Friday, 25 June 2010

Volker Scheidt: melodic guitar guru 4!

Volker Scheidt
Electric guitar school Freiburg / Germany
Modern electric guitar teaching

Here i'm back with super slow guitar playing after the last fast shredding video:)
I want to thank all my guitar friends for the support over the last 3 years.....
The last 3 years were pretty amazing....

Here I'm jamming against two melodic backing tracks and just relax....
Hopefully you like the melodic playing.
I tried to play as simple as possible
Remember this stuff is improvised...
The jam with the yellow Steve Vai guitar is recorded on the spot...the melody was just there:)

Keep it simple and enjoy the music
There will be more videos coming so please subscribe:)

Super Melodic Rock Guitar : Reflections by Volker Scheidt

Andre Tonelli: Eight Finger Tapping Exercise

A great exercise to develop dexterity and coordination for your two handed tapping extravaganzas.

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GSWS Guitar Lesson 22 - Eight Finger Tapping Exercise

Jeff Kollman: elephant talk guitar solo!!

outake solo from a King Crimson 40th Anniversary release and showcasing the gdec 3 amp.

elephant talk guitar solo .mov

Dave Kilminster: Murray Hockridge at The Cellar Bar tomorrow

Hey everybody, Over the past months Dave and I have been recording and producing a new album and we're looking forward to gigging some of the tracks at the Cellar Bar this Saturday 26th June. If you can join us it would be great to see you there...

Jeff Kollman: Fender Gdec 3 Amp

Producer Bill Cole in the studio with guitarist Jeff Kollman for 2K sports showcasing the great tones of the new Fender Gdec 3 amplifier.

Fender clinician and Marmaduke Records recording artist Jeff Kollman has given us a sneak preview from his upcoming solo album, expected out in September 2010. Listen to “Midnight Sun

jeff kollman studio session with the Fender Gdec 3 Amp

jeff kollman solo 5/ 8 blues form .mp4

Subway Bandit: Gives the Ghost Fret a working over! - Bandit 5 Ghost Fret 0

Learn how to play Destruction Overdrive by Black Label Society - Subway Bandit Lesson

Learn how to play Destruction Overdrive by Black Label Society - Subway Bandit Lesson

Yngwie Malmsteen: rare interview

RARE yngwie malmsteen interview

Boris Ulybyshev: first flowers over the neck acoustic playing

Alternative technique of playing the guitar, the pedal steel method? Sounds really great... enjoy!

Борис Улыбышев Первые цветы

Борис Улыбышев My dreams

Борис Улыбышев Радостный день

Lai Youttitham: classy Four Seasons Summer 2010

Four Seasons Summer 2010 - Vivaldi

Steve Hackett: Battery Park City, NYC 2010

The Steve Hackett Band performs "Ace of Wands" from his "Voyage of the Acolyte" album as part of the "River to River Festival" in the Battery Park City area of NYC. June 23, 2010

Steve Hackett "Ace Of Wands" live - 06/23/10 : Battery Park City, NYC

The Steve Hackett Cand perform "Los Endos" from the Genesis album "A Trick Of The Tail". Part of the FREE (Thank You Steve) "River to River" Festival in Battery Park City, NYC on June 23rd, 2010. Especially loved that little 10 second riff played at the 2 minute mark!

Steve Hackett "Los Endos" live - 06/23/10 : Battery Park City, NYC

Subway Bandit: showing that bladdy prawn chappers how to shred!

Learn how to play Nothing by A - Subway Bandit guitar lesson

Learn how to play Nothing by A - Subway Bandit guitar lesson

Ramon Luis Galang: 10 year olds stunning tribute to Jack Thammarat

This will be the last few videos I make with my Ibanez Mikros.

Ibanez Mikro - Blue (see set-up on my channel)
Boston TU-100
Artec Turbo Compressor
Artec Soloist Distortion
Artec Analog Delay
Shure Microphone
ZT Lunchbox

This video did not use any interface except for the on-board sound card to record the audio through the asio4all codec.

Before buying a recording interface, you can try this method out first and try your hand in home recording. The money you save can be a new pedal on your pedalboard.

10-Year Old Luis Galang plays On The Way by Jack Thammarat

Tony MacAlpine,Stefania Daniel: Seven The Hardway video to come

Seven The Hardway commented on facebook: "We'll have high def video o the band's first single "Guilty" on July 1!"

Adam Moore: Do Fret new CD reveiw

Adam Moore is a British guitarist, teacher, composer and multi-instrumentalist who has recently released the CD, Regent, which is available via CD Baby:, and for those people that like to have something to hold in their hands, the physical CD will soon be available via Adam's website: Do Fret offers a review of this fine CD.

Brandon Gan: melodic solo competition

Melodic Guitar Solo Contest

News: stunning tribute to Dio by forum

Dio's song recorded by members of forum
This is our particular tribute to this great singer.
I hope you enjoy.

Tributo a Dio ( Dio - Tribute ) Don't talk to strangers With more than 10 musicians

Angel Ruiz: Squier on Apaloseko 2

Apaloseko 2!

News: win a moog pedal guitar board!

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The Moog Guitar + The Ultimate Pedal Board from Moog = Sonic Explosion!

News: Lee garver at GMW

Body Description…………ATS (carved top SS with angled neck heel scallop)
 Body Wood…………...…..5/8” thick koa hot rod flames/quilt maple surrounds over a one
                                            piece Honduran mahogany body
 Headstock Description……Millennium
 Neck Specifications………solid pau ferro (oiled)
 Body/Neck Binding………ivoroid body binding
 Fingerboard Wood………..flame koa, 1 11/16” (R3), 22 frets, 25 ½” scale, 6105 frets, satin finish on board
 Fingerboard Inlays………..GMW Dragon’s Breath inlays, abalone side dots
 Bridge System…..………..Original Floyd Rose (not recessed)
 Pickups…………………..Duncan JB (TB-4) and Lace Sensor/Actodyne Gold Dome neck PU
 Tuners……………………Gotoh SG-36 with ebony buttons
 Hardware Color…………
 Jack Type/Location………football side jack
 Control Type……………..volume and Gibson style 3-way PU selector switch
 Color/Graphic…………….au natural top with trans brown body/matching rear cavity plates
 GMW Logo Color………..two ply stacked “gold on black” GMW logos
 Serial Number……………G0015
 Assembly Date…………...06/24/10
 Additional Comments:  The pin striping is hand inlayed abalone around the koa flames.  The koa flames and
quilt maple top are 5/8" thick at the center.  The wood flames are NOT a veneer.  The two rear cavity plates are 
mahogany laminated over aluminum, and are painted to match the Honduran mahogany body. 

Orianthi: one year on from Michael Jackson's death

One year on from the loss of Micahel Jackson, I thought I would look back and see how many views my post had accumulated over the year... Over 12,000 views... see the full report for Orianthi: michael jackson's last guitar player?

On anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death, Orianthi performs on Regis
June 25, 2010

A year to the day after the late Michael Jackson died, his former guitarist Orianthi is taking the stage on Live with Regis and Kelly to perform her latest single from her solo career. At the time of Jackson’s death, Orianthi had spent months in rehearsals with the king of pop and had been tapped to be the touring lead guitarist on his “This Is It” tour; she was later featured in the documentary posthumously released of the same name. Orianthi released her solo album Believe late last year, on which she sings and plays guitar; she re-released the album as “Believe (II)” earlier this month and is currently on tour with Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta. Orianthi’s latest single is entitled Shut Up & Kiss Me, and her biggest hit to date is entitled According To You.

Thor Von Clemson: I am a wiking... seriously I am a wiking!!!

Thor Von Clemson's Advanced Fast Hand Finger Wizard Master Class by Brendon Small.

Note: This guy is also the co-creator of the Adult Swim show "Metalocalypse". He does the music and many voices for the show as well.

Another Note: This, and other funny videos, can be found on the Home Movies DVDs. This and "Baby Pranks" (another I uploaded) is on the first season DVD.

Note Again: In Metalocalypse, Skwisgaar did a guitar class using this same name.

Advanced Fast Hand Finger Wizard Master Class!