Friday, 31 December 2010

Greg Howe: Euro clinic tour includes Bristol date

Kudos Rich Murray for spotting this news... Now I'm not sure you can get into all of these Greg Howe gigs. I tried Bristol BIMM before and they didn't let me in!!! (update this time they did :))

Greg Howe 2011 European Clinic Dates

March 1st Nancy, France Music Academy International
March 2nd Liestal, Switzerland Musique Favre
March 3rd Bordeaux, France Le CIAM
March 4th Bristol, U.K BIMM
March 5th Torino, Italy Merula Music Store
March 6th Roccaforzata, Italy Go West Saloon
March 7th Naples, Italy GoodFellas Pub
March 9th Geneva, Switzerland The Works
March 10th London, U.K ICMP The Institute
March 11th Milano, Italy Lucky Music Store
March 12th Kavala, Greece Nemesis Guitar School
March 13th Kavala, Greece Nemesis Guitar School
March 14th Aschaffenburg, Germany Future Music School

Paul Gilbert: PreSonus StudioLive 24 and interviews

Thanks to Jenn ( Happy 2011... keep up the great work!

Paul Gilbert on the road with the PreSonus StudioLive 24

La Chaine Audio interview

La Chaine interview (pdf)

Mirko Quaglio: superlocrian++ incrementing the fusion

Mirko Quaglio: Some super fusion here... I just love this sort of playing!

A7#9 (superlocrian)- D7#9 (superlocrian)

diminishing and exhale

Dm7-Ebm7 backing track

campodeiforme (ladybird)

Oziel Zinho: demo of StealthPlug - amazing player alert!

I just love his melodic playing!

StealthPlug - Part 01/02

Stealth Plug - Parte 02/02

Vladimir Maisiuk: Bernie Rico Jr. Guitar Contest - sizzling!

Bernie Rico Jr. Guitar Contest By Vladimir Maisiuk

Berni Rico Junior competition

Rokas Jackūnas: Bernie Rico Jr. Guitar competition

Rokas Jackūnas - Bernie Rico Jr. Guitar competition entry

Berni Rico Junior competition

David Wallimann: Writing Killer Backing Tracks

Writing Killer Backing Tracks

Lee Luland: Prospekt Shutter Asylum Solo - great chops and CD on the way!

Here is guitarist Lee Luland playing the guitar solo from the Prospekt song 'Shutter Asylum', using a Vigier Excalibur Special and a Fractal Audio Axe Fx...Plus a rubbish camera!! :-)

Acle Kahney (Tesseract) from 4d Sounds is just finalising the production of our debut EP, with a release date set for January 11th. So stay tuned to our myspace for more info!!

Find more artists like Prospekt at Myspace Music

More videos soon!! Enjoy! :-)

Prospekt - Shutter Asylum Solo

Piotr Wójcicki: funking fusion!

ist only me and my guitar again. Normaly I do not use so many tapping etc - this tricks are to much popular now for me buy this is for fun and my poor answer to REAL masters amd shreders. - I'm not very good in very fast and shred playing

funk jamm

Eilidh McKellar: blue rock jam

Classic Rock Jam by Eilidh Mckellar

Blues Jam by Eilidh Mckellar

Silvio Gazquez: Guitar Idol 2010 - another stack of super chops!

I really want to buy an album from this guy. Lots of great melodies and stunning guitar. Happy New Year!!

Coming Home - Guitar Idol III entry by Silvio Gazquez

Rodrigo Gozalbez: a little blue mood

Sad Melody Smooth - Rodrigo J. Gozalbez

Jan Laurenz: goes a little Ry Cooder on me!

beartrax boogie by jan laurenz

Maranhão: Blues fusion

Maranhão - Blues fusion

Tamura Masahide: YRO clean execution

Y.R.O. (Paganini phrase)

Top Ten: the girls of Canon Rock

I guess it's not really a top 10 as there are 18 videos in this collection. I am not sure why girls are particulalry attracted to re-enacting this piece of YouTube history. Is it the classical nature being subverted by rock?! Some have view counts that you can only dream of, some the playing is less than stella...

Girls of Canon Rock

This is the original by Jerry C which has a mind boggling view count of 82,507,261 views!  I must admit that I don't actually like this version. It was a superb piece of classical music that didn't really need rocking up... hey  I said it, don't hate me for it!  These are the stats from the video.

Total Views: 82,507,261

Ratings: 598720

Likes: 573256
Dislikes: 25464

Comments: 359,042

Favourites: 490,895
This video is most popular with:

#22 - Most Discussed (All Time)) - Global
#9 - Most Discussed (All Time)) - Music - Global
#43 - Most Viewed (All Time)) - Global
#25 - Most Viewed (All Time)) - Music - Global
#9 - Top Favourited (All Time)) - Global
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#1 - Top Rated (All Time)) - Music - Global

This video is most popular in: 


Camila Silva: classical adaptations for solo electric guitar, now with added Beatles!

She's Leaving Home - Beatles - Camila Silva

Jacob do Bandolim - Falta-me Você - Camila Silva

Willian Tell Overture - Rossini - Camila Silva

Alessandra Funaro: demos Ibanez FR Prestige in Italian

Test Ibanez FR Prestige

News: Find out all there is to know about NAMM

NAMM remains one of the largest trade shows because of the attendance of many of the businesses top box off players. So it is a great place to network and make connections with people in the business. The show boast some 85,000 Registrants from 100 Countries around the world and 1,400+ Exhibitors. However NAMM remains a trade show only which means it's not open to the public, unlike the open days of the excellent Frankfurt Musikmesse.

All The Truth In Shredding News:
Show Location and Hours

Anaheim Convention Center
800 West Katella Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92802

Thursday, January 13 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Friday, January 14 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Saturday, January 15 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Sunday, January 16 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
*Levels 2 & 3 and Hall E open at 9:30 a.m.

Future NAMM Shows
Jan. 19-22, 2012 | Jan. 17-20, 2013

The main NAMM web site:

Check out the map and all the local facilities in the location.

Cat Ginjineko: Pikes Peak guitar idol 2010

Guitar Idol 2010 Entry -PIKES PEAK-

Plus a new CD.

This Files are sold solely for private use at general households.Therfore, renting,copying,public transmission,public screening etc,(including internet)without prior written consent by the right holder is strictly prohibited regardless of whether or not compensation is received.
Copyright 2010 (C)

Concept Album「D」

1. D
3. GTB10R
7. WOW -Winner On the Windingroad-


Concept Album「D」-Crossfade Preview-


※ All the tracks are in MP3 format (highest-qulality 320kbps).
※ Depending on your computer's environment, the MP3 tags might get garbled (You will be able to listen to the tracks without any problems).
※ This album was mixed based on an assumption that it's played on MP3 players such as iPod etc.

Heiko Arendt: Guitar Addiction contest

Guitar Addiction CD - Guitar Solo Contest - Heiko Arendt

Guitar Addiction solo competition

Északi Szabolcs: Guitar addiction contest

guitar euro media jam-Szabolcs Északi

Guitar Addiction solo competition

Jace Parales: Blotted Science arpeggio segment dissected

Blotted Science - Bleeding In The Brain arp segment 1

plus a bonus "Fun way to ascend the fretboard.. Only uses 4 notes - A B D# G... Frank Gambale/Richie Kotzen/Derek Taylor inspired"

Dimitar Nalbantov: Terrestrial Paradise Lesson for the solo

Happy holidays, dear all,This "Terrestrial Paradise" Lesson . The solo part.

Dimitar "Terrestrial Paradise" Full Lesson - Happy holidays!

Marcos De Ros: Fuhrmann High Gain review

Fuhrmann High Gain. Guitar pedal review - Gear Test. Marcos De Ros

Jim Wright: Warr Guitar

Roland Guitar Synth Challenge-Jim Wright/Warr Guitar