Thursday, 20 May 2010

News: Six String Bliss is the longest-running guitar-centric Podcast on the Internet!

Six String Bliss Announces the Release of “What The Fuzz?”. Worldwide Launch – Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Six String Bliss, the longest-running guitar-centric Podcast on the Internet announces the release of What The Fuzz, a collaborative effort by members of their listening community. The theme of this album is the Fuzz Effect; it was not a requirement to use Fuzz specifically on guitar, but each track submitted contains the prominent use of Fuzz.

What The Fuzz will feature 10 songs performed by an international community of artists, with submissions coming from 5 countries. Each of these submissions is the work of members of the Six String Bliss listening community. This is the fifth such project produced by Six String Bliss, the first being 2007’s A Blissful Christmas, which was followed up in fall 2008 with Stay Tuned (a collection of TV Themes), last spring with Big Screen Bliss (a collection of songs featured prominently in movies), and in fall 2009 with Scales of Horror (all original, Halloween Themed songs).

According to Alicia Searcy, co-host of the What The Fuzz Episode and regular contributor to the show: “Six String Bliss’ “What the Fuzz” project is a testament to the amazing talent of its contributors. Each song really shines, and each artist has put his/her uniquely “fuzzy” stamp on their piece. Yet again Six String Bliss has raised the bar by delivering a wide range of music that is certain to be engaging and entertaining to listen to.”

All guitarists are welcome to join in the fun of the Six String Bliss Forum. Projects like this will continue to thrive so long as there is an active community to make these happen. So please come by, introduce yourself, and join in the next project!

Podcast Episode 187 which will feature What The Fuzz will be up on the RSS Feed ( and on iTunes at 11:00PM (CDT) Thursday, May 20th, with the show notes added to the website soon thereafter at As always, there will be a direct download link from the main website which will include the Album itself, as well as front and back cover art and liner notes. These albums are available to the general public for free – you just have to go and get them!

About Six String Bliss

Six String Bliss is the longest-running guitar-centric Podcast on the Internet. Co-hosted by guitarists PT, Pipes, and Pappy, the weekly show caters to players of all ages and abilities, and features segments including Email of the Week, Guitarist of the Week, Guitar News and general discussion of all things relating to the guitar. Interviews have featured internationally renowned guitarists as well as luthiers, store owners, and manufacturers of pickups, effects, and recording software. In addition, each episode concludes with a listener-submitted “Outro” track; all listeners are encouraged to send in their recordings for use on the show. The website includes an active, international and welcoming forum.

Panos Georgalis: breaking The Waves with Bob Katsionis

Panos Georgalis:
promo video made by a fan,for ''breaking the waves'' produced by bob katsionis(firewind) @ sound symmetry studios

Panos Georgalis - Breaking The Waves (promo vid)

Richie Kotzen: down in Nashville country!



Carl Roa : why keep a dog and Bach yourself?

Guitar World and Carl Roa bring you "Elf Riffs," a guitar lesson series from the Magic Elf guitarist. This month Carl take's us a through a terrifying excerpt from "Bach Solo Violin Sonata Number 2 in B Minor". Aside from a great technical study for picking across the strings, this piece includes all types of challenging arpeggio patterns and string skips. Carl also does some improvising over Bach's "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" to start things off. Grab your axe and get ready for an intense chops workout!

To view all the entire series of Elf Riffs lessons, please visit

The examples from this lesson are available for download as PDF's from Carl's website at

Elf Riffs #8 with Carl Roa - Shredding J.S. Bach

Jad Nasr: telecaster dream made concrete

Jad Nasr:
I had to travel back home, so I put some new strings on this guitar. I use to love and play this guitar a lot before I leave, it's signed by both Mike Stern and Larry Coryell, Anyhow, just jamming on some jazzy backing to test the sound. This tele has Seymour & Duncan pickups.

Telecaster custom shop 1997 N7 series

Julien Carayon: Locrian moves

Julien Carayon - - Ab Locrian bb7 scale

Tony MacAlpine,Stefania Daniel: Virgil Donati Mark Boals - Seven The Hardway super group!

Thanks to Paolo Castillo for this news. Wow some big news... credit cards at the ready.... a great new super group is on the way:

Seven the Hardway is a 5-piece progressive rock/metal band based in Southern California and formed in 2009 by guitar virtuoso Tony MacAlpine (Steve Vai, Planet X, CAB), drum master Virgil Donati (Planet X) and renowned vocalist Mark Boals (Uli Jon Roth, Royal Hunt, Yngwie Malmsteen).

The band’s highly anticipated 10-track eponymous debut will be released in September 2010 on Mascot/Provogue Records, and their fall European tour kicks off soon after the album’s release.

The band’s live show will consist of their entire album, a jaw-dropping drum solo from Donati, along with select covers of Tony MacAlpine’s well-known instrumentals.

Joining MacAlpine, Donati and Boals on the album are bass player Doug Shreeve and Argentinian newcomer Estefania Daniel on guitar.

A music video for the band’s first single “Guilty” (music and lyrics by Virgil) will premiere on YouTube in June.

News: has plastic surgery gone too far?

What next guitar transplants?

More bizarreness

Jess Lewis: tribute Alex Hutchings #2... wow check this out!

Two absolutely fantastic covers by the obviously talented Jess Lewis!

Alex Hutchings- Feeling fine cover by Jess

Alex Hutchings-Happy as Larry- cover by Jess

Hedras Ramos: live gig announced

Hedras Ramos (Beside Red Blue Live)
Start Time: Friday, 21 May 2010 at 20:00
End Time: Saturday, 22 May 2010 at 01:00
Location: Bad Attitude
Street: 4th. Calle 5-10 zone 1

Town/City: Guatemala City, Guatemala

Ramos honored 

He is a young virtuoso guitarist Guatemalan self taught and mega talented 18 years old.


1. Second Place in the global competition GUITAR IDOL 2009 in London where more than 1,200 guitarists from around the world, of all ages and styles.

2. Nomination for entertainer of the year by the newspaper Nuestro Diario from Guatemala.

3. Halo Guitars of California, USA will launch this year a guitar customized to the tastes of Hedra Jr. which bear his name and will be available worldwide, becoming the first artist and first Latino to get that privilege in this company.

Hedra has opened for famous bands such as WHITE CROSS (USA), KANSAS (USA), Die Toten Hosen (Germany). He has participated in numerous events to TV and Radio.

Guest Band: BLUE RED

Hedra Ramos, Father, Founder of the band Vox Dei (Bass)

Helbert Arias: A great interpreter of the keyboard (Rock / Jazz)

Alejandro Matamoros: 2nd. Guitar

Fernando Martin: drums.

Hedra Ramos (Beside Red Blue Live)

Friday May 21 (8:00 pm)

Bad Attitude (4th Street 5-10 Zone 1)

Q. 40.00

Gustavo Guerra: is on facebook!

Yngwie Malmsteen: travels light

MMI: Baggage Mr. Malmsteen and family ... have known sooner we would have saved a lot 'of trouble ....

News: June premier guitar online

June edition of digital premier guitar is online:

Aleksandar Sukovic: skip this etude

This is a trailer for one of my lessons on Guitarmasterclass. Hope you like it.

Skip This Etude!

Bryan Aspey: headless rampage!

Bryan Aspey looks like you are ready for shred this three... coming soon...

Bryan Aspey shows off the all new TransTrem equipped Steinberger ZT3, with a guitar solo from his latest composition:
"Headless Rampage"! ©2010 Bryan Aspey

Steinberger ZT3 "Headless Rampage" by Bryan Aspey

Paul Gilbert: guitar workshop dates and Mr Big News

New Milford, CT
Paul Gilbert has recently added an appearance on our New Milford, CT campus for the week of July 18th-23rd. Rock classes that week include:

- Rock Core
- Blues Rock Jam for Adults
- Big Phat Guitar Extravaganza
- Mojo Room

McLean, VA
Paul Gilbert will be appearing as part of our Rock Summit in McLean Va., during the week of June 26-July 1st. Rock Summit Courses include:

- Classic Rock Gods
- Lord of the Strings
- Rock Fusion
- Shred Boot Camp
Los Angeles, CA
Our Los Angeles Rock Summit, July 11th-16th, will feature Paul Gilbert and include the following courses:

- Journey to the Extreme
- Rock Guitar Crash Course
- The Shred Zone
The details

Jenn of at metalichika tells me:
Some Paul-related news: Mr. Big has a new album being recorded in
Sept. 2010 and they are planning another world tour in 2011. (source:
Eric Martin's official newsletter. He writes them.)

Steve Hillage: gong add another date

Following the announcement of their UK tour last month, the legendary progressive/psychedelic rockers GONG have added a fourth date at the newly refurbished Birmingham HMV Institute venue on Monday September 20th, shortly after the venue’s grand opening night of Friday September 17th.

GONG first played at the Birmingham venue back in 1968, when it was known as the Digbeth Civic Hall.

Support for all four UK concerts comes from very special guests Nik Turner’s Space Ritual, tickets for GONG’s Birmingham HMV Institute concert are on-sale from Monday May 24th, tickets: 0871 230 0333 /

After the success of last year’s 40th Anniversary UK tour, and the critically acclaimed studio album ‘2032’, GONG’s other 2010 UK tour dates include Glasgow 02 ABC (Sept 9), Manchester Academy (Sept 10) and London HMV Forum (Sept 11), tickets for these 3 concerts are on-sale now from 0871 230 0333 /

The forthcoming UK tour will reunite core GONG members, including original founding member Daevid Allen (Guitar, Lead Vocal), Steve Hillage (Lead Guitar), Gilli Smyth (Space Whisper, Poetry) and Miquette Giraudy (Synthesizer). The band will also feature Chris Taylor (Drums), Dave Sturt (Bass) and Ian East (Sax, Flute).

News: free jam and backing tracks from jam track central

New to JamTrackCentral? Not sure what to buy? Well, how about some free sample jam track downloads.
On this page you can browse a selection from our most popular products. There's Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert,
Guthrie Govan, Jerry Donahue, Alex Hutchings, blues, fusion, jazz, solos, lessons and jam tracks - help yourself to as many as you want, all FREE!

Guthrie Govan: new blues jam tracks coming soon

We've had a few requests for one particular solo by Guthrie, from our Youtube channel.

Your wish is our command! In a few weeks, we'll be launching two new Guthrie solos as full download packages, with audio, video, jam track and scary, scary Tab.

You can check out all of Guthrie’s currenly available tracks


As promised, we've now launched the first set of our free Guitar Heroes lessons, which have their own section in our freshly redesigned free download area. Guitar Heroes lessons feature original pieces of music, designed to show you what makes your favourite players sound like they do.

Rather than simply learning their licks, you get to see the theory and technique behind their playing, giving you the chance to apply these concepts in your own playing. Our first three lessons examine the styles of Jeff Beck, Steve Howe and Alex Lifeson, and we'll be launching even more very soon!

Rob Chappers: PRS 25th Anniversary Swamp Ash Special

PRS 25th Anniversary Swamp Ash Special, PRS Single Cut SC245 Ltd Edition, Hughes & Kettner Triamp II all demonstrated by marshall Amps artist Rob Chappers at World Guitars

PRS 25th Swamp Ash Special & Single Cut SC245 Ltd Edition with a Hughes & Kettner Triamp II

Rob Chappers: black star guitar pedals!

*EXCLUSIVE* New Blackstar Effects pedals - HT Delay, HT Reverb & HT Modulation

Stu Box: Hammerhead 12 strings, 2 hands... ok lets go people!

Stu Box plays along to hammerhead by Jeff Beck. Stu uses a Box 12 string headless guitar with .012 to .052 gauge strings.

Hammerhead: Stu Box, amazing tapping 2 guitars in one 2010

Alex Skolnick: Robbs MetalWorks

This is our 2nd interview with the man, Alex Skolnick. As many of you know he is one of the wor;d's most reknown metal & jazz guitarists, now playing with THE ALEX SKOLNICK TRIO, legendary thrash band TESTAMENT & TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA, it was a huge pleasure having him visit RMW HQ back in March 2008. As you will see Alex is a very humble, intelligent & all around good guy. For this interview we focus primarily on the AST, so if you are not familiar with their work go out there & get the cds. Till then, turn the volume up & get all the scoop from the man himself. ~ El Mero Metal

ALEX SKOLNICK on Robbs MetalWorks

Craig Erickson: a tone poem to the late Shawn Lane

ambient fusion elecric guitar improv by Craig Erickson for Shawn Lane...a musical poem

Thank You Shawn (solo electric guitar tribute to Shawn Lane)

Plus live in rivertown studio-latenight acoustifunk w. loops Craig Erickson giving sample of onemanjamband gigstyle

blues funk Acoustic guitar-Craig Erickson"Water"

Marc Guillermont: with Frans Vollink and Sebastiaan Cornelissen

Just one clip of Marc Guillermont, Sebastiaan Cornelissen and Frans Vollink Live in cafe Buckshot Groningen. Filmed on september 23rd 2007. I filmed about 1½ hour of this gig before the battery was empty. If there's any need for more, just drop a line.

Marc Guillermont, Frans Vollink & Sebastiaan Cornelissen Live.

Alex Lifeson: Rush single coming in June

Caravan (Single Version)
by Rush
From the Album Caravan [+digital booklet]
Original Release Date: June 1, 2010
Format - Music: MP3
Compatible with MP3 Players (including with iPod®), iTunes, Windows Media Player

Emil Werstler: portugal talking

... apologies but it wasn't private when I posted it! Never know why people do this... if it gets posted again I will fix this link and repost.

Emil Werstler Talks About Bringing The Band To Portugal

John Huldt: LA dude know that rules do not apply

John Huldt playing "the beauty of simplicity"

John Huldt playing "Fly"

John Huldt playing "Run Like a Freak"

Mateus Starling: four for free

Mateus Starling quarteto - "Good moments" - Free jazz rock funk Groove

Bryan Aspey: dental treatment to improve your guitar playing?

The last time I went to the dentist, I picked up a brochure on Invisalign, which uses a series of clear removable aligners to gradually straighten your teeth. It was explained to me that you have a start point (where your teeth are now) and an end point (a nice set of straight teeth) and a series of aligners are made to create a smooth transition between the two.