Saturday, 28 August 2010

Reece Fullwood,Sam Bell: Unbreakable - all n00bs will be destroyed

These guys are just ripping it u, Reece Fullwood is laden with a super load out of super fuel air bomb licks and cluster bomb lickets...

This is an original song from Reece Fullwood featuring a guest solo from his friend Sam Bell of 'Mask of Judas'...

Reece Fullwood - Unbreakable Performance

Simone Mularoni: DGM - SYNTHESIS Official Trailer

Italian progressive metallers DGM will celebrate their 15-year aniversary with the release of a "stunning" live DVD, "Synthesis", due next month via Scarlet Records. Recorded in April 2010 in Rome, Italy, the DVD will be made available in a special package containing extra material plus a bonus CD featuring the band's greatest hits, re-recorded specifically for this release, as well as two previously unreleased tracks, "Just Like Before" and "The Only One".

According to a press release, "Synthesis" is a "must for all the band's fanatics but also for those who have never experienced one of the greatest power-progressive acts in today's metal scene."

DGM will hit the American soil next month when the band performs at the premier U.S. prog/power metal festival ProgPower USA in Atlanta, Georgia, alongside such acts as KAMELOT, HAMMERFALL, NOCTURNAL RITES and many more.

DGM - SYNTHESIS Official Trailer

Paul Gilbert: Fuzz Universe pedal

Thanks to Metalichika Jenn!
Paul Gilbert Fuzz Universe

-Specialized overdrive and boost in one box - Individual on / off footswitches
- Custom taper tone control for easy access to all of Paul’s favorite overdrive tones.
-Paul’s preferred bass cut off frequency, optimized for pure shred.
-True Bypass
Paul Gilbert Fuzz Universe - FU-2 - $279.99 ***

Many of you have heard the Fuzz Universe in action on Paul’s recent clinic tour – but for those who haven’t, check out Paul’s new release of the same name. Throughout the CD, Paul used a Venom Boost and a modified Body Blow. All the overdriven and boosted tones you hear on the CD are the result of Paul’s use of these pedals.

Paul suggested taking the tone recipe used in the modification of his personal Body Blow, further changing the tone pot taper, adding the Venom Boost circuit in the same box and creating the Fuzz Universe pedal. What a great idea! If you were looking for an overdrive / boost for killer rhythm tones and ultimate shredability, look no further!

Daniel Rezende: Wayfarer Soul

Daniel Rezende wrote and composed the music for an upcoming game.

Wayfarer Soul

John Clark: Spanish Guitar Evolved

Over 40 videos of a Flamenco guitar:

The Most Evolved - Spanish Guitar -

News: palm sounds iPhone Guitar Interface Comparison

Probably the first video comparing 5 iPhone guitar interfaces. A short video of each of these interfaces for the iPhone and your guitar. We take each interface and listen to it clean and then use them with their amp modeling software too.

To find out what our verdict was visit:

iPhone Guitar Interface Comparison

News: Frankie Banali / QUIET RIOT Documentary Your help required!

Frankie say let's make a Rockumentary! Frankie Banali of QUIET RIOT opens his personal home video vaults and his life, for a rockin' documentary.

Frankie Banali is a world renown drummer you probably remember from the 80's band QUIET RIOT. He was in the band for 27 years and the last 13 he was also the band's manager. His career took a major sideswipe when his singer Kevin Dubrow died three years ago. As a single soccer dad in the suburbs, his long hair and tattoos frighten the neighbors, but to other drummers he's a hero. At a cross roads in his life he must forge ahead and make a new life for himself and his daughter. Lots of never before seen home movies from QUIET RIOT's heyday, interviews with dozens of rock stars, deeply personal footage and a few surprise twists. The most real, raw rock and roll documentary of it's time.

This film takes a real journey back through time to the decade of debauchery and decadence. Real home videos shot backstage, on the tour bus, in the recording studio, and in hotel rooms with one of the 80's top platinum selling bands and most notorious bad boys. Never before seen footage from the milestones in Frankie's long career in music and his personal life now. Funny, and deeply personal and poignant exploration of Frankie's long time friendship with his bandmate Kevin Dubrow. The loss of his close friend and his career as he knew it, and his life after Kevin. Follow his journey at his current moment of truth and beyond. Want to help out?

Tiago Pinto: Concurso Double Vision!!

Concurso Double Vision DVD - Double Vision - TIAGO PINTO

Sergey Golovin: Killer playing alert!

Sergey Golovin-Alternate Picking Etude №1

Sergey Golovin-Legato Etude №1.avi

Sergey Golovin.Don't Forget.

Diezel Schmidt Demo by Sergey Golovin

Carl Verheyen: shred knowledge interview

Carl Verheyen:
I believe a working guitarist should have a good example of every important guitar, and I am constantly adding to and bettering these instruments. Les Pauls, Strats, Teles, Gretsch, Rickenbackers, Gibson SGs and a handful of martins, Gibson acoustics and custom made guitars. I also have the quirky ones like a Supro for slide and a Flying V because my name is Verheyen! More

Paolo Castillo: How To Create Your Own Legato Licks

Turn on annotations for this video:
The point of the video wasn't to show SPECIFIC licks. I introduced the concept of things, not actual licks you want to repeat note per note. That way, you can really create your own.

The first part, for example, introduces the concept of 2 note string sequences played in octaves. So, make a 2 note string 3nps sequence, repeat it in octaves, then ta-daaa, instant legato lick! :D You can do the same with picking licks, actually.

The idea is the same with the other bits.

How To Create Your Own Legato Licks by Paolo Castillo

News: ZC3 - 100% free Entrance!!! so close you can taste it!!!

Ziua Chitarelor 3

Time 18 September · 10:30 - 22:30
Location Teatrul Bulandra -Sala Izvor
Bd. Schitu Magureanu 1
Bucharest, Romania
Created by:Ziua Chitarelor, Mihai Alexandru, Laurie MonkShow all (6)
More info Ziua Chitarelor 3
Master Class & Concert with : Stu Hamm- Jennifer Batten - Michael
Lee Firkins - TJ Helmerich - Dave Martone - Andreas Oberg - Damjan
Pejcinoski - Dragianni - Marius Pop !!!!!100% free Entrance


Vincenzo Grieco: video lessons for beginners (Italian speakers)

Hello I am writing to tell you my video guitar course for beginners in 6 lezioni.Le the handouts you can download free at in the photo section you will find the album "handouts".
I hope you find it useful!

This is probably only for Italian speakers:

Ciao vi scrivo per segnalarvi il mio video corso per chitarra per principianti in 6 lezioni.Le dispense le potete scaricare gratuitamente sul sito nella sezione foto troverete l'album "dispense".
Spero vi sia utile!







News: Lick Library summer super deal on DVD's

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