Friday, 18 June 2010

Hara Lemes: Jam with Stick competition

Jam with Stick FXpansion - Hara Lemes

Rob Chappers: Jam with Stick FXpansion competition ends 00:00 (midnight) (GMT) Sunday, July 4th

Jacqueline Mannering: fret 12 speaks!

Just an update to let you know Jacqui now has her own Fret 12 profile !

She has also been busy in the studio recording her own tracks.
hopefully ready by end of july-Sept working with producer (Paul Castle )Faraday studios.

Jacqueline Mannering: fret 12 speaks!


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Greg Howe: European Summer Campus 2006 videos

Greg Howe: European Summer Campus 2006

Pablo Garcia: war cry DVD available

Now available the new instructional DVD guitarist Pablo Garcia Warcry, only available online, More information pablowarcry

Paul Gilbert, Uli Jon Roth: at The Sky Guitar Academy

Paul Gilbert Plays "Foxy Lady". Shot at The Sky Guitar Academy Aug 25th 2007.

Paul Gilbert Plays "Foxy Lady"

Paul Gilbert & Uli Jon Roth Play Purple Haze @ The SKY Guitar Academy, SAt August 25th 2007

Paul Gilbert & Uli Jon Roth Play "Purple Haze"

Stephan Forte: Archangels in Black DeLuxe Edition

Here is the trailer for Adagio's "Archangels in Black DeLuxe Edition" Cd.

Available here:

Adagio "Archangels in Black DeLuxe Edition" Trailer

Edu Ardanuy, Gustavo Di Padua: Workshop 3

Workshop com Edu Ardanuy em Niterói (RJ) dia 22/06/10 - promoção Musica Moderna e Landscape Audio

Timo Niemisto: Anthriel sign to Lion Music

Lion Music are delighted to announce the signing of progressive metallers Anthriel.

Hailing from Finland. Anthriel's music can be described as a progressive metal band with straight metal and neo-classical influences. Formed in 2004 by Timo Niemisto (guitars), Antti Hakulinen (keyboards) and Jari Kuokkanen (drums) and Klaus Wirzenius (bass), it wasn't until vocalist Simo Silvan joined in 2008 that the band really found their true direction.

With a style that is sure to appeal to fans of the likes of Symphony X, Adagio and Yngwie Malmsteen the bands debut album "The Pathway" is an absolute monster offering, possessing an exceptionally high standard of songwriting from start to finish with first class performances from all musicians, the final icing comes in the guise of an ultra powerful production which puts many of the genres leaders to shame.

"Anthriel - The Pathway" is set for release on October 15th 2010. More information on the album to follow soon. In the meantime check out the band at where 2 samples can be heard from the debut album.

Snowman - Sun nimesi on Maa (instrumental)

Mistheria,George Bellas, Roger Staffelbach, Emir Hot, Neil Zaza: new solo album details

All recordings and mixing are now complete for the forthcoming solo album from one of metal leading keyboard maestros - Mistheria. The keyboard wizard has checked in with the following guest updates.

Mark Boals
 (Royal Hunt, Ring of Fire, Y. Malmsteen) has completed his recordings on the song "Eye of the Storm - Metal Opera 82". Of course, the song sounds nothing short of awesome! With a mix between elegant melody and metal power, Mark’s vocals made the song totally captivating! After long years trying to make real our collaboration, I’m really proud to feature Mark, one of the greatest metal singers, on my new album!

Mark comments, "This song brought back fond memories of the roots of Neo-Classic Metal. I had a blast recording it, and working with Mistheria!"
Rob Rock has posted the following statement on his involvement in the album.
"Recording for Mistheria was a pleasure for me. Lies and Deception is a great song we wrote together and the song is just full of monster musicians exploding all over the place. A very interesting song to be a part of. The song is also very energizing and my vocal performance is high octane, somewhat like my Wicked Maiden (Impellitteri) and Slayer of Souls (Rob Rock) vibe in a way. A very "live" vocal take, with lots of "on the spot" ad-libbing, which added a very emotional and natural performance attitude to the song. I really like it!" - RR

Italian Bass player Alberto Rigoni (Twinspirits / solo) completes the "Dragon Fire" album line-up. Thanks to a great mixture of perfect performance and powerful rich sound, Alberto did an excellent job recording whole album with his fantastic 6-strings Elrick Bass.

The album's personel in full is: Vocals - John West, Mark Boals, Rob Rock, Titta Tani, Lance King.
Guitars - George Bellas, Roger Staffelbach, Emir Hot, Neil Zaza
Bass - Dino Fiorenza, Alberto Rigoni
Drums - John Macaluso

Lion Music can now confirm the track listing is as follows:

01. Dragon Fire.
02. Lies and Deception.
03. Killing the pain.
04. Two of us.
05. Metal Opera (part 1): A.D. 1982.
06. Metal Opera (part 2): Eye of the storm.
07. Now it's never.
08. Fire and Flames.
09. The Prelude of my life.
10. Chopin Fantasy.
11. The power of one.
12. The Beast.
13. A beautiful dream.

Mistheria - Dragon's Fire will see release later in 2010.

Andreas Oberg: guitar player video lessons

Andreas Oberg: guitar player lessons

Gus Drax: Cerebral Chaos track posted

Gus Drax
New Version Of "Cerebral Chaos" (album version) featuring
keyboard wizard Bob Katsionis just uploaded on myspace! Check it out!