Sunday, 21 February 2010

Jennifer Batten: out of gas and out of luck

mondocongo aka Jennifer Batten... tweets

Stuck on road out of gas in snow the other night. Glamour of this job never ceases to amaze.

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Rob Chappers: Marshall JMD1 and a Chapman ML1

ML1 Chapman guitars:

Random celebration - Featuring the Marshall JMD1 and a Chapman ML1 ;-)

News: premier guitar special edition

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Santiago Pagura, Andres Ludmer: té cuarenta y dos

Santiago Pagura, Andres Ludmer in a cool jam session... ala T42

Me and my friend santiago jamming over cementery gates...
just a great saturday afternoon jamming along with my long time jedi-shred-master friend...

i started with a sloopy version of the original solo, the we just improvised. we are both huge fans of Dimebag and Pantera.

By the way.... Santiago Smoked Me!!!! you don't need to comment that, i know!

santiago used his washburn n2 connected to my pod xt live, and i used my ibanez rg470 using amplitube software(don't really like the tone but it's ok)

check out santiago's band, PARALAJE, it's amazing!

Pantera - Cementery Gates Jam - Andrés Ludmer & Santiago Pagura

Adrian Vandenberg: Tokyo 1984

More AOR heaven... I didn't even know a DVD existed! Links to the relevant CD's and DVD's attached

In 1981 van den Berg worked with vocalist Jos Veldhuizen, bassist Griff "Studly" McGrath, and drummer Bico De Gooijer in a band called Teaser. He auditioned for Thin Lizzy, without success. With a new line-up (Bert Heerink (vocals), van den Berg (guitar), Dick Kemper (bass), and Jos Zoomer on drums), Teaser recorded a demo that fell into the hands of pop-journalist Kees Baars. Baars offered to manage the group, and contracted the band at Atlantic Records in the U.S.

Their debut album was recorded at the former Led Zeppelin's guitarist Jimmy Page's studio, Sol Studios, and in 1983 their first single "Burning Heart" reached #39 in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 charts. Vandenberg toured the U.S. as opening act for Ozzy Osbourne and KISS, and toured independently in Japan in 1984. "Different Worlds" from their second album also did fairly well in the charts, but did not equal the success of "Burning Heart".

The band's third album was recorded in the Netherlands, produced by Jaap Eggermont, manager of the Golden Earring. The album flopped, and not long after the band parted ways with lead singer Heerink. Demos with new lead singer Peter Struyk were not well received by Atlantic.

Around that time, van den Berg (who often uses an Anglicized version of his Dutch name: Adrian Vandenberg) played as a guest soloist on a Whitesnake album, and in 1987 Whitesnake vocalist David Coverdale asked him to join the band permanently. With the band Vandenberg amounting to nothing, the guitarist accepted the invitation.

The other members also started or joined other projects: Zoomer and Struyk joined Avalon, and Kemper started a new band, No Exqze. Bert Heerink joined Picture for their Marathon album.

In 2004 there was a reunion session of Vandenberg, and they released a double CD The Definitive Vandenberg, a compilation of the band's best songs and featuring a newly-recorded version of "Burning Heart". In January, 2005 the band released a DVD with footage of a 1984 Tokyo concert.

Vandenberg - Burning Heart ( live texel, holland )

Richie Kotzen: Blues Garage Isernhagen 26.11.2009

Richie Kotzen @ Blues Garage Isernhagen 26.11.2009

Sergio Cavalieri: Brazilian modal operandi


Sergio Cavalieri -Trcho da vídeo Aula

plus some modal jams

Modos Gregos Lídio



Kevin Kmetz: Brett Garsed played on Shamisen!

Kevin Kmetz pays tribute to Brett Garsed's A musical oasis awaits us Played on the Japanese Shamisen. Traditional musical instrument three stringed spike lute

Brett Garsed played on Shamisen

Floyd Fernandes: plays blues bass

Naina Kundu Trio at Bluefrog

Naina Kundu
Floyd Fernandes
Jai Row Kavi

Naina Kundu Trio - Same as you

Naina Kundu Trio - The Truth

Északi Szabolcs: funky improv #4

background improv.4.Északi Szabolcs

Jon Bloomer: guitar noize opens the Suhr S4

Jon Bloomer says:
Using my new Suhr S4 Root Beer Stain, a Suhr Koko Boost into my Genz Benz Black Pearl 112 and mic'd with an Audix i5 held in place by an Audix CabGrabber

Suhr S4 Clean Demo

Gannin Arnold: funky fusion namm 2010

Gannin Arnold Live@NAMM 2010,Jan 16 2010

Tom Quayle, George Marios: Suhr Vs G&L the clash of the titans!

George and I jamming over my track.

Be sure to check out Suhr guitars at

George is playing his G&L.

Hope you enjoy!


Come on YouTube... give Tom an advertising deal that we can get 10 minute+ video jams!

Tom Quayle & George Marios Jam

Yuya Komoguchi: namm and more from this rising son

Katsuji Morioka and Yuya Komoguchi Live@NAMM 2010,Jan 16 2010

Yuya Komoguchi - Distancia

Yuya Komoguchi - Differences

Yuya Komoguchi Live at D3 in Kobe,Dec 19 2008 Part1

Yuya Komoguchi Live at D3 in Kobe,Dec 19 2008 Part2

Tomo Fujita: namm 2010

Tomo Fujita Live@NAMM 2010,Jan 16 2010

Henry: Valvette DirtBox Competition Entry

A nice soulful solo for this competition: 18 responses to date: for a crazy prize, a brand new Valvette Custom Drive! Spanking new, entirely hand-made boutique overdrive pedal courtesy of Johan Maertens of Valvette.

Valvette DirtBox Competition Entry

Here's a review of this great pedal... a nice bit of kit to win!

Valvette Custom Drive

News: SNOW joke!! Monkeylord,D'Addario,Planet Waves contest

Lots of snow... and various takes, guitar in a blizzard, guitar on skis, guitar naked in the snow?

stefan in blizzard

The Skitar! Rob Chappers Contest Weirdest Place

Contest video 2 (Monkeylord,D'Addario,Planet Waves contest)

News: Firefest AOR heaven

The festival billing is shaping up as follows:

Saturday, October 30:


Sunday, October 31:


Allen Hinds: namm 2010

Allen Hinds Live@NAMM 2010,Jan 16 2010

Kiko Loureiro: Angra new CD coming

Angra Channel:

Angra - Reports from the new album - Chapter 01

Angra - Reports from the new album - Chapter 02

Alex Skolnick: Noisecreep interveiw

Alex Skolnick was interviewed for this week's episode of Noisecreep's "Creep Show",

Stephan Forte: new vocalist is named

ADAGIO have recruited Swedish vocalist Mats Levén for their upcoming European tour as the support act for KAMELOT.

Commented ADAGIO guitarist Stéphan Forté:
"Mats is an incredible singer and performer, with a tremendous technique. His unique tone, both aggressive and melodic, fits ADAGIO's music wonderfully. So, we're very much looking forward to meeting all of you guys next month on the tour with KAMELOT... We're fuckin' impatient to share a dark musical moment with you!!"
full blabbermouth post

News: Shredaholic has a new website!

Yes those Shredaholic boys are back with a brand new web site, covering areas such as:


It's looking good to me.

We've just finished redesigning the Shredaholic website, making it dynamic and interactive, including a news feed from Truth In Shredding, comment boxes, related lesson options, a colour scheme thats easier to read, and more.

Katsu Ohta: shredding the east

Fans of Yngwie Malmsteen will no doubt like these sizzling licks, eight videos!

Katsu Ohta: shredding the east

Michael Angelo Batio: Call to Arms Live in Taipei 2002

Michael Angelo Batio - Call to Arms [Live in Taipei] [2002]

Greg Howe: Live at GIT 1988

Greg Howe (Howe II) - Ferocious (Live at GIT 1988, Bootleg)

Greg Howe (Howe II) - Bad Racket (Live at GIT 1988, Bootleg)

Greg Howe - Pepper Shake

George Balulis: shred this a take on the original

Solo Contest (dev)

Vinnie Moore: namm interview

Interview with Vinnie Moore at NAMM 2010

Dhalif: Singapore sling

Three tracks from Singapore based Dhalif.

Dhalif jamming with Mayuni Omar


Dhalif Pod X3 Live Test Run

Vinnie Moore: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - España 19- 02- 2010

Thanks to Fran Alonso for posting these amazing videos from Vinnie's recent visit to Fran's home town!

Vinnie Moore - Meltdown (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - España - 19-02-2010).avi

Vinnie Moore - The Maze (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - España - 19-02-2010).avi

Vinnie Moore - Saved By A Miracle (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - España 19- 02- 2010)

LaiYouttitham: tribute to Michael Jackson - Beat It!

Visit all the performers here :
Sabrina ( Female singer ) :
JC ( Male singer ) :
Matt ( Drummer ) :
Guitar ( Myself ) :

Beat it - Michael Jackson Cover! Youtube collaboration.

Krisztian Lovrek: illusion

ILLUSION - Tiéd Volt by Krisztian Lovrek

Lorenzo Venza: Utopia closer than you think!

Criminal Underworld is the first track from progressive rock fusion band featuring Lorenzo Venza. This album entitled "Ice and knives" will be on the the Utopia CD which is set for release March 2010, on the record label, Anteo Records .

Utopia :
RIccardo Fenaroli - Voice
Lorenzo Antonelli - Keyboards
Enrico Sandri - Bass
Lorenzo Venza - Guitar
Valerio Lucantoni - Drums

Utopia - Criminal Underworld