Thursday, 18 March 2010

Phil Hilborne: exposed guitarist goes underground...

Phil Hilborne Question:
What would you do if you found out that someone had been miming along to your work then put it up on YouTube - passing it off as their own playing and had nearly half a million views with it?

Well you might do this... go on extended leave...

John Denner Music Video

My insider information leads me to believe that this is a serial offence... read the whole sorry tale

Stelios Arnaoutoglou: tribute to Potassium?

Ok this is not perfect, but i really enjoyed doing it, and hopefully you will enjoy listening.

Improv for K

Achilleas Diamantis: confusion band demos

he fusion band Confusion

Achilleas Diamantis
Panagiotis Haramis
Takis Intas

Confusion at the rehearsal 4 (2001)

Achilleas Diamantis and Confusion Rehearsal 5 (2001)

Jeff Loomis: extreme lead guitar

Rock House announced EXTREME LEAD GUITAR the new guitar instruction DVD w/Jeff Loomis of Nevermore goes on Pre-Sale April 15, 2010. The 2 DVDs are packed with more than 40 guitar lessons, interview, live performances and much more. April 15, 2010 at

Jeff Loomis Guitar Instruction DVD on Sale April 15, 2010

Super Shred Guitar Masterclass!: The Ultimate Dvd Guide (Guitar World)

Oz Noy: Octave Displacement

FPE-TV Oz Noy Octave Displacement Guitar Lesson

Rob Chappers: LAG ROXANE R300

Master Series LAG ROXANE R300 Demo

Salvo Vecchio: TRex strings on fire 2

My entry for this new great competition. I really hope you will enjoy it as much as I did playing on this great rockin' basic track!!

Salvo Vecchio Strings on Fire II

Richie Kotzen: with Stevie Salas and Poison

Richie Kotzen switchin over to bass for this one. Stevie Salas and Richie Kotzen jammim' out a little Power of Soul at Whistable, UK Nov 14, 2003. Their plane arrived in the UK late, so they had no rehersal time before the gig.
Check out Richie play that bass as if it were his tele.

Richie Kotzen and Stevie Salas - Power of Soul at Whistable

Peoria, IL May 15, 1993 Richie tosses his tele at the end of the solo

Richie Kotzen with Poison - Body Talk (behind the head solo)

Marcos Ambrosi: Lee Peterson win a guitar!

Marcos Ambrosi - Lee Peterson "Win a guitar" Competition

Danny Gatton: just released rare live recording DG killing it on a ES-350

Just released for first time after 25 years, a rare recording of Gatton ripping it up on a Gibson ES-350 with Evan Johns. Gatton's solo starts about 4:14 in and is a departure from the screaming tele sound normally associated with Gatton. I made the recording and digitized it. Check it out -- you wont be disappointed.

Danny Gatton - Crosscut Saw (excellent audio)

Dhalif: TRex Strings On Fire II

Dhalif did a great solo for Andy James, so no suprises that he's done a sizzling solo for Milan Polak's new competition

Strings On Fire II Milan Polak Contest - dhalif.wmv

Milan Polak: T Rex Strings On Fire 2 ends 23:59 CET 25th of April 2010

News: bloggers gets a template designer

The need to host, the need to post... the cloud is the future... | The Blogger Template Designer allows you to create effectively infinite number of designs templates instead of being restricted to a limited number of rigid designs by making it easy to customize your blogs design, layout, background and much more.

Introducing the Blogger Template Designer

Julien Damotte: trapped available from guitar9 features Mattias IA Eklundh, Christophe Godin

Trapped is French guitarist Julien Damotte's progressive metal concept album full of contrasts and influences. Entirely composed and recorded by the Damotte (from the band Madonagun), this album is also a true human adventure that every guest musician featured has helped to shape. Gus Monsanto (Revolution Renaissance, ex-Adagio), Mattias Eklundh (Freak Kitchen), Christophe Godin (Mörglbl Trio), Nach (Awacks, Madonagun), Mattjö Haussy (Madonagun), Buzz (Tubular Brain) et Maya (Soul/RnB artist) have all contributed to it. Mixed by Kevin Codfert (Adagio, Venturia, Myrath) and mastered by Jürgen Lusky (Angra, Adagio) at the famous House of Audio Studios (Germany). For the fans of Dream Theater, Devin Townsend, Symphony X, Textures, Evergrey, Pain of Salvation, Spock's Beard, Adagio, Ayreon or even Freak Kitchen.

Gannin Arnold,Taylor Hawkins: Foo Fighters drummer ripping it up!

Gannin Arnold w/ Taylor Hawkins on DC LIVE!

full video:

From the opening throes of Tim Landers’ pulsing bass and Jimmy Chamberlin’s tribal linearisms, it’s clear we’re on the march. Gannin’s at the head of the line, setting pace with biting, weaving lines that rise, float, and then dive-bomb the Assembled. It’s an exhilarating rush and channeling of great guitar instrumentalists who’ve cleared this road:
The sweeping grandeur of Eric Johnson (“Blue Ships,” “America”). The blistering bite of Vai (El Nino). Satriani’s soaring lyricism and Jeff Beck’s rhythmic twists and occasional melancholia.
Through the duration and with minimal exception, Gannin remains faithful to the trinity of guitar, bass and drums.
And here’s the dirty secret: this is really a drummer’s album, as Gannin has assembled some of the most tasteful and assertive kit artists in contemporary music. Taylor Hawkins. Stephen Perkins. Simon Phillips. Pat Mastelotto and Tris Imboden, the latter whom turns in a furious performance on “1981.”
Drummers for both Jane’s Addiction and Mr. Mister on the same record? Indeed. This is not your average L.A. guitarist’s solo stroke.

Written By Dan Frio

Not From Here features: Jimmy Chamberlin, Taylor Hawkins, Stephen Perkins, Simon Phillips, Gary Novak, Drew Hester, Nate Wood, Tris Imboden, Pat Mastelotto, Tony Levin, Rudy Sarzo, Chris Chaney, Billy Mohler, Melvin Lee Davis, Tim Landers, Michael Ruff, and Tony Guerrero.

Not From Here
Gannin Arnold – Guitars
Jimmy Chamberlin – Drums
Tim Landers – Bass

Gannin Arnold – Guitars
Taylor Hawkins – Drums
Rudy Sarzo – Bass

Unnecessary Flash
Gannin Arnold – Guitars
Nate Wood – Drums
Tim Landers – Bass

True Believers
Gannin Arnold – Guitars
Simon Phillips – Drums
Tim Landers – Bass

Speed Of Sound
Gannin Arnold – Guitars
Stephen Perkins – Drums
Rudy Sarzo – Bass

No Words
Gannin Arnold – Guitars
Taylor Hawkins – Drums
Tim Landers – Bass
Michael Ruff – Keys

Get On With It
Gannin Arnold – Guitars
Jimmy Chamberlin – Drums
Tim Landers – Bass

El Nino
Gannin Arnold – Guitars
Taylor Hawkins – Drums
Chris Chaney – Bass
Tony Guerrero – Trumpet

Blue Ships
Gannin Arnold – Guitars
Pat Mastelotto – Drums
Billy Mohler – Bass

Gannin Arnold – Guitars
Drew Hester – Drums
Tony Levin- Bass

All Torn Up
Gannin Arnold – Guitars
Gary Novak – Drums
Chris Chaney – Bass

Gannin Arnold – Guitars
Tris Imboden – Drums
Melvin Lee Davis – Bass
Michael Ruff - Keys

Gannin Arnold – Guitars
Nate Wood – Drums
Tim Landers - Bass

buy the CD:

or amazon

Peter Fischer: musikmachenDE guitar lessons for German players!

Fusion Lick - E-Gitarrenworkshop auf

2-hand tapping with arpeggios - electric guitar workshop at

2-Hand Tapping - Electric guitar workshop at

Adam Fulara: Eminem

Counterpoint Improvisation with two handed tapping - "Loose Yourself" ("8 Mile") by Eminem on doublenecked REK guitar. More details:

Adam Fulara- Loose Yourself (Eminem) - counterpoint tapping version

Enry M: shred improv

Some top playing on this video.

Enry M guitar shred improvisation

Achilleas Diamantis: confusion band demo

From The Confusion - Enter Alone cd

Achilleas Diamantis
Panagiotis Haramis
Takis Intas

Confusion Spanish Way

Michael Angelo Batio, Dave Martone: night of guitar reminder

A Night of Guitar: March 18, 2010 7pm. The Rose Theatre Brampton

Tickets on sale at the Rose theatre

Lori Linstruth: Uncensored English, 2,000,000 downloads

Lori Linstruth says:
Wow,just checked stats and have just passed 2 million downloads on my English learning podcast. If only I had one penny for each one! ;-)

Uncensored English By Lori Linstruth
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Podcast Description
English lessons to teach you American and British English swear words, slang, idioms, and other colorful language in a fun, conversational format.