Friday, 16 July 2010

John Petrucci: Dream Theater Madison Square Garden

Dream Theater - Pull Me Under live at Madison Square Garden AT LAST!!! 7/12/10 NYC

Dream Theater - live at Madison Square Garden AT LAST!!! 7/12/10 NYC

Eric Johnson: 2009 Kickoff Event. Fender

ERIC JOHNSON - friends

ERIC JOHNSON - when the sun meets the sky

ERIC JOHNSON - Camel's night out

Alejandro Silva: cool videos spotted

I keep forgetting to mention, I really enjoyed this CD by Alejandro Silva:

Here are some videos that give you some idea of his talent.

ALEJANDRO SILVA -Marea Solar (Video)

ALEJANDRO SILVA - marea solar


Tom Quayle, Martin Miller: Isn't She Lovely - Improvisation

Hey guys - it's midnight after a few glasses of wine and I've been really inspired by Martin Miller's take on Isn't She Lovely so I thought I'd have a crack at it.
Some dodgy moments but some okay one's too! It get better after the 3min mark as the wines wearing off a bit!

Thanks for the inspiration Wischi!

Isn't She Lovely - Improvisation

Eddie Van Halen: Les Paul Tribute Show

DonMichele1980 - Eddie Van Halen - Les Paul Tribute Show: Van Halen - Jan Hammer (Miami Vice)

Chris Brooks, Steve Paoli: Gaga Telephone

Gaga Telephone - Chris Brooks / Steve Paoli