Sunday, 19 December 2010

Andre Tonelli: Moto Perpetuo

GSWS Guitar Lesson 67 - Paganini's Perpetual Motion Lick (Moto Perpetuo)

Martin Miller: The Pat Metheny Lick lesson #3

Fusion Licks Guitar Lesson #3: The Pat Metheny Lick with hybrid picking by Martin Miller

George Marios: a little late night groove -House full of bullets

Saturday night jam -House full of bullets

Petr Henych: Frank Gambale tribute live - Little Charmer

Frank Gamballe´s Little Charmer by Petr Henych jamming with friends

Paolo Castillo: Play That Riff

Shred Knowledge - Play That Riff

Vincenzo Cavallo: Blue Bug Competition

Vincenzo Cavallo - Blue Bug Competition

Tonio Megghie: Blue Bug Competition

Blue (and Black... ;) ) Bug Contest - my solo

Rob Chappers: GainZilla insight into gain madness

GainZilla \m/

Jay Parmar: Guitar Training Resource

GTR is Jay Parmar's guitar video lesson website. It is available FREE to all one-to-one and webcam students and features vids covering basic to advanced playing techniques, songs and many extras. If you're interested in checking out guitar lessons head over to for more details.

Jay Parmar - GTR - Guitar Training Resource

Rob Chappers: StringZilla insight into Chappers mind

StringZilla \m/

Roman Kiselev: You Don't Know What Love Is

Roman Kiselev delivers a well played jazz standard.

Киселев Роман - You Don't Know What Love Is

Alex Dinn: Guitar Addiction Solo Contest

Guitar Addiction Solo Contest - AlexDinn

Remember you have over the Christmas break to work on the solo and get your video in!

Guitar Addiction solo competition

Rony Janecek,Henry Toth: 14 year old shredding it up!

Henry Toth & Rony Janecek

In case you missed it last time:

Technical Difficulties - Paul Gilbert cover (by Rony Janecek)

Bastien Mickael: Blue Bug Competition

blue bug pb improvisation guitare bastien mickael speed

Get those video cameras out and get your track asap the close date and time:

"Competition closes 20th December 2010 at 23:00 BST."

Top Ten video tips

Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

Dennis de Bruijn: Blue Bug competition - sizzling solo!

Dennis de Bruijn back again with more top notch rock soling, all the squeals and tone to die for!

Get those video's in the time is almost gone... get your track in asap the close date and time:

"Competition closes 20th December 2010 at 23:00 BST." Let Milan know if you have Youtube loading issues.

Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

Joop Wolters: demo's new hand wired pickups


News: Shred Junior says it's nearly Christmas! Let's Rawk!!

Joe Satriani, Dave Martone: Dave is the Black Swan to Joe's Worm Hole Wizard

Dave Martone set to be the Black Swan to Joe Satriani's Worm Hole wizard on his January tour dates... the is sure to be a marriage made in heaven and great value for the ticket price entry, rather like the Joe Satriani Paul Gilbert tour the other year in the UK!

Jake Reichbart: new Hal Leanard DVD announced

Probably a bit late as a holiday gift but I'm still happy to announce that after a pretty long delay my first DVD on Hal Leonard is finally out and available to purchase. It is titled "Pop Hits for Solo Jazz Guitar" Check it out:
Please help spread the word by forwarding this to other guitar players/enthusiasts, it is a really nice DVD...! There are several other online outlets that will give you a discount, including a Michigan company, Elderly Instruments, look here:
My followup DVD "Latin Hits for Solo Jazz Guitar" is already complete and hopefully will be released soon, I'll be sure to announce it. Individual tracks from both DVDs plus additional track are available for download at Hal Leonard's . To look me up go to Browse Instructors, it's alphabetical, and I'm right next to Joe Pass :-)
Moving on: In the last few years I have been pretty content (or just lazy) to quietly do my thing and I let my personal website slide to utter obsolescence. This means that regular updates on gigs, etc. have not been available for a long time. Actually, a lot has been happening during this time with gigs, recordings, etc. For example, I made a pretty nice showing with my YouTube channel,, managing to attract close to 5000 subscribers without any promotion. For this reason, I have asked my trusty web guru (and trumpeter) John Smith to design a new website for me, it's nearly done and I'll announce it soon. 

Michael Dolce: number one at Radio station, USA

Michael Dolce:
Hi guys,so excited to receive number 1 postion voted by the listeners on the jazz rock station, Latch Music Jazz Rock World Fusion Radio USA for the tune "Mr Negative".A massive thank you goes out to Dave latchaw for giving me the opportunity to be on his awesome station.I had first heard of this news on Saturday morning 18th December 2010 from a good friend and bass player extroardinaire Mark Costa and is sitting at number 2 on the same chart,then later confirmed by Dave. Thank you to everyone who supports independant artists let's try keep this wonderful art alive.

Michael Dolce playing snippets from the song "I Gotta Go" off his debut album
"Everything Til Now"

You can buy:

Chris Broderick,Michael Schenker, Leslie West, Michael Angelo Batio: set for Dean NAMM jam

MEGADETH with Chris Broderick will headline the event which will open with a star-studded all-star legends jam including Michael Schenker, Leslie West, Michael Angelo Batio

Reb Beach, Doug Aldrich: Whitesnake UK 2011 tour dates

Whitesnake will play:

Newcastle City Hall (June 13)
Glasgow Clyde Auditorium (June 14)
Wolverhampton Civic Hall (June 16)
Manchester O2 Apollo (June 17)
Bournemouth International Centre (June 19)
London HMV Hammersmith Apollo (June 20)

Anouck Andre: footprints, testing new guitar pedal


Guerbovik: Guitar addiction contest

Video quality is not so good, but the playing is great

Contest Guitar Euromedia

Grab your chance to solo on a CD with name players.

Guitar Addiction solo competition

Irsad Guntara: Guitar Addiction Constest - Indonisia

Guitar Addiction CD - Guitar Solo Contest - Guntara

Solos from all over the world... add yours!!

Guitar Addiction solo competition

Bub Zulu: Guitar addiction contest

Guitar addiction contest.... Bub Zulu

Time is running out on this chance of a lifetime competition... you just have that Christmas break until the new year to get your video in... fight off the Turkey overdose with a cool solo

Guitar Addiction solo competition