Sunday, 24 October 2010

Fabrizio Chiruzzi: fusion improvisation and solo

Fabrizio Chiruzzi: The new composition of Riccardo Dalli Cardillo

Fabrizio Chiruzzi: a little improvisation while testing a new pedal

Calin Grigoriu: tasty classic strat playing

Calin Grigoriu Band-City night ride

Harry K Cody: Shotgun Messiah... lets build that time machine now!

In honour of her in doors... these guys were everything that the 1980's were about. I understand that Harry K Cody is a well respected session player now... now where did I put mu screwdriver?... just need to tighten the screws on my reverse polarity time machine... then we're going back!

shotgun messiah - living without you

shotgun messiah - shout it out

Michael Angelo Batio: Jim Gillette When The Clock Strikes 12

This is a track from Jim Gillette's CD which features none other than Shred King Michael Angelo Batio. If you are not a fan of vocals, you can fast forward to the solo which starts around 2:50.

Jim Gillette When The Clock Strikes 12 HQ

Brian Carroll: Buckethead slaps the bass

Slap That Bass, Buckethead

News: Congratulations to JP from Strat O Blogster who feaures in the top 10 guitar blogs!

Yeah well done Mr JP Holesworth from Stratoblogster as he makes it to guitar international top 10 guitar blogs!  Who is JP talking about in this quote... sounds like me to me :)

JP from Stratoblogster

JP: It sure helps to play guitar, in regards to talking about certain technical aspects of the guitar. But, also understand that there are music blogs out there run by fans who aren’t musicians. No two blogs are really alike in their approach, which leaves it pretty wide open. Guitar blogs out there are just as individualized as anything else.

One of the most successful and prolific guitar blogs out there is run by a huge fan of guitar playing who says he doesn’t play. He never features himself playing or provides any technical tips. He does however constantly present tons of great players from around the world. So no, you don’t have to be a guitarist, you just need to be interested in guitar music enough to communicate your interest to others in a fun and effective manner.

  1. 10 Great Guitar Blogs: Fretterverse
  2. 10 Great Guitar Blogs: Classical Guitar Blog
  3. 10 Great Guitar Blogs: I Heart Guitar
  4. 10 Great Guitar Blogs: Guitar Friendly
  5. 10 Great Guitar Blogs: Effects Bay

Jeff Mignot: shred white and sacre bleu!!!

guitar shred blues


nono contest

Alex Forlani: guitar clinic demo

Comments in Italian, but guitar starts at 04:50

Marvit Seminario "Musica e Strumenti",Alex Forlani interview,A Night To Remember

Joe Satriani: Hammersmith Apollo, London

Joe Satriani @ HMV Hammersmith Apollo, London (LIVE HD FOOTAGE) Part # 1

Joe Satriani @ HMV Hammersmith Apollo, London (LIVE HD FOOTAGE) Part # 2

Miki Birta: and Friends Club (live)

Miki Birta & Friends: Club (live)

Jack Gardiner: Rockbox Boiling Point Pedal Demo

Rockbox Boiling Point Pedal Demo - Jack Gardiner

Jimmie Vaughan, Steve Miller: blue heaven

Steve Miller with Jimmie Vaughan Tilt A Whirl

Steve Miller with Jimmie Vaughan Tilt a Whirl 2

Juan Carlos Portillo: split musician!

Fender Stratocaster Highway 1/Ibanez GIO Soundgear Bass

Rob Chappers: ML2 spotted at Manson's guitar show!

WARNING ML2 content from Mansons Guitar Show Exeter

Magnus Olsson: oh joy... Magnus got a video a camera... it must be Christmas already!

Magnus Olsson:
Just got my first ever video camera and this is my first try on the process of doing a video, editing and uploading it. Takes a lot of time to figure all this new stuff out. It will hopefully be better next time.
Making the video was the purpose, not the playing, as you can hear :-)

Playing a Ibanez AWD83 with DiMarzio 36th PAFs.

Guglielmo Malusardi: the Shred Baron, the doyen of guitar gurus'

I met Guglielmo Malusardi in Milan, his home ground, but Guglielmo Malusardi at home all around the globe and he's met some of the best guitar players around the globe. Here's just a selection from his extensive gallery...

Guglielmo Malusardi and Paul Gilbert

Marty Friedman and Guglielmo Malusardi

Ron Jarzombek and Guglielmo Malusardi

John Petrucci and Guglielmo Malusardi

Michael Romeo and Guglielmo Malusardi

Damir Puh: Call and response lick

Damir Puh - Call and response lick

Go to: for more online lessons.

Kosta Vreto, Anthimos Manti: Paul Dianno 2010

Paul Dianno 2010 live in thessaloniki - killers.wmv

Paul Dianno 2010 live in thessaloniki - the beast arises.wmv

Paul Dianno 2010 live in thessaloniki - marshall lockjaw.wmv

Paul Dianno 2010 live Idles of March - Wrathchild

Denis Rexhepi: c-7 fr demo

schecter hellraiser c-7 fr demo by Denis Rexhepi

Michael Angelo Batio: Nitro Live In Lincoln Nevada 1992

Nitro Live In Lincoln Nevada 1992 Michael Angelo Guitar Solo

Morten Faerestrand: MFG live

Morten Faerestrand Groups first concert after the release of "Bergen March" This is a short clip of the guitar solo from my original song "Sonality".

MF - guitar
Erik Halvorsen - Piano
Ole Marius Sandberg - Bass
Ivar Thormodsaeter - Drums

MFG live -10: "Sonality"

Morten Faerestrand's Bergen March featuring Frank Gambale Buy the CD

Bill Berends: Big Bad Blues from the Berends Bros Band live

Berends Bros Band - Stepping Out - duet w/ interpretive dancer

Berends Bros Band - Hideaway

Berends Bros Band - Snowy Wood

t-cophony: Reaching again

Reaching again - T-cophony

Robbert Hanenberg: brilliant tribute to Steve Vai

Whispering A Prayer - Steve Vai : Robbert Hanenberg

Whispering A Prayer - Steve Vai : Robbert Hanenberg (camera audio)