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Hedras Ramos: on Rockband!

RBN: Hedras Ramos "Insanity of the Atoms" Advance Preview, Full Band Gameplay

"Insanity of the Atoms" by Hedras Ramos Song Details
Hedras Ramos is a rising young phenom, only 18 years of age, who has become a self-taught guitar player and accomplished producer and composer ranging from metal to fusion. He began playing at age of 13 and in his young career has opened for legendary bands as White Cross, Kansas, Die Toten Hosen (Germany), Switchfoot and recently chosen by Axl Rose himself to open for Guns' N Roses on his Chinese Democracy Tour in Guatemala. With 2 albums under his belt and a 3rd on the way featuring amazing guest talents as Andy James, Muris Varajic, Billy Ashbaugh, his father Hedras Ramos Sr. on bass, Helbert Arias on Keys, Hedras Ramos is one of the guitar world's promising future stars. "Insanity of the Atoms" is taken from his forthcoming release, 'Atoms and Space'. For more information: http://www.reverbnation.com/hedrasramos

And the real version

Hedras Ramos - Insanity of the Atoms (Guitar Idol 2009 Finalist)

Ron Thal: Bernadette webstore is open

Ron Thal:
It was the end of 2005 and I had just finished a month of touring Russia & Europe for the Bumblefoot 'Normal' album. I've always loved old Motown music and lounge music, and was itching to put out some cover songs. While playing local shows around NYC in early 2006 and preparing to tour Russia and Europe again in May & June, I was compiling a list in my head of songs I'd like to cover, the first being "Bernadette" from the Four Tops.

We started recording April 27th, Dennis Leeflang (Bumblefoot drummer) laid drum tracks and we started on music tracks. And isn't it funny how plans can change - I planned on recording and releasing these songs soon after, instead I got a call from Guns N' Roses to join the band and start rehearsing the next week for a comeback tour starting the week after.

I had my first rehearsal with Guns on May 3rd, our first show was 9 days later. The Bumblefoot tour had to be put aside, and GNR hit the road touring Europe, finishing July 29th in London with a show at Wembley, a surprise acoustic club show at 4am, another show at Wembley the next night, and flying home the 31st.

The following week I laid the vocals to Bernadette. A friend was in the mixing room and hit record for me, watching me through the studio window - I did one take of vocals. I remember holding a sheet of printed lyrics in my left hand, my right hand switching between grabbing the back of the mic and holding the top of my head to keep the headphones from flying off, I was singing so hard. They commented how much my hand holding the lyrics was shaking and shuddering the whole time I was singing, from adrenaline. A quick punch-in or two, a double on the bridge, done.

I then laid the end solo with the 'Flying Foot' guitar, poor thing all battered and bruised from the tour. I used my Line6 VettaII 2x12" combo amp, the one I used for the Bumblefoot 'Normal' album - it's the same one I brought to rehearsals and used for the first GNR shows in NYC, four shows at the Hammerstein. I remember after the last of the shows, getting my Hyundai out of the lot and pulling up behind the venue on 35th St., carrying my amp out and putting it in the trunk while chatting it up with fans waiting outside the back door of the venue. That's what ya do after a gig, ya put your gear in your car, right?

Touring resumed, US & Canada September 'til December, recording Chinese Democracy on breaks, prepping in LA in early 2007 for Spring/Summer touring, toured, then took a break end of the year. At that point I started working on the 'Abnormal' album, and was going to include Bernadette on it. I re-recorded the rhythm guitar track through a Splawn head & Marshall cabinet, and mixed/mastered the song along with the rest of the songs for the album, finished in June 2008. But I decided not to put Bernadette on the album, wanted to keep 'Abnormal' all-original, no covers.

In 2009 & 2010 the focus was GNR, rehearsing, touring, meanwhile technology was evolving making it easier to release single songs digitally. So now seems like the right time to release the song, and others, this way. 'bout time.

I'm releasing the song in MP3 (320kps), AAC, and higher-quality formats FLAC, MP3 HD, Apple Lossless and WAV ('Source Audio') which come bundled with an MP3. Instrumental mixes are available in both formats as well.

For guitarists, I made a "Player Pack" that has a transcription of the entire lead guitar track as a PDF file - musical notation, TAB, fingers, picking, and helpful hints. To accompany the transcription, there's a 'Backing Track' mix with everything except the lead/solo guitar parts, in WAV (44.1kHz/16-bit) & MP3 (320kps) format, so you can play along.

And for the studio savvy, a "Producer Pack" of 44.1kHz/24-bit Stereo WAV files of the mix 'stems' - there's a file of drums, bass, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, vocals and backing vocals that you can load into your multi-track software and play with levels, making your own mixes.

I hope you enjoy the song, in all its forms - thanks for checking it out. And big thanks to songwriters Holland-Dozier-Holland for all the great music they've made over the years, and the Four Tops for performing it so well and inspiring this cover. ORDER

Andre Tonelli: 3 String Arpeggios - Sweep Picking

The fundamentals of sweep picking are these simple 3 string arpeggios for major and minor triads.

La base de todo el sweep picking son estos simple arpegios de 3 cuerdas para triadas mayores y menores.

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GSWS 72 - 3 String Arpeggios - Sweep Picking

John Norum: Too Many Hearts ( Live in Sweden 1988 )

John Norum - Too Many Hearts ( Live in Sweden 1988 )

Frank Gambale: Live in Rio Beach in 1994

Recorded by someone who does not know who it is, derepente to see his work on youtube this amateur videographer and anonymous to manifest in any way want to thank him because it was great to both the sound and takes. This tape came to me in the 90s and was much assisted in sommexe here, then turned in AVi DVD and now getting a chance to show the world this amazing performance of A Gambale still slim and hairy and his solos even more hairy hehe . The keyboard player called David Goldblatt and Leo Gandelman does participation in the sax, the other musicians who are still going out and post here. who has more details on this show and site design and tell me that I publish here send me an email to Renato@sommexe.com.br.

Frank Gambale Live in Rio Beach in 1994

Dave Reffett, Glen Drover, Chris Poland: NAMM Esoterik guitar interview and FREE download

Dave Reffett Metal Assault interview and signature guitar demo at NAMM 2011 - Jan 14th 2011

Stellar performances By George Lynch (Dokken/Lynch Mob), Chris Poland & Glen Drover (Megadeth), Michael Angel Batio, Joe Stump (Holy Hell) and Mike Mangini (Steve Vai) are featured on Metal Virtuoso Dave Reffett's debut album. A Guitar Tour De Force.

The Call of the Flames
1. The Call of the Flames (feat. Joe Stump)
2. Standstill and Scream (feat. Michael Angelo Batio)
3. Devils Roadmap (feat. Glen Drover & Chris Poland)
4. Caravan of Cannibals (feat. George Lynch)
5. Where Are My Real Brothers
6. Ruby Avalanche Red Flood
7. I Just Don't Want To Say Goodbye
8. The Wonder, The Curse, And the Crave
9. Shredding the Envelope (feat. Joe Stump)


Chris Poland: performing at at NAMM 2011

Chris Poland performing at Music Garage booth at NAMM 2011 - Jan 15th 2011

NAMM 2011: Chris Poland and Pag @ Music Garage

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Thorsten Koehne: Eden's Curse “Trinity” release date

Eden's Curse have released details of the second guest vocalist to appear on their forthcoming third album “Trinity” due out on 18th March via AFM Records.

As previously reported, Dream Theater vocalist James LaBrie duets with Eden’s Curse front man Michael Eden on the epic “No Holy Man”, which will be released as a single and video next month by AFM, and the band have now confirmed that Helloween vocalist and former Pink Cream 69 singer Andi Deris will also duet with Eden on the bruising “Black Widow”, which is said to be the heaviest Curse tune to date.

Lead vocalist Michael Eden quipped “Metal overload with a middle finger salute is perfect. Perfect for me! Perfect for you! Flying in on The Curse jet - all hail the mighty Andi Deris of Helloween! Andi kicked it so hard at the party that I nearly lost my voice keeping up with him. Rejoice”.

Trinity was produced by the bands long time engineer Dennis Ward (Krokus, Pink Cream 69 and Angra) and will also be released by Metal Mayhem in the USA and Spiritual Beast in Japan.

A 90 second sample of “Black Widow” is now streaming at the bands Official MySpace (http://www.myspace.com/edenscurse) and Facebook sites (http://facebook.com/edenscurse).

For more updates on “Trinity” visit: - http://www.EdensCurse.com

Claudio Soto: 3rdLive4Guitar Competition

Claudio Soto - 3rdLive4Guitar Competition

Live4Guitar Win a Dean guitar

Neil Zaza: New CD, 212, is available for preorder



Neil's new CD, 212, is set for worldwide release on 2-12 at 2:12 pm EST (of course!), but you can pre-order Neil's latest melodic masterpiece on CD right now. Orders will ship so you'll have it in your hands on or around 2-12 depending on the good ole postal service.

But we know that if you are anything like us, waiting all that time would be excruciating so here's the cool part of the deal:

After you place your order for the 212 (the CD) you'll be able to immediately download the tracks. You don't need to wait until 2-12 to experience this highly anticipated release... You'll be listening to the tracks within minutes and probably even know all the tunes by heart by the time 212 the CD arrives!

Of course, you need something to look forward to when the actual CD arrives, so we did keep a few surprises for it. There are two bonus tracks eagerly awaiting brand new ears, so sit tight until then.

Also, Neil will be autographing the first 212 CD orders so act fast to get your autographed copy.

Just so you know, the price of $12.12 for the CD version of 212 is for this pre-sale offer only. This price ends when pre-sale ends on 2-12.

Order the CD and you'll have the immediate download of 9-track album in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

News: Aussie Floyd Show announces 2011 UK Greatest Hits Tour

The Aussie Floyd Show announces 2011 UK Greatest Hits Tour

Live Nation and SJM are proud to announce that The Australian Pink Floyd Show is set to return with a series of headline shows across the UK in March 2011. Tickets are now on sale and can be booked through www.livenation.co.uk or 0844 576 5483 (24 hours). The Australian Pink Floyd Show is a live touring sensation which has sold over three million tickets worldwide, and they have created their most ambitious and spectacular show ever for the 2011 European Tour. This theatre tour will see the debut of the new quadraphonic sound system and represents the first time ever that a live music production has used 3D stereographic technology. Tickets are selling fast and two shows are already sold out with limited availability on some of the remaining venues!

Emerging back in 1988, the original and credible Floyd act TAPFS has been getting bigger and better ever since. The band were described by Floyd drummer Nick Mason on BBC 5 Live as “Very good, probably better than we are,” and even engaged by David Gilmour to perform at his 50th birthday celebration!

MARCH 2011
10 Glasgow Royal Concert House – SOLD OUT
12 Blackpool Opera House
13 Manchester O2 Apollo
14 Newcastle City Hall
15 Liverpool Echo Arena
17 Southampton Guildhall
18 Basingstoke Anvil – SOLD OUT
20 London Hammersmith HMV Apollo
21 Birmingham Symphony Hall
23 Brighton Dome
24 Cardiff St David’s Hall

Tickets are priced at £27.50 regional and London £29.50 and can be booked through www.livenation.co.uk or 0844 576 5483 (24 hours). Tickets subject to a booking fee.

The Australian Pink Floyd Show has already been described by Sunday Times as “The best tribute band in the world”, but the 2011 show is simply on a different level and must be seen to be believed. Come along and enjoy the greatest show that The Australian Pink Floyd has ever staged - prepare to be amazed.

For further information please see the bands website at www.aussiefloyd.com

Andy Timmons: GNI pedals - Ibanez - Mesa Boogie clinic HD videos!

Andy Timmons Guitar Seminar - Part 1 of 2 - GNI pedals - Ibanez - Mesa Boogie

Andy Timmons Guitar Seminar - Part 2 of 2 - GNI pedals - Ibanez - Mesa Boogie

Gianluca Ferro: scary tapping rock improvisation

State of the Art 8 string progressive two handed guitar!

1 Olympia's Strangely Mechanical Actions 3:43
2 Accelerating Future 6:26
3 Moroccan Dilemma 2:44
4 Crimson Robotron 1:56
5 Solaris 5:36
6 Metanfenasia 6:08
7 Life In A Raindrop 1:59
8 Cyclopic Overtone 5:34
9 Overture 1089 X 9 2:24
10 Bipolar Zombie 6:35
11 Black Lydian 1:58
12 On A Day Like Today 4:46
13 Ulam Spiral Dysporia 5:24
14 City Rises 5:05
15 The Bunraku Puppet 7:16

Shredding of progressive root, that Gianluca mixes with the most extravagant and difficults ingredients and gives much scope to experimentation.
Guitars, Bass and Keyboards: Gianluca Ferro
Guitar solo on Bipolar Zombie: Phi Yaan-Zek
Bass: Nicola, Angileri, Alberto Bollati, Dino Fiorenza
Drums: Lorenzo Milani, Edo Sala, Eugenio Ventimiglia
Recorded at Hidden Studios
Guitar reamping: Steve Crespi and Luke Ottoboni at Pathwaves studio
Additional Guitar reamping: Andrea DeBernardi
Mixing and Mastering: Andrea De Bernardi
Artwork: Fabio Bonetti
Art Director: SG Records Design Studio  BUY

Shredding Rock Impro

Grzegorz Kosiński: Bach for 2 bass guitars

Grzegorz Kosiński - Minuet in D minor BWV 990, Anh. 132 (Johann Sebastian Bach) played on two bass guitars at the same time. Two handed tapping technique.
Basses are: 7-string Conklin Groove Tools (reverb, delay) and 6-string Spector Legend 6 Classic (bass)

Applause for Johann Sebastian Bach - the first composer in the history, who has written songs for a solo bass guitar!

Bach for 2 bass guitars

Frank Gambale,Brian Bromberg: Carvin NAMM 2011

Frank Gambale and Brian Bromberg Carvin NAMM 2011

Angel Ruiz: Shred Off Competition


Shred Off Competition

Neil Zaza,Brian Bromberg: Carvin NAMM 2011

Neil Zaza and Brian Bromberg at Carvin NAMM 2011

Brian Bromberg with his Signature Carvin Bass at NAMM 2011

Gary Schutt: "Siberian Sunburn"

"Siberian Sunburn" - Gary Schutt

Livio Lamonea: Trio - Nothing personal

Livio Lamonea Trio - Nothing personal