Monday, 11 October 2010

T Lavitz: passes, RIP

T Lavitz: 1956 - 2010

We’re saddened to follow the news of Solomon Burke’s passing with word that keyboardist T. Lavitz passed away unexpectedly, in his sleep on the evening of October 7th. Lavitz first gained notoriety in 1978, when the then-University of Miami student was tapped to replace Mark Parrish in Southern rock band Dixie Dregs. The Dregs went on to release three albums with Lavitz before breaking up in 1983. His career

Nathan Doyle: Vigier Excalibur Ultra for sale!

Nathan Doyle:
May be selling his Vigier Excalibur Ultra, fully LOADED with midi controller, Kahler hybrid, active EMGs- all Peter Davies modified- any takers?! I am interested

Ian Bemolator: guitar lessons coming soon

Aulas de Guitarra com Ian Bemolator

learn chilling licks like this!

Ian Bemolator - Tagima Guitar Challenge

Guglielmo Malusardi: the Shred Baron thanks the Milan Guitar Day 6 community

Guglielmo Malusardi:
Another great day of music, it became part of the book of emotions in my life. I want to thank you for this first and foremost, my traveling companion music, the man who five years ago, June 19, 2005, has converted my (and Maurizio De Martino) utopian vision into reality: Maximum "Flash" Sangiorgi. MKM, the profession ... breath and courtesy of Roberto Ferrari, Luca Mezzadri and Italo Iovane.

Mogar Music, in the person of Stefano "Sebo" Xotta, wonderful example of being human.

MMI, represented on stage and off the president Alex "Don Alejandro" Stornello, our fellow adventures for years, even evening edition (Guitar Night) and his brother Luke (thanks for all the laughter).
Alexander, Gianluca and Danilo, the "holy trinity" of Moonhouse, for having fulfilled to the extent possible and even beyond, every single need of the organizers, sponsors, musicians and audience!

The musicians of the Sixth Edition: Michael Angelo Batio, Angels & Demons (Alex Stornello, George and Paul Caridi Terenziani), Daniele Gottardo, Euro Groove Department (Gregolin Daniele, Luca and Marco Scansani Maggiore), Andrea Martongelli, Luciano Zadro (s Andrea Lombardini bass), Tommy Ermolli, Gianluca Ferro and Ignazio Di Salvo. You put in every note played and even during breaks, every atom of energy, passion and emotion. GREAT!

Angels of Emergency, continually working to remedy the crap that the worst human being on the planet (humans) never ceases to propose. We are proud to help you guys!

My new Brother From Another Mother: Bristol from the UK, the Shred Admiral Laurie Monk and His amazing We are carrying the Cross Guitar and we're happily doing it!

Shred Baron and Shred Admiral

Last but certainly not least, every single person who participated in the six editions of Guitar Day, paying the entrance fee. Without you, none of this would have been possible. The Guitar Day was born to do for people like you happy, even as we, members of the brotherhood guitar world. I embrace you all with an enormous sense of gratitude and friendship.

Sam Bell: Lady GaGa and Fergie go to it!

Glamorous (Fergie cover) by Sam Bell Guitarist

Love Game (Lady Ga Ga cover) by Sam Bell Guitarist

News: Guitar Fight Club 2010

These are the latest videos in a handy player.

Guitar Fight Club 2010

Michel Top: Promotional video of the 2nd CD of Guitar Hero

Promotional video of the 2nd CD of Guitar Hero, which will be launched on 30 October 2010. Visit the official site and learn more Access also

2nd CD of Guitar Heroes - Promo

Allan Holdsworth: live at The Tralf

Allan Holdsworth: at The Tralf

Chris Adams: video on live tv

Recorded live for sat tv, back in June 2000

live on tv.mpg

Calvin Prior: tribute to Santana and Blackmore

Europa Santana Cover

Black Night Deep Purple Cover

Darren Donohoe: sweet tapping lick for your arsenal

Paul Gilbert Tapping Lesson (Darren Donohoe)

Rob Chappers: ML2 gets a burn out.

Orange Dual Terror & Chapman ML2 at Andertons

ML2 Metal - Drop A Mayhem

Don't forget the Monkeylord launch party

Monkey Lord Party!!! \m/

You could be the winner of a Chapman Guitars ML-1, custom-painted by Svee.

Ticket prices super deal... get your tickets now!!

Martin Miller: Guitar Play Back gets some free fusion lessons!

This is the first of a number of free lick lessons I'll be doing for Youtube. I hope you find this stuff interesting and useful. Backing track taken from - really cool site by David Wallimann, have a look!

Thanks for checking out the video and I hope to hear from you soon,

Fusion Licks Guitar Lesson #1: Combining Tapping + String Skipping by Martin Miller

Patrick Amar: Seeds

Patrick Amar - Seeds

Rodrigo Gozalbez: Corea Jam Jazz

Corea Jam Jazz - Rodrigo J. Gozalbez

Steve Brown: super guitar revisited and reloaded!

Highlights from Steve Brown's youtube channel



Steve Brown: Andy James Style: Intervalic String Skip Tapping

Giorgino Gianluigi: guitar idol 2010 -

Giorgino Gianluigi adds his tune to the guitar idol competition.

Yellow room

Angel Dimitrov: three oriiginal instrumentals from Bulgarian rock guitarist.

Furious housewife

Glacial soul


Angus Lamb: guitar idol 2010 great young talent

[sheep-punning-mode]Young Mr Lamb... (otherwise I guess he would be called Angus Sheep)... really lays on the "mint" sauce in this original composition... not wishing to bleat on about it, but he shows great musical knowledge for one so young... a definite cut(let) above the rest and it's great to see those Lamb chops! [sheep-punning-mode]

Infrastructure - Angus Lamb (Guitar Idol 2010)

Mika Tyyskä: Mr Fastinger working on more samurai zen guitar tracks!

Hello from our humble guitar studio. We are currently working on guitar tracks for the next Mr. Fastfinger album. Here's Mika recording a solo for a song called "Action Beat". This is the actual take to keep. You're first hearing it as it sounds raw through the camera microphone and then together with the current demo mix of the song (here solo is also double tracked). String skipping (sometimes combined with tapping) seems to be the hottest technique around here :)
Unfortunately producing an action packed kick ass guitar album isn't as fast as some of these solos are. We hope to get the album ready and released during the second half of 2011. In the mean time watch out for more material as we progress.

The strange effect on the image around 1:06 is due to the extra high volume! The cheap video camera can't take the strong waves of sound it's facing

Recording a super fast solo

Peter Greier: eat this excerpts

eat this excerpts "the add" solo It features all these great players: Peter Greier (guitars), Alex Machacek (guitar), Andy Mayerl (Upright Bass), Charly Fischer (Perc.), Christian Lamm (sax), Christian Tschuggnall (drums), Christian Wegscheider (Piano), Franz Markt (Keyboard), Gerhard Egger (Drums), Hannes Sprenger (sax), Henry Sigl (Bass), Jürgen"navy"Nawratil (Bass), Kristian Tabakow (Piano), Louis Goldblum (Drums), Manu Delago(Drums), Michi Tschuggnall (Bass, VocmPiano, Arr), Raini Patscheider (Piano), Robert Zimmermann(Bass),Sabine Greier(Voc),Siggi Walch (Backing voc)Thommy Tschuggnall(Keys, Programming, Backing Voc), Willi Langer (Bass).

Marcos De Ros: Sunshine of Your Love

Sunshine of Your Love - Marcos De Ros

David Jacobson: guitar idol 2010 - tasteful improvisation

David Jacobson

Peter Emmer: revisited

First highlighted back in 2005, I thought I would see if I could find any videos to support his CD release from back then.

This CD was on the mp3 player top list for over a year and you used to be able to buy the CD "Peter Emmer" from guitar9, but it appears no longer to be available. If you see a copy pick it up.

Peter Emmer-Guitar Clinic(soundcheck)

Peter Emmer-guitar clinic (passion) fender strat

Emmer Péter-Hangfoglalás2009

Peter Emmer-István Alapi (edda)-jam

Richie Kotzen: Michelle Holland's videos live at the Viper Room

Michelle Holland has the best collection of Richie Kotzen video on youtube, in my humble opinion... here a series from a recent show at the Viper Room.

Richie Kotzen - Remember @ The Viper Room

Richie Kotzen - Peace Sign @ The Viper Room

Richie Kotzen - Fooled Again @ The Viper Room

Richie Kotzen - Beautiful Life @ The Viper Room

Martin Miller: DoFret Interview's Germany's rising rock fusion star!

Martin Miller: copyright Phillip Breu
Martin Miller DoFret gets stuck into a full on interview with one of Germany's new rock fusion aces:
Q: You have great tone and phrasing. How has that evolved over the last few years?

Thanks a lot Trev! That involved a lot of trial and error. When I was still in college, I would have a new favourite guitarist almost every week. I went through my Steve Lukather, George Benson, Mike Stern, Pat Metheny, Carl Verheyen, Scott Henderson (etc., etc.) phases and stole my elements from any of them. When I got really aware of what phrasing means, I started listening to my favourite guitarists more actively, trying to soak up any detail of their notes (or rests!). I got obsessed with time feel and spent a few ages working on that. Unfortunately I still have a loooong way to go in that department. Later on I started getting crazy about bending and vibrato. So yeah, what you’re hearing really is a sum of getting in and out of many obsessive phases!

Same thing with tone: there were months, where I didn’t go near within a mile of a distortion pedal. The next few months I’d be sporting the Stern-esque chorus/delay tone, then back to the dry, raw Gilbert distortion. It’s not always healthy to have a broad taste! :) This kind of identity crisis also kept me from writing and releasing an album. Thankfully, I finally found the tone that I’m going to stick with. For the first time ever, I feel that I’ve kind of found my voice on the guitar, as cheesy as it sounds! more

Martin Miller - website up now ( + Album Announcement and Teaser!

Kosta Vreto,Kostas Gintsis: acoustic gig date announced

Kosta Vreto - Kostas Gintsis acoustic gig
Thursday at 22:00 - 15 October at 02:00
Location Distiller - Ampelokipoi - Thessaloniki

Lee Oliver: winner and the finalists from Guitar Hungary 2010

Some solid performances from upcoming players in Hungary in this edited show highlights from the 2010 competition.

Újgitáros Final 2010

Daniel Rezende: guitar idol 2010

Daniel Rezende - Unconstant Wit - Guitar Idol 2010 ENTRY

Robert Brown: live date announced for London

Robert Brown is a talented guitar player who recently featured in my top 15 players for shred this III.

Thursday, October 14, 2010 8:00 PM - 11:30 PM BST
Blag Club
1st Floor, 68 Notting Hill Gate
London Notting Hill W11 3HT

Greg Mess around

Here a little jamming over some "unknown" pop track...

Mariah 1

Mariah 2

ROBERT BROWN: Shred This III.wmv

Vinnie Moore: short but sweet

vinnie moore solo at chiari (bs) dean guitars HD

Michael Angelo Batio,Daniele Gottardo: feature in Alain Laspeyres's photo gallery


Here are a few I selected from this great photo archive:
Gianluca Ferro, Michael Angelo Batio and Daniele Gottardo

Daniele Gottardo
 Alain Laspeyres, Michael Angelo Batio and Guglielmo Malusardi

Eric Maldonado: Into The Moonlight new CD

My album, "Into The Moonlight" is finished!! You can order it at

It is out on Elusive Sound Entertainment Records and the whole thing was Written and Produced by me.

I am so happy this album is finally finished, I worked for 1 year on this trying to make it the best I could. I am very proud of the production, playing and feel of the album. This album contains 9 instrumental songs written by me. I would like to thank God, my family, all my YouTube followers for supporting me through the years and some special friends - Aman Khosla, Dimi Nalbantov, Joop Wolters, Paul Tauterouff, Laurie Monk & PDXGuitarfreak for their continuous support and inspiration.

I would also like to thank the companies who stand behind me and endorse me:
-Halo Guitars
-AMT Electronics
-Guitar Pro 6

You can support me by purchasing the CD at my website on 10/10/2010:

- Into The Moonlight - My Debut Album Is OUT NOW! - Watch in 480p HD!

Quotes from great players about my album:

"Eric has the rare combination of chops and phrasing in his playing! The strong tunes and excellent guitar work is sure to please guitar and music fans alike!"
- Carl Roa

"Like Satriani did in the 80's in the midst of a generation of intense guitar players, Eric shows that a nice melody is worth showcasing, and a hair-raising solo is worth waiting for, which enhances the crazier moments. Rather that shoot off his best licks up front, Eric writes real songs and enhances them with great solos. Definitely a formidable young player to watch out for!"
- Chris Brooks

"Eric Maldonado is a young and talented player who has a keen ear for tone and musicality. His latest release is packed full of mellifluous montages, matched by memorable, magical guitar moments. Stand out cuts include "Hero Stand" and "Shadows", each track is chock full of sweet guitar tones, catchy hooks and scintillating solos... this CD's a keeper! "
- Laurie Monk

"Very Impressive! Playing way beyond his years, Eric has great tone, technique and cool tunes! Not to mention, a very bright future!"
- Rod DeGeorge

"Eric, I was really impressed with your playing and compositions especially at only being 15. Your well on your way to being a great player."
- Derryl Gabel

"Eric, you really have it all - a tasty, melodic playing style, excellent songs, killer vibrato and great tone!"
- Paul Tauterouff

"Eric, your music sounds already very mature and i know it will bring you far!! Good luck with your CD!!..Cheers."
- Joop Wolters

"Great compositions my friend, great sense of harmony and melodies plus I appreciate the fact that you know when to rip it and when to hold back! Keep up the awesome work Eric"
-Chris Pallas

Chris Brooks: Skype, Personal, or Video guitar lessons

Guitar Lessons with Chris Brooks - Skype, Personal, or Video

Paul Gilbert: new date announced for Poland!

A special thanks to Jenn from who continues to be a super resource of Paul Gilbert information... Jenn says:
Paul added : Nov. 25 - Warsaw Poland - Progresja to his upcoming tour.

Paul ibanez RG.avi

Steve Lukather: Win his signature guitar!

On 11 October guitarist, vocalist, composer, producer and arranger, Steve Lukather will release his new solo album All’s Well That Ends Well and we have a couple of HUGE competitions to celebrate the occasion.

Over the next two weeks we will be giving away a STUNNING Music Man "Luke" Signature Guitar worth £1400 and we'll be giving away pairs of exclusive VIP tickets to see Steve Lukather on his forthcoming UK tour.  more

All's Well That Ends Well brilliantly showcases Lukather's innate musicality, balancing intricate musicianship with melodic rock. This is by far Lukather's most personal work in some time, and it is destined to rank alongside ANYTHING that he has done in his entire career.

The album is released in three formats, which you can pre-order HERE

- Jewel Case CD
- Limited Edtion CD
- Vinyl

Steve Lukather All's Well that Ends Well EPK

Mark Gibson: Edge Of Nowhere CD released

Mark Gibson's CD, Edge Of Nowhere is now available on Amazon and itunes:

Milan Polak: "Silhouette" Shred

Milan Polak:
Just a quick little video noodling around on my new Musicman "Silhouette"...

"Silhouette" Shred - Milan Polak

Richie Kotzen: World Peace Sign tour dates



10/14/10 Istanbul Jolly Joker Balans (Istanbul-Turkey)

Add Time: 7:00pm.10/15/10 Madrid-Spain Sala Caracol

Add Time: 7:00pm.10/16/10 Bilbao-Spain Sala Rockstar Live (Festival)

Add Time: 7:00pm.10/18/10 Lisbon-Portugal Music Box

Add Time: 7:00pm.10/19/10 Sevilla-Spain Sala Q

Add Time: 7:00pm.10/20/10 Roma (Italy) Roma Rock School-CLINIC

Add Time: 8:00pm.10/21/10 Roma-Italy Jailbreak

Add Time: 7:00pm.10/22/10 Forli-Italy Naima

Add Time: 7:00pm.10/23/10 Trofarello-Italy Il Peocio

Add Time: 7:00pm.10/24/10 Milano-Italy Legend 54

Add Time: 7:00pm.10/26/10 Treviso-Italy Boshello (CLINIC)

Add Time: 8:00pm.10/28/10 Schio-VI (Italy) Mac2

Add Time: 8:00pm.10/29/10 Pisa-Italy Borderline

Add Time: 7:00pm.10/30/10 Tulon-France tba

Add Time: 8:00pm.11/01/10 Bordeaux-France tba

Add Time: 8:00pm.11/02/10 Toulouse-France tba

Add Time: 8:00pm.11/04/10 Kerkrade-Holland Rock Temple

Add Time: 7:00pm.11/05/10 Zoetermeer-Holland Borderij

Add Time: 7:00pm.11/07/10 Glasgow 02 ABC Glasgow

Add Time: 7:00pm. Admission: £12. Box office: 0844 477 2000. Address: 300 Sauchiehall St.. Venue phone:0141 332 2232. VIP Package availability is still being considered. Announcements will be made shortly. Regardless, the actual ticket to the show must be purchased through the venue’s box office. BUY TICKETS11/08/10 Liverpool 02 Academy Liverpool

Add Time: 7:00pm. Admission: £12. Box office: 0844 477 2000. Address: 11-13 Hotham Street. Venue phone:0151 707 3200. VIP Package availability is still being considered. Announcements will be made shortly. Regardless, the actual ticket to the show must be purchased through the venue’s box office. BUY TICKETS11/09/10 Birmingham 02 Academy Birmingham

Add Time: 7:00pm. Admission: £12. Box office: 0844 477 2000. Address: 16-18 Horsefair, Bristol St.. Venue phone: 0121 622 8250. VIP Package availability is still being considered. Announcements will be made shortly. Regardless, the actual ticket to the show must be purchased through the venue’s box office.BUY TICKETS11/10/10 London Academy Islington

Add Time: 7:00pm. Admission: £15. Box office: 0844 477 2000. VIP Package availability is still being considered. Announcements will be made shortly. Regardless, the actual ticket to the show must be purchased through the venue’s box office. BUY TICKETS11/12/10 Aarburg-Switzerland Moonwalker

Add Time: 8:00pm. BUY TICKETS11/13/10 Drammen (Norway) Buddy Scene

Add Time: 8:00pm.11/16/10 Prague-Czech Republic Matrix

Add Time: 8:00pm.11/17/10 Wien-Austria Reigen

Add Time: 7:00pm.11/18/10 Zagreb-Croatia Boogaloo

Add Time: 7:00pm.11/19/10 Velden-Austria Bluesiana

Add Time: 7:00pm.11/21/10 Habach-Germany Village

Add Time: 7:00pm.11/24/10 Leonberg-Germany Uhlenspiegel

Add Time: 8:00pm.11/25/10 Torgau-Germany Kulturbastion

Add Time: 8:00pm.11/26/10 Hanover-Germany Blues Garage

Add Time: 7:00pm.11/28/10 Burgas (Bulgraria) Opera House

Add Time: 8:00pm.11/29/10 Sofia (Bulgaria) Sofia Live Club

Steve Smith: Progress Music Academy open day announced


Steve Smith
When: Saturday, October 23, 2010 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM BST
Where: Progress Music Academy
33-35 Northhampton St, Jewellery Quarter
Birmingham West Midla B18 6Du

Read more:

Joe Vanderhoff: guitars crossing the event horizon

Crossing The Event Horizon - Hylozoic tapping

Frank Gambale - humid beings (with some improv at the end)

Crossing The Event Horizon - Whence Came Creation

This isn't a difficult song, but it's just gorgeous. I wanted to put it up because it's one of my favorites and it's more about how the notes are played rather than how many notes are played. Also, I cut out the bass solo in the middle of the song so I could do the little outro bit as well. I hope you enjoy. Stay Tuned, I'm going to try to tackle some more difficult Holdsworth songs soon.

ps: Check out my band at Holdsworth is a huge influence in our playing.
Allan Holdsworth - Water on the Brain - PT.2

Bogdan Solak: Stick guitar tapping

Plan Instrument Bogdan Solak

News: guitar and belly dance, a marriage made in heaven?

KayLouise electric guitar solo

Dave Weiner: Varying Intervalic Interest

"Varying Intervalic Interest" - Riff Of The Week® - 10/6/10 (S5:E46)

Jan Laurenz: Lydjan song

Lydjan song by jan laurenz

Lyle Watt: Video Testing

Lyle Watt - Video Testing.mp4