Monday, 27 December 2010

Reb Beach: New Whitesnake, and Italian clinic tour announced

Reb Beach: "I recently went to Tahoe to record the new Whitesnake record. It was a great experience. I worked closely with Doug Aldrich and David Coverdale, and we got some great solos. I did a lot of singing as well and I even had the honor of doing sort of a duet with David.

Reb Beach: "I am playing in New York City at a jazz club called Iridium on December 27th. It is a tribute to Les Paul with Todd Rungren, Jeff Beck, Paul McCartney, Keith Richards, and Slash!

Reb Beach: "I am booking a clinic tour for the latter part of January in Italy. I will play Rome, Florence, Venice, Pisa, and Bologna plus a few more. I will [announce] the dates when I have them." More

Rik Emmett,Dave Dunlop: Acoustic Triumph

Probably enough videos in here to sink and battle ship... so may be it should be called an evening with Rik Emmett,Dave Dunlop. 48 videos in all

Rik Emmett,Dave Dunlop: acoustic triumph

Brad Gillis,Joel Hoekstra: Night Ranger ~ Coming of Age BR Cohn Music Festival

Night Ranger ~ Coming of Age ~ BR Cohn Music Festival

Steve Vai: Underground Garden free download (USA)

Experience Music: A TuneCore Rock Sampler - Steve Vai - Underground Garden USA only free download

Ron Thal: Bumblefoot metalkrant interview

You come over as a very social guy. You always got time for fans and often play with them outside the hotel. Is it hard to keep being that way. Now that you are in the famous rock-band Guns N’ Roses?

Playing in GNR, I have more of an opportunity to do things like this, it's been good. It always happens spontaneously, fans outside a hotel, I'm walking in with a guitar, or they have one, we're talking for a while, next thing ya know we're all singin' and playin'. It's nice. It's why I'm here. On Earth, I mean.

You've seen a lot of the world now and you have been with Guns N’ Roses recently in Holland are there any fun moments you wish to share with our readers?
What happens in Holland stays in Holland. Haha... fun happens everywhere, but just normal life stuff, nothing unusual. more

Vinnie Moore: Metal Gods TV interview with Mick THE BEARD!!

Mick the Beard is back at Hard Rock Hell, this time to chat with Vinnie Moore!

Vinnie Moore chats to Metal Gods TV at Hard Rock Hell!

Steve Vai: Radio 6 Interview

Co de Kloet interviews Steve Vai during The Steve Vai Festival, October 20-24, 2010 where Steve debuted and performed new contemporary compositions which fuse rock music with orchestral sensibilities & arrangements as part of Vai's "Evo Era," a movement which merges the two genres. The performance features Steve with the Noord Nederlands Orkest (NNO) and also showcases Mike Keneally performing several Vai piano reductions. This interview was created and broadcast through De Oosterpoort en NTR Radio 6.

Concept: Co de Kloet and Marcel Mandos
Artistic Manager / Programmer North Netherlands Symphony Orchestra: Marcel Mandos
Creative Catalyst: Co de Kloet

Steve Vai Festival - Radio 6 Interview & North Netherlands Orchestra Performance

Greg Howe,Billy Sheehan: DiMarzio Day at Musicians Institute

DiMarzio Day at Musicians Institute featuring Billy Sheehan

DiMarzio Day at Musicians Institute featuring Greg Howe

Vivian Campbell: Sir Sodoff and the Trainwrecks at the Baked Potato

Sir Sodoff and the Trainwrecks, Vivian Campbell(Def Leppard) rockin' "Pour Some Sugar On Me" at the Baked Potato on December 10, 2010.. Lou Castro(bass), Michael Fell(harmonica), Kara Grainger(guitar) & Glen Sobel(drums)

Vivian Campbell ~ Pour Some Sugar On Me ~ Baked Potato ~ 12/10/10

Vivian Campbell(Def Leppard) ~ King of the Fairies ~ Baked Potato ~ 12/10/10

Vivian Campbell(Def Leppard) ~ Cheap Sunglasses ~ Baked Potato ~ 12/10/10