Monday, 21 June 2010

Ed DeGenaro,Andee Blacksugar: jam time

 Locke (Andee Blacksugar on left, Ed DeGenaro on right) by andee blacksugar

Andy Wood, Andee Blacksugar: full shred alert

 Tribal Identification (Andee Blacksugar on left, Andy Wood on right) by andee blacksugar

Misha Mansoor: Masterclass from

Includes video and tab... get those buttersnips: PERIPHERY: MISHA MANSOOR MASTERCLASS (PART 1)

Devin Townsend: announces solo headline tour

Devin Townsend headlining dates:

Oct. 08 - Vancouver, BC - Richshaw Theater
Oct. 09 - Seattle, WA - Studio Seven
Oct. 10 - Portland, OR - Hawthorne Theater
Oct. 12 - San Francisco, CA - Slim's
Oct. 14 - Hollywood, CA - Key Club
Oct. 15 - San Diego, CA - Ramona Mainstage

Russ Parrish: steel panther Download 2010

Steel Panther At Download 2010

Chris Broderick: Chaos Theory #1

Chris Broderick - Chaos Theory 1

Adam Ironside: In Loving Memory... of the new CD... a life time in the making

Hey folks, thought I would share with you the opening track to my upcoming album Just Like The Detective (scheduled for release in October).

Track 1 has changed so many times I really struggled to find a good way to open the album and finally I think this is the one.

I was really happy with this take, I was in full emotional flow (and I look a bit stupid haha) and I am so pleased with this take that I'm not too bothered about that horrible open fret mistake over the F chord haha.

Anyway, the track is basically a short theme followed by an improvised solo after the orchestral intro.

I attempted some tricky editing (tricky for me anyway haha) that I hadn't done before as I want to make some music videos for the album when it is done and I think about 90 per cent of it worked ha.

Anyway, let me know what you think and I hope you enjoy the opening track to Just Like The Detective.

For those interested here is the signal chain
Suhr S4
Butler Tube Driver (5-Knob)
Hughes & Kettner Trilogy
Delay and reverb courtesy of a TC Electronic G Sharp in the FX Loop
Mic'd with a SM57.

Again for those interested this is generally how I record the audio when making a video, when recording for the actual album the process is a lot more 'involved' and thorough.

In Loving Memory...

Gannin Arnold: is on facebook!

Running In Place from Lara on Vimeo.

Gannin Arnold Recorded some footage for my DVD with Simon Phillips

Bub Zulu: atmosecho

Heres a version using echo , I'm hoping I don't post anymore .3's enough , even though i'm tempted to do one using an ebow . or slide , or nylon string or accordion
sorry the vids so dark , i cant play in the light

Todd Duane, Paul Gilbert: Todd selling Paul Gilbert's Lee Jackson Mod Marshall

A quick clip of paul Gilbert's old 50 watt! VERY low volume. This amp is FOR SALE.

Lee Jackson Mod Marshall

plus a live date with his band Touched.

Jun 25 2010 8:00P
See for schedule! Everywhere, Minnesota , US

Read more:

Tom Quayle, Rick Graham: journey to pipe and slippers land

Have these guys crossed the Rubicon, will these guys ever come back?

Rick and I jamming over a cheesy version of Giant Steps. Check out how much my Suhr sounds like a sax when the BB preamp is engaged! Cool!

I'm using my Blackstar HT-5 and Rick's going direct into the soundcard with a bit of reverb added.

Stand by for more jazz jams - more giant steps, very early and even some bebop stuff! That's right folks - Rick Graham playing bebop!



Giant 'cheese' Steps

News: call to action... stop illegal downloading!

Dear Laurie Monk,
I’ve received hundreds of e-mails enthusiastically reacting to my “call to action” at the National Association of Recording Merchandisers convention last month.  The music business is facing huge challenges from piracy and theft. Never before in American history has an entire industry been so decimated by illegal behavior.  Yet the government has not responded in a meaningful way to help us address this crisis.  My call to action is for all of us to become more aggressive in lobbying our government, more outspoken in drawing attention to the problems caused by piracy and more actively engaged.  We cannot win this fight alone.  
Governments outside the U.S. are legislating, regulating and playing a prominent role in discussions with ISPs (Internet Service Providers).  Sales have dramatically improved in these countries.  How is it that the U.S. – with the most successful music community in the world – is not keeping up with places like South Korea, France, the UK and New Zealand?
As I said in my speech, I hope that the industry can negotiate a voluntary deal with the ISPs. We need our government representatives to encourage this.  But whether or not we reach a deal with the ISPs, our government needs to know that we’ve got a piracy problem and we need real solutions.  To accomplish this, our government needs to hear from all of us, so they know that their constituents are out here.  Join me in calling on our elected officials to fight piracy.  Please help by forwarding this email to your colleagues, friends– everyone who loves music.  And consider enlisting your entire company to help in this fight.  Then by clicking on the link below a message will be sent to your representatives in Washington.  Help us launch a viral campaign to cut off access to the online sites that are used to steal our music, our property and our jobs.  In only takes a second but it can make a tremendous impact.
Please help us by forwarding this link.

Jim Urie
Learn More at

Michael Angelo Batio: speed kills 2010 pre order

Pre orders for the brand new "Speed Kills 2010" DVD will begin on Tuesday June 29th, 2010! Click here to go to our ordering and information page.

Michael will personally autograph all of the "Speed Kills 2010" DVDs that we receive in the first shipment!

Below is a link to a YouTube video that will give you a behind the scenes peek at the making of "Speed Kills 2010."

The NEW "Speed Kills 2010" DVD - a behind the scenes look!

This is the first revision of Michael's speed techniques course since the program was created. About 70% of this material is new for the 2010 version. This groundbreaking program is designed to teach you one thing-

The "Speed Kills 2010" DVD will be available on July 5th, 2010. It will include animated tab and a printable tab booklet.

The original "Speed Kills" is one of the best selling guitar instructional programs of all time and features the famous MAB quote: "I'll give YOU the keys to the Lamborghini!"

Pictured below - MAB with his new "Quad" Guitar. He will be debuting the new "Quad" Guitar in the song "Time Traveler" featured in "Speed Kills 2010."

The packaging we use on all MAB DVDs is not found anywhere else. We have each DVD cover specially designed for our company only!

Michael is personally autographing every DVD cover in the "Speed Kills" and "Speed Lives" series!
This includes -
Speed Kills - (the original) advanced picking techniques
Speed Kills 2 - warm-up exercises and intense shred
Speed Kills 3 - advanced shred techniques, very challenging
Speed Lives - teaches the song No Boundaries
Speed Lives 2 - teaches the song Hands Without Shadows
Speed Lives 3 - teaches the song The Finish Line

Click here for more information and ordering
Buy all 6 DVDs for 1 low price of $94.95. Buy now

Rick Graham: inside out gets a five star review

Great to see that Ricks stunning new release is getting great reviews

Insideout is the long-anticipated solo album from Rick Graham and for those of you not aware of his playing or background I’ll provide a brief rundown; Based in the Kings Lynn area of Norfolk (that’s the East coast of England for the non natives) he’s a Suhr Guitars artist and has been playing since the age of 17. He was involved with the highly successful Infinite Guitar website and of course has a substantial Internet presence due to his plethora of outstanding tuition videos on a huge range of subjects and some stunning performances. He is quite frankly a great talent and of course I had to have a copy of his CD as soon as I could.

Upon arrival I was pleased to see I was amongst the first 200 persons to order Insideout (a signed copy no less!) and I wasted no time in beating a path directly to my PC.

Insideout -- signed!
Before an indepth review of the tracks themselves one of the fundamental aspects of this CD is the extremely high production values -- from the shimmering clean tones and synths of the introduction to Thin Ice to the crystal clear and full-bodied strident tones of the electric guitar you can hear every single nuance of Rick’s playing and creative vision across every single track. The album artwork is of a similarly high standard and overall the attention to detail in every sense behooves a singularly triumphant release.
full review

Buy the sucker!

Rick Graham: British musician and Suhr Guitars artist's awesome new Insideout album Buy the CD