Thursday, 29 July 2010

Sloth Chubsteen: Shadow Face the Guitarist contest

Shadow Face the Guitarist contest entry

News: YouTube broken

Not sure what is happening. I can't except video responses, mail or comment... Hope it's fixed soon. Apologies to anyone awaiting their video to be accepted

Matte Johansson: Girl in Blue

Girl in Blue - Guitar Video - Action Movie Soundtrack

I Wayan Balawan: awesome two handed tapping live in Bali

best guitar tapper on youtube, tapping guitar from bali

Awesome guitar player (Balawan, New from Bali )

best guitarist on youtube

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pARTyzant: with little miki jamming live, crazy drum tapping guitar!

Misirlou - pARTyzant & miki LIVE DE

Dimitar Nalbantov: demos the AMT ELECTRONICS B1 Legend

Dimitar Nalbantov:
The B1 Legend Amp Series pedal, superior high gain quality distortion, as found in the Bogner Sharp Channel Amplifier*. The sound of the AMT B1 is monstrous in tone, aggression, and provides massive amounts of gain. Thunderous lows, screaming highs, and scoopable mids leave you with unbeatable heavy distortion sounds. This one could be the "kick" your guitar rig has been needing.


Derek Sivers: former owner of CD Baby giving back to music

Why I gave away my company to charity

When I decided to sell my company in 2008, I already had enough.
I live simply. I hate waste and excess. I have a good apartment, a good laptop, and a few other basics. But the less I own, the happier I am. The lack of possessions gives me the priceless freedom to live anywhere anytime.  Full Details

New Work areas

MusicThoughts: inspiring quotes about music

MuckWork: assistants to do your dirty work

Derek Sivers: my personal site, with articles

SongTest: a free, open song contest

They're all free, open-source, and non-commercial (except MuckWork).

Reb Beach: Betcha Can't Play This

Reb Beach lays down the ultimate challenge in this edition of Guitar World's "Betcha Can't Play This!"

For more videos, gear demos and the girls of Guitar World check out
Betcha Can't Play This with Reb Beach

Jeff McClelland: Brett Garsed DiMarzio shred this III - another super acoustic solo

Jeff McClelland:
This is my spin on the "Shred This III: Brett Garsed and DiMarzio" competition. I thought that I'd approach this a bit differently and use the acoustic rather than an electric. I'm reasonably pleased with the result. I'm used to recording my solos in chunks rather than in one continuous take, so this was a very good exercise for me.

I hope that you enjoy! Please comment and let me know what you think.

Jerfo (Jeff McClelland) - Shred This III

I'm just getting blown away by these entries... you can make my life even more difficult by posting your entry to the competition...

Shred This III: Brett Garsed and DiMarzio competition ends 23:00 (GMT) Sunday, August 15th

Nahuel Schiumarini: Brett Garsed DiMarzio shred this III - little light rain style!

It was a rainy day so I decided to do my take for shred this III.
I hope you enjoy it. Thanks Laurie for this great competition and this great backing track!

Shred this III - Nahuel Schiumarini

Ben Levin: one of ten guitarists picked by Steve Vai

Ben Levin is among the 10 guitarists handpicked by Steve Vai to fly out to LA for a private masterclass! Contestants recorded videos of themselves shredding over a Vai backing track and Steve picked his favorites.

A warm, heart-felt congratulations is extended to Ben Levin, Dustin Beebe, Eric Happe, Eric Potapenko, Jim Hawthorne, Joe Pignato, Martin Hough, Neil Swanson, Ronny Gutierrezand Steve Seydynski. They will be flying to Los Angeles for this very special Private Sessions with Steve @ Guitar Center. All of the submissions (and there were many of them) were wonderful and all are to be congratulated for putting themselves out there. Your courage is continuously recognized…

Alan Hernandez, Ignazio D Mendivil: youtube virtual jam session

Guitar Video-Jam - Ignacio D. "Nachitro" & Alan H. "Bruja"

Eugene Berger: Brett Garsed DiMarzio shred this III top notch fusion solo

A really great solo submitted by Eugene Berger, subscribe on YouTube:

Shred This lll - Eugene Berger

Panos Georgalis: super electric

The new instrumental music track from guitarist Panos Georgalis entitled ''Super Electric '' is up ! !
Produced,Arranged and Engineered by Bob Katsionis.

Recorded with an ESP Eclipse Guitar and a Blackstar HT-Valve Distortion Pre-Amp/Pedal.

p.s Thanx to marios mitrakis for the artwork..nikos roussos,fisebeats,francesco richert for everything else. . stay tuned!

Panos Georgalis - Super Electric

Raffaele Cadeddu: Stratocaster mod test

Raffaele Cadeddu with some very nice sounds coming from his recently modded Strat

BaCH spalted strat mod v1 TEST - DiMarzio Evolution bridge + 2 BaCH single coil

Északi Szabolcs: Stratocaster duet for one

Északi Szabolcs with a duet for one :)

stratocaster duett 2

Bub Zulu: Brett Garsed DiMarzio shred this III - one more for the road?

Bub Zulu on his tele tapping it out for Brett Garsed!

brett garsed final quick

Shred This III: Brett Garsed and DiMarzio competition ends 23:00 (GMT) Sunday, August 15th

Bob Katsionis: interview

Outloud, the melodic hard rock outfit featuring Bob Katsionis, and Mark Cross, after their surprise debut are getting ready for their second album. RockpagesTV "invaded" Basement Studios were the band is working and talked with the pair about recording their sophomore album, the differences with the first, and Outloud's characteristics. You can read the entire interview at

Outloud interview - RockpagesTV

Michael Angelo Batio,Neil Zaza,Chen Lei: Guitar Stars 2010 in Asia

Neil Zaza/Michael Angelo Batio/Chen Lei: Guitar Stars 2010 in Asia

Neil Zaza/Michael Angelo Batio/Chen Lei: Guitar Stars 2010 China: "Goin' Down" Jam

Neil Zaza/Michael Angelo Batio/Chen Lei: Guitar Stars 2010 China: "Little Wing" Jam

George Marios: super intervalic rock

Please subscribe to George Marios's new channel on YouTube:

George Marios:
Rockin' it out with my G&L over a rock track. Hope you enjoy! Grog!

Check out G&L guitars at

I also have a tuition DVD available from check it out at

Contact me through a PM on my channel if you're interested in Skype lessons.

George Marios - Rock Noodling

George Marios: Essential Guitar Contemporary LinesBuy the DVD

Christophe Godin, Mika Tyyskä,: Tours France 2010

Mr. Fastfinger, Christophe Godin Tours France 2010

Mr. Fastfinger, Christophe Godin Tours France 2010

Guthrie Govan: in France

guthrie CAM valenciennes

Guthrie Govan Masterclass CMA VALANCIENNES 23-10-09

Guthrie Govan CAMBRAI France 23-10-09

David Wallimann: the Locrian Mode

Guitar Theory Lesson - Learning the Locrian Mode

Mika Tyyskä: mr fastfingers celebrates 5 years of being incredible!

Mika Tyyskä:
Guitar Shred 5 YEARS - Exploding solo TAB

Incredible! it was 5 YEARS ago today when Guitar Shred was published. Indeeed Mr. Fastfinger devastated the guitar scene in 2005. Mysterious sensei and his his adventurous guitar lessons made millions of people jam the boogie all over the planet. Worldwide respect from guitar players was recieved and the website won many important multimedia awards globally.
 But this was just the beginning. Too many things to list here. Check out the history of news if you wish...

To celebrate the 5 years of Guitar Shred Show I'm giving you this present. EXPLODING SOLO full tablature >

I wish to thank all the Fastfinger's friends and fans, supporters and the companies I've been fortunate to work together with. THANK YOU! It's been awesome and unbelievable five years. Let's make the next five years even better!

Guitar Shred is still here online:

P.S. Mr. Fastfinger's next album is in preproduction. Strong material! Keep focused...

Mika Tyyskä: fastfinger to elevate the musikmesse crowds part 2 "Exploding solo"

Mark Gibson: guitar improvisation #1

Mark Gibson is on youtube:

Guitar Improvisation No. I