Sunday, 9 January 2011

Jeff Kollm​an: Lights...Camera...SQUAD!

Filmed in High Definition, "Lights...Camera...SQUAD!"
captures the true jaw-dropping experience of Cosmosquad
live! Click on the links below to preview the movie or to
buy your copy today


Daniel Stojanovic: picking exercises

Daniel Stojanovic is shredding

Roger Pedersen: on Norway's TV2

TV2, the largest commercial television station in Norway, has made a feature about me and my guitar playing. They sent it Saturday 8th. January 2011, primetime!! Here is the song "Hit The Brake". If you understand Norwegian, you can see it all here:

Roger Pedersen on TV2, the largest commercial television station in Norway

Mats Moland Træen: WinZilla competition #2 super crazy lick!

Chappers Lick competition - Mats Moland Træen ENTRY # 2

Rob Chappers: WinZilla competition

Oisin Boyd: 3rd Live4Guitar competition

3rd Live4Guitar competition-oisin boyd(ireland)godfather theme

Live4Guitar Win a Dean guitar

Tiago Della Vega: World Record in Intel Booth at CES 2011

Tiago Della Vega attempts to break his current world record in Intel's booth at CES. He holds the current world record for playing the guitar at 320 beats per minute. Today, he broke the world record by attempting to play at 340 bpm! What an incredible display of talent!

World Record in Intel Booth at CES 2011 with Tiago Della Vega

Marc Rizzo: tour to support new CD Legionnaire

Marc Rizzo kicked off a new string of solo dates in support of his latest album, Legionnaire

11 - Warren, MI - The Ritz
12 - Rockford, IL - Bar 3
13 - Milwaukee, WI - Miramar Theatre
14 - Peoria, IL - The Brass Rail
15 - West Hollywood, CA - Viper Room
18 - Lincoln, NE - Knickerbockers
19 - Wichita, KS - The Lizard lounge
20 - Amarillo, TX - Club Khoas
21 - Bryan, TX - The Stafford
23 - Corpus Christi, TX - Zero’s
24 - Austin, TX - Dirty Dog Bar
25 - Fayetteville, AR - Rogue
26 - St. Louis, MO - FUBAR
28 - Jacksonville, NC - Hooligans
30 - Greensboro, NC - Arizona’ Pete’s

Marc will also be at NAMM, as per recent interview

The CD is available direct

Neil Zaza: on tour with Nelson

Nelson back on tour, this time Neil Zaza reprises the role played by Brett Garsed. For a full interview

News: Ronnie James Dio, spirit living on

Entrevista con Wendy Dio

Dio Live - We Rock:
Live album release from Dio featuring audio of the band's performances at Civic Auditorium in San Jose in October 1983 and at Spectrum in Philadelphia in August 1984.

Leave the name Singer name in rock history, led by Ronnie James Dio "Dio" treasured live album at the height of the 83/84 year. San Jose, October 83, "Civic Auditorium", August 1984, "Spectrum in Philadelphia," made from the take. Debut album "Horidaiva", UK billboard top UK4 / 24 topped the Billboard "Last In Line (released July 84)" As it was during the height of their popularity, overcome the fat can enjoy powerful performance or title. "Stand Up And Shout," "Children Of The Sea" "Stargazer," "We Rock" and, around the time Black Sabbath Dio, Rainbow was also included number of times, just summarize the initial The best piece of live and be. In particular, "Rainbow" is a masterpiece of the times "Stargazer" is a highlight of this film. Ronnie James Dio at the time line (vo), Vivian Campbell (g), Jimmy Bain (b), Vinny Appice (ds) a bulletproof lineup. more

Michael Schenker: Central / South American tour

Michael Schenker Group Central / South American tour.
19 - Escenica - Monterrey, Mexico
22 - Teatro Metropolitan - Mexico City, Mexico
24 - Bolshoi Pub - Goiânia, Brazil
25 - Manifesto Bar - Sau Paulo, Brazil
27 - The Roxy Live - Buenos Aires, Argentina

The band line-up for the tour is as follows:

Michael Schenker - guitar
David Van Landing - vocals
Wayne Findlay - guitar/keyboards
Elliott "Dean" Rubinson - bass
Camine Appice - drums more

Jordan Rudess: NAMM appearance details

Jordan Rudess will appear at the NAMM (National Association Of Music Merchants) show in Anaheim, CA at the Anaheim Convention Center at the ILIO booth, number 6728 in Hall A. Rudess' virtuosic prowess will be on full display as he plays the new Ivory II virtual piano plug-ins by Synthogy. Dates include:

Thursday, January 13th
1:00 to 3:00

Friday, January 14th
10:00 to 11:00
3:30 to 4:30

Saturday, January 15th
1:00 to 3:00 more

John 5: Audiotech interview

Recently Audiotech Guitar Products Artist Relations Rep Anne Thompson spoke with Rob Zombie guitarist John 5. Where they discussed John's extensive career and the Source Selector 1X6 Rack Mount Switching Unit and how it plays a part in John's live guitar rig.

Audiotech Guitar Products Artist Relations Rep Anne Thompson Talks With John 5 (Rob Zombie)

Kostas Karamitroudis: Gus G Interview @ Peek from the Pit

Gus G from Firewind and Ozzy Osbourne Interview @ Peek from the Pit

Timo Somers: classy instrumental on Bo-El MC7

Timo Somers

Joe Satriani, Dave Martone: a picture says it all #2

Joe Satriani, Dave Martone, 

Pedro Molina: HÍSPANIA

HÍSPANIA.-Pedro Molina

Ben Wilshire: Yngwie Malmsteen Tone With The Marshall Class 5

Ben Wilshire:
Just fiddling with the yngwie stuff using my new amp. Came out pretty well so i thought i would whack the camera on and record a few tones. Check out more of my yngwie stuff on my channel:)

Yngwie Malmsteen Tone With The Marshall Class 5 - (Sunday Afternoon Blog)

Joop Wolters: False Poetry - NEW CD available now!
thank you for ordering the cd ,appreciate it!!
cheers and thanx for the support..joop..


Toomas Vanem: guitar idol 2010 aka III

Toomas Vanem "Flower Power" - GUITAR IDOL 3 entry.

Marcio Okayama: rainy day live


Lee Peterson: ML1 unboxed! Vincere domini simianus

Want to see the Chapman Ml1 unboxed?

Francesco Congiu: A minor improvisation - umm tasty!

A minor improvisation

Larry Carlton: Live In Blue Note (Tokyo'93)

Larry Carlton - Live In Blue Note (Tokyo'93) Jazz Fusion.WMV

Mirko Quaglio: Cmin7-Cdim


David Locke: Kayleigh better than the original?! part II

Thought I'd give this another go...

Using my Vintage AV3 and Laboga Alligator 50 Head through Bogner Alchemist Cab.

Kayleigh (Take II) - David Locke

t-cophony: electric get some treatment

This song was written 8 years ago. Mixed Chorus, Pitch Shifter, Wah-wah pedal...etc. This was very experimental sounds for me. But I like this melody very much.

T-cophony demonstration (old tune)

Pebber Brown: now that's the way to play Footprints

Footprints 3 - example 1

Jace Parales: Funky groove tapping demo

Jace Parales:
A lick that I originally came up with in a metal context, but I then tried it with different tempos over this backing track, and it was fun to experiment with various rhythmic feels. The BT is named 'Slow Funky' and it is from

Funky groove tapping lick

Guthrie Govan: Win Gear and Jam with Guthrie at Berklee - USA only

Prize Details
You will have an opportunity to jam onstage live with guitar virtuoso Guthrie Govan and famed Berklee professor Jon Finn in front of a jam packed Berklee Performance Center. This will be a rare opportunity to have your playing recognized throughout the New England guitar community. Winner will also receive a Suhr riot pedal, a signed poster from the band and a $100 gift card for Daddy’s Junky Music.
Contest Instructions
Download the backing track
Videotape your most creative guitar solo. Make sure there are no edits and we can clearly see your hands and face. Upload the video to our site. Have your friends and family vote each day until January 23. Whoever receives the most votes wins! Winner must be willing and able to attend the show. Get your tickets for the show

Prize Eligibility
Only persons residing in United States who are at least 18 years of age can enter.
Contest Starts
November 29, 2010 @ 05:00 am (PST)
Contest Ends
January 24, 2011 @ 09:00 pm (PST)
Need more Details?
Read the Official Rules

Ronny Gutierrez: Prashant Aswani Contest Winner

Prashant Aswani Contest Winner- Ronny Gutierrez- Shades of Gray improv gtr solo

News: Orange Amps launch new tube bias technology DIVO for NAMM

Orange Amps launch new tube bias technology DIVO (Digital Intelligent Valve Optimisation) featuring TubeSync®:

Orange Amps launch new tube bias technology DIVO (Digital Intelligent Valve Optimisation) featuring TubeSync®

For over forty years Orange amps has pushed back the boundaries of guitar amp technology and at NAMM 2011 the company are proud to announce a worldwide exclusive distribution agreement for DIVO Tube Sync®, a truly revolutionary new guitar amp technology.

The new DIVO technology automatically adjusts the bias of the output power tubes to ensure their full potential is realised. It monitors the amp’s performance and will isolate faulty tube failures, by running them at half power until the tubes can be changed. The DIVO system also increases the reliability of amplifiers by maintaining the optimum performance of the tubes by performing an ‘in circuit’ test every time the amplifier is powered up.

DIVO technology opens up a whole new dimensions in tone options allowing for the first time ever the ability to mix and match tubes. You can experiment with an EL34, 6L6, 6550, KT77 or any other tube type all at the same time in the same amp. With DIVO the Tubes are automatically matched.

DIVO will extend the lifespan of your tubes and never again pay a tech to re-bias

DIVO can be easily integrated into any almost any guitar tube amplifier.

Orange amps will be offering this as option in there new Rockerverb 100 which will be ‘DIVO Ready’. For other Orange amps and most other brands Orange offer the DIVO Orange Tube Sync OV4, a complete standalone unit.

See this revolutionary important product demonstrated on the Orange Music Booth 4674 Hall C

Lukasz Kulczak: jam over Sonically Speaking

Łukasz LUKI Kulczak - Prashant Aswani Sonically Speaking Contest

Mario Parga: 20th anniversary of Mario’s first solo album

Mario Parga - The Magician (1991)

2011 marks the 20th anniversary of Mario’s first solo album, The Magician (1991).

President Records (who originally released the album) and Mario have been in touch recently with potential ideas to commemorate the album. At the moment, there is a strong possibility that the popular track ‘Heatwave’ from The Magician will be re-recorded by Mario as a special edition digital download. Mario talks about it a little more in his blog.
As soon as plans have been finalized a further press release will follow.

Daniele Gregolin: versatility is the key to musical invention

Larry Carlton style improvisation - Daniele Gregolin

Incognito style improvisation - Daniele Gregolin

Blues Improvisation - Daniele Gregolin

Sniff the Beef - Daniele Gregolin

Bebo Ferra: Circle Trio - jazz fusion

Scuro - Bebo Ferra Circle trio

Celeste - Bebo Ferra Circle Trio

Luca Meneghello: a little funk and jazz

Giant Steps - John Coltrane - Luca Meneghello

Funk Improvisation - Luca Meneghello

Steve Hubbard: Canon T2i/550D Test

Canon T2i/550D Test (1080/24p) - Guitar Groove

Daniele Gregolin: love your fusion funky? Then this is for you!

Funk Fusion Improvisation - Daniele Gregolin

Christophe Godin,Ron Thal:GNÔ Cannibal Tango new CD

GNÔ is a french Rock-Metal-Pop band created by Christophe Godin, Gaby Vegh and Peter Puke who decided to rule the planet of rock'n roll for a thousand years...Their first album "Trash Deluxe" allowed them to play a lot in France and to share the stage with great musicians like Ron Thal (Guns and Roses), Popa Chubby, TM Stevens (Steve Vai, Joe Cocker, James Brown).... Out 21/01/2011

Marco De Cave: 3rd live4guitar competition

marco de cave 3rd live4guitar competition

David Locke: Easter - Marillion tribute

Me playing the solo In Marillion's Easter. Classic solo. Using my Vintage AV3 through my Laboga Alligator Head and Bogner Alchemist Cab.

Easter - Marillion - David Locke

Jean Fontanille: Mike Terrana's back problem cause show cancellations

Jean Fontanille:
Hello All,
The tour with Mike Terrana is canceled ...
Mike is currently the Emergency Dusseldorf with a huge back problem ... he can not even stand or market ....

You can imagine my disappointment, it is only party time ...
I'm still trying to see if dates can not êtyre maintained with another drummer ....


Nicolas Waldo: Guitar Tricks lessons DVD's - super pickers delight


Robert Marcello: Torrins lessons

Full series of lessons from the picking master:

Sam Bell: Aterax now in download format

Sam Bell:

A rough demo version of aterax for those interested, download it, share it around and enjoy

Joe Satriani, Stuart Hamm:The Sound Guitar Magazine III packed with interviews and guitar lessons

Welcome to The Sound Guitar Magazine

The Sound Guitar Magazine is 100% free!!

  • Interview Joe Satriani
  • Interview Stuart Hamm
  • Interview Shane Gibson
  • Interview Dave Uhrich
  • Interview Darren Housholder
  • Interview Dave Martone

Give The Mag A minute to Load

  • Lesson Johnny Hiland
  • Lesson Jason Macedo
  • Lesson Martin Goulding
  • Lesson Craig Erickson
  • Lesson Prashant Aswani
  • Lesson Michael Harris
  • Lesson Andy James
  • Lesson Rowan Robertson

And...Much more inside the magazine.

Ruggero Robin,Bruce Gaitsch: demo from new CD project - breathless fretless!

These guys are great, I hope to capture some more video of Ruggero Robin at this years Musikmesse. Here Ruggero plays some breathless fretless!

A first idea of a song for a CD project of two great guitarists and friends Ruggero Robin on guitar and fretless and Bruce Gaitsch on acoustic guitar. The name of the song is "Go For It"This is a demonstration of the working demo of the song. The song is not over.

"Go For It" Ruggero Robin Bruce Gaitsch

Daniele Gregolin: Euro Groove Department & Michael Manring live

These guys are smoking! I saw them live at guitar day 6. The drummer and bass player really know how to groove while Daniele Gregolin rips it up fusion style.

Daniele Gregolin from the Euro Groove Department clip from the DVD " Euro Groove Department & Michael Manring Live at Cantoni Theatre"

Euro Groove Department & Michael Manring Live Daniele Gregolin solo from 4 2 11 twisted

Alessio Forlani: Superimposing Pentatonic Scale lesson

Alessio Forlani with a new lesson series that cover the basic that can help your playing move beyond the normal without having to be a hyper tapping arpeggio demon.

Superimposing Pentatonic Scales

David Wallimann: Aeolian Island

Here is the newest backing track from
Get it here: get the latest Snooth Backing Tracks pack here:
Guitar is a Parker Nitefly going straight into a Digidesign Eleven Rack.

Aeolian Island Groove

Oisin Boyd: Paganini Caprice no.1

Paganini Caprice no.1 for electric guitar

Michael Dolce,Jeremy Barnes: shredding across the world volume 4

Michael Dolce:
Ive been invited by the great man himself Jeremy barnes' to play on one of his songs that will appear on volume 4 of "shredding across the world". I've heard his solo ,and it leaves me with the question, what the hell am I doing on it... haha glad I'm taking the first solo on it,cause I aint playing after that monster.Tracking on wednesday looking forward to the challenge! keep an eye out for it

volume 1 (not available)
volume 2
volume 3