Monday, 9 August 2010

Fran Alonso: blue noize competition

Fran Alonso - Blue Noize - Blues Solo Competition Entry.mpg

Get all blue and emotional like Fran Alonso... you know you want too!

Blue Noize solo contest Enter Now!

Michael Dolce: Guitar Gods And Masterpieces TV show with Jasmine Young

Guitar Gods And Masterpieces TV show broadcasts on C31 Australia-THE ONLY GUITAR TV SHOW IN THE WORLD
"Supporting Australian Guitarists and Led Zeppelin"
From Blues to Shred, Rock to Country
If its made of strings and wood we bring it to you.

Please press auto tune on your digital box as it PRESS RE-TUNE ON DIGITAL BOX C31 IS LOCATED AT 44 ON YOUR DIGITAL TUNER or watch whole episodes online at
- Due to Legal and Contractual reasons can not be revealed yet

Michael Dolce guitar lick 1- Guitar Gods And Masterpieces TV show Jasmine Young C31 Australia

Michael Dolce guitar lick 2 - Guitar Gods And Masterpieces TV show Jasmine Young C31 Australia

Rob Favotto: lap tap strat, cool job!

Extreme Guitar tapping Lap style (Fender strat)

Ben Randall: Mayones Regius 7 String Guitar

Mayones Regius 7 String Guitar - Mayones Guitar Demo by Ben Randall

Joe Bonamassa, Derek Sherinian: Black Country CD ready for pre order

Description: CD includes FREE DVD featuring behind the scenes, interviews, music video and more. 20 page booklet collectible booklet.

Album : 13.99


Pre-Order promotion will end on September 7th at 12PM midnight EST.
All preorder are shipped one week prior to street date - Sept 21


Black Country Communion the Anglo/American rock supergroup comprising vocalist/bassist Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple Black Sabbath, Trapeze), drummer Jason Bonham (Led Zeppelin), Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater) and blues rock guitarist Joe Bonamassa, today confirmed the release date and track listing for their highly anticipated debut album “Black Country”. The album will be released by Mascot Records in the UK and the rest of Europe on Monday September 20th, followed by a North American release through J&R Adventures on Tuesday September 21st.

Track Listing
No. Title
1. "Black Country"
2. "One Last Soul"
3. "The Great Divide"
4. "Down Again"
5. "Beggarman"
6. "Song of Yesterday"
7. "No Time"
8. "Medusa"
9. "The Revolution in Me"
10. "Stand (At the Burning Tree)"
11. "Sista Jane"
12. "Too Late for the Sun"

* Glenn Hughes - lead vocals, bass
* Joe Bonamassa - guitars, backing vocals, lead vocals on "Song of Yesterday" and "The Revolution in Me", co-lead vocals on "Sista Jane" and "Too Late for the Sun" [6]
* Jason Bonham - drums, percussion
* Derek Sherinian - keyboards

Vincenzo grieco: melodic solo

Melodic solo by Vincenzo grieco

Paul Gilbert, Freddie Nelson: youngest fans?!'s a waste of time

Paul Gilbert, Dan Mani: live jamming

Dan Mani and Paul Gilbert with band

02 Dan Mani and Paul Gilbert

Dan Mani and Paul Gilbert with band

Dan Mani Guitar Wars

Paulo Schroeber: new DVD on the way

Paulo Schroeber:
I just finished the recordings for my video class, talking and teaching some of my parts of the second disc of Almah, Equality Fragile.

Also showing will be also some instruments of the Condor and also Orange amp.

Right now we are editing the audio and video.

I hope to have the work edited and pressed within two months.

Unfortunately I had to take a break from recording my album, due to video lesson
but I still hope to be returning this week recordings.

Hugs to all.

Rock it!!!Paulo Schroeber Instrumental

Paulo Schroeber | MySpace Music Videos

To my father - Paulo Schroeber Instrumental

Paulo Schroeber | MySpace Music Videos

Almah Solos - Paulo Schroeber - Full Version

Paulo Schroeber | MySpace Music Videos

Vinnie Moore: ufo tour dates 2010

19 - Chicago, IL - Loop Fest

12 - Melle, Germany - Hohnerkamps Ballsaal
14 - Lorsch, Germany - Musiktheater Rex
15 - Obermarchtal, Germany - Gemeindehaus
19 - Freiburg, Germany - Jazzhaus
22 - Kiel, Germany / Oslo, Norway - Classic Rock Boat Cruise

2 - Birmingham, UK - HMV Institute
3 - Prestatyn, UK - Hard Rock Hell IV
4 - Holmfirth. UK - Picturedrome

John 5: Nikki Blakk interview

John 5 07/11/2010 Pt 1

John 5 07/11/2010 Pt 2

Greg Howe: Live at Monteroduni 2010

Greg Howe Band: Kick it all over Live at Monteroduni (Isernia - Italy) Pignatelli Castle Eddie Lang Jazz Festival 6 August 2010

Greg Howe Band_Kick_it_all_over.avi

Greg Howe Band: Kick_it_all_over_Live_at_Monteroduni_Italy_Eddie_Lang_Jazz_Festival_06_08_2010

Daniele Gottardo: Live at Monteroduni (Isernia, Italy) Eddie Lang Jazz Festival 2010

Daniele Gottardo Band Live at Monteroduni (Isernia, Italy) Eddie Lang Jazz Festival 06_08_2010
Daniele Gottardo (guitar), Mark Thumb (keyboard)
Zaia Alexander (bass), Lele Veronesi (drums)

Daniele Gottardo Band Live_Monteroduni_Italy_Eddie_Lang_Jazz_Festival_06_08_2010.avi

Daniele Gottardo Band Live_Monteroduni_Italy_Eddie_Lang_Jazz_Festival_06_08_2010.avi

Jimmy Herring: featured on Lenny White CD

Lenny White begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting (Drums); Nick Moroch (Guitar) ; David Gilmore (Guitar); Tom Guarna (Guitar); Jimmy Herring(Guitar); David Bendeth (Guitar); George Colligan (Keyboards); Bernard Wright (Keyboards); Donald Blackman((Keyboards) ); Vince Evans (Keyboards); Victor Bailey (Bass); Richie Goods (Bass); Charles Fambrough (Bass); Stanley Clarke (Bass)

Lenny White Signature Pen/Case

Download High Quality MP3 and WAV

Following his triumphant worldwide reunion tour with Return To Forever in 2008 and separate trio tours in 2009 with Chick Corea and Stanley Clarke and pianist Hiromi with Clarke, drummer Lenny White was primed to put out his own recording, his first as a leader in ten years. With Anomaly, the pioneering jazz-rock drummer returns to his roots, blending powerhouse backbeats and improvisational abandon in a bold, unapologetically aggressive manner that characterized the early 70s fusion movement. On that RTF tour he told sold-out crowds every night: “This is not a boy band, this is a man band. And we need to take back the music as musicians”.

“And I really meant that,” says White. “We need to restart a revolution so that we can take back the music and stop the fluff. And I’m hoping that this new album is a representation of that.”

Accompanied by a crew of unsung guitar killers in Nick Moroch (a former member of White’s Astral Pirates), David Gilmore, Tom Guarna and David Bendeth, keyboardists George Colligan, Bernard Wright, Donald Blackman(another Astral Pirate )and Vince Evans and bassists Victor Bailey, Richie Goods, Charles Fambrough and his RTF bandmate Stanley Clarke, White unleashes with Zeppelinesque fury on Anomaly, his tenth overall recording as a leader.

“I really wanted to rock out on this project,” says White. “Early on, David Bendeth said to me, “No one has made a jazz-rock or fusion record with the sound of a rock record.” So I said, “Let’s do it!” And one of the things for me that was a real boost before we got into recording was reading something that John Bonham had said in a book about the making of several famous Led Zeppelin tracks. Now, I have been a Led Zeppelin fan forever and ‘Black Dog’ had always been my favorite Zeppelin tune. But I actually recently rediscovered ‘In My Time of Dying,’ which became my new favorite Zeppelin tune. So I’m reading through this book and I got to the point where Bonham’s talking about constructing the track ‘In My Time of Dying,’ and he says, “We were kind of rocking a little bit more from a progressive standpoint at this point, and I had been listening to Tony Williams, Billy Cobham and Lenny White.”So that really made my day.”

Anomaly, it turns out, is an apt description for a record that defies all industry trends with its sheer audaciousness. “I would’ve never been able to make a record like this if I were on a major label today,” says White. “Most record companies are very myopic in how they market things. So they want you to do one particular thing and you’re not supposed to stray outside of the line. I don’t know any musicians who are myopic but when they come under the umbrella of major labels, they suddenly become that way because that’s what is demanded of you when you are part of a stable of artists”. But on this project, White was free to explore his musical vision with a no-holds-barred approach.

He opens the collection with the riff-driven funk-rock of ‘Drum Boogie,’ a tune he wrote for his Lenny White Group more than 25 years ago. Nick Moroch takes a particularly blistering guitar solo here. “Nick is an undiscovered guitar hero. A lot of people know about him but not enough. He’s really a brilliant musician. He can play any style, any kind of guitar. He’s amazing.”

The crunchy, grunge-toned ‘We Know’ is decidedly in a Zeppelin vein and features a fleet-fingered piccolo bass solo from Stanley Clarke. Producer David Bendeth also turns in a scorching guitar solo on this aggressive number. “David is one of the top rock-pop producers in the world today,” says White. “He’s produced recordings for platinum acts like Paramour and Breaking Benjamin. And the truth is, he used to play in my band long ago. When I called him to work with me on this project I went by his studio in New Jersey and he told me, “Man, I owe all of this to you because you kicked my butt so bad when I was in your band that I learned a lot and I use everything that you taught me with all these groups. “So it was great to be able to reconnect with him on this project.”

White’s longtime friend, singer/producer and collaborator Nicki Richards is featured singing on ‘Forever.’ Some liquid lines from Widespread Panic guitarist Jimmy Herring coolly shade her soulful vocals. Guitarist David Gilmore brings in his composition ‘Dark Moon,’ which features Bernard Wright on piano and Victor Bailey in a rare turn on upright bass. Gilmore’s fluid solo here is spectacular. “I went to Russia and took David as a part of my group there,” says White. And during that tour, David wrote this song for me. We pulled it out for this session and recorded it, and David sounds fantastic on it.” “Then on another tour we went to Warsaw with Polish pop singer Tatiana Okupnik and opened for the Rolling Stones .

White offers an intriguing re-imagining of Joe Henderson’s ‘Gazelle,’ a composition that he recorded with the tenor sax great in 1970 on the live Milestone album ‘If You’re Not Part of the Solution, You’re Part Of The Problem.’ White turns in an extended drum solo on this fresh remake of the Henderson staple. “That’s always been one of my favorite tunes of Joe’s,” he says. “I just decided to put a different slant on it.”

Guitarist Tom Guarna contributes the exotic ‘If U Dare,’ which he imbued with his distortion-laced tones and considerable chops. “Tom’s another one of these unsung guitar heroes out here. He’s one of those guys that the public doesn’t know that well. And I really do like to bring the focus on great musicians that people don’t really know about. Tom can really play! And he’s a science fiction fan too, so that worked for me.”

‘Election Day’ is a big triumphant-sounding number that pays tribute to the historic election of President Barack Obama. Almost orchestral in scope, it’s a kind of heavy metal ‘Fanfare for the Common Man.’ As heavy as James Gang, Grand Funk Railroad and Led Zeppelin rolled into one, this aggressive track features a remarkably grungy wah-wah synth solo by Wright and a stinging six-string solo by Moroch. “I wanted to have a rocking track that had strings like Led Zeppelin’s ‘Kashmir,’” says White. “And this fit the bill.”

‘Coming Down’ is harmonically sophisticated tune in six with a cool distortion guitar solo from Guarna while ‘Anthem’ is George Colligan’s humungous-sounding arena rock number. Guarna erupts on this emotionally-charged power ballad like Tommy Bolin on Billy Cobham’s Spectrum.

White and his longstanding friend and drumming colleague Mike Clark (from Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters) join together for a two-drum jam on ‘Catlett Out of the Bag.’ Opening with a quote from jazz drumming great Sid Catlett’s ‘Mop Mop’ lick, it develops into a funky, organ-fueled groove with punchy horn section and Maceo Parker-styled alto sax work by Danny Walsh, another White regular. “Mike and I go back almost 40 years,” he says of Clark. “We played together a few years ago in a band we started called New Brew. For this track we just went in the studio and jammed with Jerry Z, the organist who plays in Mike’s band. I have no problem playing two drum things because I do it from the perspective of having one guy with eight arms. And then afterwards we overdubbed some horns on there so it would sound like a big jam band.”

Perhaps the most stirring tune on the collection is ‘Water Changes Everything,’ an exotic African flavored number featuring a vocal choir consisting of Chris Williams, Vanese Thomas, Gregg Clark, Irene James, Michelle Weeks-Reynoso and Nicki Richards. White explains the meaning behind this powerful original. “Basically, I had written this piece of music and after the fact a friend of mine told me about a charity called Water where they build wells in Africa where people don’t have any water and have to travel six hours to get water in some cases, and it’s not really drinkable water. So we put some words together to address this issue and I got some of my great singing friends to sing on it. I wanted it to be like a ‘We Are The World’ kind of thing, where everybody sings a piece of the verse. And I think you get the message.”

Another thought-provoking number is the hugely orchestral ‘The Wait Has Lifted the Weight,’ White’s spoken word meditation on the Obama Presidency. As he explains: “The actual piece was a part of an opera I’m composing. When Obama’s election happened, I thought about a whole bunch of things and I wrote down what I was thinking about. And I would’ve loved to have gotten Laurence Fishburne or a great voice like James Earl Jones to speak those words. But it didn’t work out, so I decided to go on and do it myself. What I was talking about was that for so long black people in the United States have been waiting to have some sort of major respectability boost. And I think with a black president people are starting to shift their attitudes. And you know, we’ve been waiting a long time. So now that wait, which is time, has lifted this weight.

Bonus tracks on Anomaly (not available for Stateside release) are White’s ‘Inside Strait,’ a revved-up funk rocker he penned more than 20 years ago, and Colligan’s slamming jazz-rock number ‘Arpanet,’ which features more sizzling six-string work from Guarna and a soaring Mini Moog solo by the composer.

Largely self-taught on drums, native New Yorker White broke into the jazz world in 1968 with alto saxophonist Jackie McLean. The following year he participated in Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew, generally regarded as the album that birthed the fusion movement. He subsequently recorded with a Who’s Who in Jazz, including trumpeters Freddie Hubbard and Woody Shaw, tenor saxophonists Joe Henderson, Gato Barbieri and Stan Getz and renowned composer-bandleader Gil Evans, among others. As a member of Return To Forever from 1973 to 1976, White gained a solid reputation as one of the top fusion drummers of the day. “I'm basically a jazz guy, and that’s what I grew up playing,” he says. “But when this new thing happened with jazz-rock through Bitches Brew and bands like Tony Williams Lifetime and Return To Forever, I found myself on the ground floor of a movement. And this musical movement co-existed with other forms of music that came in during the latter part of the 20th century.

“I was fortunate when I started to make music,” he continues. “I made music at the same time that Igor Stravinksy was making music, at the same time that Jimi Hendrix and James Brown were making music, at the same time that Duke Ellington and Miles Davis and John Coltrane were making music. Led Zeppelin co-existed at the same time that Return To Forever did. All these artists co-existed at the same time and I listened to all that music and was influenced by all of it. So now when I put together an eclectic project I sometimes hear people say, “Oh man, what is he trying to do” ”But the truth is, I’m not trying to do anything. I’m just representing the music that I came up listening to.”

He represents it well on Anomaly.

Marko Vesovic: Brett Garsed DiMarzio shred this III #2 with new guitar

What better way to christen your new guitar!
Marko Vesovic:
Hello my friends , tihis is video with my new guitar Ibanez Prestige rg 2570 .
I hope you will enjoy in this improvisation , all the best and greetings from Serbia .

Shred this III Brett Garsed and DiMarzio competition- Marko Vesovic

Soon there will be only 5 days left to solo for the competition... then we have the joy of short listing the top players... make our life difficult... submit your awesome, jaw dropping solo!

Shred This III: Brett Garsed and DiMarzio competition ends 23:00 (GMT) Sunday, August 15th

Wim Roelents: room 13

Wim Roelents


Mario Poncin Vocals, guitar
Wim Roelants Lead guitar, vocals
Gerry Verstreken, Bass
Jan Van Grunderbeek Drums




Aarschot, Belgium

Record label:


News: Guitar Hanger from Red Musical Accessories


Red Musical Accessories, a manufacturer of high end musical accessories, today introduced the Gauntlet hanger, a new guitar hanger aimed at giving musicians and musical retailers a hanger option with a more sophisticated design and a higher quality construction.

The Gauntlet hanger combines a completely unique design, solid maple construction, triple urethane coated finish, invisible keyhole slot hanging, and suede neck padding to create a hanger unlike anything available. The product will be of tremendous value to help showcase your favorite guitars, in a way that matches their quality and look.

“This unique product is far superior to anything in the market place,” said Chris Boot, the President of Red Musical Accessories. “The response from consumers and retailers has been fantastic, word is travelling fast and we are expecting excellent sales in the coming year.”

Every hanger is manufactured in Canada using sustainably harvested maple and boasts a carbon negative footprint. Suede was chosen as a padding material because it is both aesthetically pleasing, prevents scratching the same as foam but is many times more resilient and
consequently weight of the guitar won’t deteriorate it. The invisible keyhole slot hanging, utilizes dual keyhole slots on the reverse side of the hanger so when the hanger is mounted, there are no visible screws.  Specs

Red Musical Accessories, based in Port Hope, Ontario, was founded in 2010. By working with sustainable organizations and the government of Ontario, the company has achieved a carbon negative footprint and now offsets more carbon that it releases. Red is dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality guitar accessories possible; using the best materials and strict standards they ensure they put out the best product possible, sacrificing nothing in form. Red has plans to expand into other areas of musical accessories, cases for guitar and other accessories.

Lucky Singh: An Evening With "7"

An Evening With "7"
At The Assembly Rooms Ludlow Saturday The 14th August
This Saturday "7" will be performing their first 2 hour+ show at:
Ludlow Assembly Rooms
1 Mill Street
It's free entry and children may come along providing they are accompanied by an adult (warning as alcohol will more than likely be available, Ahem....)
The evening will see "7" performing songs from 3 of Lucky Singh's previously released albums titled:
Tokyo Rules
Project 8105
All 3 CDs will also be available to purchase on the evening of the show, for a special 3-CD-package price of £20! (otherwise £8 Each)
So grab your GPS, whack in the postcode SY8 1AZ and come and show your support by sharing a night of drinks and live entertainment in the form of every musical genre imaginable!
An Evening With "7"
At the Assembly Rooms Ludlow Saturday The 14th August
The Ludlow Assembly Rooms
1 Mill Street

All 3 albums available to buy
Click on the Album covers below to buy!

We've also got a great Youtube channel. Lots of performance and behind the scenes footage is added regularly, so check it out!

Bryan Aspey: Agustín Barrios for electric guitar

I thought I'd take a quick trip back in time to see some early video of Bryan Aspey... sure enough the guy was on fire then too... well who would have believed that?! Answers on a postcard...

Agustín Barrios - Estudio Inconcluso arr. for Electric Guitar by Bryan Aspey

"Estudio para Ambas Manos" Agustín Barrios; electric guitar

David Locke: Cray Locked in... untitled loaded!

Untitled - David Locke

Right Next Door - Robert Cray - David Locke

Richard Lundmark: Overdrive Pedal demo... and excellent soloing too!

Part II of the pedal demo for the Maestro Antique Revised Overdrive from "Leqtique" - the new brand of Japanese boutique builder Shun Nokina. (Part I due soon).
Part II consists of a short improvisation with the MAR into a clean amp (Blackstar).

Overdrive Pedal demo - Leqtique, Maestro Antique Revised

Vincenzo Grieco: tribute to Jeff Beck!

A Tribute to Jeff Beck by Vincenzo Grieco

Asturia:Renat Bikchurin finger style guitar


Bryan Rason: Cancer (short version) Finger Style Acoustic Guitar

Bryan Rason - Cancer (short version) - Follow Your Bliss - Finger Style Acoustic Guitar

Bill Ruppert: Electro Harmonix Freeze effects!

Electro-Harmonix Effectology 'Freeze Tricks" Special Edition
"Expanding the Freeze Effect"
By Bill Ruppert

Welcome to Electro-Harmonix's "Effectology" series, in which we create a remarkable collection of impossible sounds using just a regular guitar and EHX effect pedals!
No keyboards, samplers or midi pickups were used.

"Expanding the Freeze Effect"
In this video I show how to make some cool and very interesting sounds using the new Electro-Harmonix Freeze pedal.

Electro-Harmonix Effectology, "Freeze Tricks" By Bill Ruppert

Steve Lukather: VIP tickets for UK tour!

To coincide with the October 11th release of Steve Lukather’s new album “All’s Well That Ends Well”, Steve Lukather is offering fans a chance to buy exclusive V.I.P. tickets to his November UK tour. The dates include London O2 Academy (Nov 18), The Robin 2 in Wolverhampton (Nov 19) and The Brook in Southampton (Nov 20).
There are 25 V.I.P. tickets up for grabs for each concert. The package includes a 30-minute meet and greet, a V.I.P. pass for early entry to the concert, a signed limited edition digibook album, autographed tour poster, exclusive tour T-shirt, and an opportunity to watch the sound check.

To order the V.I.P. tickets please visit -

Alex Ehrsam: New Album on Shred Guy Records!

Really great news, thanks to the guys at Shred Guy records! This is the trailer for new album "P.U.L.S.E.", released on US independent label ShredGuy Records this Fall

Alex Ehrsam - New Album "P.U.L.S.E." Trailer

Allan Holdsworth: KUSI News Appearance

Allan Holdsworth - KUSI News Appearance

Mamoru Morishita: Boxer Inspiration and perspiration

Inspiration and perspiration by Boxer & Guitarist Mamoru Morishita

Adam Ironside: Sanyo Pedal Juice the big shot demo

Dirt box is consistently one of the best looking guitar pedal demo web sites on the inter webs: This is a video demo of the inspired Pedal Juice rechargable battery from Sanyo. Sanyo:

Sanyo Pedal Juice

Julien Carayon: new album in the works... here's a demo

Julien Carayon - Backing track jamming for next album

Sloth Chubsteen: Summer Guitar Solo Contest 2010

Sloth reminds me he's already in third place!

My Summer Guitar Solo Contest 2010- Sloth

Kenny Serane: Musikmesse 2009

More awesome soling from Kenny Serane... this man is awesome

Kenny Serane - Musikmesse 2009 Improvising

Kenny Serane - Musikmesse 2009 Rock 2 (Torpedo demo song)

I am reminded to advise you that you need to buy a copy of this awesome CD... which features Christophe Godin, Richard Daudé and Joel Hoekstra... the whole CD is great but I particularly love the track Black Light!

BEYOND THE UNKNOWN TERRITORY (2008) Workshop are on MySpace:

1. Departure (Introduction)
2. Spectral Anarchy
3. Fire Kiss mp3
4. Don’t Forget mp3
5. Speech Recognition (Interlude)
6. Last Word
7. Without my Soul
8. Beyond the Unknown Territory Pt. I – Leaving Home
9. Beyond the Unknown Territory Pt. II - Destination
10. Retrospection (Interlude)
11. Black Light mp3

Richard DAUDE : Guitar Solo on 2
Christophe GODIN: Guitar Solo on 3
Joel HOEKSTRA: Guitar Solo on 6

Check out the new sound samples for the workshop release: or this sample which features fellow Frenchman Ric Daude:

Konrad Jeremus: guitar idol 2010 - super video tribute to Jason Becker!

A really great video supporting this entry. Plus a tribute to Jason Becker... I'm sure he'd be very happy with this. Surely the best video for the competition... unless you are still making yours?!

KONRAD JEREMUS - For the Love of Jason Becker - GUITAR IDOL 2010

Get your solo entry in

Guitar Idol 2010 Enter!!!)

Maxime Cottin: Brett Garsed DiMarzio shred this III

Maxime Cottin is from France... and he's armed with a Vigier, with some cool blended bar work, another super fluid solo to add to the competition!

Shred This III - Maxime Cottin entry

Pick up your weapon of choice and did deep to get that winning solo! Ends this Sunday!

Shred This III: Brett Garsed and DiMarzio competition ends 23:00 (GMT) Sunday, August 15th

Scott Jolley: Brett Garsed DiMarzio shred this III Aussie style

Scott Jolly is from the land of Aus An other new player to YouTube which pleases me immensely.

Greg Howe, Brett Garsed, Rocky George, John Scofield, Scott Henderson, Mike Landau, Wayne Krantz, Gary Moore, Frank Marino, Alex Skolnick, Strunz & Farah, Don Ross, Andy McKee, Bruce Dickinson, Infectious Grooves, John Cleary & The Absolute Monster Gentlemen, Tower of Power, Michael Schack, Nirvana, Suicidal Tendencies
I particularly like the Suicidal Tendencies reference!

Shred This III - Scott Jolley

Paolo Castillo: Brett Garsed DiMarzio shred this III Lagnua from the Philippines!!!

Paolo Castillo fires up the orange Laguna for his solo... yet another fluid fusion solo.

Paolo Castillo:
Bryan Aspey gave me some tips, so now I made a solo that sounds different from my usual stuff (I think!). Since Bryan likes kon-tiki, I put in Crash Bandicoot in the video, cause you know Akuaku is the mask and.. yeah okay. Anyway, last minute entry, I don't expect to win. I just really like the backing! Hope you like it!

Paolo Castillo - Shred This Three

6 days left to get that solo in... Sunday UK time!

Shred This III: Brett Garsed and DiMarzio competition ends 23:00 (GMT) Sunday, August 15th

Colm Lindsay: Brett Garsed DiMarzio shred this III - more super fusion with dreamy tones!

With so many few days to go the quality of solos is just getting better and better. I'm hoping you guys are as happy with the solos as I am! This one has a really fluid, dreamy tone, cool intervallic ideas.

Colm Lindsay - Shred This III - Brett Garsed & DiMarzio Competition

Nikolay Karageorgiev: Brett Garsed DiMarzio shred this III- hammond style!!

Another excellent solo!

Nikolay Karageorgiev:
Wanted to play it a bit different this time. The idea was to try to sound a bit like a keyboard. Unfortunately my web camera almost didn't work (something wrong with the driver I guess) and managed to record only two times, thats the better try.
Thanks one more time for the groovy track

KolioK Entry N2 - Shred This III: Brett Garsed and DiMarzio competition

Check out his first one as well... another brilliant solo

KolioK Entry - Shred This III: Brett Garsed and DiMarzio competition

Steph Lucarelli: Brett Garsed DiMarzio shred this III - super creamy tone

Where do these new guys keep coming from? Well this one is from France and plays for guitar master class Very creamy tone and fluid playing. Very good enjoy!

Steph Lucarelli - Shred This III - Brett Garsed & Dimarzio Competition

Steve Paoli, Chris Brooks: live gig announced

STEVE PAOLI with special guests Sunset Riot and Devine Electric

Time 17 September · 20:00 - 23:00
Location Candys Apartment
22 Bayswater Road, King's Cross
Sydney, Australia
Created by:
Steve Paoli, Naresh Fernando, Dellacóma RioShow all (5)
More info This is a night you wont want to miss, whether you are a fan of Rock 'n' Roll or not, this friday night is going to blow your mind!

After taking an absence from performing Steve Paoli has returned with an all new set of glam and heavy metal inspired tracks and a new band, and is ready to melt your brain with his outrageous guitar gymnastics! Featuring Australian guitar legend and close friend Chris Brooks on guitar two, this show is sure to make you reconsider what can be done with two electric guitars!

Steve's set will be accompanied by performances from rockers DEVINE ELECTRIC and SUNSET RIOT

Sunset Riot, armed with a sound that is stadium bound, and an energy that is sure to captivate audiences from Ballina to Bangkok, the boys of Sunset Riot bring an electrically charged rock n roll show that will bring back memories of the days when rock music was brash, hard as steel, captivating, gutsy and above all, entertaining.

Doors open 8pm, $10 entry, cheap drinks!
Presale tickets available at

Devine Electric 8:15pm
Sunset Riot act 9pm
Steve Paoli 9:45pm

Bartek Bereska: Brett Garsed DiMarzio shred this III

Bartek Bereska id from Poland, and delivers a tasty solo . Here is his web site:

Shred This III - Bartek Bereska

Robbin Ford: jemsite interview

How did you start playing guitar?
My father played and showed me my first few chords. I learned quickly and was given my first electric the following Christmas and started a band with my thirteen year old friends.
How did you move from electric to blues and everything in between? Describe similarities and differences between blues, jazz, and other genres.

I bought a record in my local shop because I liked the cover. It turned out to be the Paul Butterfield Blues Band with Mike Bloomfield on guitar who became my instant hero. R+B was all over pop radio so soul music was not unusual to hear but this music had incredible
guitar and blues harp playing all over it. Very exciting. Then came Clapton, Hendrix, BB King and many others.