Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Chris Francis: Warmoth Guitar Sale

This is a video demonstrating the guitar I'm offering up for auction. Please contact me or throughg YouTube messaging to ask questions or make an offer. Thanks for checking out my auction. Cheers.

Chris Francis Warmoth Guitar Sale

Dimi - Some Solo - Blistering solo work ALERT!

Dimi - Some Solo

Jeremy Barnes, Michael Dolce: Outback Stomp coming soon

Jeremy Barnes:
New Jeremy Barnes single coming soon!"Outback Stomp"had the pleasure of putting a guest solo on it.

Ivan Chopik: Fusion Jam - Guthrie Govan Contest

Ivan Chopik:
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Ivan Chopik jams on the Guthrie Govan Contest track.

Film & Lighting by Chris Dingman of

Ivan Chopik - Fusion Jam

Chris Poland: Ms Anthropes NAMM highlights

Ms. A:
Video and Photos of OHM: guitarist Chris Poland and bassist Rob Pagliari at the Eminence Speaker booth during NAMM 2011 in Anaheim, CA.

I’m a really big fan! This is the very first time I’ve seen Chris play. It was awesome!

Video by Ms. A

Photo Gallery, great close ups of pedals etc

Chris Poland and Rob Pagliari at NAMM 2011

Joe Satriani: House of blues Las Vegas 1-15-2011

Joe Satriani - The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing.mp4

Joe Satriani - Satch Boogie

Guthrie Govan, Andy Wood: Suhr Presents NAMM 2011

Suhr Presents - Guthrie Govan @ Alvas Showroom

Guthrie Govan - Fives

Guthrie Govan - Wonderful Slippery Thing @ Alvas Showroom

Guthrie Govan - Waves @ Alvas Showroom 01-17-11

Carbonic Acid: Tansan Spirits


News: Steinberger: The Guitar Show - OLD show found!

Steinberger: The Guitar Show

News: guitarramania Duality - Slipknot Tribute

Duality - Slipknot Tribute - by guitarramania

Lyle Watt: Spirit Of Radio

Lyle Watt - Spirit Of Radio

Marcos De Ros: The Human Metronome

Clones - The Human Metronome! Marcos De Ros strikes again!!!

Adrian English:- Gear Tour

Adrian English shreds and gives a quick run down of his gear.
For more gear videos, check out

Adrian English - Gear Tour

News: The Sound Guitar Magazine at NAMM

The Sound Guitar Magazine intro Intro for the Magazine

Betty Navas: this girl likes to rock, another Strato Sister for the StratOBlogster

JP over at keeps a list of the hottest female rock guitar players... and Betty Navas is another for the list. If you find any more let JP know!

Full StratOSister directory:

Photographer Credit: Lara Hansen

Brief clips of Betty Navas performing with Common Ground LV at the Casablanca in Nevada. Improvised guitar solo played for the Santana song "Oye Como Va"
.Common Ground LV-Santana Solo clips

This Miami bred artist began cultivating her musical styling in grade school while studying voice and piano. Her musicianship varied from singing and playing in school assemblies, local television programs, the acclaimed Miami's Children's Chorus, playing guitar with an acoustic ensemble, singing in various plays and touring with a pop/rock ensemble. After attending Hollywood's famed Musicians Institute of Technology, and a stint as a backing guitarist to some LA locals, Betty pressed pen to paper. This transition led to turning a thought into a chorus and melody from emotion into popular music.

Redefining her vision, her road to success has already begun as an artist writing/performing music for her own band, for the stage play Fine in Hollywood and independent film Chance (directed by Amber Benson of TV's Buffy The Vampire Slayer). Diverse musical ability has also enabled her to sing in a commercial video and play a date with hardcore Warner Brothers outfit Heidi . This diversity culminates work that represents Betty Navas as a talent. Talent and the ability to transform life into music are the true window to Betty's soul.

Superqueen can be purchased at iTunes:

Michael Dolce: super hybrid fusion for your chord vamps

This guys kicks some serious fusion ass!

Michael Dolce Interactive lesson "getting the most out of one chord vamps

Gianluca Ferro: melodic tapping fusion

Buy The album New CD Unheimlich:

State of the Art 8 string progressive two handed guitar!

1 Olympia's Strangely Mechanical Actions 3:43
2 Accelerating Future 6:26
3 Moroccan Dilemma 2:44
4 Crimson Robotron 1:56
5 Solaris 5:36
6 Metanfenasia 6:08
7 Life In A Raindrop 1:59
8 Cyclopic Overtone 5:34
9 Overture 1089 X 9 2:24
10 Bipolar Zombie 6:35
11 Black Lydian 1:58
12 On A Day Like Today 4:46
13 Ulam Spiral Dysporia 5:24
14 City Rises 5:05
15 The Bunraku Puppet 7:16

Shredding of progressive root, that Gianluca mixes with the most extravagant and difficults ingredients and gives much scope to experimentation.
Guitars, Bass and Keyboards: Gianluca Ferro
Guitar solo on Bipolar Zombie: Phi Yaan-Zek
Bass: Nicola, Angileri, Alberto Bollati, Dino Fiorenza
Drums: Lorenzo Milani, Edo Sala, Eugenio Ventimiglia
Recorded at Hidden Studios
Guitar reamping: Steve Crespi and Luke Ottoboni at Pathwaves studio
Additional Guitar reamping: Andrea DeBernardi
Mixing and Mastering: Andrea De Bernardi
Artwork: Fabio Bonetti
Art Director: SG Records Design Studio

Gianluca Ferro: melodic tapping fusion

Slash: Seymour Duncan Stories

Seymour Duncan Stories: Slash

John 5: NAMM fender interview by Harmony Central

WNAMM 2011 - John5 at Fender

WNAMM 2011 John5 signing at Fender

Vinnie Moore: Meltdown 2010 Brazil



Eduardo Ardanuy: Dr Sin Jump!


Brad Gillis, Joel Hoekstra: Night Ranger NAMM 2011

Night Ranger ~ Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap ~ Taylor NAMM 2011

Warleyson Almeida: So far So Close - laid back original

So far So Close - Warleyson Almeida

Tiago Della Vega: NAMM 2011

Tiago Della Vega - NAMM 2011

Jordan Rudess: NAMM 2011

Jordan Rudess - NAMM 2011

Daniele Gottardo: Z-prexLake live

Daniele Gottardo - Z-prexLake live in studio

Daniele Gottardo - Guitar Sbrego - live in Studio

Andrea Accorsi: Mixing up the mixolydian

MIXOLYDIAN MODE - Improvisation by Andrea Accorsi

Rob Flynn: Epiphone Rob Flynn Love Death Baritone Guitar NAMM

NAMM 2011 - Epiphone Rob Flynn Love Death Baritone Guitar

Ed DeGenaro: the tall guy delivers "Diminished Line" with or without hot sauce

Same diminished line less sauce and gain

Diminished Line

Guthrie Govan, Ron Thal: jamming at NAMM 2011

Guthrie & Ron Thal (Bumblefoot) jamming at NAMM 2011