Sunday, 14 November 2010

Mats Moland Træen: Guitareuromedia contest

Guitareuromedia contest video Mats Moland Træen

Enter: Guitar Addiction solo competition

Jeff Kollman: Mogg and the sign of four.

Mogg And The Sign Of 4 Dancing With St. Peter (CD)

Some people will have you believe that we all eventually mellow with age. However, UFO's much acclaimed lead singer Phil Mogg's new band, Sign Of 4 (or properly, Mogg And The Sign Of 4), have come to the party fully intending to kick dust in the face of anyone who thinks that's what to expect from the new four-piece rock outfit. The group's debut album, Dancing With St. Peter, starts in fine fettle with the loose, phase drenched riffs of the album's opening track, "Overload", proceeding to erupt into life, and in doing so setting the tone for an highly impressive eleven track set. This album was never going to be a sedate affair. Teaming up with guitarist Jeff Kollman (Mogg/Way, Cosmosquad, Edwin Dare) drummer Shane Gaalaas (MSG, Glenn Hughes, Yngwie Malmsteen, Uli Jon Roth) and bassist Jimmy Curtain, this is an album that sparkles with melody and is driven by personal passion and combines guitar based rock and soulful blues perfectly. The album's title, Dancing With St. Peter, a track about the reality of living life a little too close to the edge for comfort, drips with eerie percussions and dark chords. more

Dave Celentano: Guitar Stew

Dave Celentano Guitar Stew (CD):

As a teenager, Dave Celentano studied guitar with Marty Friedman (former Megadeth lead guitarist). Soon after, Dave attended G.I.T. (Musicians Institute) in Hollywood, California. During his tenure there, Dave began writing material for what would become his first book "The Magic Touch", which was published when he was at the age of twenty-two. Since then he's written and transcribed more than thirty educational guitar books, videos, DVDs, and CDs for Centerstream Publications, Hal Leonard Corporation, and Star Licks Instructional Videos. In addition, Dave has been featured in Guitar Player magazine's 'Spotlight' column in the May, 1991 issue, and was a one time writer/transcriber for Guitar School magazine. Currently, Dave's teaching private and group lessons in the Los Angeles area and writing new material for future books and CDs. Guitar Stew is his 2004 release, featuring 9 instrumental tracks and one vocal number.

Luke Fortini: divisible by eight on a six

8 FINGER TAPPING by Luke Fortini

Pete Pachio: update on progress of new CD

Solo Disc Progress
Hey guys just to keep you posted..the progress on the disc is going well considering all the "technical issues" I was having. I will be co-producing the cd w my friend Jason Cohen,,Jason will also be handling keyboard duties.Andy Hauck contributed drums for several of the songs.I will also have another good friend Nick Joseph on drums. I am handling all the guitars and bass. This disc is going to be a PROG-SHRED FEAST! Not for the faint at heart.. We are really trying to "up the game" when it comes to solo shred-guitar cds.I know you will all enjoy the disc. More updates to follow!

Tom Johnson: original track 'On The Run'

'On The Run' Original Guitar Instrumental

Rob Chappers: Guest Speaker at "The Guitar Entrepreneur" Seminar for the ICMP

Rob Chappers - Guest Speaker at "The Guitar Entrepreneur" Seminar for the ICMP

Andy Mclaughlan: Picasso

Picasso by Andy Mclaughlan

Eric Maldonado: Lincoln Brewster Guitar Contest

Show Me What You've Got! | Lincoln Brewster Guitar Contest - Eric Maldonado - My Solo

Simon Lai: Blue Bug Competition

Blue Bug Competition by Milan Polak-Entry by Simon Lai

Enter: Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

Sébastien Graux: Blue Bug Competition

Guitar Competition - Blue Bug Competition by Milan Polak and T-Rex - Sébastien GRAUX (Belgium)

Enter: Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

Yngwie Malmsteen: invisible oranges interview

If people who know nothing about classical music hear your records and want to get into classical music, what three compositions should they listen to?

Vivaldi – Four Seasons. Johann Sebastian Bach – Brandenburg Concertos. Niccolò Paganini’s 24 Caprices.

On your album, on the song “Shot Across the Bow”, the chords remind me of Pachelbel’s Canon. Was this a conscious reference?

Oh, not conscious – that’s a subliminal thing. I’m proud of you, man, you caught that. That’s good. I’ve always loved that piece. To me, Bach, Pachelbel, Albinoni, Vivaldi – they’re inside my brain and my soul. When I do something that is spontaneous and improvised, it will still be hugely influenced by all that. For example, the title track “Relentless” – it’s a very Paganini-ish theme. There’s a center section that’s totally Bach. It ain’t Bach, but you know what I’m saying? It’s natural for me. Since I started, it’s been absorbed into me. It’s inside me already. I don’t think about it. It’s already there. I don’t think about, if I’m in A minor, which notes should I play. I know which notes to play more

Victor Smolski: Bochum clinic date

RAGE guitarist Victor Smolski will present his new program on December 5 at the Matrix club in Bochum, Germany. More

Yngwie Malmsteen: sleazerocks interview

Sleaze Roxx: You mentioned that you are receptive to feedback and one of your biggest critics is your wife. Was it open for Tim to give feedback during the recording of the album?

Yngwie Malmsteen: Coming in they know how I work so they don't do that. They don't give any suggestions. I know that it sounds strict, but it's not. The musicians I work with know that their role is to come in and deliver the best possible performance. I see it like Robert De Niro playing a role -- it's his task to bring that character to life. I know that in rock and roll that's not the traditional way of making records. I don't have a guitar riff and have the drummer play along and then bring in the singer to come up with his part over it. I just don't work that way at all. I have to add that with Tim he has the voice that I have been looking for. I don't have to push him hard because he gets it and knows what I'm looking for and it works brilliantly. more

Kiko Loureiro: spaziorock interview

What has changed for you in the band in these 4 years?

Oh, we get older. And you too! Everybody gets older! (laughs)

(I laugh, too) You're right!

In four years I think you just get experience. It was good to have break and just tour and do our side projects, because you just relax a little bit and you have more inspiration. I think this album was very easy to compose, because we had many songs and the whole band felt very inspired thanks to the break. Besides, we're not a band that likes to make a record after the other. During a tour you talk a lot with the guys about the music and about a lot of stuff; you listen to a lot of music. We have seen many festivals, many different bands on stage, we had a lot of new information. We used our brains and then it was easier to come with different ideas. You get more motivated. more

Chris Aanensen: Alien Fusion Factory

Chris Aanensen's Sonic Surfer in an Alien Fusion Factory

Ed DeGenaro: The tall guy at the Baked Potato

Ed DeGenaro Group @ The Baked Potato 9-28-2010 excerpt 1

Dave Celentano: Pachelbel's Canon tapping

Pachelbel's Canon tapping by Dave

Victor Molina: tribute to Allan Holdsworth - ENDOMORPH

ENDOMORPH - Allan Holdsworth (solo cover)

Michael Angelo Batio: Tribute To Randy Rhoads

Michael Angelo Batio's "Tribute to Randy"

Juninho Afram,Sydnei Carvalho: NIG Tagima Clinic

Master Class Juninho Afram e Sydnei Carvalho - PARTE 1 - NIG TAGIMA LANDSCAPE MUSICA

Master Class Juninho Afram e Sydnei Carvalho - PARTE 2 - NIG TAGIMA LANDSCAPE MUSICA

Alex Ehrsam: Group live

Alex Ehrsam Group live in Montpellier (playing "Lush")

Time Sensitive - Alex Ehrsam Group

Juan Carlos Portillo,Christian Zwettler: the power of the internet #2

A New Era-Christian Zwettler/Juan Carlos Portillo (Mananero Funk)

Greg Howe: Last Minute Guitar Techniques Magazine August 1995

Greg Howe - Last Minute (rare song from Guitar Techniques Magazine August 1995)

Jonathan Kreisberg: Quintet Badejazz 2010

Jonathan Kreisberg Quintet 1 "Badejazz 2010"

Jonathan Kreisberg Quintet 2 "Badejazz 2010"

Jonathan Kreisberg Quintet 3 "Badejazz 2010"

Stanley Jordan: Badejazz 2010

Stanley Jordan 1 "Badejazz 2010"

Stanley Jordan 2 "Badejazz 2010"

Stanley Jordan 3 "Badejazz 2010"

Kurt Rosenwinkel: trio Badejazz 2010

Kurt Rosenwinkel Standards Trio 1 "Badejazz 2010"

Kurt Rosenwinkel Standards Trio 2 "Badejazz 2010"