Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Lucas Andrés: Blue Bug Competition

Blue Bug Competition Milan Polak T Rex Entry by Lucas Andrés.wmv

Tom Richardson: Blue Bug Competition - another great solo!

Tom Richardson - "Blue Bug" Competition by Milan Polak & T-Rex

Enter: Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

Yiannis Papadopoulos: Blue Bug Competition - another cool solo!

I can't keep up with all the great solos being submitted... here's another from a guy who must have the world's hardest name for me to type, Yiannis Papadopoulos! Thank god for cut and paste!

Yiannis Papadopoulos - "Blue Bug" Competition by Milan Polak & T-Rex

Enter: Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

Arie Pablo: Blue Bug Competition

"Blue Bug" Competition by Milan Polak & T-Rex Arie Pablo

Enter: Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

Mr. Leedsman: Blue Bug competition

Blue Bug Solo (MrLeedsman)

Enter: Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

Ignazio Di Salvo: Guitar euromedia contest

Ignazio Di Salvo Guitar euromedia contest

Enter: Guitar Addiction solo competition

Jack Gardiner: Guitar Addiction solo contest

Jack Gardiner:
Hey guys!

Sorry it's been a while. I've been very busy! But here's my entry for the Guitar Addiction CD Contest!

I really, really enjoyed playing over this backing track! It's helped me a lot with my improvisation!

Hope you guys enjoy!

Ignore the out of sync bits. I need a good free video convertor for my blackberry's recording format!

Guitar Addiction CD Solo Contest Entry - Jack Gardiner

Enter: Guitar Addiction solo competition

Gonzalo Vieira: Guitar Fusion Contest

Guitar Fusion Contest-Gonzalo Vieira

Enter: Guitar Fusion Competition

Victor Camargo: Guitar Fusion Contest

Guitar Fusion Contest - Victor Camargo

Enter: Guitar Fusion Competition

Dave Reeves: First time ever I saw your face

"First time ever I saw your face" instrumental cover by Dave Reeves

John Petrucci: Zoom Q3HD

John Petrucci of Dream Theater and his Zoom Q3HD

Bryan Aspey: About to wire up my DiMarzio Shred This III prize!

Bryan Aspey posted a photo of the DiMarzio gear he won as the Shred This III prize!

Which reminds me... must get Shred This IV going!

Pascal Vign: live in Paris

PASCAL VIGNE au salon de la Musique à Paris le 21 novembre 2010.wmv


Derryl Gabel: Play That Riff, more details NO TAB NEEDED AMENDMENT song time traveller by joop wolters join in our "play that riff" competition and win tons of stuff ,
heres what to do
1. record yourself playing a riff riff onto vid
2. say hello to in it
3 tab it out
4 post it in forum

(you can enter more than one riff so get loads in theres a prize for the most riffs too)

here are some ground rules
The riff can be anything both cover or original any style any genre and level , the more beginners level stuff the better , just say beginner level on your vid we have loads of stuff from rock house method for you

Tab can be any fromat and an attachment in zip into our forum or a jpg .

You WILL need to be an SK member to log in , but also responses to this video will be counted as long as there a url to TAB

Facebook vid are also ok as long as you can upload to youtube for residetial reasons

there will be loads of prize catagories made up so post your riff it will probably win , craziest riff , fastest , most feel , worst , longest , most hariy metal and other crazy catagoroes , best cover best original , but overall best riff will win deryl Gabel 10 DVD fusion pack worth a mint and very very sought after and the most awesome fusion pack on this planet . see

more info here on prizes

this will run until the 25th on january or keep running till we hit 50 riffsPLAY THAT RIFF !!


Vinnie Moore: Try Me Brighton 7/12/10

"UFO were firing on all cylinders last night and that the much anticipated track, 'Try Me' was again performed in Brighton (Last week was the second time ever that UFO performed the song in the UK. The first time was in June 1977 - During UFO's 'Lights Out' tour, and, on the last date of that UK tour at London's Roundhouse.').

Try Me - UFO @ Concorde 2 Brighton 7/12/10

Fletcher Barton: 10 year old "Death By Gluegun" covers Killing in the Name Of

(solo at 3:44) 10 yr. olds - Fletcher & Connor of Death By Gluegun performing a G-rated "mother-hugger" version of Killing in the Name Of at Cowboy Food & Drink with their awesome teachers Nick & Alfredo backing them. Fletcher has never sung this song before (& wasn't planning to - but took over the mic so the show could still go on when the singer couldn't be there due to un-forseen circumstances!) Wish I had filmed the crowd - they loved this one & were shouting out the 2 words (that Fletcher is not allowed to say yet) that go right before "I won't do what you tell me!"!!!! =) good fun! =)
Special thanks to Nick & Fredo - you guys are so awesome!

Fletcher is honored to be endorsed by D'Addario, Planet Waves, & Jasperbridge

check them out - they ROCK!

10 yr. old guitarists - Killing in the Name Of (Rage Against the Machine)

Shred Junior a fan of Fletcher Barton

Christian Clemente: No More blues!

Chega de saudade ( No More Blues )

Nahuel Schiumarini: Fusion Funk Contest

David Wallimann Fusion Funk Contest-Nahuel Schiumarini

Nahuel Schiumarini: Blue Bug competition

blue bug contest

Fabiano Rodriguo: Sunday Blues

SUNDAY BLUES by Fabiano Rodriguo

Ignazio Di Salvo: Guthrie Govan Style

Ignazio Di Salvo - Guthrie Govan Style

Marcos De Ros: Fuhrmann Rocking Tube review

Fuhrmann Rocking Tube. Guitar pedal review - Gear Test. Marcos De Ros.

Andy Timmons: on Jeff Beck

Andy Timmons on Jeff Beck

Hetriani: Merry Jinglemas!

Just stinky ol Jingle bells...everyone else on this damn site has their version on I figured..HELL I'LL DO ONE TOO!!! Merry Christmas guys!

Merry Jingle ho HO and stuff

Tommy Emmanuel: appears on Michael Jackson tribute

On December 14th, the first posthumous album for Michael Jackson (titled: Michael) will be released.

The closing song on the album, titled Much Too Soon, features guitar work by Tommy.
The song has been called "beautiful", "bittersweet", and "an excellent way to end the album". It was written during Jackson'sThriller days, and Tommy was extremely honored to lay down the guitar track.

Wayne Krantz: Live and interview New Universe Music Festival

Jimmy Herring: Interview and live New Universe Music Festival

Alex Machacek: interview and Sound Check New Universe Music Festival

Eric Gales: Relentless new CD

Blues / Rock Recording Artist and Blues Guitar Virtuoso Eric Gales has released his NEW Album 'Relentless' on Shrapnel Records

'Relentless' by Eric Gales (Audio CD) ...

Eric Gales CD “Relentless” is in stores NOW! ERIC GALES RELENTLESS- BLUES BUREAU INTERNATIONAL - Eric Gales grew up in a musical family with four brothers, two of them who learned to play the guitar upside down and left handed in the same fashion that Eric does. Eric’s brother Eugene Gales played

Keep on Spreadin' the Gospel of Music and KEEP ON ROCKIN' THE FREE WORLD !!!

Jess Lewis: Jazz excursions

Giant Steps

Heya, heres something I've been messin around with on Cubase, everything is made on the program (like the Bass, Sax & drums) guitar rythm was recorded seperate... the picture in the background is some of my Art work. hope it sounds ok..

Cubase - Jazz song Ideas