines before sending. It is also advisable to send artwork with outlined fonts in either .eps or .pdf which will keep them in vector format. - Files should be 150ppi.
- If you send an RGB file keep in mind some of the colors in RGB are outside of the printing gamut.
- Keep in mind where the cut mark is when using graphics. Keep text and anything you do not want cut approx .125" away from the cut line. If you are running your graphics to the edge run them to the bleed line except text and important art.
- Don't use shadows, glows, or any transparency image on top of a spot color. Always convert your spot color to CMYK and flatten before sending.  

Full details:

Jon Vanwie: gone but not forgotten...

This was videoed at The Hudson House in NY on Feb 1993
Jon passed away a few years ago We miss him very much and wanted to share his talent to anyone who wanted to hear and see our friend. Some of Jons favorite guitarists: Jeff Beck,Robbin Ford & Allan Holdsworth to name a few.

Jon Vanwie - Guitar
Paul Duffy-Keyboards
Jai Salvatore-Bass
Jay Dittamo-Drums
first up star cycle

Jeff Beck tune Jon VanWie

Cause we ended as Lovers -Jeff Beck \ Jon VanWie Guitar

Yellow Jackets \ Jon VanWie Guitar