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Richie Kotzen: Hendrix Tribute

Richie Kotzen - Hendrix Tribute

News: a couple of useful tips for guitar bloggers and guitar web master

Is there a good way to kick off a feed in Google Reader by doing something like temporarily making the feed include a whole bunch of old content? Is it desirable to do something like that?

What's a good way to kick off a new RSS feed?

It seems that having relevant keywords in URLs is
very helpful. Does Google give higher importance
to keywords in the path vs filename?

Is it better to have keywords in the URL path or filename?

Matteo Ruggiero: super tribute to Jeff Beck

Matteo Ruggiero playing Achia Versa (Jeff Beck Cover)

Gary Wehrkamp: Arjen Lucassen Star One Instrumentalists revealed

Arjen Lucassen reveals the instrumentalists for the new Star One album, "Victims of the Modern Age."
Release dates: 26 Oct USA, 29 Oct GAS, 1 Nov Europe. For more info, visit .

Star One Instrumentalists revealed

Piotr Wójcicki: blue jam

Piotr Wójcicki blues jamm

Bujang Kesindap: Shred This III

Hi, this is my video for Shred This iii. It's not an entry. The backing track is cool, so I gave it a try. Thanks Laurie Monk, Brett Garsed, incredible judges panel & all who participated in this awesome contest.

Peace & lots of respects from Malaysia.

Shred this iii - bujangkesindap

Don't forget you can a win a prize for your top 5:

Sarah Michelle: Guitar Idol 2010

Guitar Idol 2010 - Wings Of Pegasus - Sarah Michelle

Francesco Artusato: All Shall Perish Guitar Lesson #1

In this exclusive video lesson, new All Shall Perish guitarist and Berklee College of Music graduate Francesco Artusato shows you how to play three songs from his all-instrumental solo album, Chaos and the Primordial: "Quantum Tunneling," "The Metamorphosis" and "Layers of Corrosion."

For more information on Francesco and to hear audio samples from his album, head over to his MySpace page:

All Shall Perish's Francesco Artusato Guitar Lesson #1

Marco De Cave: live4guitar

marco de cave live4guitar competition

Chad Coggin: Mr Kaizen

Left Hand/Legato Lesson


Advanced Guitar Lesson

Shred Guitar Lesson

Todd Duane: Axe FX Marshall mod tone

Axe FX Marshall mod tone 2:90 power amp Evidence audio cables and Recto cab w/ V30 and 65'

Axe FX modded Marshall tone

Roy Brooks: Tetrafusion

Fans of more progressive guitar music will probably like this.

The single "Last Chance" from Tetrafusion's sophomore album "Altered State" via Nightmare Records. This album will be released worldwide on October 12th, 2010, and will be distributed by Sony Entertainment's RED Music.

You can now PRE-ORDER this album from AMAZON.COM:

Hear one-minute samples of other songs from this album here:

For more information, please visit us at the following websites:

Visit the band's online store at:

Thanks for watching! Mark your calendars, get excited, and send this video to everyone you know!

Tetrafusion - Last Chance

Zakk Wylde: and Rob Turner, Founder, EMG Pickups thanks you!

Rob Turner, Founder, EMG Pickups

Dhalif: Me on TheStage.TV #2

Me on TheStage.TV: "wonderfulslipperything"

Me on TheStage.TV: "anightoremember"

Me on TheStage.TV: "someguthriegovan!!"

Robbert Hanenberg: beckian beauty

Robbert Hanenberg : Semi clean impro (intro)

Devin Townsend: project tour dates for US and Canada

8 - Vancouver, BC - Rickshaw Theatre
9 - Seattle, WA - Studio Seven
10 - Portland, OR - Hawthorne Theatre
12 - San Francisco, CA - Slim’s
14 - West Hollywood, CA - Key Club
15 - San Diego, CA - Ramona Mainstage
16 - Las Vegas, NV - Cheyenne Saloon
26 - Springfield, VA - Jaxx
27 - West Chester, PA - The Note
28 - New York, NY - Gramercy Theatre
29 - Worcester, MA - The Palladium
30 - Oneonta, NY - Oneonta Theatre
31 - Hartford, CT - Webster Theatre

2 - Montreal, QC - Cafe Campus
3 - Toronto, ON - The Mod Club
4 - London, ON - London Music Hall
5 - Cleveland, OH - Peabody’s Downunder
6 - Flint, MI - Machine Shop
7 - Chicago, IL - Lincoln Hall

Joe Stump: More details on live DVD

Joe Stump:
"The past few months have been quite busy for me as touring with both HolyHell and my solo thing have continued this summer. HolyHell was over in eastern Europe for 2 festivals in July, and the Masters of Rock show in the Czech Republic was without a doubt one of our best shows as a band to date. The band played killer and the crowd really enjoyed it.

I've compiled quite a bit of high quality concert video footage over the last several months, so some type of full-on concert DVD of my solo stuff will be released before the end of this year. It'll be a two-DVD package. DVD one will be me performing tracks from Virtuostic Vendetta in a combination performance/instructional type of thing, and the second DVD in the package will be a full concert with maybe some bonus clinic and bootleg concert footage in there as well. That's it for now." full post

Jorn Viggo Lofstad: pagans mind competition

Play guitar like Jorn Viggo Lofstad!

For all you aspiring guitarists out there, please show us how you play a full Pagan's Mind song. Upload a movie clip with yourself playing along to a song of your choice (make sure you are easily heard) to YouTube, then post the link on our official Facebook page.

Submissions will be accepted until September 20th, and Jorn Viggo himself will select the winner, which will be given a T-shirt and the band's DVD, two tickets to any show on the next tour plus a meet and greet with the band. The two runners up will also get a shirt and DVD. Now go and practise, folks - we look forward to your entries :-)."

Fredrik Thordendal: reissues Special Defects

The new digipak edition of the album is limited to 2000 copies. Remastered using tube technology, digitally edited on a golden disc. Metal Mind productions set up the release date for October 11th in Europe and December 7th in USA (via MVD). Full details

Fredrik Thordendal’s Special Defects - Sol Niger Within (remastered) tracklist:

'The Beginning Of The End Of Extraction (Evolutional Slow Down)'
'The Executive Furies Of The Robot Lord Of Death'
'Descent To The Netherworld'
'...Och Stjärnans Namn Var Malört'
'Dante's Wild Inferno'
'I, Galactus'
'Sickness And Demoniacal Dreaming'
'Z1- Reticuli'
'Transmigration Of Souls'
'In Reality All Is Void'
'Krapp's Last Tape'
'Through Fear We Are Unconscious'
'Death At Both Ends'
'Bouncing In A Bottomless Pit'
'The Sun Door'
'Painful Disruption'
'Vitamin K Experience (A Homage To The Scientist/John Lilly)'
'Cosmic Vagina Dentata Organ'
'Sensorium Dei'
'Magickal Theatre .33.'
'Z2- Reticuli'
'De Profundis'
'Existence Out Of Joint'
'On A Crater's Verge'
'The End Of The Beginning Of Contraction'

Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects - #01 - #05

Lee Ritenour, Andy McKee, Guthrie Govan, Joe Robinson: Lee discusses the inclusion of players

Andy McKee, Guthrie Govan, Joe Robinson are three guitarists that Lee Ritenour discovered on YouTube and has included on Six String Theory. 6 String Theory is a special project put together by legendary guitarist Lee Ritenour in celebration of the world's most popular instrument - the guitar! Joining him in this tribute to the guitar, the all-star line-up includes George Benson, BB King, Slash, Steve Lukather, John Scofield, Joe Bonamassa, Robert Cray and Vince Gill among many other superstars. Blending rock, blues, jazz, acoustic, country and classical, they come together for a seamless project that promises to take the listener on a musical journey and exploration of the guitar. Also featured on vocals are BB King, Robert Cray, Vince Gill, Keb' Mo', Taj Majal, Joe Bonamassa and Jonny Lang. Debuting on this release is sixteen-year-old guitarist Shon Boublil who was the grand prize winner of Lee Ritenour's Yamaha Six String Theory Guitar Competition.

YouTube Sensations - Andy McKee, Guthrie Govan, Joe Robinson

Claudio Light: guitar solos for Gustavo's CD

Solos para Gustavo Groove-Claudio Light

Angel Ruiz: blue noise

Ángel Ruiz entry -Blue Noize Solo Contest

Ryunosuke Yamagishi: little squeaky blue noise

Ryunosuke Yamagishi-9-Year Old Japanese Guitar part1

Ryunosuke Yamagishi-9-Year Old Japanese Guitar Part2

Larry Mitchell: check out this cool virtual pedal rig

L Mitchell IK iRig 1

Ghee-Yeh: Neo Chile style

" Ghee-yeh was born in Santiago, Chile, on July 22nd . Soon he would show interest in music, not long after that he would be composing his own music. His love for rock was influenced by bands like Europe, Bon Jovi, Van Halen and many other bands f rom the 80..s. His interest for metal music was caused by bands like Metallica & Pantera. But, his true inspiration came from Yngwie Malmsteen, which drove him to write his own songs. By 1999 he recorded his first demo with Paulo Domic, which acted out as the singer/bass player. Later on, Guille became part of a chilean metal band ""Witchblade"". On 2001 he toured with that band and opened for a famous Brazilian band ""ANGRA"", then in 2002 he formed his own band ""Human Factor"" with some members of Witchblade. In 2004 Human factor released the album ""Unleashed"" and they toured all over Chile and opened for bands like ""mago de oz"", ""seven angels"", ""Criminal"" and ""after forever"" , this album was launched worlwide by belgium label ""Mausoleum Records"" and in Japan by ""Soundholic Records"" I n in 2006 Human factor released the album ""Behind the dark"" , which also ended up with touring Chile and opening for bands like ""Helloween"", ""Gamma Ray"" and ""Angra"". On September 2008 the band split up and Guille felt it was the perfect moment to begin a solo career. So, on October of 2008 he started writing new songs and got in touch with Nicolas Quinteros, keyboard player of ""Delta"",which acted out as co-producer and sound engineer, together they started to work with the new material of Guille. All songs where written by Guille, the album was musically complete on December 2008, meaning that drums, keys arrangements, bass, rythyms, solos and vocal melodies were done!. By January 2009 the recordings started at Nicolas Quinteros studios and by Febrary all the instruments where all ready recorded. So he contacted Paulo and proposed him to be the singer of this project. Paulo wrote the lyrics and on April 2009 the vocal recordings started. The album was finished On May 2009. He's a perfectionist who spends hours in the studio, for which he is prepared for any future challenges. "




Konstantin Jambazov: Emotion In Motion

This is song "Pictures In Motion" from Konstantin Jambazov's 2009 album "Emotion In Motion". You can purchase CD

1. Pictures In Motion
2. Arrow's Flight
Ако не разполагате, моля инсталирайте флаш плейър
3. Roaming Strings
4. Liquid Harmony
5. Mirela In Action
6. The Rebus
7. Virtouso's Melody
8. Indefiniteness Without Chaos
9. Brothers
10. Different Moods
11. Tommyrot
12. Friends
KONSTANTIN JAMBAZOV - guitars, keyboards, bass, drum programming
GALIN IVANOV - lead guitar on tracks 7 & 12

Konstantin Jambazov - Pictures In Motion

Ben Wilshire: picking techniques with a Chapman guitars ML1

Guitar Lesson - Picking Technique

Guitar Lesson - Yngwie Malmsteen Pedal Point Lick

Jason Becker: new film of Jason's amazing true story!

London, England
Bio The amazing true story of guitar legend, Jason Becker, is at last being told. Please show your support by Following our page and forwarding to your friends.

The web site is due soon on this url:

Morten Faerestrand,Frank Gambale: Bergan March CD - a gooey fusion delight

Check out this brand new release from If you Morten Faerestrand. If you like players such as Pat Metheny, Scott Henderson, Steve Vai and Frank Gambale this one is sure to appeal to you... full of really catchy melodies, intelligent, well thought out music and excellent guitar playing throughout from the talented Morten Faerestrand and with a guest solo from Frank Gambale. A kind of master chef for guitar, a really a gooey fusion delight, enjoy!

Morten’s debut solo record «Bergen March» is a mix of metal, jazz, symphonic, drum corps and guitar rock.

«It sounds like the Pat Metheny Group mixed with Scott Henderson’s Tribal Tech, with the guitar playing energy and virtuosity of Steve Vai and Frank Gambale (Frank is actually guest starring with a killer solo on one tune)» Buy online:


01. Element (With Frank Gambale)
02. Winter Wonder
03. Yeah I Heard (With Jan Gunnar Hoff and MOI)
04. Mirabel
05. Save Me
06. Lee's Summit
07. At My Office
08. Bergen March
09. Stories Will End

Yeah I heard (practicing).mov

News: 900,000 visits for Truth In Shredding!!

I need to thank you all again for the work that you do that enables me to post on this blog. Next stop 1,000,000... may be need to have some sort of prize for that target!

  Average Per Day1,103  
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  Last Hour41  
  This Week7,722  
  Average Per Day1,944  
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Matt Shepherd: Aeon Zen gig date

A new Aeon Zen UK gig date for your diaries and line up announcement.

Aeon Zen just play a handful of dates every year so you may want to consider this event in your gig planning.

Aeon Zen are delighted to play live on the 16th October 2010 at the brand new indoor £16.5m Apex arts venue in the historic market town of Bury St Edmunds Suffolk. The Apex is situated in the arc shopping centre in the heart of the town.
The main auditorium seats 500, 750 standing and tickets are on sale from 6 September at when more details will be announced by the promoters with the full weekends event billing.

Aeon Zen will perform tracks from new October album release "The Face of the Unknown" as well as favourites from the 2009 "A Mind's Portrait" album, and are expected to be able to give their full show with the remarked studio sound and back projection cameras and images.

The featured Aeon Zen line up has been announced as:

Rich Hinks (Aeon Zen) - Bass guitar and vocals : Composer & arranger of Aeon Zen's works. Unassuming Mastermind of Aeon Zen.
Andi Kravljaca (From Sweden: Silent Call) - Guest vocals : An amazing high energy performer not to be missed
Matt Shepherd - Guitar - A powerhouse of talent shines through with each note
Jamie Brooks - Keyboards - Run off his feet in a few words!
Steve Burton - Drums - Cool and unflustered through a musically complicated set.

How to get there?

The local tourist office gives hotel information too to plan your party.

Juninho Betim: tribute to the great drummer Pedrinho

Juninho Betim - homenagem ao grande Pedrinho batera

Rob Balducci: Lick Of The Week Live at Sweetwater Sound!

Rob Balducci:
Welcome to the 8-30-10 Lick Of The Week. This is another tune from A Night Of Pure Guitar at Sweetwater Sound. I love the tone we got from this footage. The image is a little wierd because they had such white lights up etc... This was taken with a Zoom Q3.

The Band is John Celentano on Drums and Ethan Meixsell on Bass. Ethan does a great solo in this one. I love this tune and it is fun to play live because both Ethan solo and my solo during the breakdown are both improv. Ya never know what is going to happen. Ethan actually pulled his cord out. but recovered nicely. This is what happens live and ya never know.. etc..

Hope you all enjoy as much as we like playing it!

8-30-10Lick Of The Week

Matthew McGhee: 6 String Guitar Tapping

Free MP3 at
Here is my new song using 6 string guitar tapping. I hope you like it! I've re-uploaded this because it was out of sync before. Thanks!

6 String Guitar Tapping - Far From Here - Original Song - Matthew McGhee

Masahiro Aoki: G5 Project 3rd Album"G5 2010" teaser

G5 Project 3rd Album"G5 2010" teaser. Details to be announced. Follow us on Twitter

Our previous works are now available on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon.MP3.

G5 Project 3rd Album"G5 2010" teaser

Steve Vai: 2009 KTLA5 Morning Show

Steve Vai gives a guitar lesson to a first time player... easy to see why.

Steve Vai 2009 KTLA5 Morning Show: