Friday, 17 December 2010

Dan Mumm: Luna Lux Lucis

Luna Lux Lucis - Dan Mumm - Guitar Instrumental

News: Shred Junior wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Mattias IA Eklundh: Grow your own moustache

If you haven’t heard of Mattias IA Eknlundh and Freak Kitchen then you have probably been asleep for some time so play the above video very loudly, make yourself a cup of tea and come back when you’re refreshed…..or possibly take some drugs, stay here, stay freaky and read on!

Mattias has been at the edge of Avant-garde guitar for some time (Avant garde? Shred? Crazy off the wall musical genius? All of the above, and probably a whole bundle more superlatives that you can insert for yourself) and whilst Grow your own Moustache is a couple of years old now no-one has taken the time to do a review of it until now!! That’s right ladies and germs, a bona fide Shred-reviews First!! more

Alex Ehrsam:

Alex Ehrsam demo for SK.wmv The full lesson

Dan Mumm: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - tapping is not just for Christmas!

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Dan Mumm Arrangement

News: loving your guitar

String change /guitar care tips part two

Vítor Bacalhau: Blue Bug Competition - great bluesy take

Blue Bug Competition - Vítor Bacalhau

Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

News: Blue Bug countdown to the close - get your videos in!!

Get those video cameras out and get your track asap the close date and time:

"Competition closes 20th December 2010 at 23:00 BST."

Top Ten video tips

Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

Carlo Losavio: A love called music


Tom Quayle: Port City Pearl Clean

So clean each note was hand washed at low temperature using fairy liquid, soft and gentle. No surprise then that the notes turn our whiter than white!

Quick Port City Pearl Clean Demo (unedited)

Marcos De Ros: El Condor Pasa

Marcos De Ros - El Condor Pasa. Solo guitar.

Antoine Beconcini: Pay That Riff Contest

Pay That Riff Contest


Allen Hinds: Slide in Standard Tuning Guitar Lesson

Allen Hinds: Slide in Standard Tuning Guitar Lesson (Part 1)

Cameron Barton: Bernie Rico Jr. competition

My Bernie Rico Jr. 30 Seconds To Fame Guitar Give-Away Entry (Cameron Barton)

Berni Rico Junior competition

Puguh Kribo: Indonesia 3rd Live4Guitar competition

3rd Live4Guitar by puguh kribo

Live4Guitar Win a Dean guitar

Ramon Luis Galang: 10-year old improvisation of Spain!!?!

Spain - with Improv 10-year old Luis Galang

News: Guitar Player 2010 Readers’ Choice Awards

So, which guitarists totally blew your mind in 2010? Who unleashed stunning albums, uncorked jaw-dropping solos, or crafted awesome tones that caused your pitter-pattering heart to slip-and-slide down to your intestines?

It’s time to share your views with the Guitar Player community: Post your write-in votes on the artists who you feel were last year’s most extraordinary guitarists. The 2011 categories are:

King of Strings (best overall male guitarist)
Queen of Strings (best overall female guitarist)
Best Acoustic Guitarist
Best Blues Guitarist
Best Classical Guitarist
Best Country Guitarist
Best Experimental Guitarist
Best Jazz Guitarist
Best Metal Guitarist
Best New Talent
Best Rock Guitarist
Best Slide Guitarist
Best World Guitarist.


Petr Henych: Blue Bug competition

Milan Polak's Blue Bug Competition (Petr Henych)

Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition