Sunday, 25 April 2010

Volker Scheidt :addicted to shred!

Volker Scheidt
Electric guitar school Freiburg / Germany
Modern electric guitar teaching

This video is dedicated to all the crazy guitar players out there:)
We're all addicted to this wonderful guitar....
I will never stop playing so do the same.

Please rate comment and send the video around to support shred guitar playing from Germany!
Thanks and God bless you.

Here is just a little fun video where i play for the first time a Ibanez Paul Gilbert 500 :)
So actually i just jam to a Michael Angelo Hard Rock Backingtrack and have some fun.....

in the second part i just jam against a Shawn Lane backing and relax on a Sunday morning

Remember this stuff is improvised and it did it just for fun......

I started playing the guitar back in 1986 or 87 so Yngwie Malmsteen and as you see in this video Paul Gilbert were big influences...
To my first guitar lesson back in the 80 ths i went with the goal the play Frenzy from Racer X.....
The guitar teacher went crazy Haha

Play all day and stay heavy!!

Addicted to that shred : Hard Rock Guitar Solo 2/ Volker Scheidt

Sooraz Gurung: Trex Milan Polak Strings On Fire 2 - ALERT smoking solo ahead!


Angel Ruiz: Guthrie Govan Drivin' Blues Jam Track

Guthrie Govan Drivin' Blues Jam Track cover by Ángel Ruiz

Tiago de Moura: TRex Milan Polak Strings On Fire 2 - take 2!

So good you need to post more than one entry! Nice bit of shred from Tiago de Moura!

Strings on fire 2 with Milan Polak by Tiago de Moura 2

Arturo Baltazar: TRex Milan Polak Strings On Fire 2

Arturo Baltazar gives his Joe Satriani special edition guitar some whammy abuse!

Strings On Fire 2 by Arturo Baltazar

Jacob Garcia: TRex Milan Polak Strings On Fire 2

Man those videos are flying in thick and fast!

Jacob Garcia - Strings on Fire 2 video entry

Robbert Hanenberg: dazzling 5, 3 takes at the Journey solo!

Robbert Hanenberg_ 3 takes_Journey.wmv

Justin King: as one video goes so others appear

I have to agree with Tim Berners Lee that we are wrong to remove content from the web... our very future depends on it... remove it and we destroy our tomorrows. The people, generations who come behind us, who seek to find information about relatives, loved ones or those in search historical perspectives on live in a by gone time find it knocked down, removed, destroyed. In the virtual world, as we move towards holographic storage and nth degree ability to store information, you need to think seriously before removing content.

OK rant over, here's a bunch of recent videos featuring the master acoustic tapper Justin King.

Justin King - August Train

Justin King - After the Harvest.mp4

Justin King - Loco Motives.mp4

Justin King - Winter on the Hill.mp4

Justin King - Taps

Slimer,Sloth Chubsteen: shut down by the cops!

Me and the Slobs decided to sell lemonade and play guitar at the 2010 stagecoach country music festival. What a rough crowd, nobody would tip =( About an hour later we got shut down by the cops. That's the life of a real musician, lol. Thanks for watching =)

Stagecoach 2010 - Slimer and the Slobs shut down by the cops

Guthrie Govan,Mike Casswell: fretless guitar jam

Guthrie Govan - Fretless Guitar Jam - With Mike Casswell

Guthrie Govan plays on a fretless guitar - a snipet taken from the interview with Mike Casswell.
For the complete interview head over the

Guthrie Govan will be doing a live Webcast with us on the 6TH May - to register follow this link :-

Beto Kobayashi: live band and trio format

Beto Kobayashi: live band and trio format

Chris Alcala: Blue Horizon - Original Composition

Blue Horizon - Original Composition - By Chris Alcala

Scott Kerr: jamming with the AxeFX Ultra

OK, so I finally got this thing figured out and thought I'd post a video jam for the dudes at to check out. Not my finest moment playing-wise, but whatever not the worst either! Hopefully the mistakes and thwaps are forgiven! I used an Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster through the axeFX Ultra, and used basically the red recto through 4x12 30w models. Still a bit squeaky on that bottom YJM Dimarzio, but I survived. Hope you like it!

AxeFX Ultra

Greigg Fraser: Under The Radar CD available

Under The Radar continues in the tradition of Canadian guitarist Greigg Fraser's two CDs "Making Waves" and "Tech Noir", delivering his jazz fusion-inspired lead work and a strong sense of melody over seven new rock instrumental tracks. Thus far in Greigg’s career, he has had the opportunity to open for and/or perform with such artists as Rik Emmett (Triumph), Rush, Downchild Blues Band, Goddo, Cheryl Rae, Lisa Dal Bello, The Naughty Sweeties, Lawrence Gowan (Styx) and Kim Mitchell. His past projects have led to such accolades as the "Q107 Home Grown Award", FM 96 "On Track Award" and has received grants, awards and support from FACTOR and SOCAN. As guitarist and/or producer Greigg has done session work for such clients as the United Way, the Canadian Cancer Society, CBC, BX93, FACTOR, Rogers Cable Network and CHUM Television to name a few. buy

Greigg Fraser - Under The Radar

Track Listing
Under The Radar (3:34)
Wreckless Abandon (2:43)
Line Of Sight (5:17)
Severe Clear (4:24)
Getting Away From It All (3:11)
Scrub (1:03)
Malediction (3:41)

Fran Alonso: sizzling solo jam!

Fran Alonso says:
Guitarist of the rock band de Canarias Krull, who has played in local bands such as Las Palmas and Kellion Demian and collaborated with Shadizar, Los Coquillos, Mr. Robinson, screensavers .... This is an impro over a backing of those who Rulan online. The guitar is an Ibanez Prestige SV5470F and the sound is with the TH1 Overloud pluggin!!

Fran Alonso - Jammin' In My Room.mpg

Robert Marcello: Danger Danger Rocklahoma 2009 solo

Danger Danger - guitar solo - Rocklahoma 2009 - Pryor, OK

Michael Abdow: Native Alien new CD available

Shredguy Records presents the debut CD from Michael Abdow, titled Native Alien. Dubbed the "melodic shred master" by Shredguy Records president Mike McDowell, Abdow has been sharpening his skills with the heavy metal band Frozen, and is now ready to be introduced to the guitar community as one of its most melodic players. This release also features the excellent drumming of MI-grad Mike Lamagna and Colin Conway of Frozen. All live drums on this release. Abdow's approach to music reflects his philosophy that creating art in sound remains the most un-obscured form of active self-expression. Although he respectfully embraces traditional guitar playing, Michael is always composing in a creative bubble with the intent of playing the instrument in the most originally meaningful ways possible. buy

Michael Abdow - Native Alien (CD)
House Of Shimti (5:30)
Savage Garden (4:02)
Eurasia (3:36)
Tell Me Why (3:40)
Bleeding Day (5:17)
Monologue 44:44 (3:45)
Truth And Consequence (4:13)
Tat Tvam Asi (Live) (3:19)
Redemption '04 (3:30)

Mike Abdow Arpeggio Guitar Lesson Trailer - Tom Kopyto Music