Sunday, 6 June 2010

Derryl Gabel: custom Carvin DC145 for sale

Derryl Gabel: Hey guitar fans, up for sale is my custom Carvin DC145 with case. I'm asking $2000 or best offer plus shipping. Make me an offer. I used this guitar in the Creative Tapping Techniques and OS2 DVDs.

Here are the specs
Base Model Options Quantity Price
DC145C Right Handed
Floyd Rose Tremolo 1 $899.00
LN - Floyd Rose Locking Nut $25.00
Extra deep routing under tremolo $50.00
FK - Bookmatched Flamed Koa Top $300.00
Custom clear coat tint finish $100
MAH - Maple Neck/Mahogany Body $50.00
1 Piece Flame Maple Neck (back ) $100.00
CSN - Clear Satin Finish Back Of Neck (Natural Wood) $70.00
HH - Holdsworth 2+4 Headstock $40.00
FKPH - Flamed Koa Headstock Matches Body Color $30.00
-EB - Ebony Fingerboard (Standard) $0.00
ABD - Abalone Dot Inlays $20.00
6100 - Jumbo Frets .055" H .110" W $15.00
R14 - 14in Fretboard Radius $40.00
41 - H22T Bridge Pickup $10.00
42 - H22N Neck Pickup $10.00
-400 - Black Coils w/ Black Bezels (Standard) $0.00
BC - Black Hardware $30.00
009 - Elixir 942E Super Light Gauge .009 - .042 $0.00
Set up with super low action .027" ( the thickness of 2 playing cards) at the 12th fret $100
WL - White Logo $0.00
HC11 - Form-Fitted ABS Hardshell Case $59.00
Dimarzio Black Italian Leather Strap $52.00

Custom Shop Total: $2,000.00 usd

Lydian Flight Demo HD

SONAR ( Giant Steps ) Demo HD

Rob Chappers,David Wallimann: Chappers TV... the first episode

Rob Chappers from Monkey Lord discusses all manner of stuff and thing including the Ghost Fret, Dan, Stick, Wallimann, and the Slide man.

Features the prototype Ghost Fret Chapman guitar, slide guitar monkeylord style and discusses the guitar talent of David Wallimann.

Chappers TV - Episode 1

Angel Ruiz: tries out some Jeff Beck style note shaping

Jeff beck style soloing by Ángel Ruiz

Angel Demirev: angel of Bulgaria jamming

I really like Angel Demirev videos, here are two more for you.

Angel Demirev: live jam 2

Angel Demirev: live jam

Mike de Jager: guitaristTV presents

A collaboration and celebration of mellow melodic rock guitar by South African guitarist Mike de Jager.

Out of Darkness

Yoger Mucci: live clinic date

A date for the diary for Mexican guitar fans

Guitar Noize Antishred Competition- Yoger Mucci

Chris Brooks: clinic date announced

for Aussie fans... try and get to see him play if you can...

Alexandre Bicudo: live fusion with Malavoodoo #2

Another great example of Alexandre Bicudo's fusion style.

Mallavoodoo Live - Cinema / Alexandre Bicudo - Album "O Inverno e a Garça"

Laki Ragazas: shredding guitar clinic

Hard Rock - Shred guitarist Laki Ragazas had his first contact with the guitar when he was 14. Influenced by the overwhelming expression and technique of guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix, Michael Schenker and Gary Moore it didnt take long to give in to the magic of playing on stage. Though he had done some private lessons he must be considered as self taught guitarist, acquiring a Certificate in classical harmony. He started playing with local cover bands, but soon he began working on original material. With a great proffessional background, working as a session musician, playing with numerous bands touring just about everywhere, hes attained maximum live experience in excess of 1000 performances, including TV shows on local and satellite channels, having had the opportunity to be the opening act of international artists like Nazareth, HTP (Glenn Hughes - Joe Lynn Turner Project), Eric Sardinas and UFO. He was nominated among 12 guitarists all over the world for a full year scholarship to attend the Atlanta Institute of Music which was in cooperation with Jason Becker. He also won a $5000 scholarship from Bostons Berklee College of Music. He's been voted by guitar fan sites as "one of the best upcoming guitarists". For the last ten years hes been working as a guitar teacher in various music schools of Thessaloniki, Greece and he has successfully made guitar instruction clinics. In recent guitar seminars he presented his new teaching approach called Electric Guitar; Advanced Techniques and Theory. In 2006 he founded the Killer Sixgun project, he recorded eight songs included in the first self released CD, (6 instrumental and 2 with singer John Jeff Touch) which received stunning reviews from all over the world. Track No2 in the CD called "Highway Of Love" is included in a compilation called "Race Track Rock" released in the U.S. under Versailles Records on June 19th 2007. He’s currently preparing new music material on the Killer Sixgun project. Laki Ragazas has recently performed live as the lead guitarist for legendary ex-Iron Maiden frontman Paul DiAnno on his Greek shows in March 2008.

Laki Ragazas Guitar Clinic at Volos June 2nd 2010.avi

Alexandre Bicudo: quality fusion with Mallavoodoo live

Mallavoodoo are an excellent fusion band featuring the talented Alexandre Bicudo... if you like legato fusion, you'll love this.

Conservatório Pernambucano de Música - Recife - PE - 14/05/2010

Mallavoodoo is:

Thales Silveira - Bass
Mário Lobo - Keyboards
Alexandre Bicudo - Guitar
Ebel Perrelli - Drums

Mallavoodoo Live - Norwegian Wood / Bealtes - Guitar Solo / Alexandre Bicudo

Mallavoodoo Live - Real / Alexandre Bicudo - Album "Soma" 2006

Mallavoodoo Live - Boston 88 / Thales Silveira - Album "Soma"

Mallavoodoo Live - Guaranabara / Mário Lobo - Album "Soma"

Vinnie Moore: workshop

workshop Vinnie Moore - Oséias tocando

Art Rodriguez: live with Delyriüm

Live solos with my band, Delyriüm
- En El Nombre Del Padre
- The Glass Prison
- Luna De Argel
- Genesis 1:4
- Recuerdo
- Acid Rain
- Universal Mind
- Nunca Más
- Set The World On Fire
- Días Extraños
- Espejo

Art Rodriguez - Live with Delyriüm

Jeff Beck: free download backing track

This Jeff Beck Audio Style File was originally recorded for the UK 'Guitarist' Magazine. You can now download it absolutely FREE from Go to....
Full TAB with lots of notes and details are included with the Audio. This is just a promo film so it won't be in there! Oh and don't worry, you don't need to give us any of your details if you don't want to either!

Lots of other free downloads available including actual original solos from of Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Zakk Wylde, Guthrie Govan, Jerry Donahue and Alex Hutchings.

Jeff Beck Guitar Heroes Style File FREE Download from

Earl Slick: Father's Day Gift to get a lift!

The Ultimate Father's Day Gift:
The Earl Slick Guitar Clinic!
*All Inclusive CD Recording Weekend!

Come Spend Father's Day With Earl Slick, One Of Rock's Premier Guitar Players!

The Ultimate Father's Day Gift: The Earl Slick Guitar Clinic!
Learn More About Your Guitar And Life On The Road With David Bowie And Recording With John Lennon, As Earl Walks You Through This Three Hour Event. You Will Even Play Through His Professional Touring Rig!

Give The Musician In Your Life The Ultimate Father's Day Gift! An Afternoon Playing With And Learning From A Rock Legend!
Date: Sunday, June 20, 2010
Time: 12:00pm - 3:00pm
Click Here For The 4:00-6:00 "Mini" Father's Day Clinic
The Studio 251 West 30th Street #3RW NY, NY 10001
Space Is Limited To Ensure Each Participant Receives Quality 1-On-1 Time With Earl.

Just $100.00 Plus Tax!

News: win an acoustic guitar and find out about the new acoustic guitar documentary

Meredith Watt:
I am working on a documentary about the acoustic guitar called Musicwood. Gibson has donated a guitar to the production so we can raffle it off as a fundraiser.

This is the website for our documentary if you'd like to check it out:

Kris Barras: Alternate Picking Guitar Lick

Kris takes you through another lick - tune in to for a new lick each week, and 100s more licks and lessons.

Hardcore Alternate Picking Guitar Lick - Shred Academy Lick of the Week #18

Milan Polak: your video lesson on demand, straight to you!

Milan Polak has a new concept in guitar lessons... you just post a response to this video outlining the area you want to get more detail on an then Milan will put a video together just for you... Simple, check out the video to find out more.

"Vid On Demand" - your personal FREE lesson with Milan Polak

Joe Pinnavaia: cool new lick to learn

Welcome back to the video version of the Lick of the Month plus I'm sharing a few new updates with regards to a compilation CD that will be going out to 10,000 people in the near future featuring artists from all over the world! I will be keeping everyone updated on new developments and when the record is released. I will also be doing a limited preview of another new Test Tube Rhino track with a new Album teaser - I will announce this soon! is now posting my Instructional articles/lessons and Guitar9 Records plans on doing the same soon - there will be more additions as well.
There are also plans for an Instructional DVD that I will be starting production on soon as well. There should be plenty of topics that can get you inspired to play and learn new concepts!
Check out the video at the link below and I will also post it on my site at!

Joe Pinnavaia - Guitar Lessons - Buffalo, NY - May Lick of the Month

News: YouTube channel breaks 2,000,000 video views!

Name:Laurie Monk

Channel Views:120,127
Total Upload Views:2,004,281
Joined:29 December 2005
Uploads 257
Playlists 295

Zack Kim: Air

Air in G

Charles Altura: Virgil Donati Band Highlights from the Baked Potato

Selected highlights from the Baked Potato on May 29th, 2010 featuring newcomer Charles Altura on guitar, Dennis Hamm on keys and Doug Shreeve on Bass

Virgil Donati Band Highlights from the Baked Potato - May 2010

plus an earlier show in 2009

Otmaro Ruiz Jimmy branly

Jeff Loomis: Full Metal Rock interview

Full metal rock are a full on metal web site, lots of reviews, interviews including this interview Jeff Loomis:

Guido della Gatta: anti shred calling you for number one slot

Just like Highlander, there can be only one... sorry. I promise there will be more prizes available for the next contest, I really didn't expect such an epic response. Thank you to everyone that entered, there were far too many great players to mention.

MXR Micro Flanger Anti-Shred competition WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT!

Anti Shred Competition: the winners

1 Guido della Gatta
2 Vinai Trinateepakdee
3 bluestrat67
4 Nafis Rahman
5 Marco De Cave

Sylvie Catez-Doré, Stephane Jeannin: Imperioso #2

More riffing to an Angra backing track.

Imerioso - Angra Cover - Ego Painted Grey.wmv

Robert Marcello:John Hernandez easy music center from Roland demo

Six super videos from this crazy live show... wish I could have been there!

Robert Marcello and John Hernandez from Roland demo

Mistheria, Alberto Rigoni: completes Dragon Fire line out.

Italian Bass player Alberto Rigoni completes the "Dragon Fire" album lineup.
Thanks to a great mixture of perfect performance and powerful rich sound, Alberto did an excellent job recording whole album with his fantastic 6-strings Elrick Bass.

Mistheria: ADAGIO in Gm ( version)

Mistheria - Far beyond the sun (Y. Malmsteen)

Youri de Groote: clinic date

Guitar Xperience is an association whose purpose is to promote the guitar rock / metal in all its variations, the guitar lessons individually or on the Internet, the organization of master classes and the promotion of French guitarists.
full details for French guitar fans

Ayman Mokdad: Anti Shred too late... but not forgotten

Ayman Mokdad:
I didn't pay attention that the competion ends 3 of June... Anyhow here's my participation to this cool contest.

AYMAN-Antishred guitar contest

Don't forget other currently running competitions:

Dave Martone: Pigtronix pedal competition. Ends on the 30th June 2010

Achilleas Diamantis: new demo from upcoming project

Achilleas Diamantis:
I am Working In A new Project With relaxing music that make make the people think about Love. Here is A demo from the first song.

Achilleas Diamantis -Penelope


Tom Gledhill: FXpansion Competition

FXpansion Competition Video

Rob Chappers: Jam with Stick FXpansion competition ends 00:00 (midnight) (GMT) Sunday, July 4th

Joop Wolters: super tribute to Gary Moore


Adam Moore: guitar as art

Adam Moore's Photos - Oxford Gig II, Mark Rowan-Hull paints and Hanif Khan tablates while Adam Moore fuses.

Thiago Trinsi: seeking a keyboard player.

Thiago Trinsi:
I am looking for a Keyboard Player for a musical collaboration,I am Working on my Solo Album, Feel Free to check out my MusicVideos.
I am searching for a creative Musician with knowledge in styles like Prog Rock/Power Metal/Neo-Classic/Fusion/New Age…. Programing stuffs and of course Harmony and solo Techniques.I am sure there is some body out there ready to jump in , so Please contact

Daniele Liverani, Tommy​ Ermol​li: cosmics connection

The Cosmics Daniele Liverani - Keyboards Tommy Ermolli - Guitar Virgil Donati - Drums Rufus Philpot - Bass... delivered one hell of an album back in 2008...  just look at the rhythm section and you'll know why.  I highly recommend it to fans of well produced progressive rock music.

The band are also on facebook:

Cosmics - The Cosmic Year (2008)

Victor de Andres: facebook connection

Hard rocking guitar guy Victor de Andres is on face book:

Sultans of Swing - Dire straits meets Iron Maiden (sultans of metal)

Reece Fullwood: facebook connection

Mega guitarist and super shredder Reece Fullwood is on facebook: