Thursday, 27 May 2010

Simon Goldsmith: anti shred!

Anti-Shred Competition by Guitar Noize - Entry by Esgi

Yoger Mucci: anti shred competition

Tasty stuff from Yoger Mucci and his entry to the well attended anti shred competition

Antishred Contest Yoger Mucci

Guitar Noize: Anti Shred competition. Ends on the 3 June 2010

Alex Hunter: back with a bang "Traces of Sounds." (Original Instrumental)

It's been a while but the early promise is being realised... enjoy

Alex Hunter:
The idea started around a year ago, and I finally figured out a decent way to tie it together to suffice as a full song.
It's an extremely simple progression.
Recorded using all of the same equipment as the "Pacquiao" video, but using a different part of the room and slightly different camera angles.

Alex Hunter Plays "Traces of Sounds." (Original Instrumental)

Mike Campese: Electric City CD

Electric City is Mike Campese's 2010 CD, and features 11 instrumental tracks and 3 vocal numbers. Mike has been featured in many national guitar magazines such as Guitar World, Guitar One and Guitar Player magazine and has done several full page lessons for these magazines. Mike also writes lessons for several online sites such as, ibreathemusic, Chops From Hell, Shed Academy, Premier Guitar and many more. Mike teaches over 70 students a week and is one of the top teachers in the NY area. He has released 2 instructional DVDs for Chops From Hell, "Virtuoso Rock Fusion Concepts" and "Creative Speed-Building Picking Techniques". Mike attended one of the world's top guitar schools: Musicians institute (GIT) in Hollywood, California and graduated with honors. He studied with many great players such as Paul Gilbert, Scott Henderson, Norman Brown, Stanley Jordan, Keith Wyatt and many more. Mike has been a member of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and recieved a Gold Record for his work and has appeared on the Jason Becker tribute CD "Warmth In The Wilderness" on the Lion Music label, which was a international release. Mike performed and opened for many national acts such as Yngwie Malmsteen on 2 tours, Michael Schenker, The B-52's, Lou Reed, The members of Yes and Asia, KC and the Sunshine Band, Spin Doctors, Little Steven, Sylvain Sylvain of the New York Dolls, Sebastian Bach, Dokken, Kip Winger, Rik Emmett Of Triumph, Vinnie Moore and many more.

Panos Georgalis, Bob Katsionis: breaking the waves

promo music video made by a friend/fan for the track ''breaking the waves'' written by guitarist panos georgalis(produced by bob katsionis -firewind- at sound symmetry studios..
hope you like it !

Panos Georgalis - breaking the waves (promo video)

Arthur Lima: Blues in ( Am)

Arthur Lima e Zé Mauricio tocando um Blues em ( Am)

Alex Skolnick: worst all time store appearences!

Alex Skolnick:
If you play music in any capacity, there is no avoiding that entity known as the music store, where upon entering, one is greeted by an assortment of new and vintage guitars hanging from the walls, enhanced by a surrounding array of amps, effects and accessories. The site of all this gear tends to have an aphrodisiac-like effect upon musicians, yet all too often, it is the attitude of the music store personnel that dampens the guitar-induced arousal like a cold shower. I cannot count the number of times I’ve walked away from a music store wondering the following: shouldn’t buying a guitar or other piece of gear be a pleasant experience and why is it sometimes such an ordeal? And what the hell is wrong with the people that work in these places?
Please hear me out. I’m not describing all people who work in music stores. Many of them handle their jobs with an aura of professionalism, appreciation and genuine respect for their customers. But in twenty plus years of music related shopping, I’ve found these good-natured types to be in the minority.
A disproportionate number of music store sales clerks are bitter, sardonic creatures whose cancerous disdain for customers grows each day like a brain tumor. Some exhibit a false bubbly enthusiasm akin to politicians and used car salesmen. Others are void of expression and enthusiasm; depressing, jaded, drowning souls, trapped behind the counter for years, their lives and ambitions fading away like the decay from a Line 6 delay pedal. It is you, the customer, who becomes the scapegoat for this person’s lack of fulfillment with his job and his life. At best, these people are simply a necessary annoyance. At worst, their behavior can turn a potentially fun part of the music process into an unpleasant and morale-damaging experience.
yeas take me to the dirt:

Richie Kotzen: an evening with soul in Nu Yawk

Richie Kotzen- Faith - Highline Ballroom 5.25.10

Richie Kotzen - Doin' What The Devil Says To Do - Highline Ballroom 5.25.10

Richie Kotzen - Fooled Again - Highline Ballroom 5.25.10

Ihsahn: Vegard Sverre Tveitan Left Hand Path guitar lesson

Guitar World brings you a series of guitar lessons with metal guitarist Ihsahn from Emperor called Left Hand Path.

Ihsahn: Left Hand Path #4 Guitar Lesson

Nicolas Waldo: Double Vision DVD Contest


Brian Autumn: seven heaven

Brian Autumn- Tapping example 1

Brian Autumn- Latin Groove

Brian Autumn- Minor Blues Jam

Kelly Simonz: combat guitar demo

Kelly's New Signature model "Runaissance K" (Sound like a violin) from Combat Guitars
"Renaissance K" demonstration - Kelly SIMONZ

Bamboo: 10 string guitar polyrhythms

Title: Chemical Love story
Artist: Bamboo
Album: Final Exit
Circle: XOTIC
Original: Hartmann's Youkai Girl

The song is 7 / 8, 6 / 8, 5 / 4, because it contains a polyrhythmic
It is difficult songs like Dream Theater.

# Special Thanks
Yosiharu friend brought me the camcorder's picture
Helped. I'm feeling much better image.
Then, also thanks to everyone supporting us!
This song included 7/8,6/8,5/4,porlyrhythm
So difficult tune as Dream theater.

#Special tahnks
My friend Yosiharu the"12string" guitarist.
This video was shoted by his video cam.
・ ・ ・ Andv you!

Chemical Love story ver1.1 Youtube version

"Zodiac" Playing on 10string guitar.

News: reminder guitar experience has changed date and venue!

A reminder:


9 PM

Boulogne Sur Mer 549


Arvin Raviyan: The Gorilla shred this

In case you missed it

Gibson Custom Shop played By ARVIN "KONG"!!!

Matias Kupiainen: Winter Skies solo live in radio studio

Matias playing Stratovarius - Winter Skies guitar solo

Matias Kupiainen - Winter Skies solo

Luke Fortini: ode to YJM

New composition performed by italian guitarist Luke Fortini. 2010


Sergey Golovin: Suhr is another amazing player #2!

Sergey Golovin plays on Suhr standard,Carvin С66,Carvin DC135 and Carvin amps:V3,Nomad.
Track list
1.Greg Howe
2.Steve Vai
3.Eric Johnson
4.Guthrie Govan
5.Sergey Golovin
6.Paul Gilbert

Sergey Golovin.MuzArs guitar show

Darren BKL: Andy James shredding competition

Darren BKL is all the way from Singapore

Andy James Guitar Solo Contest Entry - Darren

Edu Ardanuy: burning It Workshop 25/07/2009

Seventeen videos from a recent clinic with good instructional overviews of different styles.

Edu Ardanuy: burning It Workshop 25/07/2009

Mico Ong: Fuseboxx workshop with Caparison Horus

Mico Ong - intro jam (Guitar Day at Lyric)
Mico Ong, guitarist of Fuseboxx, opens his workshop with a jam, with CJ Anter on bass and Jonathan Rayos on drums. He uses Caparison Horus in Yellow Sand finish.
Performed at Guitar Day, May 22, 2010, at the Lyric music store.
The event is brought to you by Tokai, Caparison, Danelectro, FV Stevens, Mac Smith, Nashville, Marrtinez, and Sennheiser.

Mico Ong - intro jam (Guitar Day at Lyric)

Mico Ong - playing "Breathe" (Guitar Day at Lyric)

George Bellas, Alex Masi: two titans of guitar open Guitar Virtuoso month!


To celebrate the release of new albums from world acclaimed guitar virtuosos George Bellas and Alex Masi on July 16th, Lion Music are celebrating “Guitar Virtuoso Month” in July 2010.

The whole of July will see exclusive interviews with guitarists on the labels roster, special offers on releases from the LM store and a whole host of other goodies.

Be sure to not miss out on the action by checking back at the LM site regularly or joining the LM facebook page at Lion Music on Facebook

We here at Truth In Shredding towers will be holding a competition to celebrate the releases! More details to follow.

Milan Polak: no god solo

Milan Polak:
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Milan Polak - "No God" solo