Sunday, 27 June 2010

Richie Kotzen: Remember... Live At Skipper's Smokehouse

Live At Skipper's Smokehouse In Tampa, Florida May 11, 2010

David Wallimann: creative whammy bar!

This looks like one crazy idea... that might just work!!

This is a prototype, the final commercial version will look much better than this.
I am planning to update the chip as the percussive triggering is not as accurate as I want it to be.
The melodic triggering works really well.
The device is patented and should be commercialized right after Winter NAMM.
I am looking for potential demonstrators, if you are interested to apply, please submit a video response to this explaining why you would be a good candidate.
I am looking for a few people who can represent the product and inspire people to use it.

If you have any technical questions, please ask!

Creative Whammy Bar

Chris Brooks: Suhr Koko Boost pedal demo

In between laying down tracks for my next CD I decided to give you a look at how I'm using the Suhr Koko Boost to create the tones for both dirty and clean boosted sounds. I will often run the gain on the amp even higher before bringing in the Koko for extra gain, but in this instance I'm running the lead channel low on gain and getting the rest from the Koko.

Suhr Koko Boost pedal demonstration - Chris Brooks

Rick Graham: Just A Dream

Buy the album now at

Just A Dream by Rick Graham - From new album 'Insideout'

Sunny Dsouza: overdrive trio rehearsal clip

Overdrive Trio - Remember

Pierfrancesco Falbo: melodic solo competition

Melodic Guitar Solo Contest_by Pierfrancesco Falbo

Jordan Rudess, John Petrucci: hour glass on ipad!

John and I up in Calgary Canada 6/27/10, while on tour with Dream Theater along with Iron Maiden, decided to try a MorphWiz and guitar version of Hourglass in my hotel room! Here it is to celebrate the recent release of MorphWiz for the Ipad!

Rudess and Petrucci Hourglass

Reb Beach, John Roth: Winger: Down Incognito

Live At The M3 Rock Festival In Columbia, Maryland June 19, 2010

Winger: Down Incognito

Richie Kotzen: Live At Skipper's Smokehouse 2010

Richie Kotzen: Doin' What The Devil Says To Do

Richie Kotzen: All Along The Watchtower (Hendrix Cover)

Richie Kotzen: Sara Smile (Hall & Oates Cover)

Jani Szentkirályi: Klub live jam

Jani J. Szentkirályi ( Klub 2010.06.11)

John Norum: metal express radio interview

John Norum (Europe)
by: MICK BURGESS - 2010-6-27 7:37:6

It’s been 5 years since your last solo album Optimus and in a few weeks you’ll be releasing your new solo album Play Yard Blues. Are you excited now that it`s finished and ready to go?

Yes, I’m very excited. I’m so pleased it’s finally coming out as it’s been done for quite a long time. I had to put it on ice for a while as there’s been a tragedy in the family. So now I’m excited it’s coming out.

George Lynch: Lynch Mob dates updated.

TheLunch mob tour dates:
** with MSG

18 - Zen Meister Bar - El Paso, TX **
20 - Bronze Peacock - Houston, TX (clinic show) **
22 - Dos Amigos - Odessa, TX **
23 - Trees - Dallas, TX **
24 - Scout Bar - San Antomio., TX **
25 - Zoo Amphitheatre - Oklahoma City, OK **
28 - Altar Bar - Pittsburgh, PA
29 - Starland Ballroom - Sayerville, NJ
30 - Jaxx - Springfield, VA
31 - The Fillmore New York At Irving Plaza - New York, NY

1 - Crazy Donkey - Farmingdale, NY
2 - Eleanor Rogby's, Jermyn, PA **
3 - House Of Blues - Cleveland, OH **
4 - Scatz Nightclub - Middleton, WI
6 - Club Vegas - Salt Lake City, UT
7 - The New Oasis - Sparks, NV
8 - Tower Theater - Fresno, CA
11 - Studio Seven - Seattle, WA
12 - Dante’s - Portland, OR
13 - The Last Day Saloon - Santa Rosa, CA
14 - Sky City Amphitheater - Pueblo of Acoma, NM

Chris Impellitteri: working on new music and new guitar.

Impellitteri has avoided all of the digital sites like iTunes, etc because we did not want to hurt the physical CD sales of our foreign partners who have traditionally funded our band. However, We will soon release all of our music digitally and of course in the United States which has been eager to get their hands on Impellitteri.

I am also eagerly awaiting the second prototype of my new Dean signature model which is still in the developmental stage.

Ron Thal, Mike Chlasciak: maximumthreshold interview

#185 MT Show - Metal Mike (Halford) - Bumblefoot (GNR)
Overview: Dan makes a return appearance on the show and we have Metal Mike and Bumblefoot call in to the show along with 3 or 4 contests. Show was pretty funny and played some really powerful new songs. Also announced the first show of the 2010 Maximum Threshold Tour.
Metal Mike : MM called in a talked about numerous topics which included, the new Halford song Mower, his gear, Ozzfest, instructional DVD, Polish Food, losing weight and so much more!
Bumblefoot : Well you know when BBF calls in the doors are wide open and anything goes. Let it be known that this was one of those interviews. We talked about the most recent GNR tour, his gear, Iggy Pop’s riders, fielded call in questions from fans and even a stalker spoke with him on the air.
Music Played : Armored Saint, Halford, Helix, Herman Frank, Herman Rarebell, Stark, and a few more.

Sam Bell: Melodic Solo Contest Entry

Sam Bell in more laidback style, some tasty playing... enjoy.

Melodic Solo Contest Entry - Sam Bell

News: guitar fan posts his best youtube guitarists 2010

This video was made to honor the 10 best guitarists of youtube. They were chosen among the best according to various qualities. Many of them participate in competitions on youtube. ENJOY!

The best guitars of youtube - 2010

Kris Barras: Blues Shred Tapping Lick

Blues Shred Tapping Lick - Shred Academy Lick of the Week #20

Harry Kapeliaris: reverbnation tracks

Fabiano Rodriguo: double vision competition

Concurso Cultural Double Vision-SOPHIA by Fabiano Rodriguo

Rob Chappers: Banana Boutique pedal demo!

Captain Lee's Crazy Boutique Effects Pedal Competition - Banana

You MUST subscribe to the Andertons channel to win this competition!!

Can you guess what pedal we used to make the sound of the Banana?? Post your answer in the comments section & we'll pick a right answer at random on the 20th July 2010. The winner will recieve the Boutique Pedal that we used, an Andertons T-Shirt signed by Chappers and some Monkey lord Picks!

This competition is worldwide and you can be any age. There will be another for Boutique pedal competitions like this one, all exclusive to the Andertons youtube channel ;-)

Captain Lee's Crazy Boutique Effects Pedal Competition - Banana

Alan McKenna: Sierra Sentinel

Sierra Sentinel by Alan McKenna

Alex Berserker: Michael Jackson - Gone Too Soon

This one is dedicated to the late Michael Jackson,its been already 1 year since the greatest artist of all time (in my opinion) left us physically....RIP

Also,today (24/06/2010) Grandma Berserker Passed away...she was a second mother to me,may she Rest In Peace

HQ Mp3 Here:

RIP To the greatest entertainer of ALL TIME, Michael Jackson (1958 - 2009) And Grandma Berserker (1929 - 2010)

This one is for both of you.

Michael Jackson - Gone Too Soon (Alex Berserker Cover)

Rick Graham, Tom Quayle: yardbird.... sweet!

Yardbird Suite - Improv

George Bellas: Do Fret interview

George Bellas Interview:
US Guitarist, Composer and Teacher, George Bellas is a true musician's musician. A prolific composer and virtuso (in every sense of the word), George's newest CD, The Dawn of Time, is released July 16th 2010 on Lion Music.

To those unfamiliar with George's work, prepare to be absolutely blown away by his technique, musicality, compositional skills and tone!

Do Fret had the great pleasure of catching up with George ahead of the release of The Dawn of Time to talk about his music.

Q: Hey George - many thanks for agreeing to do an interview for Do Fret - your time is much appreciated. Your new CD, The Dawn Of Time, is released via Lion Music on 16th July 2010. Can you tell us a bit about the new album?

It's my pleasure to share some insight into my new album and also various aspects of my music and the process of making it. My new album, "The Dawn Of Time", is an instrumental album that is rich in Romanticism and Futurism with insane performances by Marco Minnemann on drums, and myself on guitar, bass, and keyboards. The album contains 19 songs in the neoclassical, neo-romantic and also progressive styles. The production is dynamic, clean, and has an open sound to it allowing the music to breath naturally. Very minimal amounts of compression were used during the production of "The Dawn Of Time", which yielded a much more natural sounding album than one that has been squashed to a pulp with compression and limiting. The album contains a myriad of lyrical melodies, virtuosic instrumental melodies, counterpoint, improvised guitar solos, odd-meters, poly-meters, rich instrumentation, and a plethora of awe-inspiring drum playing by Marco Minnemann. The writing process began shortly after my last album was turned into the record label and was completed within a 3-4 week period. After all the parts were composed I contacted Marco Minnemann and we began recording. The total running time for the album is mere seconds under the maximum capacity of a CD, which is 80 minutes. I actually had way more than 80 mins of music, so I had to cut some notes to shorten it up a bit, and that was indeed a challenge.
full interview

Daniele Gottardo: Free jam track available

Daniele Gottardo doesn't just have amazing technique; he also has great compositional chops and manages to do it all without breaking a sweat.

You can already download the full package for ‘Cardiology’ from our site, but here's a real treat... a FREE download of ‘Scarecrow's Dance’, also from Gotty's fantastic debut album ‘Frenzy of Ecstasy’.

Our exclusive package includes video, a backing track, full Tab and even Daniele's original score in Guitar Pro format. Grab it here... it's free!