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Abby Clutario: stick queen

Abby Clutario - Fuseboxx

Fuseboxx - No Glory teaser

News: Patrick Hufschmid interview

Patrick Hufschmid is a talented luthier based in Switzerland. He builds some seriously amazing looking guitars, with some hand selected woods and each guitar is hand crafted by Patrick himself.

Do Fret offers this feature on Patrick's work!

Q: Tell us a bit about Hufschmid Guitars? What models are in the range and what can people expect from your instruments?

Thank you for taking the time to interview me! I am a small artisan working in an extremely small worshop (5 square meters) in the basement of my little house. I have been playing guitar for almost 25 years, this has given me enough knowledge and experience about the instrument in order to start to put together my own ideas.
Back in 1996, I went abroad to the USA to study guitar building at the celebrated Red Wing Technical College in Minessota. This gave me the practical knowledge to start to build my very own instruments which I have constantly refined ever since.

I build between 11-15 guitars every year with my 2 hands and my approach to building is natural and based on physics as suposed to poetry, romance and 100000 coats of lacquer! To me authentic work is something which I am very proud about and I enjoy sharing this with customers who understand the difference between a handmade instrument and a mass produced one. more

News: DoFret currently on ice.

Do Fret to be put on ice:
Regretfully, I have decided to stop working on my site, for the time being, at least.

There are many, many guitar sites out there - some really great ones that can offer much more in the line of regular updates and perhaps a more visually appealing experience.

Some of you may know I have been suffering with Depression for a number of years and as it is particularly bad at this time, I feel I should put my energies into getting better. I plan on returning to my first love, bass guitar, and doing a ton of actual playing!

I'd like to thank the many, super-talented folk that have helped me and contributed to the site - you know who you are - keep making that great music and those marvellous guitars!

For those that have sent CD's for review and I haven't featured you yet, apologies.

I may decide to start up the site again, but for now, I have to concentrate on getting well again.



My best wishes to Trevor and thanks for the excellent work and interviews that Trevor put together for this little jem of a web site.

Marko Vesovic: demos Steve Vai Ibanez Jem Mirror

Steve Vai Ibanez Jem Mirror.mp4

Prashant Aswani: ESP Playoff

Introducing Prashant Aswani - ESP Playoff


Alex Lifeson: The "Lifeson Ledge" - Drink Bravely with Mark Oldma

Episode 14: The "Lifeson Ledge" - Drink Bravely with Mark Oldma(featuring Alex Lifeson of Rush)

Magnus Karlsson: Jorn Lande, Russell Allen new CD details

'The Showdown'
'Judgement Day'
'Never Again'
'Turn All Into Gold'
'We Will Rise Again'
'The Guardian'
'The Artist'
'Alias' (bonus track)

The first chapter of Jorn Lande and Russell Allen’s collaboration, “The Battle” was unleashed in September 2005 with unanimous acclaim from fans and critics alike.

Many websites and magazines named it “Record of the Year”. It’s success made it one of the most popular releases ever in Melodic Heavy Metal, thanks to beautiful, sweeping piano and keyboards, heavy guitar riffs, virtuoso guitar solos, hooky choruses and the vocal talents of two of the finest Heavy Metal vocalists around.

In 2007 the second chapter entitled “The Revenge” was released and met again with an amazing reaction from press and fans. Heavier and with a tighter production, thanks to the involvement of Dennis Ward (PINK CREAM 69, ANGRA, PLACE VENDOME) at the mix, the album excited the many fans who loved the first chapter.

Russell Allen is the singer of the American Progressive Metal band SYMPHONY X, who have released six studio albums and one live record so far. More than once SYMPHONY X received accolades such as "Best Progressive Power Metal Band Worldwide" or awards for the "Best Progressive Metal Album of the Year".

Highly rated MASTERPLAN and vocalist JORN LANDE has a vocal capability that is world class, distinctive, rich and spanning a large range. He is in high demand and has appeared as guest or sung for such bands and projects as AVANTASIA, ARK, THE SNAKES and many others. He is also a well-known solo artist with various successful studio albums released, since the debut "Starfire" in 1999.

For the third instalment the songs were written again by guitar sensation MAGNUS KARLSSON (PRIMAL FEAR, STARBREAKER) with cover art once again designed for this project by Rodney Matthews (DIAMOND HEAD, MAGNUM, ASIA etc.). “The Showdown” was mixed this time by Achim Kohler (PRIMAL FEAR, KISKE/SOMERVILLE) and is probably the heaviest and most straight ahead release of the lot. Still it does include all the trademarks that made the project so popular among the fans and all the hooklines and the lead vocal trades are still there and show the amazing abilities of two of the world’ most popular Hard Rock / Heavy metal singers.

Jorn Lande: vocals
Russell Allen: vocals
Magnus Karlsson: guitars, bass, keyboards
Jaime Salazar: drums

Allen Lande - Judgement Day

Allen Lande 2010 - The Official Trailer

Hrant Bedoyan: featuring Derek Sherinian - Unleashed new CD

Hrant Bedoyan Unleashed (CD)

Hrant Bedoyan, a guitarist, a musician… a true artist at heart. Hrant comes from a very diverse musical background. The Armenian-Canadian guitarist grew up listening to different flavors of music; an inspiration that sought him through since his childhood. The inspiration started at home with his grandfather on violin and his father on violin and oud. At age six he was deeply moved when he heard a record from Spain of Werner Muller (gypsy tango) and Astor Piazzolla. His exposure to the different music genres got him interested in playing keyboard and bass, as influenced by new age music and the likes of Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis. In his teen years, Hrant’s taste in music changed to the heavier sounds of hard rock and heavy metal. While still being a huge fan of all other types of pop, folk and classical music, he couldn’t escape the gravity and the soulfulness of his one favorite instrument. That’s when he found his true passion, the guitar, and everything else is history in the making. Hrant spent years practicing his playing with determination, countless hours and hard work to master his skill. He has been writing music for a long time but because he is so dedicated to his craft, he finally decided to release his work as a fine work of art, for each written song is meant to be a musical masterpiece, that tells a story so transparent to every listener. His perfectionism and dedication caught the attention of many when some of his demos were posted online. It also caught the attention of keyboard maestro Derek Sherinian, who decided to collaborate with him on his first album, Unleashed, an album which will quiver your core.

Oz Noy,Doug Johns: Stank new CD

Doug Johns Stank (CD)

Doug's raw presence, energy, and all-around crowd-wowing prowess can be heard on numerous recordings and stages. Believing that a good musician surrounds himself with great musicians, Doug has had the privilege of working with such icons as Victor Wooten, Buddy Miles, Chuck Rainey, Dana Rasch, The LA Mass Choir, Grammy winning producer Aaron Lindsey, Steve Smith, and many others. The culmination of these musical experiences led him to his first critically acclaimed solo CD, Doug Johns, released in 2006. Doug followed up his very well-received solo debut with his 2008 release, "Pocket Fulla Nasty,” and received an outstanding reaction from the bass community, as well as catching the ear of the general public very quickly. Bass Player Magazine on Johns: “One of the most credit–deserving bass virtuosos in America…it’s his inventiveness that’s consistently compelling.” Doug's newest release, Stank (October 2010), brings ten stank-funk tunes with returning artists Oz Noy, Kenny Anderson, Otmaro Ruiz and drummer extraordinaire, Chris Ceja. With fat slammin' horns, intimate, artful composition and beautiful solo bass, this latest collection is a strong, healthy dose of groove for your soul. Doug Johns and company are definitely guilty of the old adage: Put some Stank on it!

Brian Carroll: buckethead portrait of an artist as a young man

One of Buckethead's earliest videos showing his raw speed and talent to shred with precision like no other. At the time of this recording he was only 20 years old.

One of young Buckethead's fastest shredding demonstrations

Recorded during the same time as the Young Buckethead DVDs, Acoustic Shards showcases Buckethead alone on acoustic guitar. The music was recorded in real time, without overdubs or effects devices - just Buckethead in a living room, playing a borrowed guitar. Much of it was composed on the spot. The CD includes the earliest-known version of fan faves "For Mom" and "Who Me?" as well as lots of classic riffs and things you've never heard before.

Buckethead himself drew all the artwork for the CD and poster.

Young Buckethead - Acoustic Shards - Who Me (1991)

Track listing:
1. For Mom (early version) 2:39
2. Who Me? (early version) 2:11
3. Little Gracie 3:02
4. Ed's Rhapsody/Midnight Dance/Jars 2:55
5. Ganryu Island/Saskia's Gone 2:14
6. Ghosts Upstairs 2:39
7. Spirals 3:48
8. Cubes, Chunks & Crumbles 3:27
9. Thugs 7:38
10. Dinging/Ah-ji-jee 2:38
11. Johnny 2:17
12. Stay Out of the Shed 3:00
13. Serape 1:46
14. Longing 10:33
15. Box Elders 1:14

Total time: 52:30

Recorded and produced by Jas Obrecht for Avabella Productions.

Youtube video created by [Elliott Rudner] with copyright holder's permission. Video footage from Young Buckethead Vol. 2: Buckethead in the Park.

Young Buckethead in backyard playing

Shawn Lane: Talks about Buckethead

Shawn Lane - Talks about Buckethead - AIM Guitar Clinic - 8/24/93

Audio of Shawn Lane being asked questions in a Q&A session @ the AIM Guitar Clinic with Andy Timmons, in Atlanta, Georgia on August 24th, 1993.

MyShawnLaneVideos has video footage posted of this, but it is not the full interview

Shawn Lane talks about Buckethead (AIM, Atlanta - 24th Aug 1993)

Pebber Brown: Tribute To Buckethead

TributeTo Buckethead

Muris Varajic: An Old Modern Time

An Old Modern Time by Muris Varajic - Full Lesson at Live4Guitar

Get the album on download