Wednesday, 15 September 2010

German Schauss: instant shredding - just add notes

Instant Shredding, 7th Arps Sweeping Ex.3

News: Shred This III - view statistics 189,000 views of your videos!

main video
Views: 43,198
Comments: 363
Responses: 268

Results video
Comments: 40

In addition the total number of views for all the competition entries 189,179!!! 

Ivan Mihaljevic, Brett Garsed,Phil Hilborne: Destination Unknown new CD gets release date

Destination Unknown new CD is set to be released 1 October 2010:

Destination Unknown is the final amalgamation between the shredding and the good Hard & Heavy music. Some instrumental pieces alternate with songs. This album is recommended to all the fans of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal and absolutely a must for guitar lovers.

Ivan Mihaljevic: Vocals, guitar and keyboards
Majkl Jagunic: Bass
Alen Frljak: Drums and percussions

Guests: Brett Garsed, John Denner, Phil Hilborne, Marko Osmanovic, Igor Tatarevic, Danko Krznaric, Josip Mihaljevic

Recorded at Attic Room Studio by Ivan Mihaljevic
Drums recorded at Soundcage by Viktor Grabar
Mixed: Ivan Mihaljevic at Attic Room Studio
Mastering: Davorin Ilic at Nova Sound

Ivan Mihaljevic & Side Effects - Time Travel (Guitar Idol 2010)

Kurt James: a little legacy and a little live!

Kurt "Mr 335" James

Poster from Steeler!

party video
Soul Shock - Tush - Dance The Night Away


Alessandro Ragazzo: guitar idol 2010

Riffing - Alessandro Ragazzo (Guitar Idol 2010)

News: the first fully recyclable guitar and amp!

Awesome cardboard guitar by designer Jarrod Barretto - his claim to fame "I was once drawn in marker by famed cardboard artisan Michel Gondry."

Robben Ford: Yellowjackets live in 1979

Robben Ford - Yellowjackets - Live 1979 - Tee Time For Eric

Maranhão: Trailer video for new DVD

Video lesson - Harmony, Technique and Improvisation
Blza Guys, Here's an excerpt from my video 1 class.

In this video lesson, I discuss issues such as heating, chords, inversions, pentatonic scale, blue note, larger scale, riffs, arpeggios and education part of sminhas songs including: Three Axles, Heroes, Armageddon. The video also contains an interview relaxed and transferred to a TV station and a few songs on the CD Three Axes.

A Strong Hug


Trailer video aula 2010 (DVD) - Maranhão

Stelios Amoirides: Steelianos

This is a cover of a classic Greek Bouzouki masterpiece originally composed and performed by Giannis "Sporos" Stamatiou,done succesfully by new greek Guitar Virtuoso STEELIANOS!

Steelianos (Stelios Amoirides) has been a student of Ioannis Anastassakis for many years and currently records his debut album with producer/arranger Bob Katsionis(Firewind/Outloud).

For more info on recording sessions or PRIVATE GUITAR LESSONS:

STEELIANOS: "Bouzouki & Whiskey" (HD1080p)

Allen Hinds: up close!

Allen Hinds Close Up 9/7/10

Allen Hinds Slide 9/7/10

Daniele Gottardo: Superfingering

"Superfingering" is Daniele Gottardo's new revolutionary method to play contemporary guitar, based on the way to develop a simple act of great control on the instrument.
Two hours of contents, 100 lessons in order of difficulty, more than 100 pages of transcriptions, application examples for each topic and musical backing tracks, interviews (amplification, studio footage, re-amplification techniques, teaching, etc. ..)
This DVD discusses the main traditional problems found by all guitarists and that create confusion in the infinite training course of a guitarist:

- Visualization, organization of musical material
- Technique
- Harmonic - Melodic control

"Extended shapes" from Daniele Gottardo's "Superfingering" new DVD (ENG)

James Santiago: smoking the baked potato

Here is Voodoo Lab's James Santiago at the Baked Potato in Los Angeles, CA with the prototype Sparkle Drive MOD. For this section, the pedal was in the MODE 4 lead setting which delivers a thick bottom end while adding more gain and a smoother top-end.

The rest of the rig consisted of in signal path order:

Sparkle Drive MOD
Echoplex Tape Delay (used as a slap and turned town at the star of the vid)
Mid 60's Fender Twin Reverb (in a head) with a THD Hotplate
2x12 open back cab with Celestion

Voodoo Lab's Sparkle Drive MOD

Larry Carlton: back to 1976

Thanks to Kurt James for spotting this one.

The Crusaders 76 Spiral

Bernie Beibl: Tangerine Dream guitarist working on solo CD

Bernie Beibl playing live with Tangerine Dream

ONE NIGHT IN SPACE, Tangerine Dream

Carmel California, Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream, Rare Bird

Kurt James: Stinky found!

Much concern over the loss of Kurt James prized guitar... found and now back at home waiting for a good spanking... Join Kurt on Facebook

Jack Thammarat: new jam track central gear

It's always good to hear new music from Guitar Idol 2009 champion Jack Thammarat. The man from Thailand is one of our most popular artists, and he's come up with the goods yet again.

‘Mr Frontman’ is another fantastic melodic instrumental, and once again we're proud to be able to offer it as part of a full download package.

Our package contains the full track in both audio and video formats, along with full Tab and a backing track. Crank up your amp and master some of Jack's amazing licks!


Hedras Ramos: celebrates Guatemalan independence and ready for ZC3

Hedras Ramos has a 25 hour journey to the final competition in Romania at ZC3, proving quite categorically that Hedras Ramos is 1010% committed to his career in guitar! Good luck to you buddy!

Plus this video celebrates the 15th is the Indepence day of Guatemala and Hedras Ramos is featured with solos at 6:01 and 8:05.

Orgulloso de ser chapin

Danny John: live 21st Century Fusion

21st Century Fusion pt1 lighthouse

News: Mansons Guitar Show 2010 - Zon, Manring, Bershadsky and Avid competition confirmed

Mansons Guitar Show 2010 Update: Zon, Manring, Bershadsky and Avid competition confirmed

Joe Zon of Zon basses will be at the Manson’s Guitar Show 2010, both days. With him will be virtuoso American bassist Michael Manring and bassist phenomena Alex Bershadsky. Plus visitors to Manson’s Guitar Show will be able to enter a competition to win an Avid Eleven Rack, the Pro Tools Recording Systems Designed Specifically for Guitar Players.

Joe Zon has been building basses with high tech components combined with traditional woodworking and lots of elbow grease in California since 1981. He has worked with many of the world’s top bassists and he is bringing some of them to the Manson’s Guitar Show 2010.

Michael Manring, a member of the super group DeMania with guitarist Alex de Grassi and percussionist Christopher Garcia since 2005, plays a custom bass built by Zon Guitars. The so called Zon Hyperbass is a very flexible instrument developed by Manring and Zon. The playing of the DeMania trio has been described as “masterful delivery with confident improvisations that float in an environment as energetic as it is spacious”.

Alex Bershadsky is the Latvian born, Israeli fretless bass jazz fusion phenomenon. He is sure to secure himself a slot in the minds of bass lovers / players everywhere. A Zon endorsee, he has appeared on the most prestigious stages of the international jazz scene. Alex is known to be an accomplished player, lyrical soloist and sure footed technician.

The Avid competition, exclusive to visitors at the Manson’s Guitar Show, is for the Eleven Rack, worth almost £800. This is a revolutionary new guitar recording and effects processing system designed to eliminate the challenges guitarists face in the studio and on stage. Whether you’re tracking in the studio or playing on stage, Eleven Rack delivers fresh, mind-blowing, hyper-realistic guitar amp and effects tones that will inspire your best performances.

The Manson’s Guitar Show 2010 is on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th October, and more artists and competitions are close to being confirmed – Please check  further updates about this autumn’s most exciting music show and to purchase tickets.

Steve Hubbard,Richard Lundmark: infinite guitar new guitar blogs section

With Infinite Guitar’s new Blog section, all members now have the ability to create their own content whenever and however much they want. You can write reviews, share videos, keep a practice journal, talk about random topics, or even publish your own guitar lessons. The sky is the limit!
To begin publishing your blog, log in to Infinite Guitar and visit the blog section. Then simply click the "Create New Blog Post" button and you're set to go.
While you're there, be sure to check out recent blog posts by IG instructors Richard Lundmark and Steve Hubbard:
The Evolution of a Guitarist
by Richard Lundmark
The Whole Pie.
by Steve Hubbard

John McLaughlin: appears on Inner Views

Anil Prasad's Innerviews: Music Without Borders - Extraordinary Conversations with Extraordinary Musicians

Featuring Joe Zawinul, John McLaughlin, Zakir Hussain, Jonas Hellborg, Bela Fleck and others.

News: fender ejamming software - jam with your mates!

Plug in your guitar, drums, keyboards or mic.
Fire up eJamming AUDiiO in your computer.
And we connect you to old friends.
Your band. New friends.
So you can play together.
Live. Online.

Don't believe it? Watch as Def Leppard's Phil Collen jams over eJamming AUDiiO with drummer Matt Richardson and bassist Mark Jarvis: more:

Def Leppard's Phil Collen jams live with Matt Richardson and Mark Jarvis on eJamming

Joe Bonamassa,Derek Sherinian: #1 on the Amazon UK pre-order chart

Black Country Communion's eponymous debut album, released on Monday 20th September, is currently sitting at #1 on the Amazon UK pre-order chart -

Comprised of Glenn Hughes (vocals, bass), Jason Bonham (drums), Joe Bonamassa (guitar, vocals), and Derek Sherinian (keyboards), BCC have announced a “secret gig” at an undisclosed London location at 8pm on day of album release. The album is produced and mixed by Kevin Shirley (RUSH, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Black Crowes).

All four members of Black Country Communion will be available for face to face interviews in London on Tuesday September 21st.

Read the official BCC online press release -