Sunday, 21 March 2010

Jack Gardiner: Andy James shredding competition

Needed to enter this competition! Filmed this about an hour ago. The majority is improvisation with a few licks pre-prepared after a number of playthroughs (e.g. the intro).I'd like to say thanks again for the awesome backing track. Andy's has been one of my favourite guitarists for a while now, so it's an honour to take part in his competition! Hope you like it guys. Excuse any mistakes! Thanks to James and Owen Edwards, Andy James and Intersales Music.


I'll just say one word... WOW!

Andy James Solo Contest Entry (Jack Gardiner)

Carlos Vamos: acoustic tapping tribute to Joe Satriani

Always with you / Joe Satriani in Accoustic Tapping by Carlos Vamos

Don Ross: Three Hands

Don Ross - Three Hands

Russ Parrish: steel panther satchel solos 3

Satchel Steel Panther Guitar Solo (O2 Academy Sheffield 20/03/2010

John Petrucci: dream theater São Paulo

A set of songs from Dream Theater live in São Paulo.

John Petrucci: dream theater São Paulo

Ronni Lé Tekrø: live 1989

From the bootleg DVD "T.NT - Live In Tokyo" recorded live the 17/08/1989 at the Shinjuku Kohsei Nenkin Hall in Tokyo, Japan. Aired by the Japanese TV with excellent quality.

Set List:

01 As Far As The Eye Can See
02 Caught Between The Tigers
03 Tonight I'm Falling
04 End Of The Line
05 Ronni Le Treko Guitar Solo
06 Intuition
07 Kenneth Odiin (Drums) & Morty Black (Bass) Solos
08 Tony Harnell Vocal Solo
09 10.000 Lovers (In One)
10 Take Me Down (Fallen Angel)
11 Everyone's A Star

T.N.T. - Ronni Le Treko Guitar Solo + Intuition - Tokyo, Japan 17/08/1989 (HQ)

T.N.T. - Tonight I'm Falling - Tokyo, Japan 17/08/1989 (HQ)

Rob Chappers: new Monkey Lord LPW Clinic

Tickets for the next clinic available here:

The "Lead Guitar Concepts and Techniques Workshop" will be on the 23rd May 2010, The clinic will be filmed live for Robs next DVD Shreducation, which will feature bonus footage of Rob recording with Eddie Kramer. Everyone who attends will get a free DVD once it has been published.
Email for more info

Shred, Pizza and Caffeine fun at the Monkey Lord LPW Clinic - Next clinic 23rd May

Robert Branch: a chip off the old fusion block

Guitarist Robert Branch performing "Rhythm Schism." With Al Vorse on bass and Bill Paul on drums.

Robert Branch (Guitar) - "Rhythm Schism"

Robert Branch (Guitar) - "The Veil Within" - Live at the Acadia

Fran Alonso: TRex Strings On Fire 2

Fran Alonso - Strings On Fire 2 - Milan Polak Contest.mpg

Milan Polak: T Rex Strings On Fire 2 ends 23:59 CET 25th of April 2010

Russ Parrish: steel panther tribute to Def Leppard

It's the 20th March 2010 and Steel Panther perform a Def Leppard classic in their hometown on the last night of the UK tour.

Photograph 'Live' Steel Panther O2 Academy Sheffield.

Mustafa Dönmez: Mysterious Journey

Turkey's first jazz, rock, fusion community, the atmosphere, then in 1986 founded the Mustafa Dönmez, the community's first album in 2007 published the story of the trees. Master musician with his name published for the first album, fortunately, a 20 years did not wait longer and 'Mysterious Journey', AK 2009 Music label before the end of the appreciation of music lovers are introduced.

Mustafa Dönmez guitarist, composer, and 'the teacher of the year' identities, especially north of jazz and jazz rock listeners of the long - known for years and musical steps that curious name.

The Story of the trees in question with the audience and the press extends the intense interest that Dönmez this is the first solo album of the technical mastery as well as the thematic depth of the gold once again is drawn.  shop

Mustafa Dönmez Guitar clinic 2-Boğaziçi Üniversitesi

Mustafa Dönmez Guitar clinic 3-Boğaziçi Üniversitesi

Saggese Francesco Antonio: gtarman with his new EKO YJM!



Marco De Cave: Andy James shredding competition

Wow, some blistering solo work on this backing track. I have confirmed that it is OK to add harmonies on this backing track. Some monster tapped sequences for the trail out solo, I sure Andy James would love the note over load!

marco de cave andy james contest.wmv

Pedro Mejia: DirtBox Valvette competition

Hey a first... an acoustic solo for the competition and very good it is too.

DirtBox competition entry by Pedro Mejia

I’m very happy to inform everyone about the release of the new album Calidomusic….finally!. Some of the songs included in the album are well known in the page, but the album version is way batter in terms of sound and production.

Calidomusic it’s an all instrumental album divided in two phases: The white phase (from track 1 to 5) is mostly rock, and played with electric guitar, the dark phase is mostly acoustic music.

I played all instruments also recorded, produced and mixed the album. Mateo Kupstys ( helped with the cover design.

Rafael Arias: TRex String On Fire 2 - chilli hot soling

This is the 18th entry for the competition. Rafael Arias is new to me and dishes up a fiery solo.

Strings On Fire II Rafael Arias Mexico

Milan Polak: T Rex Strings On Fire 2 ends 23:59 CET 25th of April 2010

Joop Wolters: shadrane promo

Joop Wolters posts a song from the album TEMPORAL by the SHADRANE PROJECT... Great progressive metal project with cool, guitar, vocals and keys... recommended.

vocals: Bjorn Jansson
drums: Greg Bissonette
keys: Vivien Lalu,production
composition,guitars,bass: Joop Wolters


Julien Carayon: bt jamming for new CD

Julien Carayon is in the process of writing his latest CD. During the process he tries out the guitars he's likely to be using for the recording. Julien Carayon explains:
Improvising a solo on the guitar that I may Include in my next album I'm going to release as soon as possible. I wrote a really basic backing track so I could jam right away.

Julien Carayon - Guitar Jam Video (Next album)

- Guitar Jam Video (Next album)

Dreamfullofzen: note choice

This guy has my musical ear, nice backing track to throw some rich fusion notes over, great tone... enjoy.

Someone recently asked for a video talking about constructing solos, so here's a brief explanation about the methods you can use. At some point i'll do a more indepth video, but for now, try the methods of hitting chord tones to emphasize a chord.

Let me know if you guys need the backing track to this (it's fairly generic, there are plenty of them out there that you can practice this method to).

DFZ Soloing Lesson - Note Choice

Achilleas Diamantis: confusion band demo #3

More great fusion playing from Achilleas Diamantis and the band Confusion.

Confusion At The Rehearsal Part 2

Confusion At The Rehearsal Part 2

protocosm: fabulous fusion

Working on some Scott Henderson ideas. Tech21 trademark 60 with a Hermida zendrive. Delays from TC electronics Gforce. Trademark combo is my practice amp. I also use it for smaller gigs like receptions etc.

F7 Jazzrock Fusion Guitar

Fingerstyle solo on a great standard. Jamey Aebersold play along. Fingerstyle seems to open up a whole range of possiblities. Check out Sylvain Luc and Mick Goodrick. There are a lot of great fingerstyle players out there.

Telecaster Jazz: Alone Together fingerstyle

Bryan Aspey: shows off his Marshall Harrison prize

Really great to get an email from Bryan who has been putting his new Marshall Harrison transcriptions to good use. Nearly broke my heart to give them away and I have to thank Marshall for organising this special prize.

Bryan Aspey:
[thanks] for giving up your prized signed Marshall Harrison transcriptions, which as you can see from this picture are being put to good use, and punishing my music stand already!

Simone Mularoni: shredding on EMPYRIOS

EMPYRIOS - Simone Mularoni shredding on The Glorious Sickness

Richard Lundmark: Beautiful

The title says it all... very tasteful understated playing by Richard Lundmark.

Beautiful Guitar Song by Richard Lundmark

Monte Steven: bedroom shredder returns

Monte Stevens Collab with Emir Hot

Andy James E Lydian (my take over his backing)

Raphael Fraser: the doc fires away.

This is a piece I wrote a few years back to be the opener for my set at a meeting of the Guitar Association of New Zealand; I wanted something up-tempo and rocky, but not heavy. I ended up with this lydian thing, which reminded me a bit of Andy Timmons, and to a lesser extent, Joe Satriani - so I was quite happy, really.

I'm not too happy with the solo in this recording, but the rest went down quite well, so I kept it. I hope you like it. 8)

I used my beautiful Ash Customworks custom guitar ( ), into my old ProCo Rat2, direct into my iMac, running GarageBand, with LAConvolver to apply an impulse response of a Marshall JCM2000.

Fire Away (original instrumental by Raphael Fraser)

News: can't keep a good backing track down

Shred This Too

CLOSED: backing track

Marco Sfogli wants thanks you for your awesome playing... and so do all of the judges:

Marco Sfogli:
Rick Graham:
Tom Quayle:
Magnus Olsson:
Chris Brooks:

The Prizes:
1 Tom Quayle: Toadworks John Bull Mark III
2 Magnus Olsson: Ibanez SM7 Smash Box
3 Marshall Harrsion: signed guitar transcription volume 1
4 Richie Kotzen: signed Peace Sign
5 Lori Linstruth, Arjen Lucassen: signed Guilt machine

You can still post your videos... but not enter the competition which is now CLOSED

IF you want to jam and post a video

1 Download the backing track


2 video your response solo

3 and then post your video in response to this video:


[I have to approve all video responses this can take several hours]

Watch the views and comments come in from guitar fans.

Music details:

Backing Track: Spread the disease
Video Music: Sunset Lights

Like Marco's music: buy There's Hope

Vidar Solli: Andy James shredding competition

Andy James Contest Entry Vidar Solli