Saturday, 20 March 2010

Ramon Luis Galang: 9 year old wunderkind tributes to Steve Vai, Guthrie Govan and Joe Satriani

I find this just mind boggling!

Tender Surrender by Steve Vai (Cover) - 9 year old LuisMetalKid

Wonderful Slippery Thing Guthrie Govan - 9 Year Old LuisMetalKid

Circles by Joe Satriani - 9 year old LuisMetalKid

News: Guitar Born to be Destroyed

Yes you guessed a guitar designed to be smashed! want one from amazon

Product description
World's first "private guitar destruction" concept of guitar. Adopted a special body cavity 叩Kitsukeru easily crumble. SMASH's "destruction" of the concept is more than parts. Have the following characteristics as a normal guitar. ● The product features sound a bit like a mild Semiakotaipu added to the sharpness of Solid Sound in the body cavity at special Horoutaipu. ● Women's lightweight design and easy to hold approximately 2.5kg. Normal guitar 3 / 5 is about the weight. It is also ideal for practicing at home. ● look is cool Terekyasutaipu. ● Black and white color, so you can choose the Alder wood maple neck, after your order, please check your e-mail. Thank'll send an email from us, will be shipped to understand and bon appétit Ue your reply. Thank you e-mails of minor parental consent. Other For details, visit the website Kudasaimase Company.

【Guitar Born to be Destroyed】SMASH Tsugumi Nagasawa Hot Play with Guitar

【Guitar Born to be Destroyed】~SMASH~ Limited Express (has gone?) LIVE

Pop The Sun, Paul Gilbert, Pop Voravit: shredding it up

A mega shredathon featuring some of Thailands towering talents of guitar and some guys still new to guitar!


George Lynch,Sean Baker: Live at Motor City

George Lynch performing live at Motor City Guitar - Sept 12, 2009.
In addition to being an amazing player, George is also a heck of a nice guy! He treated his Michigan fans to a killer 10-song concert at our store, then did about an hour of Q&A, then spent one-on-one time with every one of his fans signing autographs and taking pictures before rushing back to The Ritz (an hour away!) to play a show with Souls of We. Definitely a class act!

Make sure to check out George's website and especially his guitar dojo at

Sorry if the sound is a little "ringy", we had to hold the clinic in our storage room because it was the only place with enough room!

Special thanks to our rep Bill of Randall Amplifiers

And to local über shredders Sean, Cmak, Lawrence, and Randy of The Sean Baker Orchestra for providing the back up.

Also special thanks to Roki, Matt, Rene, and Eric for helping with the clinic, and to Chris for providing this video!

Please check our websites for information on future clinics:
Store website

George Lynch: Live at Motor City with Sean Baker

Paul Gilbert:Thessaloníki Down to Mexico

Paul gilbert In Thessaloníki Down to Mexico.wmv

Ulf Katschrowski: TRex Strings On Fire

Ulf Katschrowski, aka "The headless one" returns with flaming pickups! No wonder those strings are on fire!

Katschrowski - Strings on Fire 2 Contest - Entry

Saverio Pietropaolo: trio fusion

Some great fusion playing with a live band.

Saverio Pietropaolo guitar, Mauro Della Rocca bass, Marco DiMagno drum

Saverio Pietropaolo trio fusion

Arc-En-Ciel trio fusion

Andy Timmons,Brett Garsed,Greg Howe,Michal Angelo Batio,Richard Hallebeek:Ziua Chitarelor 2

Ziua Chitarelor 2 - 10 April 2010 - Teatrul Bulandra - Sala Toma Caragiu - Bucuresti Romania - Master Class & Concert from 10.30 untill 24.00 oclock
With Andy Timmons - Brett Garsed - Greg Howe - Michal Angelo Batio - Richard Hallebeek. Andy Timmons,Brett Garsed,Greg Howe,Michal Angelo Batio,Richard Hallebeek.

Ziua Chitarelor 2 - Promo

David Wallimann: tasty soloing

How to play effective guitar solos people will remember?

In today's episode, I'll share with you a few ideas to help you organize your guitar leads so that they have a higher impact on the listeners. Knowing how to play effective leads is the secret to better musicianship.

The idea is to say a bit less. Fewer words have a much better impact if chosen carefully.

You can get the backing track on my website:

How to Play Great Guitar Solos

Prashant Aswani: NAMM interview

spotted over at the guitar channel. Prashant Aswani is one of my favourite new players and in this interview Prashant Aswani discusses his new ESP guitars, new album and his favorite gear.

Prashant Aswani interview at NAMM 2010

Timo Tolkki: clinic dates

Timo Tolkki's clinic schedule:

26 - Madrid, Spain - Ritmo y Compas
28 - Sevilla, Spain - Q

2 - Sofia, Bulgaria - RFB
3 - Bratislava, Slovakia - Majestic Club

15 - Bologna, Italy - Music Heaven Guitar Festival

John Norum: new CD announced

John Norum, entitled "Play Yard Blues", is scheduled for release on May 27 via Mascot Records.

"Play Yard Blues" track listing:

01. Let it Shine
02. Red Light Green High
03. It's Only Money
04. Got My Eyes on You
05. When Darkness Falls
06. Over and Done
07. Ditch Queen
08. Travel in the Dark
09. Born Again
10. Play Yard Blues

Mikio Fujioka: "Harmonics"

藤岡 Harmonics

The UStream Channel

Bryan Aspey: hub city kid delivers 3 guitar tales...

Bryan Aspey is on hubpages delivering quality lessons and views on guitar:

5 Ways to Make Your Guitar Love You

1. Change your strings The simple act of changing your guitar strings can have a dramatic and positive impact not only on your sound, but also on the feel and intonation (how well your guitar stays in tune...

2 Keys to Warp Speed Picking on Guitar

Use only the very tip of the pick Have you ever watched a clown run a marathon in his big floppy clown shoes? Well I haven't either, but I can only imagine how ridiculous it would look, and how ineffective...

4 Keys to Guitar Tuning Bliss

As great as a new set of strings can sound and feel, nothing kills the joy like an out of tune guitar. These four easy tips will help you save your sanity, get your guitar tuned more quickly, and help you to...

Silvio Gazquez: Trex Strings On Fire 2... sensational

Silvio Gazquez delivers yet another sensational solo for the TRex Strings On Fire 2 competition. Looking for new licks to add to your repertoire then this will be the video for you ;)

`String on fire 2´ with Milan Polak - Silvio Gazquez.

Kelly Simonz: How to Play "DESTINATION"

How to Play "DESTINATION" - Kelly SIMONZ

Hara Lemes: TRex Strings On Fire

Like Andy James shredding competitionm this backing track is drawing out the top fuel shredders

Strings on fire 2 - Hara Lemes

Milan Polak: T Rex Strings On Fire 2 ends 23:59 CET 25th of April 2010

Boris Beceric: TRex String On Fire 2

Damadstuntman - Strings On Fire 2 with Milan Polak

Milan Polak: T Rex Strings On Fire 2 ends 23:59 CET 25th of April 2010

Victor Amati: Concerto For Electric Guitar

Concerto For Electric Guitar And Orchestra #1 By Victor Amati - Now In iTunes!!!

Joop Wolters: Neurastasia - The Amber Bridge

You have to ask yourself why?...

This is a pre-production demo from the NEURASTASIA cancelled project. The title of the track is "The Amber Bridge".

Song lineup:

Vivien Lalu - Keyboards, programmed bass, composition
Joop Wolters - Guitars
Virgil Donati (Planet X) - Drums

Vivien Lalu 's Neurastasia - The Amber Bridge (excerpt)

Steve Morse: Southern Steel guitar lesson

Southern Steel guitar lesson @ by Steve Morse (excerpt)

Angel Ruiz: tribute to Stryper

Angel Ruiz says:
Written in 1985 on the album Soldiers Under Command. This is my tribute to one of my favourite bands.

Stryper- "Soldiers Under Command" cover by Ángel Ruiz

Petr Henych: gets his own Signature guitar!

Jolana Grazioso Petr Henych Signature

Puguh Kribo: strings on fire 2

'Strings On Fire 2' puguh kribo - indonesia

Milan Polak: T Rex Strings On Fire 2 ends 23:59 CET 25th of April 2010

Elliot Noble: TRex Stings On Fire II

The 15 year old with prodigious talents says:
Here is my entry for this awesome comp! Thanks for watching! Remember to rate, comment and subscribe! Thanks to Milan and the judges for setting the competition up!

Strings On Fire 2 with Milan Polak Entry by Elliot Noble

Milan Polak: T Rex Strings On Fire 2 ends 23:59 CET 25th of April 2010

Emiliano Zapata: tribute to Steve Vai

Oooo, Steve Vai - Emiliano Zapata