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Donato Begotti: Disma Music Show 2000

Donato Begotti Disma Music Show 2000

Joe Satriani: Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards Song Podcasts #11

All the current podcasts in this player. I'll add more as Joe Satriani posts them... 11 videos at the moment, includes the intro. The release is sounding like one of his most special to date... may be a season out with Chickenfoot has helped him enjoy the writing process more. Price is now down to £7:93 on pre order from amazon

Joe Satriani: Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards Song Podcasts

Stanley Jordan: Workshop

Clips from Stanley Jordan's workshop at Ayala Museum, Makati, Philippines last October 1, 2010.

Stanley Jordan Workshop

Brian Maillard: New Emotion

Brian Maillard plays "New Emotion"from the new SOLID VISION album Sacrifice 2010!

Brian Maillard "New Emotion"

Brian Maillard Play "Apocalypse" Sacrifice

Brian Maillard "Freedom from pain" Sacrifice

buy on line:

was born in Délémont (JU-Switzerland) on 06/08/1978.

He studied at the Academy of Music in Délémont, upon completion of his studies he joined the band MAPO and in 2003 decided with his brother Yan to form a Rock Progressive Band called Solid Vision (
The original and actual line-up is:
Brian Maillard (guitars)
Yan Maillard (drums)
Riccardo eRik Atzeni (bass)
Americo Rigoldi (keyboards)
Samuele Pintus (vocal)
After few months of his formation the band decided to record their first album "Eleven" (2004).
In 2005 after many positive review, gigs, tv performances the band enter in studio again for compose and record their second album "The Hurricane" (2006).
After few months of publication of "The Hurricane" Brian was contacted by many sponsors like Ibanez, Mesa Boogie e Morley, became endorser of them and made for them many clinics in Italy.
In 2006 he was contacted by Charlie Dominici (first singer of Dream Theater) and decided, together the rest of line-up, to go on the project "O3 A Trilogy" started by Charlie in 2005 with a solo album. The new band took the name "Dominici", recorded on october 2006 the part II of trilogy and signed a contract with Inside Out Music.
On april 2007, after few months of publication of "O3 A Trilogy part II", the Dominici was contacted to open some gigs of Dream Theater "Chaos in Motion World Tour 2007/2008".
On november 2007 the Dominici recorded the part III of Trilogy and The publication of this album was on april 2008.
Now Brian is working in studio to finish the production of his first solo instrumental album "Melody in Captivity" that will be published in the end of 2008.

Peter Holmgren: Cold Pouring Rain

Cold Pouring Rain is the new single by Peter Holmgren. It will be released soon on iTunes, CDBaby and AmazonMP3! It's a melodic ballad in C minor with an expressive and bluesy feel.

Peter Holmgren - Cold Pouring Rain

Raphael Fraser: docs gone all emotive ballad on me!

Emotive Ballad Jam

Matte Johansson: my fast solo

Fastest Amazing Incredible Guitar Solo :) It's Really Fast!

Martin Miller: Autumn Leaves improvisation

Martin Miller - Autumn Leaves Improvisation Practice

Alex Lifeson: full CNN interview with Rush!

John Roberts, the anchor of CNN's "American Morning" show, recently had an exclusive opportunity to sit down and talk with the three members of the legendary Canadian rock band RUSH in Atlanta

Paul Tauterouff: Audio Chocolate (CD)

Paul Tauterouff Audio Chocolate (CD)

Like a Whitman's chocolate sampler box Audio Chocolate has something for everyone. Its 10 tracks (4 vocal and 6 instrumental) run the gamut of guitar rock styles from upbeat rocker instrumentals to blues rock, Southern rock and emotional ballads, all loaded with Paul's tasty, feel-laden guitar playing. Special guest soloists include Berklee guitar instructor Jon Finn, session ace/ fusion guitarist/ ex-Neville Bros. guitarist Shane Theriot, Washington state guitarist Nick Layton and jazz saxophonist John Tutino. Good songwriting and arrangements makes Audio Chocolate appeal to all music fans - not just musicians or guitarists. And the additional color and variety added by the vocals, sax, keys and flute help this CD to avoid the typical "wall of guitar" sound that many guitarist's solo albums can be. Make no mistake; this is no "shred" guitar record - it is a collection of great songs featuring guitar. "I really enjoy a good melody and try to make every song or solo very melodic," states Tauterouff. "My goal when composing is to try and create music which guitar players will like, but that also non-musicians or people who don't normally listen to instrumental guitar music will enjoy too."

Dave Martone: Ziua Chitarelor 3

I have just returned home from a successful trip to Bucharest, Romania where I was part of Ziua Chitarelor 3. I was playing alongside of Stu Hamm, Jennifer Batten, Michael Lee Firkens and Andreas Olberg.
The promoter Corrado Sgandurra has been putting these events on for a few years and I felt extremely humbled to be a part of this one with such great guests! more:

Dave Martone - Dinky Pinky (Live on Bucharest - Ziua Chitarelor 3)

Lyden Moon: It`s What`s Inside That Rocks (CD)

Lyden Moon: It`s What`s Inside That Rocks (CD)

Lyden Moon has just released his new CD titled It's What's Inside That Rocks on Michael Angelo Batio's label M.A.C.E. Music. This is Lyden's fifth all instrumental guitar CD. The CD was produced by Chris Djuricic at Belle City Sound Studios. Musically and sonically this CDd is major label quality; Lyden has pushed his song writing to a new level. The melodies still sound like him, but with a new twist to give the music a new feel. This CD is not a remake of any of his previous musical releases, the songs have a fresh feel to them. There is still plenty of shred going on, but the focus is on the music as a whole and not just the technical guitar playing. If you have any of Lyden's previous CDs, this is a must buy. If this is your first encounter with Lyden Moon, It's What's Inside That Rocks is a great place to start.

Khan Manuel: Live In Australia CD

Khan Manuel: Live In Australia @ The Basement (CD)
A follow up of the critically acclaimed debut album "The Knight", Khan Manuel goes Live In Australia @ The Basement, Sydney’s world class live venue and regarded as one of the best in Australia. Performing most of the songs from "The Knight" along with tunes by Jimmi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Joe Satriani and Michael Jackson's "Beat It", this is a must have album for guitar enthusiasts of all genres. In addition Manuel teams up with one of his guitar idols the legendary king of sweep picking, Frank Gambale, on a tune composed by Manuel entitled "When Two Become One". Witness firsthand why many have regarded Manuel as one of the "new" guitar heroes of the modern era. An emotionally filled live album guaranteed to melt your heart, while satisfying the technical aspects of virtuoso guitar playing. On this live CD, Khan Manuel shows clearly why he is regarded among the best guitar players in the world.

Susan McDonald: Hot Flashes

Susan McDonald: Hot Flashes (CD)

After spending several years dedicating herself to composing and playing music in hospitals, schools and hospitals, the self-admittedly eccentric McDonald has put together an album of hot little pieces that she has written and arranged for solo guitar. Susan has taken well-known Russian music (such as the original version of Those Were the Days, My Friend) and tangos (such as La Cumparsita - think Hernando's Hideaway) and put her unique, somewhat manic spin on things. Be warned - she's added a bunch more notes. Then she's gone the next step and written pieces inspired by her surroundings. Her travels to Mexico inspired Las Puertas de San Miguel (she's even given a nod to the famed Cafe Ten-Ten Pie with a hot little tango) and her delight in strange sea creatures is evident in The Pom Pom Crab and The Conch. The idea behind Hot Flashes is to make you feel as if you're spending the evening with good friends, good food and good wine. From the first piece, Home, Sweet Home, which begins with her tapping on the guitar to signify the arrival of guests to The Cleaning Crew and finally to The Birthday Tango, which is destined to become a classic, you will be made tipsy by this enchanting music!

McRobert Baguiz: guitar idol 2010 - Philippines crazy guitar players!

The Arrival - McRobert "Dar" Baguiz.mpg

Paulo Schroeber: Almah players video Teaser

Teaser Vídeo Aula de Paulo Schroeber - Almah

Kiko Loureiro: FuFux Masterclass French

Kiko Loureiro Masterclass French part 1

Yngwie Malmsteen: Carry On Wayward Son

Yngwie Malmsteen - Carry On Wayward Son

Michael Dolce: shred knowledge new album reviewed

This album has more to offer than you'd expect if you didn't know Michael's reputation for good music. It satisfies the listener in orchestration , instrumental resource , tones and variance , cool guitar chops , compositional expertise , evoking emotion and feeling to the listener and hearing the emotions coming from the guitarist plus variety . I would buy this and I have it in my top section of my collection. I have been listening to it since it dropped in my door two days ago and I have no problem in recommending it to anyone who likes to hear both guitar excellence and wants to be moved by the whole vibe and movement of the songs. This is an instrumental album and it will make the hairs on the back of your neck stick up on end, what more could you want than a music buzz? and you will get one with this album . Full review

Dallton Santos, Fred Berlowitz: Expomusic 2010

Dallton Santos - Expomusic 2010 - N Zagannin

Dallton Santos & Fred Berlowitz - EXPOMUSIC 2010

Expomusic 2010 - Fuhrmann

Brandon Gan: hybrid picking ideas in new song.

Song Idea 1

Rob Chappers: vaisatchatrucci - My Monkey Lord Strap arrived

My Monkey Lord Strap of DOOM Has ARRIVED!

Don't for get your chance to attend the Monkeylord launch part and be the winner of a Chapman Guitars ML-1, custom-painted by Svee.

Any remaining tickets will be available on the door. These will be available for £30, and will be very limited in number.

Jean Marc Belkadi: country picking lesson

Guitar Country Picking Technique Lesson

Paul Gilbert: Fuzz Universe out now on Shrapnel

Shred Guitar Master PAUL GILBERT HAS Release HIS 3rd Guitar Instrumental CD


Check out this Amazon deal: 'Fuzz Universe' by Paul Gilbert

(Audio CD)

HOLLYWOOD, CA (AUG. 28 2010) – Paul Gilbert JUST RECENTLY unleashed his 3rd instrumental masterpiece on Shrapnel Records, August 3rd to the world. “FUZZ UNIVERSE is my third guitar instrumental album,” explains Gilbert.“Being a fan of pop music and rock bands, I am a reluctant convert into the art of instrumental rock music. But after touring with Joe Satriani’s G3, I witnessed firs thand the power of the electric guitar to take center stage and rock the audience. Playing my guitar-driven songs live was a blast! This discovery led to a huge increase in my touring as a solo artist. In the last couple of years, I've played nearly 150 shows all over the world, with my guitar leading the way.”

FUZZ UNIVERSE title is inspired by Gilbert being so immersed in the world of guitar it made him realize that he lives in a FUZZ UNIVERSE. “Every generation of guitar players has their own terminology for the rock guitar sound: Distortion, Overdrive, Gain, Crunch, Saturation, Drive etc. For me, the word is FUZZ”

Gilbert’s extraordinary talent of arranging/composing lends to the new music’s fresh melodies for songs that shows his true diversity and only in Gilberts words will you understand:

“On FUZZ UNIVERSE, I think I've taken a giant step closer to the ultimate rock guitar sound and playing of my dreams. I've used many of my signature techniques from RACER X and MR. BIG, but twisted them into new chords, grooves, and emotions.

As always, my influences are diverse and not what you might expect from a "heavy metal" artist. While I was writing the songs for FUZZ UNIVERSE, I was immersing myself in Bulgarian Female Choir music, Baroque lute and violin pieces, Johnny Cash songs about trains, cows, mules, and mining coal, the Bee Gees, and Ronnie James Dio. I mix all this into my head, and out came endless new ideas for my guitar to chew on.

After several months of being locked in my writing room, I gathered my touring band together and headed to the studio. Jeff Bowders played drums. Craig Martini played bass. Emi Gilbert (my wife) played keyboards. And I bent the guitar strings until I couldn't play anymore.

As usual, there are no dramatic stories here. No heroin overdoses, motorcycle accidents, celebrity divorces, or band-member boxing matches. The emotion, drama, and power are all in the music. That is the universe that I want to live in”

Paul Gilbert is regarded internationally as one of the greatest players in the industry. Starting his recording career with Shrapnel Records as a teenager in the late 80’s, Gilbert remains one of the most active guitarists from the original shred guitar scene. His rise to Platinum success includes a number one song with Mister Big, and cult status as founding member of the legendary and highly successful underground progressive metal band Racer X.

Here are some links to check them out.

Profile Page Link:


Show Schedule:



Eric Mantel: Cort Guitar Video contest


Bryan Aspey: Sound Cloud debut of AmpKit

Bryan Aspey:
Wrote this solo around 1am during a late night, low volume (though you wouldn't know if from this recording!) practice session. Inspiring tones to be found here for sure. Audio exported via AmpKit.
Gear: Steinberger ZT3 > Peavey AmpKit LiNK > iPhone 3GS > AmpKit Free > Tivoli PAL (monitor, for my ears only)
Amp: Peavey ValveKing, Lead Channel w/ gain set below 50%, Noise Gate Pedal ON, 4x12

Bryan Aspey - AmpKit Test 1 - "Late Night Shred Snack" by Bryan Aspey

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Greg Howe: live date in Mumbai announced!

GREG HOWE Live in Mumbai
12 November · 19:00 - 22:00
Location St.Andrews Auditorium (Bandra)Mumbai
Created by:
Orange Tree
More info
ORANGE TREE Entertainment Presents - Guitar Gods India Tour



Jude Gold, Kevin Vecchione, Gianluca Palmieri.

Supported by

Bhargava's Music more


Date - 12th Nov 2010
Venue - St.Andrews Auditorium, Bandra
Time - 7:00pm

Workshop - Rs. 500
Concert - Rs.1000 / Rs.500.
Workshop + Concert - Rs.1250 / Rs.750

Joe Pinnavaia: Shred This 3 - get the transcription!

Shred This 3 Solo Transcription - ($3.00 USD)

Joe Pinnavaia:
This was my take on the incredible Shred This 3 competition that is done by Laurie Monk who runs the Truth in Shredding website. Shred This
The backing track was performed and recorded by Brett Garsed - who is a fantastic player and one of my personal favorites. If you need the backing track you can still go to the link for the video here:
Special thanks to Levi Clay who did a super job with the transcription and taking the time to get the details it needed. This PDF file has an embedded video player which includes the video of the performance.
Hope you all enjoy and get something from this video!