Sunday, 21 November 2010

Isogai Mayu: Marty has a new guitar lesson DVD

Isogai Mayu, aka Marty

Play Absolutely! Didactic guitar solo improvisation over too beautiful introductory DVD!

Anouck André: Guitar Fusion Competition - cool soloing!

Anouck André-fusion funk contest- suhr standard

Enter: Guitar Fusion Competition

Andre Tonelli: Tapping Harmonics

GSWS Guitar Lesson 64 - Tapping Harmonics: Tapping

Rikhard Sven Karlsson: Guitar Addiction Solo Contest

GuitarEuroMedia Contest rapadi

Enter: Guitar Addiction solo competition

Rikhard Sven Karlsson: Guitar Addiction Solo Contest

GuitarEuroMedia Contest rapadi

Enter: Guitar Addiction solo competition

Puffh: Guitar addiction contest


Enter: Guitar Addiction solo competition

Taylor Washington: Guitar Addiction contest

Taylor Washington - Guitar Addiction contest

Enter: Guitar Addiction solo competition

Atanas Shishkov: Blue Bug competition

The classy solos keep rolling in, this time from Atanas Shishkov noted for his tapped arpeggios and melodic soloing.

Atanas Shishkov - entry for "Blue Bug competition" by Milan Polak

Need to get yours in?

Enter: Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

Raphael Fraser: even the blues gets the blues

My Twitter: and blog:

I haven't picked up the guitar for a bit, so I was getting rather itchy fingers. I decided to noodle about over this backing track for Blue Jean Blues - which ended rather abruptly, taking me by surprise ;-)

Ash Customworks into ProCo Rat2 into iMac running Garageband, LAConvolver, and impulse responses of a Matchless Chieftain

Blue Jam Blues

Rob Favotto: Indian style guitar

Indian style guitar Sustainiac DK2S ( X2N Clean )

Dan Mumm: Baroque Insanity

Baroque Insanity - Dan Mumm - Metal Guitar Counterpoint

Eita: killer in pink will teach you to evolve to the Transcendent skill

Looking at herself looking at the sound! Strongest impact techniques, tapping beginners Instructional too can master DVD! The techniques and look pretty gruesome Despite transcendenceDraw female guitarist: EITA, and clearly explained the basis of the content focus.
Even the most complex tapping the base of the structure is "pulling + Hammer + Light HanDe. " In this work the basics, thoroughly chew carefully explained. In addition, a variety of technologyNick Tsuke加E,
Learn how we evolve to the Transcendent skill!


Yui: She is the key to Ultra-code theory!!

YUI "one-side LOVE" / instructional DVD "Absolutely know! Introduction to Ultra-code theory"

 YUI「one-side LOVE」/教則DVD「ゼッタイわかる!コード理論超入門」

origin of code
What code ●?
● How to read and code
● Sound Code Structure
array of sounds on the fingerboard

KEY scale
Adjustment ● / KEY
Whole tone and semitone ●
Major Scale Structure ●
Minor Scale Structure ●
● Frequency
Triad □ / 3 chord

Triad origins ●
● major triad and minor triad
● Rui Akira Code or the code is determined or dark Why?
● abbreviated notation
● Ogyumando
4 □ chord
● 6th
△ ● 6th
● 7th
△ ● 7th
● m △ 7th
● Diminished Code
□ Tension Code
Utilizing the code works and diatonic □


YUI x syndrome I will be freedom

Marcela Campos: Concurso Double Vision

Concurso Double Vision DVD-Double Vision- Marcela Campos

Chet Thompson: live WWIII audio

Chet Thompson:
WWIII recorded Live at Sunset Soound, photo video taken from shots at The Palace 1988. Mandy Lion, Chet Thompson, Alex Campbell, Skip Gillette

Chet Thompson WWIII Covergirl_0001.wmv

Eric Maldonado: Blue Bug competition

- Milan Polak & T-Rex - Blue Bug Competition Entry - Eric Maldonado -

My album, "Into The Moonlight" is finished!! You can order it at

It is out on Elusive Sound Entertainment Records and the whole thing was Written and Produced by me.

I am so happy this album is finally finished, I worked for 1 year on this trying to make it the best I could. I am very proud of the production, playing and feel of the album. This album contains 9 instrumental songs written by me. I would like to thank God, my family, all my YouTube followers for supporting me through the years and some special friends - Aman Khosla, Dimi Nalbantov, Joop Wolters, Paul Tauterouff, Laurie Monk & PDXGuitarfreak for their continuous support and inspiration.

I would also like to thank the companies who stand behind me and endorse me:
-Halo Guitars
-AMT Electronics
-Guitar Pro 6

You can support me by purchasing the CD at my website on 10/10/2010:

Enter: Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

Will Kriski: Blue Bossa

Blue Bossa Jazz Guitar Solo

Jonas Gatto: All the things you are

All The Things You Are ( Keith Jarrett )