Sunday, 28 March 2010

Rob Scallon: Two Handed Guitar Tapping Lesson

Two Handed Guitar Tapping Lesson - Rob Scallon -

Rob Scallon says:
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Full Tab:

Full song video:

This is a lesson video I recently made for where I teach my song "For That Second"

Hope you enjoy learning the song, and video responses are always accepted!
thanks for the support

My new album "The Ride Home" available here
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Carlo Bardoli :shaking the Schecter

Hey Guys,

This is my new song to demonstrate Schecter Guitars and Emg Pickups of which I proudly endorse.

I Hope you enjoy the song , I have played and recorded everything live and in one take, to give it that true raw feel.

Anyway Hope you enjoy it and be sure to check out the Shecter C1 Hellraiser.

Rock On

Carlo Bardoli

Like This - Original Metal Composition

Steve Brown: tribute to John Petrucci

I've always wanted to be able to play this solo. Amazing written section by the Band Dream Theater. This is from their live album "Score". It's not an easy solo with many leaps & fast picking runs which by luck I nailed. You should of seen the out

Titles added with 1080p.

If anyone thinks it's a fake let me know & I'll send you my desktop version that is "Youtube uncompressed Audio" Look for trem bar note expression.

As always...Thanks for checking out the vid & having a positive attitude. \m/

Steve Brown: Octavarium solo


Steve Brown: Albeton Live Jam

Thorsten Praest: Guitar Fight Club YouTube channel building

Guitar Fight Club 2008 in Bischofswerda. Thorsten Praest vs. Niklas Kopp. Guitar Fight Club Band: David Lange, Ron Martin, Felix Ohnesorge & Julius Plüschke. Weitere Informationen unter
Für eine bessere Bildauflösung einfach die Infos für ne Live DVD anfragen!

Guitar Fight Club Festival 2010 - 18. Juni & 19. Juni 2010 - Bischofswerda
Wettbewerb | Workshops & Clincs | Custom Guitar & Custum Bass Messe
Live on Stage: Mattias IA Eklundh, Pietteri Sariola, Jelonek, pARTyzanT, Jonny Cash (Bandana) und viele andere..
Workshops & Clinics: Mattias IA Eklundh, Pietteri Sariola, pARTyzanT, Thorsten Praest, Adrian Weiss
Alle Infos unter

Guitar Fight Club Top Texas Z 2008 | New Sound

Paul Antonio Ortiz: chimp spanner under one sky

More top chunky shredding from the Chimp Spanner!

Under One Sky

Gonzalo Vieira: Andy James shredding

Soething inspirational about this backing track that's drawing out the shredding! Gonzalo Vieira, who submitted a video for Shred This Too, throws a few thousand notes into the ring.

"Andy James Guitar Solo Contest" (Gonzalo Vieira)

Kermheat: time for a little piano at the musikmesse

Clever idea... very few seats in Musikmesse, Gibson kindly provided a large padded guitar to sit on... or for the more talented a piano stool, I took the former option while Kermheat took the later.

Kermheat plays piano at Musikmess 2010 for Gibson !!!!

As we wondered around the Musikmesse, which is massive by the way, I began to spot a number of players who have featured heavily on the TIS blog. After many miles of walking, I was particularly happy to catch up with the pony tapping maestro, Kermheat, at the Musikmesse... what a nice guy! We had a brief chat and I bumped into him on a number of occassions... I just hope I can get hold of the Kermheat / Kerry King photos too!

Looking for Kermeats CD?

or the very cool DVD that I have in my hands:

Gary Hoey: Kermheat captures the dalmatian hair shredder live at the Musikmesse!

Gary Hoey plays "the deep" at Musikmess 2010 for fender

Gary Hoey plays "drive" at Musikmess 2010 for fender