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Joe Pinnvaia: Shred Knowledge - Play That Riff

Shred Knowledge - Play That Riff - Joe Pinnvaia Entry


Antonello Giliberto: Merry Christmas to you!

Antonello Giliberto wish you a Merry Christmas and an Happy 2011

Daniele Liverani, Tommy Ermolli: Prime Suspect.. prime AOR!

Tommy Ermolli:
Daniele Liverani:

Prime Suspect - What Do You Want?

Tommy Ermolli: Guitar Day 6 Milan #3

Plus Tommy Ermolli on

5 minuti con Tommy Ermolli |

David Wallimann: Roland Guitar Synth Challenge

Guitar used: Brian Moore IGuitar with a Roland Midi Pickup
All sounds from a Roland GR-33
Drum sounds from Addictive Drums

All sounds you hear are triggered with the guitar only.

Roland Guitar Synth Challenge

Tom Hess: How To Play Guitar Fast

How To Play Guitar Fast - Avoiding Critical Mistakes In Learning To Increase Your Guitar Speed

by Tom Hess
Do you struggle with playing guitar fast?  Is your lack of guitar speed making it difficult for you to express yourself fully as a musician?  Although playing guitar fast is not every guitarist's most significant goal, those who do want to improve their guitar speed desire this skill very much and are often frustrated with being unable to develop this part of their guitar playing.  If this describes you, I want to share with you several important insights about building guitar speed that will greatly help you to develop this skill.

Good news and bad news:
The good news is that virtually anyone can learn to play guitar fast.  In addition, you can directly control the practicing process to make it more effective and achieve your guitar speed goals in a lot less time than it takes an average guitar player.

The bad news is that most guitar players (those who can't yet play guitar fast) are totally on the wrong track in their approach to increasing guitar speed.  I see this all the time when working with new guitar students who come to me wanting to improve their guitar playing.  The typical path to increasing one’s guitar speed is usually limited to “starting to practice slowly with a metronome and gradually increasing speed in small increments”.  Such a tactic can be effective early on in the process of learning new guitar exercises, but if you rely on it exclusively to develop your maximum guitar speed it will lead to plateaus and frustration.  Here are a few reasons why:
  1. This approach shifts most of your focus on trying to “move your hands/fingers faster”.  However, the concept of moving your fingers faster is a tiny, insignificant part of the big picture of what it takes to improve in order to build guitar speed.  The most important elements of guitar speed remain neglected and under practiced with this guitar practice method.  As a result, the practice sessions often turn into a series of impatient attempts to break through a current guitar speed plateau. 
  2. There is a large number of different elements that must be trained in order to learn to play guitar fast, including: 2 hand synchronization, picking articulation, tension control, mental processing speed, hand endurance at fast tempos, guitar speed with a single technique vs. guitar speed with integrating a variety of guitar techniques and many more.  Each of these 'guitar speed components' need unique practice strategies in order to be mastered effectively.  Relying exclusively on 'any single' guitar speed practicing strategy (such as the most common one described above) is not going to help you improve all of the guitar technique elements that are needed to build guitar speed. 
Great guitar players who can play guitar fast were able to successfully master all of the above mentioned elements of guitar speed whether they consciously realized it or not.  You need to do the same in order to increase your guitar speed to your maximum speed potential.  If you do not know how to begin the process of practicing these skills in the most effective ways, check out this free mini course about learning to play guitar fast.

To help you expand and improve upon the conventional approach for building guitar speed, here are several guidelines to follow

Get specific about what problems you are having with trying to increase your guitar speed.
Simply saying "I can't play guitar fast" is NOT specific enough.  Being unable to play guitar fast is only a symptom of a more complex problem that usually has several causes.  As you have seen above, the root of your guitar speed limitations can exist in any or all of the specific technical elements that make up the multidimensional skill of "playing guitar fast".  Knowing exactly what is causing your problem is the first step to solving it.  When you learn exactly what is holding you back, you can focus your guitar practice sessions on the specific problems that needs to be overcome.  Having your guitar playing analyzed by an expert guitar teacher is the fastest way to get this required level of clarity.

Use a variety of practice strategies for increasing your guitar speed.
As your guitar playing skill level evolves, so will your specific guitar technique challenges.  Therefore, the practice techniques you use at each stage of your guitar playing must evolve as well in order to be effective.  There is no such thing as 'one' ultimate guitar practice routine for increasing your guitar speed.  Of course there are approaches to practicing guitar that are far more effective than others, but the way you organize your guitar speed training routines should be unique to your specific guitar technique and guitar speed challenges at any given time.  You can see many examples of effective guitar speed building strategies that I use with my students by studying this free mini course on how to build guitar speed.

Practice integrating your guitar techniques together to avoid sounding like a ‘guitar speed robot’.
Over the years of teaching hundreds of guitar players to improve their guitar technique (as well as other musical skills), I have found that most guitarists spend very little time applying and integrating their musical skills and guitar techniques in particular.  This results in lack of musical freedom to express yourself completely and fully in any musical context.

When it comes to increasing your guitar speed, most guitarists typically focus on becoming faster with only one technique at a time.  For example, you may practice your sweep picking for 15 minutes, then move on to 15 minutes of legato, followed by 15 minutes of 2 hand tapping. Although this approach will help you to improve at these techniques in isolation, you also need to specifically practice using all of these techniques 'together' in the same way that you will find these techniques used in real guitar solos.  Neglecting to do this will make your guitar playing sound unnatural and rather 'robotic' as you will struggle to play consistently well with using a variety of guitar techniques at once.

Although 'guitar speed' is clearly only one out of many musical areas that must be mastered in order to become a truly expressive and creative musician, it is a highly desired skill that most guitar players do not have.  Applying the suggestions above during your guitar practice sessions and following the guidelines from this free guitar speed training mini course will help you greatly to build as much guitar speed as you desire for your specific guitar playing goals.

About the author: 
Tom Hess is a professional touring guitarist and recording artist. He teaches guitar players around the world via online guitar lessons.  Visit to get free guitar playing tips, assessments, surveys, mini courses, and to read more guitar playing articles.

Nuno Bettencourt: on the road interview

On The Road with Nuno Bettencourt

Thomas Blug: is the Stratking! Top bluesy rock playing!

Thomas Blug plays Stratking

Alex Lifeson: life On The Road

Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson takes us on tour of his Snakes & Arrows live rig. Taken from Guitarist magazine issue 297. For more guitar news, advice and interviews, and to find out more about the magazine, visit

On The Road with Alex Lifeson of Rush Guitarist magazine

Marcos De Ros: Fuhrmann Modulation Delay

Gear Test. Marcos De Ros. Modulation Delay Fuhrmann. Guitar pedal review

Aleksandar Sukovic: False awakening - electronic

False awakening
False awakening by AleksandarS

Rob Kokochak: Blue Bug competition... top notch and just 15!!!

Chops to die for... and just 15!

Blue Bug Guitar Competition, Rob Kokochak

Post your top 3 artists in this solo competition:

I'll be checking by and adding the post to this blog... now look at the videos
Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

Vladimir Prexta: Blue Bug Competition

"Blue Bug" Competition - Vladimir Prexta

Post your top 3 artists in this solo competition:

I'll be checking by and adding the post to this blog... now look at the videos
Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

Christoph Chorvas: Blue Bug competition

Blue bug competition entry Christoph Chorvas

Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

Itsuka Yamasaki: Blue Bug competition

"Blue Bug" Competition by Milan Polak & T-Rex - Itsuka Yamasaki

Post your top 3 artists in this solo competition:

Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

I'll be checking by and adding the post to this blog.

Craig Erickson: blues on a silvertone 62

Craig Erickson:
found this in the attic...pretty funky...the strings were alittle shot but still pretty interesting tone

silvertone 62 with tubeamp in case-Craig Erickson

Orianthi: Paul Reed Smith discuss Musicians Institute

(800) 255-7529 (US/Canada)
(323) 462-1384 (International/Direct)

Paul Reed Smith (PRS Guitars) and Orianthi at Musicians Institute

Yvi Wylde: rocking Christmas into the New Year!

Yvi playing her song "Streets Of New York"

Crossroads 2011

Mike Casswell, Brian Tatler: Diamond Head guitarist interviewed

Brian Tatler Interview With Michael Casswell Licklibrary

David Locke: have yourselves a blue Christmas

Blues Rock Improvisation - David Locke

Andy James: have a smokin' Christmas with Licklibrary!

Christmas Ecard - Jingle Bell Shred With Andy James Licklibrary

News: Truth In Shredding YouTube subscribers 66 short of 5000 subscribers!

Still searching for the magic 5000 subscribers to the YouTube Channel... lots more guitar video to be posted for fans of rock to fusion to jazz... Subscribers get a heads up on new video postings and advance notice of Shred This or associate competitions. If you've not subscribed already please do!

YouTube Subscribers: (4934)

Sloth Chubsteen, Slimer: Christmas special - one year on!

Sloth Chubsteen:
This is a lydian jam that i did with my 10 year old nephew Slimer. He has been playing for a little over a year now.

10 year old Slimer and Sloth Lydian jam

Plus Sloth jams over another classic, sustainer at the ready.

wormhole wizards jam

Dimitar Nalbantov: Elixir string burn in!

Elixir Strings Test

Syu Merupakan: pro shot studio performances

Syu - My Last Farewell

Syu - The Awakening

Syu - In the Cage

Peter Grandl: Beauties Of Nature - a flurry of two handed tapping

Beauties Of Nature

Jimi Mitchell: Heartbreak Salvation demo of 2011 release

Jimi Mitchell:
This is a track which will appear on my 2011 release. This is the pre-production version of the song and I wanted to give everyone a sneak peak at the melodic side of what is coming.

Jimi Mitchell - Heartbreak Salvation ( Demo Version) Promo Video

Charles Quagliana: plays a behemoth with lord knows how many strings!!

Charles Quagliana plays a behemoth of a guitar with lord knows how many strings... my guess 13... as his channel is

The Seven Horseman.wmv

Mike Szuter,Paul Gilbert: Woodchopper's Ball 1992

Woodchopper's Ball, 1992 Flash's in Cleveland.

This is Mike playing guitar, soon after this video, he went on to join Paul Gilbert's band and have a successful career.

Mike Szuter shredding 1992 Cleveland Ohio

Amazing guitarist Mike Szuter part I

Maranhão: got the Bad Snake Blues

Bad Snake Blues - Maranhão

Russ Parrish: The Zloz Hour studio interview

Minus Russ Parrish... but always worth a laugh!

The Zloz Hour - Steel Panther Part 1

The Zloz Hour - Steel Panther Part 2

Syu Merupakan: Adagio in G Minor - live classic

Syu - Adagio in G Minor (Albinoni-Giazotto)

Richie Blackmore: Autumn Sky to be released by Spinefarm Records

Spinefarm Records To Release Blackmore's Night's 'Autumn Sky' In The US January 18th

Blackmore's Night, the “fantasy” inspired folk rock band formed by legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore and his wife Candice Night, will release their newest album ""Autumn Sky"" on January 18, 2011 in the USA through Spinefarm Records / Fontana.

12/21/2010 – New York - With a career spanning nearly two decades, the band of minstrels has gained cross over success all over the world with its new genre of “Ren and Rock” music. The lyrics, written by award winning Singer/Songwriter Candice Night, are inspired by nature and the myths and fairy tales they encounter on their international travels. The melodies, composed and arranged by Grammy nominated Ritchie Blackmore, encompass musical structure and the essence of melodies from the early 1600s. And then they are “Blackmore-ized” to become the beloved melodies of today! Blackmore's Night's last album, ""Secret Voyage"", debuted at #1 on the Billboard New Age Chart and held that spot for four consecutive weeks! All of their previous albums have earned the band high chart positions and many gold records and awards all over the world.

In addition to being known from their unique sound which combines traditional as well as modern day instruments (including electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, violins, shawms, chanters etc), and Candice's enchanting lyrics and vocals, they are also known for their fabulous live shows, many of which have been performed at castles and other exceptional venues that add to the mystique and warmth of their performance. Blackmore's Night has appeared nationwide on PBS and Discovery channel specials, and has been awarded the Best Album of the Year and Best Vocal Album of the year by NPR New Age Reporter for their past 7 studio CDs.


Autumn Sky"" brings us 15 new Blackmore's Night songs, full of emotion with a touch of past times and magical atmospheres. From the glorious wanderlust-feelings of ""Highland"" all the way to the sweetness of ""Strawberry Girl"" and the upbeat ""Journeyman"", the album is again a powerful proof of the versatility of Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night's repertoire and the talents of the seven piece Blackmore's Night Band.

Recorded during Candice's pregnancy, Candice and Ritchie have dedicated the ""Autumn Sky"" album to their newly born daughter Autumn Esmerelda Blackmore.

Dweezil Zappa: Guitar Odyssey

Dweezil Zappa:
“LISTEN TO MY FATHER’S GUITAR PLAYING and how far he progressed from Freak Out to Roxy and Elsewhere,” says Dweezil Zappa. “Frank evolved in leaps and bounds in less than ten years. The amount of growth was insane.” The younger Zappa, now 41, could just as easily be talking about his own progression as a guitarist. Nearly five years after the inception of Zappa Plays Zappa (detailed in the August 2006 GP cover story), Dweezil Zappa has continued to retool his own guitar playing to near “lobotomy” proportions. Not only to be able to handle the elder Zappa’s ridiculously complex tunes, but also to understand and convey his old man’s highly personal, and filthy-beautiful guitar stylings. During it all, ZPZ has won a Grammy (“Peaches En Regalia” won Best Instrumental Rock performance in 2009) and enjoyed a more-than-robust touring schedule to boot. Not bad, especially considering that Zappa wasn’t sure about the band’s prospects starting out.

“We’ve toured twice a year for the past five years with probably 100 shows a year,” explains Zappa, fresh off a two-month, 47- show jag that took ZPZ to Japan, Israel, and the U.K. among many others. “But in the beginning, we didn’t know if we would be successful enough initially to keep on doing this, so in the band’s first year we really honed in on the period of my dad’s music between ’73-’79,” says Zappa. “I figured if it was a one-shot deal, I might as well focus on the music that I grew up loving the most.” more

Claudio Pietronik: classsy soloing from the Ancient Bards guitar star.

Claudio Pietronik (Ancient Bards) - Guitar Solos From "The Alliance Of The Kings"


Julien Carayo: new album preview

Julien Carayon:
New album preview 3 days until Christmas. Here is my video so you can preview my new album to be released ASAP. Progressive metal, rock, hard rock, blues/rock ballad,... Many styles of music. This is my xmas gift to you. Enjoy.

Julien Carayon - New album preview

Chris Feener: Guitar Solo

Visit for Chris' full tutorial and backing track!

John Petrucci style Guitar Solo by Chris Feener