Wednesday, 1 September 2010

News: Shred This III - top 15 selected

Just some news that we have finally short listed to a top 15 players for the Shred This III competition. There have been so many good videos and great playing that it's been really tough to get this far. I want to take the time to thank you all for submitting your video and the effort put into to do that.

Don't forget "My top five competition!

This is the main competition video:

All video responses:


Next stop the top 5 and winner of the competition Plus who you thought should be in that top 5!

Shred This III: Brett Garsed and DiMarzio competition : FINAL SHORT LIST

Oli Brown: is blue

Recorded at the the International stage of the Colne festival, 30th August 2010.

This track is from Oli's cd Heads I Win Tails You Lose.

Oli Brown - guitar and vocals
Ron Sayer - bass and backing vocals
Simon Dring - drums and backing vocals

Oli Brown Band - Not A Word I Say - Colne Festival

Rick Graham: Shred Knowldge in depth CD review!

Rick is a force to be reckoned with , his guitar chops are scary good and the talent just oozes out of each composition.

This Cd will inspire and give any level of player a buzz , its a trip worth taking and I dont review Cd's just for the fun of it , they need to be good and Ricks work or art is more than good.
Freakin awesome are words that come to mind without swearing , the Cd rocks, Rick rocks and he just is full of surprises .
Just when you think theres no way he can play any faster of cleaner out pops some jaw dropping masterfull chop thats so well executed and well placed in the composition its just pure genuis ...10/10 say's full review

Danyel Campos: Concurso Double Vision

Concurso Double Vision DVD - Não Participante - Danyel Campos

Eric Maldonado: Aeolian and Metal Technique lessons

Aeolian Melodic Chords - Intermediate Solo Etude Lesson - Guitar Playback - Eric Maldonado -

Metal Technique In Two Keys - Intermediate Solo Etude Lesson - Guitar Playback - Eric Maldonado -

Ricardo Soares: Highway CD launch

Recorded at the workshop to launch the CD in the store Compass Highway Guarapari on 14/08/2010.

Patrocínio: Tagima, NIG Music, Basso, Sparflex. Strazza Cases, Maverick Amps, Los t Dogs, AVS Bags, TSI e Endlich Luthier.
Highway - Ricardo Soares

Greg Howe: the Hendrix chord

One of the subjects I get asked about much more frequently these days is the subject of altered scales and chords. It is a fairly large and sometimes confusing subject, due to the ambiguous nature of certain definitions describing many associated musical terms and concepts. For our purposes, we will categorize an altered chord as simply a dominant chord in which either the fifth or ninth has been raised or lowered by a half step. The most popular altered chord played on guitar is probably the #9 chord, commonly referred to as “the Hendrix Chord,” full post

Charlie Hunter: Montreal Guitar Show 2010

Montreal Guitar Show '10 - Ken Parker Guitars played by Charlie Hunter

Fredrik Pihl: atonal solo

The twelfth night solo.wmv

News: Study Online with the Best Jazz Instructors on the Planet

Study Online with the Best Jazz Instructors on the Planet

Many of the world's top jazz players have studied with or taught at Berklee College of Music., Berklee's online extension school, provides an opportunity for students from around the world to study the same curriculum—with the same faculty—as students here in Boston.

Marcos De Ros: tribute to cousin uncle Festa and friends!

Addams Family Theme! Marcos De Ros.

Vinnie Vincent,Michael Angelo Batio: T J Racer gtmometal interview

For more interviews
Jason Saulnier interviews T.J. Racer bassist for Nitro.
Working on the Vinnie Vincent Tribute Kiss my Ankh
Vinnie Vincent's Guitars from Hell rumours of T.J. Racer being the bassist.
Talking about Michael Angelo Batio & Jim Gillette
The recording sessions for Nitro's albums.
Bass player influences
The Motoflys with Andre Labelle

Interview August 4, 2010

T. J. Racer (Nitro) Interview with Jason Saulnier

Steve Hackett: blog talk radio interview

Steve Hackett is probably best known for playing guitar in the groundbreaking progressive rock group Genesis. Joining the band in 1971 for the album Nursery Cryme, the guitarist stayed with Genesis through 1977's Wind & Wuthering before departing for a solo career.
Hackett has since recorded a number of solo albums in a variety of styles, covering world music, Brazilian rhythms, classical, blues and more. In 1986 he formed the supergroup GTR with Yes guitarist Steve Howe, which lasted for one album. In more recent years Hackett has primarily focused on solo work.
In 2010 Hackett was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Genesis, and he recently released an album entitled Out of the Tunnel's Mouth. Last month he performed at the High Voltage Festival in London, and he has announced an upcoming band project called Squackett which will pair him with Yes bassist Chris Squire.
Steve Hackett joins us on Long Live Rock to discuss his new album, tour, the High Voltage festival, Squackett, and much more

Elias Viljanen: sonata arctica south american tour dates update

16 - Mexico City, Mexico - Circo Volador
17 - Guatemala City, Guatemala - Centro Cultural Miguel Angel Asturias
18 - San Salvador. El Salvador - venue tba
20 - Caracas, Venezuela - Centro Internacional
22 - Quito, Ecuador - venue tba
24 - Santiago, Chile - venue tba
26 - Montevideo, Uruguay - venue tba
27 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Groove
28 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Groove
30 - São Paulo, Brazil - Carioca Club

Ron Thal: GNR Axl sacks the tour crew according to the daily star!

Axl Rose sacked his entire tour crew after Guns n' Roses Reading slot over-ran on Friday and landed him a whopping fine. more

Marty Friedman: Katakura Park appearance scheduled

Marty Friedman will make his second appearance at Katakura Park in Omiya this Sunday September 5th at 5PM. He will sign copies of his new solo album, BAD D.N.A., talk about his career and perform songs from the new album. The event will open at 4:30 PM. Plus Marty Friedman will be taking part in a live broadcast on Tokyo's J-Wave 81.3 FM - he will guest on Piston`s Groove Line from 4:30PM to 8PM on September 1st. more

Alex Lifeson: massive music radar interview

A major highlight of this tour is that you're playing Moving Pictures in its entirety. What led to this decision?

"Actually, the idea came from Neil. He had seen Steely Dan play last year, and they were doing a different album every night. So that got him thinking that maybe we should do something like that.

"We always needed to address the song Camera Eye because it's the most-requested track in our catalogue. So the decision to do Moving Pictures from beginning to end meant that we could do Camera Eye but also do something interesting that we knew our fans would enjoy. It's been absolutely terrific, I must say. We start playing Moving Pictures, and by the time we're done, it feels like time just flew by. The fans love it, we love it - I'm really glad at how it's being received.

"I have to tell you, though, no matter what the songs, I love playing every night. There's never a night where I'm not loving what I do - and what we do. And every night I try to play better than I did the night before. I'm never satisfied. I think I'd be scared if I was satisfied, because that would lead to complacency. I'm always trying to play a perfect show, and when you consider that we perform for three hours, that's a very elusive thing."more

Chris Broderick: Groovey interview

Groovey interviews Chris Broderick of Megadeth at the Magness Arena in Denver.

Chris Broderick of Megadeth interview

Marc Rizzo: Metalheadz- Sonisphere interview

The Metalheadz- Sonisphere Festival UK 2010- Soulfly Interview

Joe Satriani: new single, "Light Years Away"... nearer than you think!

September 7 is the official "add" day for Joe Satraini's new single, "Light Years Away", but that isn't stopping rock radio from spinning the song early and getting a tremendous response! The new single is also currently streaming at
, allowing fans a taste of "Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards". more

Michael Schenker: Rockpalast DVD's on the way

"Rockpalast" is a world-renowned German television series that began airing in 1974 on the German television station Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) and due on October 26 via MIG, "Michael Schenker Group - Hard Rock Legends Vol. 2" presents the first MSG album almost in its entirety (and almost in the same running order) including the two greatest songs Schenker created with UFO: "Doctor Doctor" and "Rock Bottom".

Plus "UFO - Hard Rock Legends Vol. 1" will be released on October 26 via MIG.