Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Simone Mularoni: DGM celebrate anniversary with release of "stunning" live DVD

DGM will celebrate their 15-year anniversary with the release of a "stunning" live DVD, "Synthesis", due next month via Scarlet Records. Recorded in April 2010 in Rome, Italy, the DVD will be made available in a special package containing extra material plus a bonus CD featuring the band's greatest hits, re-recorded specifically for this release, as well as two previously unreleased tracks, "Just Like Before" and "The Only One".

According to a press release, "Synthesis" is a "must for all the band's fanatics but also for those who have never experienced one of the greatest power-progressive acts in today's metal scene."

DGM will hit the American soil next month when the band performs at the premier U.S. prog/power metal festival ProgPower USA in Atlanta, Georgia, alongside such acts as KAMELOT, HAMMERFALL, NOCTURNAL RITES and many more.

DGM's "Hereafter" video can be viewed below. The clip was directed by Salvatore "Xavy" Perrone, who has previously worked with EMPYRIOS, PARKWAY DRIVE, BURY YOUR DEAD, BRING ME THE HORIZON and SUICIDE SILENCE.

"Hereafter" comes off DGM's seventh album, "FrAme", which was released on February 23, 2009 via Scarlet Records. The CD features artwork by Nerve Design (NILE, VISION DIVINE, THRESHOLD, LEGION OF THE DAMNED) as well as a very special guest appearance by former guitarist Diego Reali. full post

DGM - Hereafter

Marco Sfogli, Ray Riendeau: James LaBrie “Static Impulse” CD details

Artwork for “Static Impulse” album unveiled;

James LaBrie is best known for his gig as the lead singer of prog metal titans Dream Theater, and rightfully so. But Dream Theater are recognized mostly for the complexity and density of their instrumentation. With LaBrie's solo album, “Static Impulse”, which is due to be released September 27th via InsideOutMusic in Europe, he is able to fully showcase his muscular, soaring voice. Noisecreep have premiered the new album’s opening song ‘One More Time’ to great acclaim yesterday here: www.noisecreep.com/2010/07/27/james-labrie-one-more-time-song-premiere

And the song is available now as well on the band’s newly launched official MySpace page: www.myspace.com/officialjameslabrie

"Musically speaking, 'One More Time' is sort of a marriage of old-school progressive elements and modern melodic death metal," guitarist/keyboardist Matt Guillory comments. "We wanted to have a drastic contrast between what's going on in the verses and what's going on in the choruses. There's almost a pop feel near the end where both James' vocals and my vocals start layering in different ways. Lyrically, the song is about dealing with the loss of a loved one."

“Static Impulse” also features the immensely talented longtime songwriting partner and keyboardist Matt Guillory. Another notable performance is Peter Wildoer from metal titans Darkane on drums and screaming vocals. The group is rounded out by Marco Sfogli on guitars and Ray Riendeau on bass and “Static Impulse” was mixed and mastered by the renowned Jens Borgen (Opeth, Katatonia, Soilwork, etc.) in Sweden at Fascination Street studios. The album’s cover artwork was created by Thomas Ewerhard (Avantasia, Threshold, Masterplan, etc.); who had already worked on the artwork for the previous James LaBrie solo effort, “Elements Of Persuasion”.

“Static Impulse” Line-Up:
James LaBrie - Lead Vocals
Matt Guillory - Keyboards, Background Vocals
Marco Sfogli - Guitars
Ray Riendeau - Bass
Peter Wildoer - Drums, Screams

Static Impulse tracklisting is as follows:

‘One More Time’
‘Jekyll Or Hyde’
‘Over The Edge’
‘I Need You’
‘Who You Think I Am’
‘I Tried’
‘Just Watch Me’
‘This Is War’
‘Coming Home’

There will also be a digipak version available in Europe with a demo of ‘Jekyll Or Hyde’ and an Alternate Mix of ‘Coming Home’ as bonus tracks.

Static Impulse (digipak) tracklisting is as follows:

‘One More Time’
‘Jekyll Or Hyde’
‘Over The Edge’
‘I Need You’
‘Who You Think I Am’
‘I Tried’
‘Just Watch Me’
‘This Is War’
‘Coming Home’
‘Jekyll Or Hyde’ [Demo]
‘Coming Home’ [Alternate Mix]

Pop Woravit: guitar idol 2010

Pop appears to be in two minds about this being his song... top quality melodic soloing again... enjoy!

Pop Woravit " Burning fire " original version ( high quality)

Fernando Soto,Carrera Eterna: Call and Response soloing!

Guitar Idol 2010 -Fernando Soto - See video response.(Ver respuesta en video)

Patrick Amar: an excellent improv on the track Do You?

Patrick Amar - Impro on my track "Do you ?"

Andrea Fedeli: solos from Acqua

ANDREA FEDELI Solos from "Acqua"

Jean-Dominique Leonelli: guitar idol 2010

Guitar Idol 2010:Jean-Do Leonelli's entry, DYSFUNCTION.

Jacqui Taylor: guitar idol 2010

2010 guitar entry from Jacqui Taylor "Kamikaze Guitarist"

Kamikaze Guitarist.mp4

Simon Lees: a sparkling array of improvisations and matching t-shirts too!

Do you think he t-shirts match the improvisational feeling? I've tried to colour up the video frames to match a best I can... I think Danger Mouse is my favourite!

Party Time Improvisation in C Mixolydian.wmv

Flattened Improvisation in C Locrian.wmv

Trippy Improvisation In C Lydian.wmv

Happy Improvisation in C Major.wmv

Mellow Improvisation in C Minor.wmv

Funky Improvisation in C Dorian.wmv

Claudio Acampora: Heavy Metal guitar Contest

Some tasty metal playing from Claudio Acampora

Heavy Metal guitar Contest

Tosin Abasi: Teaching an old dog new tricks?

Josh from Fretterverse says:
Getting older is a funny thing. “You just wait and see” must be on an endless subconscious loop in the minds of my parent’s generation. The younger you are, the more you think you know, and the more the older generation can’t wait for you to grow up a little bit and see the expression on your face when you finally “get it” and realize you don’t know everything.

But the burden isn’t just on the young guys. Quite often the older folks don’t give the younger guys enough credit. They just assume they know nothing, are unmotivated, and will never learn. find out what Josh learned

Yngwie Malmsteen: The First Guitar Record That Blew You Away

Josh from Fretterverse says:
There comes a time in every guitar player’s musical upbringing when they find that one record, that one pivotal piece of music that completely destroys any hope they had of a non-musical future career. It’s that one CD (or LP/cassette in my case) that is so moving and inspirational that you lose your mind and block out anything and everything that is not guitar-related.

For me, that record has a little bit of a back story. I remember going to the local 7-11 one day to pick up the latest issue of Guitar for the Practicing Musician magazine. Back in the day, this was the magazine to buy. If I remember correctly, Guitar and Guitar World were the only two magazines for guitar out. (I could be wrong about that.) So, I picked up the March 1986 issue and started pouring through the pages. At the time my favorite section was the transcription area. I wasn’t that great at reading music yet, and certainly my ear wasn’t developed.

Perusing the transcriptions, however, led me to a then little-known song by a Swedish guitar player named Yngwie J. Malmsteen. (According to Spinal Tap, the “J” was to separate him from all of the other Yngwie Malmsteen’s out there in the world.)

The song was called ... find out now

Tony MacAlpine, Stefania Daniel: seven the hardway CD available

SEVEN THE HARDWAY release their new self-titled album today in Europe through Mascot Records. The album will see a US release on September 14th, and in other territories soon after. Listen to samples: http://seventhehardway.net/thealbum/

Andrea Braido: Magistrale esecuzione del grandissimo

Andrea Braido - Spingi

Andrea Braido e Gigi de Martino plays at Eko stand - Music Italy Show 2010