Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Panos Arvanitis: neo classical.. yes.. this is the way it's done!

Panos Arvanitis executing some super cool sweeps with additional clinical alternate picking. Love the scalloped neck guitar also.

Panos Arvanitis: Hi.guys.some fast neoclassical licks and arpeggios here.Hope u enjoy it.I was tired and this is just one take and one shot video.It could be better but after 16 ours of work(daily job and then 4 private lesson in a raw),i was really tired :-(
thank u all

Neoclassic arpeggios fast licks

Milan Polak: is happy now...

Milan Polak is working on a secret project... as he does, there's just time enough to release an acoustic song.

Milan Polak says: This is a song called "Happy Now" of the 2007 release 'Straight' (Lion Music). The sound is not perfect but hey, it's live!

Milan Polak - Happy Now?

Tony Waka: DirtBox Valvette competition

Some gritty playing from Tony Waka for the DirtBox Valvette competition... the Majorca based player knows how to squeeze out those notes.
Tony Waka: Hey guys, this is my entry for this competition, I´m a little bit busy right now, so, sorry for the video quality, next ones will be better. There´re such a nice entires in this competition, so good luck to everybody and keep rockin´!!!!!!

Tony Waka DirtBox Competition Entry

This backing track is much shorter and requires some emotion to be expressed... so give it a go!

Jack Gardiner: sub-liminal

This young dude just goes from strength to strength... lots of quality fusion playing as Jack Gardiner plays Adam Nitti's 'The Renaissance Man'.

Jack Gardiner:
Thought i'd update you guys with some of the things I'm working on at the minute! :)
Adam's Liminal album is amazing. Some awesome solo's played by Tom Quayle, and Marco Sfogli, Alex Argento etc. Check him out!
Cheers again.

Adam Nitti's 'The Renaissance Man' Main Theme Cover by Jack Gardiner

Damjan Pejcinoski: portrait of the artist as a young man...

Damjan Pejcinoski playing with Macedonian band, awesome technique even before the dawn of time... check it out!

Abrakadabra Mojata Devojka the best macedonian band of all times!

Abrakadabra Mojata Devojka

Dimitar Nalbantov: Amplitube 3

Playing one of my songs called "Why do people cry?" from my next album
with Amplitube 3.
The drum track is programmed by me with samples from esoundz.com
Best Regards,

Amplitube 3 - Demo - New Song

Nahuel Schiumarini: Robben Ford Style

Nahuel Schiumarini is a young talented player, and focusing on the emotional aspect of the playing will no doubt bring him a big fanbase.

Robben Ford Style Blues - Nahuel Schiumarini

Tosin Abasi: the return of leader

Tosin Abasi is a real beast of a player... and lead guitarist for Animals As Leaders two more videos from Jam Play.

Tosin Abasi Interview

Animals As Leaders - On Impulse

News: IE8 proven to fail the shred test!

Which web browsers are used on Truth In Shredding:
You can see the drop off in IE usage after the change over in this google analytics report Similar problem as last time folks... IE8 trips up over the web site redesign... I have tested that it works with all the major, real, web browsers on the planet. You know the drill ween yourself of the tyrant and move to another web browser:


Not sure which one? Here's a good comparison: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_web_browsers

In Europe, Microsoft have been forced to unbundle the web browser as it is seen as anti competitive.

If you want to see what a joke Internet Explorer has become, just nip on over to Urban Dictionary: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=internet%20explorer

internet explorer

A simple Windows XP tool which allows the user to browse to Mozilla.com and download Firefox, a web browser.
As soon as I installed XP I opened Internet Explorer and grabbed the latest version of Firefox.

My browser of choice is Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

OK one more for the road: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Internet%20Explorer%208

Internet Explorer 8: The newest edition of the world's worst internet browser- Internet Explorer

A.K.A. IE 8

Fortunately, it has not been released yet,(true on 03 May 2009), featuring the latest round of security holes. The only people that will use this crappy program will be:

- People that have never used a computer
- People that are working on a computer at work, school/ other organization who cannot escape this program due to software restrictions.

This program is so bad, that Microsoft (the horrid mother of this program) are planning to force this piece of useless software into people's computers via auto-update.*

Features include:
- No support
- Automated crashes
- Sudden Lags
- Stolen Features
- FREE YES FREE, default viruses
- Included bonus: Allows credit card details to be stolen!
- Takes longer to load google.com then the average American child (weighing 300lb) takes to run 400 meters.
- A gateway for hackers

To escape this hellhole, simply Google "Mozilla Firefox", though you are fucked, if there is a software restriction thingy-majig.

The vast numbers of people who use this program to acquire Mozilla Firefox means that Microsoft may even consider to block Mozila.com, banishing the user to a lifetime of Mozilla Firefox.

FACT: It's ugly sister, Internet Explorer 6, is the #1 cause of Angry German Kid.

* Though it has not been released yet, we know it will be crap, because it is genetically shit, as we have seen in the previous internet explorers.
(Note, these examples aren't that good)

Person 1: ARRGGGHHH FUCK! Internet Explorer 8 just got me these porn pop-ups, and my mum came in the room, and saw one of the pop-ups!
Person 2: Dude, have you not heard of Mozilla Firefox?


Person 3: NOOOO! My computer just got Internet Explorer 8!
Person 4 (Mozilla user): Don't you use Firefox?
Person 3: It does it automatically!
Person 4: (Sees IE 8 being downloaded) SHIT! (computer begins to lag)

News: guitar world group for bloggers back

After a minor hiccup we are back... thanks to the guys who run guitarblips service. Lots of guitar bloggers provide feedback and insights on running a blog related to guitar. If you are thinking about or are running a guitar blog then this might be a resource for you...

A group for guitar bloggers http://news.guitarworld.com/group/guitar_bloggers/

forum: http://news.guitarworld.com/group/guitar_bloggers/forum/

Insano Gerbil,Undercurrentuk1: S42

Another pair of guys jamming and giving the plank a good spanking. Again I am always surprised that undiscovered guitar players fail to tag their playing with their names. Anyway rant over... enjoy!

stupid metalcore shred banter

Insanos Insano Solo!

Robert Mayer, Martin Caito: two handed tapping piece

Apologies if I got the names wrong, but I had to dig around a bit to find them. I am always surprised that undiscovered guitar players fail to tag their playing with their names.

Two Handed Tapping Piece Live

Kaki King: influenced by Michael Hedges

A Jam Play interview with the very talented Kaki King...

Kaki King Interview

Janno Queyquep: fusion jam

I love finding these types of video, a person unknown to me, just jamming away... always a big thanks to the guy who posts these videos. The guy filming is obviously loving it too! Just love it... what do you think?

janno fusion jam. tone is definitely in the fingers

How about a little slide blues while you are at it!

Janno Queyquep

Ed DeGenaro: got a touch of swamp fever

Looking nice and warm where Ed DeGenaro is playing... obviously the warmth is inspiring a little countrified blues.

Reamping some more amps clip1

Jimmy Herring: jam session guitar lesson!

Guitar World brings you a series of guitar lessons with jam guitar great Jimmy Herring called "Jam Session."

Jimmy Herring: Jam Session #1 Guitar Lesson

Jimmy Herring: Jam Session #2 Guitar Lesson

News: sitar overload!

Can never have too many sitars... suddenly I feel a little peckish... maybe a little chick pea buhna, chapati and rice...

"Moonlight" Composed and conducted by Vijay Jagtap
"Lilting Melodies On the Sitar" Live Concert London England
Sitar - Vijay Jagtap
Tabla - Rajkumar Misra
Guitar - Frank Rosiak and Ed Alton
Website: www.vijayjagtap.com

"Moonlight" Sitar Guitar Fusion - Vijay Jagtap Part 2