Thursday, 6 January 2011

Alejandro Abellán: Black Magic - tribute to Reb Beach

Hi, guys!! This is me playing one of the greatest instrumental songs by one of my favorite guitar players, Reb Beach. I played some parts of the original song, but I improvised a lot. There are A LOT OF MISTAKES, but is imposible to play like the master Reb! Hope you like it!!

Alejandro Abellán - Black Magic Impro

John Kiefer: polyarticulation

John Kiefer:
composed in 1993, this was my first experience with a technique i call polyarticulation.

s i n k

Frank Gambale: Jaguar Carvin FG1 Signature Guitar

FRANK GAMBALE Jaguar - performed with his Carvin FG1 Signature Guitar

Gannin Arnold: Taylor Hawkins DC live!

Gannin Arnold on DC LIVE w/ Taylor Hawkins, Chris Chaney, Drew Hester

Washington Hower: guitar idol III Homestretch

Homestretch - Washington Hower guitar idol III

Denis Warren: guitar idol III - A Whisper To My Soul

Denis Warren - A Whisper To My Soul

Heat One: July 2010 - January 28th 2011
This is open until January 28th 2011 and is is open to all guitarists worldwide: signed, unsigned, amateur or professional, young or old!

Mikael Carnevali: guitar idol - Anochecer Celta


Time is running out!

Heat One: July 2010 - January 28th 2011
This is open until January 28th 2011 and is is open to all guitarists worldwide: signed, unsigned, amateur or professional, young or old!

Artur Cabanas: guitar idol III - "Hydra Jam"

Artur Cabanas - "Hydra Jam" (Blues Rock Jam Session, Sala Monasterio, Barcelona 5/10/10)

Hokuto Ebe: guitar idol III another great tune!

In The Shade Of Trees

Toomas Vanem: guitar idol 2010 aka III

The songs are getting better... Guitar Idol III the best yet! Check out the latest and highest scoring videos

Toomas Vanem "Birthday Illusion "Video

Ruan Cruz: Guitar Idol 2010 aka III

Ruan Cruz - A Voyage to the Crazy Island

Heat One: July 2010 - January 28th 2011
This is open until January 28th 2011 and is is open to all guitarists worldwide: signed, unsigned, amateur or professional, young or old!

Marcos De Ros: Choro'n'Roll

Granfino - Choro #3 - Nabor Pires Camargo. Marcos De Ros - Choro'n'Roll.

Greg Howe,Trey Gunn: Eddie Jobson/UZ/ new CD double live affair!

Eddie Jobson/UZ/Greg Howe/Tony Levin/Simon Phillips/Marco Minnemann: Live ( 2 CD SET - Japan Import)
Live ( 2 CD SET - Japan Import)
Eddie Jobson (keyboards and electric violin); John Wetton ( vocals, bass and acoustic guitar); Tony Levin (Stick Bass); Greg Howe (Guitar); Trey Gunn (touch guitar) Ric Fierabracci (bass);Simon Phillips (Drums); Marco Minnemann (Drums)
Ultimate Zero—Live is a 103-minute collection from U-Z's Poland, Russia and US tours. U-Z deliver an action packed rendition of UK classics from its acclaimed debut, U.K. and Danger Money , also performing Mahavishnu Orchestra's "Awakening," from Inner Mounting Flame .
The album features a range of musical tour de force - John Wetton, Tony Levin and Ric Fierabracci on bass, Greg Howe and Trey Gunn on guitars and the two exceptional drummers - Simon Phillips and Marco Minnemann.

Track Listings
1. [Disc 1 (Disc U)] Alaska
2. [Disc 1 (Disc U)] Presto Vivace
3. [Disc 1 (Disc U)] In The Dead Of Night
4. [Disc 1 (Disc U)] Starless
5. [Disc 1 (Disc U)] Zero 1 [Ric]
6. [Disc 1 (Disc U)] Book of Saturday
7. [Disc 1 (Disc U)] Zero 2 [Marco]
8. [Disc 1 (Disc U)] One More Red Nightmare
9. [Disc 1 (Disc U)] Caesar's Palace Blues
10. [Disc 1 (Disc U)] Sahara of Snow Pt.II
11. [Disc 2 (Disc Z)] Zero 3 [Tony]
12. [Disc 2 (Disc Z)] Red
13. [Disc 2 (Disc Z)] Zero 4 [Trey]
14. [Disc 2 (Disc Z)] Awakening
15. [Disc 2 (Disc Z)] Zero 5 [Eddie] - Ice Festival - Theme of Secrets - Prelude
16. [Disc 2 (Disc Z)] Carrying No Cross
17. [Disc 2 (Disc Z)] The Only Thing She Needs
18. [Disc 2 (Disc Z)] Nevermore (Ending)

Wayne Krantz: David Binney: Graylen Epicenter

David Binney: Graylen Epicenter /With Wayne Krantz, Chris Potter, Brian Blade** Preorder Shipping Jan 15**
David Binney (Alto,Soprano Saxophones,Vocal);Gretchen Parlato (Vocal); Wayne Krantz (guitars); Ambrose Akinmusire (Trumpet); Chris Potter (Tenor Saxophone); Craig Taborn (Piano); Eivind Opsvik (Bass); Brian Blade (Drums tracks 1,2,3,4,6,8,9,10); Dan Weiss (Drums tracks 1,5,6,9,10); Kenny Wollesen (Percussion,Vibes); Rogerio Boccato(Percussion)
2011 Release from New York Based Saxophonist David Binney. The new album of all new original material features Guitarist Wayne Krantz along with Chris Potter, Brian Blade,Gretchen Parlato,Dan Weiss, Ambrose Akinmusire among others. A must Have !!

SKU SKU24923
Track 1 All Of Time
Track 2 Graylen Epicenter
Track 3 Equality at Low Levels
Track 4 Everglow
Track 5 From this Far
Track 6 Terrorists and Movie Stars
Track 7 Same Stare Different Thought
Track 8 Home
Track 9 Any Years Costume
Track 10 Walking to Waves

Tom Quayle: Silly Arpeggio now in tabs, take one twice daily

Tom Quayle: I get about 15 emails a day asking for the TABS for my Silly Arpeggio vids on Youtube so I've made them available on my website for anyone who wants them. Here's the link!

Sunny Dsouza: Mother Of Fonkae Nonsense

Sunny Dsouza getting down to a little funky jam session
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Sunny Dsouza: Mother Of Fonkae Nonsense

Piotr Wójcicki: how intensitive

how intensitive - solo

Shawn Lane: Hardcase with Shawn singing vocals

Hardcase (Vocal) by lauriemonk

pARTyzanT: finest two handed Jingle World!

right hand - forward , left hand - back - what song is this ?
CeZik movie inspired me (thanks to ace-e;) ... . However, I focused on music and so on: the right hand plays "Jingle Bells" while the game from left back, "Joy to the World". Analogously, "ran to Bethlehem," interacts with retrograde "Come, everyone, to the stable." From the middle so that when we go back the tape we hear something else. That's flirting with time.
My special thanks to Peter Kasierskiemu and Justin! I can always rely on you;)