Monday, 3 January 2011

Mr. Leedsman: WinZilla competition

Metal Riff from Hell

Rob Chappers: WinZilla competition

Brian Carroll: Club Infinity Night Of The Slunk - Fan filmed mix tape

Buckethead (07-28-2008) Club Infinity Night Of The Slunk

Karl Bourdin: KB Whammy New Year - great animated video

Happy New year / Bonne année !!! ;)

KB_Whammy New Year

Rusty Cooley: Lick of the Week #5

Lick of the Week 5

Rob Chappers: ML2 Update

Chapman Guitars ML2 Update

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Chapman Guitars ML2 Update

Magnus Olsson: demos Ibanez WH10v2 Wah pedal.

It might be in Swedish, but there is plenty of guitar playing to get your teeth into. Plus the new Ibanez for Magnus Olsson.
Magnus Olsson gives a presentation of Ibanez WH10v2 Wah pedal.
The pedal is up to specs reissue of the old WH10, therefore, an OP AMP based wah pedal with some unusual features that many other wah not have.
For more information about WH10v2
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Crafton Music AB

Demo - Ibanez WH10v2 Wah pedal.

Marcos De Ros: free lesson

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Study #2 for electric guitar. Dancla / De Ros.

Sam Bell: Aterax Djent on the eight string beast


Daniele Gottardo: Sound Engineer recording techniques (Italian only)

Ugo Bolzoni NFRS Sound Engineer recording techniques and Gtr reamplification

Alberto Rigoni: demos Peterson tuners

Peterson tuners - StroboSoft & StroboClip videoreview (ITA + english subtitles)

Keith Merrow: Awakening The Stone King new CD available
Also available in early January on iTunes and all other digital media distribution sites.

Merrow- "Awaken the Stone King"
Release Date- 1/1/11

Track List-

1) From Fathoms Beneath (The Awakening Pt. 1)
2) Heart of the Sea Nymph
3) The Piscator
4) Braving the Dunes
5) Spirit of the Ancient Siren
6) Many a Fortnight
7) People of the Bog
8) Beheading the Manticore
9) Paramount Asmodeus
10) Stone King (The Awakening Pt. 2)

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Keith Merrow- New Album Out 1/1/11

Greg Howe: Hot Rock Licks

Greg Howe: Hot Rock Licks
Greg Howe
Item: 00-28928
UPC: 038081336336
ISBN 10: 073905631X
ISBN 13: 9780739056318
PRICE: $24.95
Series: Alfred's Artist Series
Category: Guitar DVD
Format: DVD
Instrument: Guitar
Greg Howe,a renowned master of jazz, rock, funk, blues, and fusion styles, covers a variety of subjects ranging from melodic warm-up exercises to some of his favorite licks in this one-hour instructional DVD. You’ll be guided through techniques such as alternate picking, 3-octave scales, and 4-note-per-string patterns with the help of on-screen tablature. You’ll also learn exciting 2-handed licks, how to use arpeggios, and other improvisational tools to help you create your own solos. BUY

Michael Dolce: guitar international interview

Matt Warnock: You mix a bunch of different styles into your playing, is this a conscious thing or just how your playing has developed over the years?

Michael Dolce: It’s definitely something that’s just developed over the years. I was always trying to simulate the sounds of Blues, Fusion and Country, but I could never find myself feeling comfortable doing it in a purely traditional way. It just didn’t feel natural for me. So I pretty much just went with what did feel good. My album, Everything Til Now, is a good representation of my diverse approach.

Matt: Speaking of which, your debut album Everything Til Now took a while to record due to other commitments. Because of this, did you find that mixing and mastering took longer than expected because your ears and music had grown during that time?

Michael: The recording side took three months due to touring commitments, and in addition, most of the guys that played on the album were hard to tie down due to their busy schedules, but it was worth the wait.

The mixing side was the longest process. Once again I had to work around Nathan Cavaleri’s schedule. He would call me in the morning and we’d go from there. We sometimes had two hours, sometimes four, and it was spread out over five months.

I’m actually glad we did it that way because it would give me heaps of time to listen to each mix, and then the luxury to re-visit each song and make adjustments. The album was written in three weeks so it captured the way I was feeling and playing at the time.

I never intended to play around with the songs too much after they were written. So I didn’t really give my ears a chance to try and hear other possibilities, because I was pretty much set with what I had in mind. For me it’s all about capturing the moment. more

Andy Timmons: Workshop Brasil #2

Workshop com Andy Timmons (Parte 1/2) - Niteroi - RJ - Brasil (Legendado)

Julien Carayon: Guitar solo for new album

Julien Carayon - Guitar solo for new album