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Ugur Dariveren: V3 original tune

Ugur Dariveren - V3

Dweezil Zappa: guitar international interview

Dweezil Zappa: Yeah. The thing about the gear is that Frank had a different perspective on how to use equipment than a lot of other guitar players. He had electronics built into his guitars that allowed him to equalize his guitar over the arrangement of the band. Basically, he had parametric equalizers in his guitars, and in most cases there were two of them in each.

You could choose the frequencies you wanted for clarity, and you could also choose frequencies to add more gain for smooth sustain, like what you hear on Zoot Allures when he hits a chord. It goes into that nice feedback. He was using recording equipment technology within his guitars.

He was used to working in a studio, mixing, and doing these things, so he incorporated that into his guitars. Very high class, hi-fi audio concepts were incorporated into his sound. He wasn’t using high gain amplifiers in the way that other people were; he actually had more gain from his guitar and would use the power amp section from his amps. There was more headroom and more dynamics, because the actual output from his guitar was 18db louder than a normal guitarmore

Damir Simic: guitar international interview

Simic was featured in DiMarzio’s ads even though he was an unknown, and the company’s been behind him ever since. “Larry DiMarzio and Steve Blucher have been extremely supportive,” Simic says. “Larry placed several ads with me, which I’m really proud of, because he put me neck to neck with all my heroes like Yngwie and Satriani. And I’m still not that famous of a guitar player in those terms, but the DiMarzio guys have been behind me.”

Things were moving along just fine for Simic until Nirvana hit the next year. “Everything appeared to be phenomenal right from the get go,” Simic recalls. “The problem is about a few months later Kurt Cobain came on the scene. We didn’t really see it coming, but he single-handedly kind of like removed guitar soloing from the mainstream. All throughout the ‘90’s, soloing didn’t exist. Soloing just recently started creeping back in. The past three, four years I’m seeing this movement where all these young bands are coming along. They’re starting to shred, and it’s becoming more popular again. more

Damir Simic Shime - King without Kingdom - from NEW CD "Tone Addict" featuring Chris Impellitteri

Andreia Gomez: Sacred Sin Solo

Andreia Gomez:

Andreia was born in Portugal and started guitar at the age of 14. In 2002 Andreai attended the Guitar Institute in London to do a three month course and ended up staying for the whole year to complete a diploma course.

Andreia likes progressive guitar fusion and world music. She is currently the lead guitarist in MIND who were recently voted Best New & Unsigned Band 2009.

Subscribe to Andreia Gomez YouTube Channel

Andreia is also a music instructor and has a number of lessons that are available at low cost, that cover many progressive metal techniques.

Andreia Gomez: Sacred Sin Solo

Michael Landau: Live 11-05-2010

Michael Landau Live 11-05-2010

Fernando Parra: guitar idol 2010

Guitar idol 2010 - Fernando Parra - Start

Luis Coelho: guitar idol 2010

Luis Coelho - Undercover Dillusion

André Lisboa: guitar idol 2010

Soul Cry - André Lisboa

Kiko Loureiro, Ciro Manna: concert date announced

Kiko Loureiro in Concerto: Opening CIRO MANNA TRIO
Public Event

Ciro Manna
When: Wednesday, November 24, 201010:00 PM - 12:00 AM EST
Via S. Chiara 8nei near the fire)
EC 81100 CASERTA Get Directions
GUITAR CENTER & Making Music
in collaboration with Fareventi

Kiko Loureiro
(Town of ANGRA guitarist, in his new capacity rock-fusion)
in concert with:
Felipe Andreoli (bass)

Opening CIRO MANNA TRIO with:
MARCO Galiero (bass)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010
BLACK CAT, Via Santa Chiara (near the fire), CASERTA

For info and reservations:
Tel: 081.446705

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Bryan Dickson: Steel Guitar Vai

Steel Guitar version of Steve Vai tune

Jess Jenkins: 13 year old neo classical style

Pretty cool playing having just played for about two years!

Jess plays Yngwie Malmsteen's Trilogy Suite part one

13 year old Jess plays the whole of Stratosphere by Stratovarius.

14 in the latest :)

Jess plays Stratosphere extra fast!

Jess Lewis: Tribute to Joe Satriani

Always with me always with you - cover by Jess

News: Canton Custom Guitars - new Jazz model

Canton Custom Guitars - new Jazz model

Ueki Hide: Open House MI Japan

【MI×ギタマガ】OPEN HOUSE/植木英史1/3

【MI×ギタマガ】OPEN HOUSE/植木英史2/3

MI×ギタマガ】OPEN HOUSE/植木英史3/3

Ayman Mokdad: jazz jam

Trying to learn a couple of things around complex chord changes.

This is only a jam around a sort of bossa grid.

It's always good something not in my style it gives me ideas and for sure move me step forward.

Below the jam track I've built if you wanna jam as well ;)

AYMAN Jazz jam

Michael Harris: Tranz-FusedCD details

Tranz Fused promo

Milan Polak: the scary side of live playing in this excellent shred knowledge interview.

Milan Polak: shred knowledge interview
13 whilst on stage I split my trousers right down the leg and played side on for the set, whats the wors thing ever happened to you live ,?

Well, that would be something that happened on my last tour. I was in Italy. It was a cold month, snow and fog and that particular day the weather was especially bad. You know, one of those days where you just want to stay home. Also, it was during the week (I think Thursday) and not even 100 people showed up for the gig. The drummer started almost every song too fast (normally he played with a metronome, not sure what happened that night) and it was really hard to play and sing a lot of the songs.
We were getting close to the end of the gig and I announced the next song. I was waiting for the count in... nothing... waiting... nothing... I turned around just to find that the drummer wasn't behind his drum set anymore. It later turned out he had gone to the toilet to take a s..t!!! Right in the middle of the concert!
So there I was on stage not knowing what was going on. Since he didn't seem to show up again I started playing some sort of unaccompanied blues waiting for him to return. It was the worst moment on stage of my life. full interview

Paul Gilbert: live date set list posted!

Paul Gilbert set list
Here's the set list for Paul's tour. Thanks to Jenn over at:
The setlist photo is by 'Scarified909' on the Racer X forum.

--- opener ---
Silence Followed By A Deafening Roar
The Last Rock & Roll Star (from collaboration w/Freddie Nelson)
Fuzz Universe
Rock Me Baby (Robin Trower vs. cover)
Paul Vs. Godzilla
Scarified (Racer X)
Will My Screen Door Stop Neptune
Green-Tinted Sixties Mind (Mr. Big)
Technical Difficulties (Racer X)
Roundabout (Yes cover)
Batter Up
Norwegian Cowbell
Light My Fire (The Doors cover)
--- encore ---
I Want To Be Loved (Muddy Waters cover)
I'm Not Addicted (from collaboration w/Freddie Nelson)
Don't Fear The Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult cover)
Go Down (AC/DC cover)

Greg Howe: Added gig in Pune

Greg Howe: Added gig in Pune, India on Nov. 11th at Cafe 1730, Koregaon Park

Eddie Van Halen: beard to the front!

EDDIE VAN HALEN VH Best Of Both Worlds & Top Of The World

EDDIE VAN HALEN (VH) - A Apolitical Blues / Finish What Ya Start (Dallas 1991)

Prashant Aswani: power play tips!

Go to for the ESP Playoff! This is a pivoting lick with pivoting Technique explanation. For Sonically Speaking go

Prashant Aswani: Sonically Speaking, brilliant new CD buy

Prashant Aswani Tip

Prashant Tip

Daniel Owen: guitar idol 2010

GUITAR IDOL 2010 Freedom by Daniel Owen

Guitar Idol 2009 daniel owen Magic Guitarpet Ride

Jan Laurenz: early morning warm up is important!

Out of bed warm up's with jan laurenz #1

Out of bed warm up's with jan laurenz #2

Manu Allicot: Bogner Ubershall and PRS Cu24 10 top

SCARYBOOB'SMUSIC Funny Test of Bogner Ubershall and PRS Cu24 10 top

Krisztian Lovrek: cool jam over a backing track and guitar demo

Hangszereim: Music Man gitárok, T.C. Electronic G-major, Diezel VH-4

Jan Laurenz: sticking to it and in 3D!

Free impro on SG12 stick guitar by jan laurenz

SG12 song by Jan Laurenz (3D anaglyph version) red/cyan glasses needed

SG12 song #2 by Jan Laurenz

SG12 song #3 by jan laurenz at home outside... (3D version anaglyph,red /cyan glasses needed)

Lalle Larsson: Fusion keyboard player of the year

There is also a new CD out.

Larsson, Lalle - Infinity of Worlds 2 x CDs (very limited/already sold out 2 CD version - 1 per customer please)

SKU 19-Reingold 1005
Lalle Larsson is a great keyboard player who I first heard of in the technical fusion groups Electrocution 250 and Ominox. He is probably best known for his work with Karmakanic. This is the second album by his Weaveworld band, who toured with the Agents of Mercy/Karmakanic show in 2009. This is a interesting and excellent band that straddles a line between progressive rock and fusion although I think it lands closer to the progressive rock side of things. Lalle's chops will stun; it's as simple as that, and everyone else is really good as well. The bonus disc (available only in the 1st 500 copies) is a piece for chamber orchestra and *heavy* instrumental technical metal embodied here in both studio and live versions.  Buy

Craig Erickson: .Melodic electric guitar improv

The Wait...Melodic electric guitar improv solo Craig Erickson

Fletcher Barton: 10 year old covers La Grange

10 yr. old Fletcher with Ted Riser - La Grange (ZZ Topp)

Chris Broderick: Jägermeister Fall Music Tour

Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover - Jägermeister Fall Music Tour

Matte Johansson: smooth guitar

Matte Johansson tripping out man!

My Movie - Smooth Guitar

Jack Thammarat, Vinai Trinateepakdee, Pop Woravit: Young Idols meet the Legends

Encounter of the GUITAR Generations: Young Idols meet the Legends 27-11-2010

some of Thailand's foremost guitarists in an electro-acoustic spectacular.

LAM Morrison
KITTI Guitar Gun
O-OLARN Promjai
JACK Thammarat Duang Siri
NUENG - Vinai Trinateepakdee
POP - Vorawit Charoenpolnapachai

Following the highly successful GUITAR HEROES UNPLUGGED concert in 2007, AMI Events is proud to announce yet another Thai Guitar highlight.

Thai guitar legends Lam Morrison, Kitti Guitar Gun and O-Olarn Promjai are to meet the idols of the younger generation Jack-Thammarat Duang Siri, Nueng-Vinai Trinateepukdee and Pop-Vorawit Charoenpolnapachai in a show-off of guitar virtuosity of the highest calibre.

Experience the two generations of string warriors interacting in duets, quartets and all together, both electrically and acoustically. Hear them bring together and interweave Hard Rock, Psychodelic, Heavy Metal, Rock, life and living, Fusion, Neo Classic and Melodic Metal styles.

Expect an unseen encounter of the VERY BEST Thailand has to offer, a showdown which will surely leave you dazzled for quite a while.

Young Idols meet the Legends

Yujiro Wa,Kevin Glasgow: in a four funk

OLI ARLOTTO QUARTET is led by Oli Arlotto on[ sax] , Yujiro Wa [guitar], Kevin Glasgow [bass] Marco Quarantotto [drums] the band plays straight ahaed Jazz and fusion this just a sample what the band can do I will be posting more of their live gigs


George Lynch: metalhangar interview

Interview with George Lynch (Lynch Mob, ex-Dokken)

Chris Poland: new guitar lesson videos is now featuring guitar lesson videos with Chris Poland (MEGADETH, OHM:, OHMPHREY).

At you will find the following lesson videos by Chris Poland:

* "Band Dynamics"
* "Breakthrough Moment/A Minor"
* "Chris' Bending Style"
* "Chris' Bogner Pre-Amp"
* "Chris' Finger Story"
* "Chris' Pedal Board"
* "E Minor B5 Lick"
* "E Phrygian/Random Diminished"
* "G Minor With Passing Tones"
* "Jimmy Page Influenced Bends"
* "Song Writing/Sequencing In A Minor"
* "Srb2000 Infinite Setting"
* "Srb2000 Infinite Setting (Part 2)"
* "The Megadeth Years"
* "Triplet Lick/A Minor (Major6)"
* "Whammy Bar Pitch Bends"

Nat Janoff: Come Together Move Apart

Nat Janoff has a new CD out entitled Come Together Move Apart, described as Melodic jazz meshed with angular contemporary improvisation:

Charlie Hunter: parker acoustic!

mgs 2010 charlie hunter parker part2.mpg.MP4

Jeff Miley: another hot potato!

Recorded October 24th 2010, Altered plays at the Baked Potato in Los Angeles. Here are some highlights from the first set!
John Flitcraft: Bass
Jeff Miley: Guitar
Steve Holmes: Drums

Altered Live 2010

Zoran Starcevic: Trio Balkan Strings in London date announced

Trio Balkan Strings in London - Le QuecumBar
Public Event

Who: Find TicketsTrio Balkan Strings
When: Sunday, April 03, 20118:30 PM - 10:30 PM BST
Where: Le QuecumBar
42-44 Battersea High Street, London SW11 3HX
London UK SW11 3HX Get Directions

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