Friday, 5 November 2010

Tom Quayle: Contemporary II-V-I Lines and Licks

Contemporary II-V-I Lines and Licks

The II-V-I progression is the most important chord progression in fusion and jazz but how do you make it sound hip, modern and contemporary whilst retaining a rock/funk edge? Here are 23 awesome sounding fusion licks with full transcriptions and recordings designed to take your fusion playing to the next level over this most vital of chord sequences. Every fusion player should know his way around a II-V-I and these exciting and challenging licks will give you the inspiration and knowledge needed to sound like a modern fusion player.

Includes PDF transcription file, mp3 file for each lick and explanation booklet outlining the though process behind each lick and the theory required.

Instant Download in PDF and MP3 format. (.zip file) $20.00>

Getting rave reviews from the fusion guys!

Martin Miller:
Here's 20 bucks for you, Tom! This is gonna be great... been practicing a lot of patterns from Jerry Coker's "Jazz Patterns" book over II-V-Is lately, so this is the perfect thing to broaden my vocabulary.

Andres Ludmer:
i just bought it.... looks great tom! keep them coming!

Dave Fiuczynski: Montreal Guitar Show/Jazz Festival 2010

David "Fuze" Fiuczynski at the Montreal Guitar Show/Jazz Festival 2010

Alex Machacek: 24 tales... 51 minute drum solo

Vinnie Moore: guitar player tour interview

Jeff Beck: The Fusion Years

Jas Obrecht has a really great blog... the king interviewer of guitar player magazine... in the era when it really mattered... well he's making waves in the guitar blogosphere... join him:
For blues-rock guitar playing during the late 1960s, England’s “big three” were Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, and Jeff Beck. All three had come to prominence with the Yardbirds, with Beck making his first indelible imprint on pop music with the sitar-like hook of “Heart Full of Soul.” Clapton, who preceded him in the band, went on to play in Cream and have a stellar career as a solo artist. Page used his blues-rock savvy, sonic inventiveness, and uncanny sense of the riff to fuel Led Zeppelin. While Clapton and Page found wealth and fame staying true to their blues-rock roots, Beck has continually pushed boundaries, recording everything from bluesy rock and psychedelia to fusion, rockabilly, metal, pop, techno, and electronica.

JP Stratoblogster: low tech p-whammy!

How To:

P-Whammy Trem Bar Replacement

Charly Sahona: Venturia change line up

French progressive metallers Venturia have recently undergone some line-up changes as they're about to enter the studio at the end of November to record their third studio album entitled "Straight", a title that represents the efficient and catchy nature of the new tunes that have already been penned.

Guitarist Charly Sahona comments, “First, bassist Thomas James Potrel decided to quit Venturia in order to focus on different projects. It was really sad news for us as he brought a lot to the band. Thomas is an amazing guy and musician, we respect his artistic choices and wish him all the best in the world and we will miss him as well as always keeping a door open for him. We are delighted to announce that Thomas' replacement is none other than our friend Franck Hermanny (Adagio) who is now an additional member as and when his Adagio schedule allows. We're very excited and proud to have the opportunity to do some stuff together with Venturia. Secondly one half of Venturia's dual vocal team Marc Ferreira will not be collaborating with the band anymore. There is no personal or artistic reason behind the decision but purely comes down to the economic times we are in. As long-time fans know the band is based in France yet Marc lives in the USA, as Venturia make no money (for the moment) asking somebody from the US to come and stay here in Europe for a recording, rehearsals involves a lot of money, more than the band makes at present and its no longer a viable position. Marc is a great musician and we wish the situation was different and I encourage everyone to check out his solo albums”.

As a result Charly Sahona will undertake lead male vocals to compliment the exquisite female vocals of Lydie Robin. On his new dual role of guitarist/vocalist Sahona states “It's a really big challenge for me and I will do all I can to deliver the best performances possible”. The line up is completed by long-term drummer Diego Rapacchietti.

Those wishing to follow the bands’ making of "Straight" can do so at the bands official Facebook page where during the recording of the album, all the different steps of the making of will be shown and commented by the band

George Bellas: Marco Minnemann team up for new release!

George Bellas has recently composed a new album that is chock-full of epic themes, rich harmonic underpinnings, intricate rhythms and advanced forms. Recording is scheduled to commence in November 2010. As with his latest release "The Dawn Of Time"; drumming legend Marco Minnemann will once again be laying down the drum tracks. Further details regarding this new album will be revealed through progress reports during the production process. Prepare for some exquisite romanticism.

Album Title & Release Date To Be Announced

All parts for the entire album have been scored and are now just waiting to be recorded. The music is heavily immersed in romanticism and is moulded using some complex developmental forms that have not appeared on previous releases. Some pieces are of short to moderate length while others are just under or exceed the ten minute mark. The album has a total running time of approximately 80 minutes.

Much of the thematic material on this upcoming release was developed within very elaborate forms. The melodies were of utmost importance and much focus was devoted to developing them through various composing techniques. The harmonic schemes are colourfully rich and diverse. And of course, the unique rhythms used are a recognizable staple of George's style.

Epic themes and grandiose forms packed into an 80 minute new album!

Milan Polak: Breaking Out Of Patterns #3

Breaking Out Of Patterns 3/3 - Milan Polak Lesson

Eric Johnson: Acoustic Artist Interview PG's Shawn Hammond is On Location at the Englert Theatre in Iowa City, IA, to chat with bluesy rock guitarist Eric Johnson before performing for the Acoustic Masters tour. In this video segment, Eric Johnson talks about his new album Up Close, the reasoning behind selling some of his vintage gear--including an original '62 Strat--going back to his old Marshall cab setup and his signature Martin acoustic.

For more videos or to view Premier Guitar's COMPLETELY FREE digital edition magazine be sure to visit

Artist Interview - Eric Johnson

Rusty Cooley: Guitar Asylum TV

Join host and super shredder Rusty Cooley February 2011 for your exclusive chance, each week, to get lessons, tips and tricks. Catch Rusty's interviews with some of the hottest guitarists past, present and future. All, only, on Guitar Asylum TV!

Rusty Cooley's Guitar Asylum TV

Juliette Jade: sizzling soloing!

Juliette Valduriez:
Here is a solo i invented for the intense progression of the song "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" by The Beatles.

Juliette Valduriez is back and soloing with great feel!

I Want You (She's So Heavy) - The Beatles

Lymmeln: Caparison Horus shred

Caparison Horus shred

Leandro Costa back for guitar idol 2010

Rick Furlani Talking - Improviso por Leandro

This is the excellent 2009 entry

Leandro costa - Rain

Arnaldo Alves: gets a new guitar Vote for me in Guitar Idol 2010 please.

Teste com o Chroma key Vegas Pro 8.

Guitarra Fabricada por Luthier wagner Ribeiro.
Madeiras: Marupá (corpo), Marfim (Braço Escalopado)
Jacarandá (Tampas traseiras).

Nuendo 3.0.2
Guitars: Guitar Rig 4
Drummers: Sensseions Drummer 3
Bass: scarbee jay bass
Arnaldo Alves Apresentação da GUITARRAILANDER

Pete Callard: interview

Pete Callard graduated "Outstanding Musician of the Year" from the Musician's Institute, in Los Angeles, in 1991. After returning to England, he became an important member of the National Youth Jazz Orchestra for a number of years. Pete was also one of the first tutors at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford and has gone on to write for Total Guitar, Guitarist and Guitar Techniques magazine. He also has his own jazz quartet and has backed artists such as Lionel Richie, The Bee Gee's, Shirley Bassey and many more. more

Interview with Pete Callard -

Anikina Kate: Kat purring in LeeNeeBoo

Soundcheck in LeeNeeBoo

Juninho Afram, Sydnei Carvalho: Master Class

Master Class Juninho Afram e Sydnei Carvalho - PARTE 2 - NIG TAGIMA LANDSCAPE MUSICA MODERNA

Morten Faerestrand: beyond infinity

Infinity by Morten Faerestrand

Morten Faerestrand's Bergen March featuring Frank Gambale Buy the CD

Andy Wood: D'Addario

Andy Wood for D'Addario

Fletcher Barton: Shred Junior becomes a fan of Death by Glue Gun!

Shred Junior a fan of Fletcher Barton

Shred Junior has been really taken with bother Slimer and Fletcher Barton's ( antics in their respective videos. So it was with great joy that Shred Junior opened a packet from the great US of A from Fletcher Barton and was pleased to get a great t-shirt from Fletcher's band Death By Glue Gun!

Death By Gluegun at Webster Hall (Evenflow-Pearl Jam)

Levi Clay: guitar idol 2010

Levi Clay - Proglin Live (Guitar Idol 2010)

Anthony Xander: modified new EP

Call it a chance meeting or fate, but whatever it was that led to whizz-kid guitarist Anthony Xander finding singer Trish Stanley can only be interpreted as something that was meant to be. They formed a creative partnership that would become the nucleus of Modified, a band that has come a very long way in a very short time. The lineup was completed with the addition of Jones on drums, and recently added bassist Bill Stephenson. Their combination of raw elements from various genres. plus the constant honing of their songwriting skills, has been the equation of their early success. Metal-laced guitars and tight rhythms mesh with infectious melodies and dark lyrics, delivered by Trish's sultry vocals. True to the band's name, they have come into their own sound and style, and strive to stand out in a landscape cluttered by followers and sound-alikes. Working with producer Michael Borkosky (illScarlett, Low Level Flight, Farewell to Freeway) was the last piece of the puzzle necessary to unlock their full potential. Their first EP "Cruel Temptation" has garnered them some very favourable media attention, an ever-growing fan base, and brought them to the attention of 97.7 HTZ-FM, where they placed third in the station's annual province-wide Rock Search. Their live shows deliver that rare combination of musical precision and raw emotion, as the band rips through their repertoire and Trish enthralls with powerful vocals and captivating stage presence. They continue to gain airplay and popularity across Canada and the U.S. as the life of this EP begins to flourish, and more and more fans discover the unique world of Modified. Their work ethic and relentless pursuit of mastery of their craft has built anticipation of industry types and fans alike. This is a band worth keeping up with.