Sunday, 12 September 2010

Brett Garsed: Bobby Rock and Friends

Bobby Rock and Friends doing Brett and TJ's Subway and more...
Audio is far from great, but the material is worth it. TJ and Brett are featured nicely just wish I had better gear back then.



Frankenstein Out

Going Down Full

Going Down Slide

Neil Zaza, Inophis, Shinichi Kobayashi: 10th Anniversary of "Guitar China"

Inophis (france), Neil Zaza (Usa), Shinichi Kobayashi (Japan) in Live!!!
Time 12 October · 19:00 - 21:00
Chang Ning distrisct, Huai Hai West Road N° 570 #32 上海市长宁区淮海西路570号32幢
Shanghai, China
Created by:
Inophis 奥月阳
More info For the 10th Anniversary of "Guitar China" there will a special show in Shanghai at the MAO Live House!!!
Inophis, the famous guitar player Neil Zaza, Shinichi Kobayashi and others will play during this show!!!

Don't miss this event! ;) more

Alfredo Gomez: blue noize competition

Alfredo Gómez - Blue Noize Solo Contest

Lee Wertman: a little baked potato fusion

digging up some noise on a classic Billy Cobham groove during the monday night jam @ the baked potato here in studio city, ca august '10...w/ Ruslan Sirota on keys, Ivan SC on drums, Ben White on bass, Lee Wertman on guitar, and myself (John Ziegler) on guitar. playing a robin savoy pro with arcane pickups, through a diamond phantom half stack, with a couple of old lexicon pcm units for echo and reverb, featuring the awesome XAct Tone Solutions XTS Pegasus Boost with some goofy Hyperfuzz at the beginning.

Monday Night Jam @ The Baked Potato guitar noodling/solo during "Red Baron"

Allen Van Wert: sneek preview of Allen ROBOT Van Wert Guitar instructional

There are over three hours of video that explain and demonstrate my method and system for you to learn and become a better guitarist.

Check often for updates on the instructional!

Short raw low quality sneek preview of Allen ROBOT Van Wert Guitar instructional

Andre Tonelli: Warmup String Skipping Exercise

A great string skipping exercise to warm up and develop dexterity.

Un ejercicio con saltos de cuerdas para mejorar destreza y perfecto como calentamiento.

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TABS and archived sessions (TABS are posted on Mondays):

GSWS Guitar Lesson 54 - Warmup String Skipping Exercise

Neil Zaza: Frank Hannon Tesla "Funk 49" Jam

Neil Zaza/Frank Hannon (Tesla)-"Funk 49" Jam

News: 30 most outrageous guitars on the Internet

Check out the thirty most outrageous guitars on the internet

Alex Lifeson: Rush guitarist on steampunk, solos and Moving Pictures

Alex Lifeson interview:
"To be honest, there's nothing I'd rather be doing," Lifeson says. "What's going on with the band right now is so fantastic, and the acceptance we're getting from the audiences - I've been saying this for a few years now so I should probably stop, but it really feels like the best time to be in Rush. The three of us are enjoying every second of it."

And with good reason: even without the benefit of a new album (although they recently released two songs, the rifftastic Caravan and BU2B), Rush are experiencing the kind of banner year that most bands, veterans or newbies, can only dream about. There's the sold-out Time Machine tour (sure, doing their beloved 1981 album Moving Pictures in its entirety hasn't hurt ticket sales, but packing 'em in hasn't been a guarantee for any act during this tough economic year). There's the universally well-received documentary Beyond The Lighted Stage, which details the history of the group but also exposes a rich and humanistic (and, at times, wildly funny) side to their story rarely seen in rock docs. more

Joe Satriani: ask Joe at musicradar

Joe Satriani's upcoming release, Black Swans And Wormhole Wizards, ranks with his greatest of works. An absorbing, enthralling and altogether mind-blowing artistic statement by one of rock's most gifted instrumentalists, it's sure to thrill music fans across the globe. (Be sure to check out MusicRadar's exclusive album preview, with commentary by Satch himself and streaming audio of his newest single Light Years Away, just to get yourself up to speed.)

And guess what? In a little over a week, Joe Satriani is sitting down with MusicRadar for an interview. But this won't be just any Q&A. No sir. This time, Satch is going to answer your questions!

What to ask? Well, you can grill him about the status of Chickenfoot if you like. Or you can ask about the recording of Black Swans and what plans he has for his imminent tour. Want to know something about his line of Ibanez guitars or Vox products? Ask him! This is your shot, so make it count. (Of course, you can always ask him that most burning question of all: "So Joe, what is Michael Anthony really like?" But we won't put words in your mouth.)

Submit a question for Joe Satriani at musicradar

News: 'Bongo Jesus' bashes critic with guitar

I just love the stories about people being attacked with guitars... here's another... I just loved the name...
A STREET musician dubbed "Bongo Jesus" has reportedly used his guitar to smash a man over the head during a violent rampage sparked by criticism of his musicianship in Madison, Wisconsin. more

Aaron Lopez: guitar idol 2010

"The Unruly" is one of the tracks that makes the Aaron's first solo album called "Metamorphosis" which will be out soon. In advance, we hope you enjoy it.

The Unruly, Aaron

News: Guitar Toy Box, so long and thanks for all the fish...

Chris Watson describes himself thus:
Chris is a washed up has been grunge god trying to find redemption in the blues, but being side tracked by progressive metal, real life, and fantasies of composing professional wrestling theme music. He has a very out of date website at and a home studio still in pieces one year on from moving house.He also tweets @chrislwatson.

His guitar blog has always been well worth a read, but like many other bloggers, Chris has found out that the blogging process takes a considerable amount of resource, and Chris came to the conclusion that the blogging was getting in the way of his real passion... guitar. Read the full account and reasons why he quit blogging.

I need to be making music with my guitars again. I need to be musically creative. I need to play. To this effect, I have relaunched Chris Watson Music. This is a site about my music, making music, loving music, performing music. Not that you would know it as there is basically no real content on there just yet, but it is growing. This is my new focus. I plan on documenting what I learn, what I create, what I enjoy. And that does not leave time for GTB.

News: tips on how you might use youtube to boost your profile.

Share My Guitar posted an article on how you might use YouTube to boost your profile.

Video Killed the Radio Star!
In the 80′s, we entered the video age, with the advent of MTV, listeners where then able to visualize music in a whole new way. But today we live in a new era in which video technology has mixed with the capabilities of the internet. This has allowed us to see things that we would never had been able to see, had we not witnessed them first hand. This portal opened the floodgate for a whole new generation to experience guitar in a whole new way. From watching your favorite guitarists, to instructional materials, the fact is, YouTube can help to transform your guitar artistry! Here’s three quick ways to create a new you with YouTube!

Find out how:

Joe Satriani: Autographed CD offer

Signed CD, Ticket Pre-sale Code & Instant Grat Track Offer Includes:
- An autographed copy of the Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards CD
- A ticket pre-sale code for a chance to access concert tickets before the general public

- An Instant MP3 download of "Light Years Away"
Every Signed CD Bundle pre-ordered through this offer receives a code for exclusive access to ticket pre-sales for Joe Satriani's upcoming tour*! 
Visit for a full listing of participating tour dates. More and order

News: Nation Guitar Workshop 4 day review!

"From The Wood shed blog" has given a very interesting account of their time at the Nation Guitar Workshop, including:
I'm at the National Guitar Workshop in Los Angeles this week. It's held at the Loyola Marymount campus from this Sunday through Friday. I always wanted to attend the Seattle camp when I was a kid, but it conflicted with my favorite annual family trip every summer. This year I was offered a job as RA for the week. (I was in a combo at SDSU directed by Nate Jarrell; he's been involved with NGW for years.) I took it, knowing I'd be able to sit in on classes and meet a ton of musicians. There are about 100 students, half kids, half adults, mostly dudes.

Yesterday's check in was crazy, and left me no time to write this post. Orientation started with a warmup band, featuring faculty on guitars and drums, and one of my three fellow RAs on bass. Rules were laid down with a stern delivery, and the teachers were introduced: Toby Ahrens, Reggie Chavez, Blake Colie, Tom Dempsey, David Ellis, Baba Elefante, Jody Fisher, Adrian Galysh, Todd Johnson, Dave Martone, Martha Masters, Jared Meeker, Neil Nagaoka, Cameron Peace, Nick Tocco. The featured guest artists, each giving an afternoon clinic, are Paul Gilbert, William Kanengiser, Pat Martino, and Duke Robillard. I am PUMPED to see Pat Martino.

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4

Máté Nagy: Zakk Wylde style jamming

This is a video lesson made for GMC ( )
The video was made in Dover studio Budapest, Hungary

Richie Kotzen meets Zakk Wylde GMC-instructional by Máté Nagy

Richie Kotzen, Greg Howe: to get Japan release of shrapnel material

Some of the Richie Kotzen shrapnel releases including Tilt including Greg Howe, only in Japan

Paul Gilbert, Bruce Bouillet: Racer X ride again in mini cardboard sleeve format

Racer X to get Japanese release or original Shrapnel releases in mini cardboard sleeves.

Rikk Morosini: note per string exercise

Rikk Morosini:
This starts off with a downstroke then up then down, then DOWN for the next string. That idea repeats inself thru the whole excercise scale. Tune to E FLAT!!
Its in the key of D minor. Enjoy and have fun with it.

Economy Picking by Rikk Morosini 3 note per string exercise

Art Rodriguez: In The Name of the Father

Art Rodriguez - En El Nombre del Padre (Delyriüm)

Akihiko Onji: guitar idol 2010

Guitar Idol 2010 entry Akihiko Onji

News: the guitar as a weapon..

AK-47 turned into a guitar

The secret guitar weapon