Wednesday, 28 April 2010

George Bellas: The Dawn Of Time updated

The Dawn Of Time

Fifteen billion years later George Bellas presents to you an epic collection of instrumental songs inspired by the universe, how it was created, and from where and what it came from.

The upcoming new album by George Bellas - "The Dawn Of Time".

For the recording sessions, George used an assortment of gear that includes; Strats, Les Pauls, Flying V's, a Musicman Stingray bass, a Precision bass, Marshall amps, an Ampeg SVT Classic bass amp, Sure SM57 and Sennheiser MD421 Microphones, a Focusrite Red Series Mic Pre, Apogee converters, a custom microphone isolation box, Tube Screamers (Keeley modified and some stock), custom designed pedals by Nokina Design, Coleman Audio Monitoring System, Mogami cables, Apple computers, Logic pro software and a extensive sound library.

The material on this album is a stylistically diverse collection of shorter 3-5 minute songs with a total running time of 80 minutes. Some of the songs are in a complex progressive style, and others are in a more traditional neoclassical style. An extreme amount of attention went towards obtaining the highest quality sound for each instrument. The guitar, bass, drums and keyboards all sound clear, open, dynamic and very organic. And once again, Marco Minnemann recorded some absolutely phenomenal drum performances.

"The Dawn Of Time" will be released July 16, 2010 on Lion Music more details

Rob Chappers: Dorian Shred Fest, prelude to Lead Guitar Concepts and Techniques Workshop

Monkey Lord Lead Guitar Concepts and Techniques Workshop (23rd May 2010) £45.00

The Monkey Lord Lead Guitar Concepts and Techniques Workshop is a 6 hour clinic. You will spend the day learning a range of techniques, including (but not limited to) muting, picking, legato, vibrato and posture.

The clinic will be filmed live for Rob’s next DVD “Shreducation”, which will feature bonus footage of Rob recording with Eddie Kramer. Everyone who attends will get a free DVD once it has been published.

The clinic is a lot of fun. Tea, coffee and pizza are provided, but feel free to bring your own food or beverages.

Date: 23rd May 2010
Start: 11:00
Finish: 17:00
Location: Trowbridge Peace Memorial Hall, Southwick Road, BA14 0SH

Upon purchasing a ticket you will receive an e-mail receipt. A ticket won’t be physically sent to you – we will have a record of everybody who purchased a ticket at the clinic.

Hope to see you there. yes man book me in!

Dorian Shred Fest \m/

Jack Gardiner: Slow Playing Over Changes

Jack Gardiner:
I've become obsessed with playing over changes lately. Sorry that the changes are quite basic. I want to thank my guitar teacher Tom Quayle for all the help I've had with this kind of thing! More hopefully in the future. Hope you enjoy!


Slow Playing Over Changes

Marshall Harrison: Presto-digitation coming soon

Born and riased in Houston Texas, Marshall Harrison started playing the guitar in 1988 in Houston with successful session guitarist and mentor, John Ziegler. Marshall's major influences range from the classical range of Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and the guitar legends Allan Holdsworth. Marshall's musical turning point came when he listened to a tape of Chopin's Heroic Polonaise played by his brother in summer 1995. Soon after he dedicated his life to leading people to the classics by transcribing virtuoso piano music to plectrum electric guitar in a hybrid pickler type style. 
DN: What is the inspiration behind this album?
MH: I tried to transfer my inner passion for virtuosity directly to the listener. Composition-wise the goal was to use common-practice period harmonic practices in a modern rock-improvisatory setting
DN: Who are the musicians that play on the record?
MH: Lamar Cato - bass, vocals Jordan Harrison - drums, vocals Marshall Harrison - guitars, keyboards, vocals
Demo track 1Demo Track 2
DN: Do you have any projects that you are working on right now or any in the future?
MH: I'm always transcribing, composing, improvising. I would like to try and record some of the more technical pieces that I've worked on recently. I'd really like to record all 50 etudes from Czerny's Art of Dexterity op 740.  full interview

Pit Kordus: Andy James shredding competition

Pit Kordus: t
his is my Entry for"ANDY JAMES - Guitar Solo Contest".
At the moment i,m very short in time,the backing track needs (for a Perfect Solo) a lot of work to do
,also there have many great players entered the competition....anyhow i decided
to take part in this game...think it,s better to be than not to be :-)
by the way...this Guy has posted the best and unbeatable entry and should be the only winner ;-)

Andy James Guitar Solo Contest - Pit Kordus.mp4

Just a few days now!

Andy James: Shred competition. Ends on the 30th April 2010

Giulio Negrini :Andy James shredding competition

Giulio Negrini - Andy James guitar comp.wmv

Tick tock... time running out!

Andy James: Shred competition. Ends on the 30th April 2010

Andy James: Melodic Shredding!

Melodic Shredding (Andy James)

Bryan Aspey: So how do we create solos?

The Virtues of Chaos

"In a work of art, chaos must shimmer
through the veil of order"

We all love practicing our scales, intervals and sequences - right? They lead to an unparalleled technical command over the instrument, while also giving us melodic devices and licks we can incorporate into our solos. One potential down side of this is that when these patterns and exercises come to dominate a guitarist's style, his solos may end up sounding like little more than really well executed sets of technical drills.

So how do we create solos:

Marty Friedman: Sydney Guitar Clinic

Marty Friedman is currently taking part in a clinic tour of Australia at Allans Music stores.

Video footage of Friedman's April 27, 2010 clinic in Sydney can be viewed below.

Remaining clinic dates:

April 28 - Brisbane (at 6:30 p.m.)
April 29 - Adelaide (at 6:30 p.m.)

Jon at posted some cool video.

Marty Friedman: Sydney Guitar Clinic 27/04/10

John 5: Best Buy Signing Sessions Announced

John 5: Best Buy Signing Sessions Announced: Both of these events start at 5:30 p.m. and you will get a free poster with purchase.

The details are as follows:

May 11
Best Buy
4540 Maine Ave Se
Rochester, MN 55904
Phone: 507-280-1239

May 13
Best Buy
3115 Manawa Centre Dr
Council Bluffs, IA 51501
Phone: 712-366-9198


Reece Fullwood: available for guitar lessons

Reece Fullwood:
Hey everyone,
just announced i'm now giving guitar lessons locally [Telford in the UK],
if anyone is interested feel free to send me a message,
i'll get back to you asap.

Guitar Lessons with Reece Fullwood

Atanas Shishkov: pentatonic tapping string skipping lesson

This lesson is connected with my previous one about the Pentatonics.
Here is a conception to play pentatonics using String skipping and tapping for interesting and smooth sound.
These licks are based again on playing of all patterns over the neck.
If you can see the last lesson you can find out the same patterns but here are used only
1-3-5 strings. All licks are played using 8th triplets and 16th notes plus 3 note-per-string conception.The specific is that the 3rd note of each string is tapped, so you can reach in the same time a fluid and clear sound of your licks.
Of course, you can develop your own licks based on this conception.
I have played all exercises in a tune and the backing track is also available.

Enjoy with this lesson!


Alessandro De Bettin: Andy James shredding competition

Alessandro De Bettin - Andy James Guitar Contest Entry

JP Stratoblogster: give me some fresh strings

Why Fresh Strings are critical. Where to buy the freshest guitar strings for the lowest price.

Stratoblogster on FRESH Guitar Strings

Guthrie Govan: reminder free web cast date changed

Pablo Garcia: instructional lesson #4

This is the fourth lick of the week in this case a bound phrase

You can download the score with his explanation

More information

Pablo Garcia (WarCry) Lick de la semana 4

Andy James: I can make you shred in six weeks!

Lick Library, in their search to provide musicians with the best possible learning experience can announce the release of Andy James’ Shred Guitar in Six Weeks, a series of DVD Guitar lessons. Andy James, is widely respected as a master shredder and is one the UK’s top guitar teachers. 
The course, with realistic achievable goals each week, is designed to help you focus your practice needs. The DVD series will walk you through techniques, concepts and licks, from the basic to the more advanced, lending you a hand as you master the art of metal soloing.
Each week you will be able to see a real improvement in your playing as Andy James takes you through the licks of featured artists at a pace managed by you. Through this approach you will develop an ear for the differences between guitar players and enhance your ability to play in real musical situations.
The six DVD weekly course is presented in bite size pieces in a sensible logical order making practice easier because you will be sure of the material you are working on. In addition the licks taught on these guitar tuition DVDs correspond to the jam tracks allowing you to get a real feel for the licks you are learning.
 The six week series encompasses the following:
Week one includes: Pentatonic scale in the first position, blues scale in the first position, pentatonic and natural minor sequences, alternate picking, vibrato techniques, three licks in the style of Zakk Wylde.
Week two includes: Pentatonic scale in the second position, blues scale in the second position, pentatonic and blues scale sequences, alternate picking, three licks in the style of Paul Gilbert.
Week three includes: Pentatonic scale and blues scale in the third position, natural minor scales and sequences, combining pentatonic and natural minor scales with legato and tapping, three licks in the style of Dimebag Darrell.
Week four includes: Pentatonic scale and blues scale in the fourth position, licks and sequences including two handed tapping, natural minor scales and sequences, sweep picking exercises, four licks in the style of Steve Vai.
Week five includes: Pentatonic scale and blues scale in the fifth position, licks and sequences in the fifth position, natural minor scales and sequences, extended arpeggios, four licks in the style of Yngwie Malmsteen.
Week six includes: Connecting the pentatonic positions, use of chromatics within pentatonics, sixth and seventh 
 Stick with this course and Lick Library guarantee you guitar playing will improve. The full set of six DVD’s retail for £79.99 or can be purchased individually at £16.99. 
To find out more about this exciting new Guitar Lesson DVD format and all the other exciting options Lick Library offer visit today and place your order now.

Brett Garsed, Greg Howe, Richard Hallebeek, Andy Timmons, Michael Angelo Batio: Ziua Chitarelor's Photos

Copyright: KIKO |
Copyright: KIKO |
Copyright: KIKO |
Copyright: KIKO |
Copyright: KIKO |

A super set of photos from the recent super clinic: Ziua Chitarelor's Photos  Here's just a selection from the awesome photos from Copyright: KIKO |

Carlo Losavio: tribute to Tom Waits.

Tom Waits - Temptation By Master funk trio
Carlo Losavio - Guitar,
Piero Boggia - Double-bass,
Mimmo Colucci - Drums,

Tom Waits - Temptation By Master funk trio

Nahuel Schiumarini: bluesy jam... need to get that guitar face going!

More great playing from this young talent, also working on those Robin Trower faces, the prerequiste of any great player ;).

Bad face jam(tele jam)

Hans Van Even: Musikmesse 2010 all videos

Hans Van Even - Tribal - Live at Musikmesse 2010

Hans Van Even - Tribute - Live at Musikmesse 2010

Hans Van Even - Trilogy Suite Op 5 - Live at Musikmesse 2010

Vincenzo Grieco: clinic date details

Saturday, June 5 at 16:00at the dBMusic, there will be an unmissable event: the modern guitar clinic Vincenzo Grieco.

Vincenzo Grieco is a guitarist who has 10 years teaching in various schools including The Roman sonusfactory, the music school and Ciac Neuma.E 'degree in guitar pop at the Conservatory of Frosinone Licinio Refice and collaborated with the Review of Teaching and AXE MAGAZINE has worked with many rock bands, fusion and blues of the capital.

The seminar, called "ROCK & BEYOND", will be as follows:

1 st Time: Lespressione:-The roots of Blues in Rock
-Pentatonic phrasing and groove.

2nd Time: choice of notes:-The ways in rock
-Arpeggi,scale alterate e outside
-Playing Agreements

3 rd Time: Technique: Alternate-Picking
-Sweep picking
-Tapping and Legato
-Hybrid picking

The seminar will begin at 16:00 and end at 19:00, the cost is 10 euros per person. It 'must be booked by sending an e-mail
to 'address with your name and phone number. Or you can call num.0641229844

We remind everyone that the reservation is mandatory.
The dBMusic is in Via Antonio Provolo 26 (near San Basilio), Rome.

Guitar Rock Clinic Vincenzo Grieco.