Friday, 6 August 2010

Anthimos Manti: guitar idol 2010


get you video running hot

Guitar Idol 2010 Enter!!!)

Krisztian Lovrek: guitar idol 2010

LOVRECK - Akarom solo by Krisztian Lovrek

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Guitar Idol 2010 Enter!!!)

Kaine: Catalyst

Kaine was born Konstantinos Doukopoulos on April 2, 1982 in Thessaloniki, Hellas. His first contact with music was at the age of 5, when he took piano lessons for two years. At the age of 16 he decided to start classical guitar lessons but after one and a half year he bough an electric one and continued to learn the instrument self-taught. During the following years Kaine gave several live performances both as a member of the band "Mordant" and as a guest guitarist with other bands. His growing reputation and performance on the instrument invited the attention of the music R&D group "Future Technology presents" and Kaine collaborated with them and "Telegun" amplification on hardware music products. At the same time, besides working on instrumental material, Kaine was searching for members to form a new band but was unsuccessful at finding serious and dedicated enough musicians for the task. Having enough of the non-existing music scene in his country, Kaine relocated to Stockholm, Sweden. Nowadays he is preparing his debut instrumental material.

Kaine's approach and performance on the instrument has been described as unconventional, uncompromising and previously unheard of. One has even stated
that he is re-defining virtuosity. "I won't deny that hearing a good word now and
then is an ego boost and that sometimes an artist needs that. But all that really
matters to me is to be able to express myself and apparently, this level of technique
or skill is needed to play the music I have in me. So what? Rocknroll!" is Kaine's
response to such praise. more:

Kaine - Catalyst

Nikolay Karageorgiev: Brett Garsed DiMarzio shred this III

Another great entry for the competition. A very natural feeling of flow. Great solo!

KolioK Entry - Shred This III: Brett Garsed and DiMarzio competition

Nearly just 8 days left

Shred This III: Brett Garsed and DiMarzio competition ends 23:00 (GMT) Sunday, August 15th

Pedro Molina: shred blues jam


Piero Marras: "Robben Ford style"

Piero Marras (MCR®) plays "Robben Ford style" by the great Guthrie Govan

David Locke: Shred This Too - still alive and kicking

We're deep into injury time of shred This III and we're still getting some cool solo's for the previous competition. Remember the backing track is still there if you want to jam.

Shred This II - David Locke - Marco Sfogli

Kostas Karamitroudis: gus g firewind's new single

FIREWIND - World On Fire Single

News: Guitar Idol 124 players entered already!

Guitar Idol 2010 Enter!!!

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Welcome! This is not a club, or a bar, or a stage, or a shop. You don’t need to pay for membership; you don’t need to conform, or perform, or buy anything. You just need to want to be here... to share your love, your questions, your knowledge, your enthusiasm, your tips, your concerns, your joy and your pride in the instrument we live for.

web site:

Rob Chappers: ML2 final design decided!

Chapman Guitars ML2 - The Final Spec & Three kinds of Win \m/

Chapman Guitars ML2 - The Final Spec & Three kinds of Win \m/

To reserve an ML2 go to:

Unless you are left handed in which case go here:

For all price or custom enquiries just email - and for any other questions about the Chapman Guitars ML2 just email me personally at

Please note some of these prices will include a small amount for fitting if they are labor intensive - such as fitting a Floyd Rose.

Grover RotoGrip Locking Tuners
Chrome £95
Black or Gold £105

Original Floyd Rose Kit (inc locking nut)
Chrome £249
Black £259
Gold £289

My recommendations for pickup upgrades (Any pickup is available)

The Phoenix (Chappers prefered set and shred/soloist recommendation)
Bridge) Dimarzio De-Activator Neck) Dimarzio Paff Pro
A fire breathing and yet crystal pure toned win machine, with soaring tones epic enough to stir the ancient simian himself. £144

The Behemoth (Chappers Metal recommendation)
Bridge) Bare Knuckle Pickups Painkiller Neck) Bare Knuckle Pickups Painkiller
Ceramic death machines that will flay the skin from your face with every note, not for the faint hearted

The Colossus (Chappers Drop Tuned/death metal recommendation)
Bridge) Seymour Duncan Blackout Neck) Seymour Duncan Blackout
Go to the dictionary and look up "Djent" and it will say "See Seymour Duncan Blackout's" - That is all.

The Classic EMG 81/85 set up
Bridge) EMG 81 Neck) EMG 85
Tried and tested classic active metal/rock tones

Entire Fret Board - £80 (all fret markings will almost certainly disappear)
Top 4 frets - £30

Refinishing/Graphic art work
All enquiries regarding changes to the finish (inc graphic art work) are to be handled by Svee at

Zakk Wylde: metal assault interview

Zakk Wylde media conference August 3rd 2010 - Metal Assault segment

Richie Blackmore: blackmores night "Autumn Sky"

"Autumn Sky" brings us 15 new BLACKMORE'S NIGHT songs, full of emotion with a touch of past times and magical atmospheres. From the glorious wanderlust-feelings of "....Highland...." all the way to the sweetness of "Strawberry Girl" and the upbeat "Journeyman", the album is again a powerful proof of the versatility of Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night's repertoire and the talents of BLACKMORE'S NIGHT band.

Recorded during Candice's pregnancy, Candice and Ritchie have dedicated the "Autumn Sky" album to their newly born daughter Autumn Esmerelda Blackmore.

BLACKMORE'S NIGHT features in its ranks Blackmore, Night, Bard David of Larchmont (keyboards/vocals), Earl Grey of Chimay (bass/rhythm guitar/vocals), Squire Malcolm of Lumley (percussionist), and Gypsy Rose (violin/vocals). more

Joe Satriani: chickenfoot AMPF technology

The guys took a break from recent recording sessions to talk a little about an obscure, yet effective, technique they are working with. Come learn a little about the A.M.P.F. technology and if you are up for it, share your own videos on how you can apply the A.M.P.F. system in your life!

Wondering what else the guys have been up to? Well, Joe made a new record this summer, Chad is also in the studio with the RHCP's, Sammy is on tour with Aerosmith, and Mike has been in the kitchen perfecting a new hot sauce and will be out of the hospital burn ward soon. The guys will be returning to the studio next month and also playing two special shows in September. See for the latest there. For the latest on each of them check out

Chickenfoot on A.M.P.F. Technology

Nick Meares: blue noize x 2

Blue Noize solo contest - Nick Meares (2)

Blue Noize solo contest - Nick Meares

Blue Noize solo contest Enter Now!

Yvi Wylde: blue noize

Blue Noize solo contest Enter Now!

Rick Graham, Tom Quayle, Jack Gardiner: Masterclass photos starting!

Rick Graham's Photos - Rick & Tom Masterclass more to come

Matteo Ruggiero: ZC3 submission

Achia Guitars Presents Matteo Ruggiero

Post your submission video on to Ziua Chitarelor 3

Enter ZC3 now!!!

Ulf Katschrowski: progressive instrumental

Ulf Katschrowski has posted a two part progressive instrumental track, chock full of guitar and atmospheric keyboards.

V.A.M.P - Far from the madding crowd (Original Composition) Part 1

V.A.M.P - Far from the madding crowd (Original Composition) Part 2

Khan Manuel: ‘Guitar Insights’ free technique book

Khan Manuel:
‘Guitar Insights’ is a workbook specializing in the development of the aspiring guitarist. An instructional book for people at all levels, it includes information on chord voicings, scales, modes, practice techniques, theory, harmony concepts and also an in-depth look at how Khan approaches progressions and voicings. For the novice there is a wealth of information, including: chord and scale diagrams and how they relate to each other, a guide on how to apply them practically, tips on different areas of playing and much more. For the advanced player there are exercises to complete, concepts on modes and their relationships to keys, advanced ideas on how to solo on altered chords, compositional ideas, insights on improvisation and more. download

Giorgio Rovati: Brett Garsed DiMarzio shred this III

Giorgio Rovati plays with the band Centrica

Brett Garsed and DiMarzio competition - easy improvisation by Giorgio Rovati - Shred this III

Roger Pedersen: Brett Garsed DiMarzio shred this III - crazy popcorn guitar

Roger Pedersen, from Norway, posted a video for Brett Garsed DiMarzio shred this III, spotlighting his unique style and tones. I got a copy his his CD, and not only does Roger Pedersen play guitar well, but he sings well too.

Roger Pedersen:
This backing track was way to tempting not to dig into it. There are many fine guitar players in this contest, but I will give it a try :-). I am not a big fan of competitions in music- There is no such ting being the best, there is just passion for the instrument and making music, in my opinion.
I have just released a guitar album on West Audio/Universal called "Kernels in a popcorn machine" and achieved some great reviews from international Guitar Mags. I am proud of that, but that is another cup of tea, so to say. Again, it is nice to be in a guitar community with so many fine instrumentalists. Keep up the good work, Laurie. You are our (guitar) man :-). Kind regards from Norway.

Roger Pedersen- Shred this 3

Sydnei Carvalho,Alex Martinho: Guitar Player TV [Brazilian]

Sorry no translation.

Guitar Player TV - Sydnei Carvalho e Alex Martinho (Parte 1)

Guitar Player TV - Sydnei Carvalho e Alex Martinho (Parte 2)

Tony MacAlpine,Stefania Daniel: Seven The Hardway release date and tour

Release date 30th August 2010, sound samples

Tony Macalpine:
Stefania Daniel:

Tour dates
Boerderij Zoetermeer, NL, NETHERLANDS
Bosuil Weert, Netherlands
Scheune Dresden, GERMANY
Colos Saal Aschaffenburg, GERMANY
Spirit of 66 Verviers, BELGIUM
Be Cool Barcelona, SPAIN
Ritmo y Compas Madrid, SPAIN
Tartufo Bergara, SPAIN
Musiktheater Rex Lorsch, GERMANY
New Age Club Roncade, Treviso, ITALY
Crossroads Rome, ROMA, ITALY
Konzertfabrik Z7 Pratteln, SWITZERLAND
A38 Budapest, HUNGARY
Bluesiana Velden, AUSTRIA
Exit Chmelnice Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC
Randal Bratislava, SLOVAKIA (Slovak Republic)

Greg Howe: demos the new models from Laguna

Laguna on YouTube:

Laguna guitars featuring Greg Howe!

Greg Howe introduces the Laguna LE200!

The Laguna LE200Q - a modern rock weapon!

William Stravato: special guest guitar solo for Shred This III

A super big thanks to William Stravato for posting a special guest solo as a thanks to Brett Garsed!

William Stravato Shred This III

William Stravato's release Cybertones features Brett Garsed:

Now you can either guest your solo or enter the competition... just 9 days left!

Shred This III: Brett Garsed and DiMarzio competition ends 23:00 (GMT) Sunday, August 15th

Tristan Klein: straight!


Yngwie Malmsteen: 65th anniversary of Hiroshima

Lest we forget... lets hope it never happens again!

Thanks to YB for the tip on the clip:
Band: Yngwie Malmsteen
Song: Hiroshima Mon Amour
Concert: Live In Japan 1985 (The Complete Show)
Year: 1985

* Yngwie Malmsteen: Guitar
* Jens Johansson: Keyboards
* Anders Johansson: Drums
* Marcel Jacob: Bass
* Jeff Scott Soto: Vocals

Yngwie Malmsteen - Hiroshima Mon Amour